Journal of Jonathan Phillips of Turner, Maine-(1840)

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Journal of Jonathan Phillips of Turner, Maine

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1840 January 1. Journal of Jona. Phillips weather clear and cold. Went to Brittans store sold eighteen pair stockings at 25 cts took pay in calico tc tc

2 Weather clear & cold wind westerly.

3 Wind west weather more moderate & pleasant went abroad in afternoon to Jairus Allens

4 Cold and clear wind westerly.

5 Sunday cold & cloudy wind westerly. Hartson Bradford & wife and child at my house

6 Wind westerly clear and pleasant Maurice & oxen went to help John Harlow break out the new road to Keens Mills and Collins went to Winthrop

7 Wind westerly clear and pleasant I went to vilage in afternoon bought an almanack of John Blake carried wife to Cushing Phillips & stayed the evening.

8 Wind west clear and pleasant went to Mill to Keens got two quarts molasses of Bray & paid in hogs lard and let C J Richardson have twenty two Dollars in money to pay in to the Treasurer of the North Turner Bridge.

9 Wind west & some cloudy & rather warm for the season

10 Wind west warm water drops off the house

11 Wind west pleasant and warm Hannah came here for the first time since her child was born.

12 Wind west clear & cold John Gorham here in day time Martin Harris here in the evening.

13 Wind west cloudy & some snow Aaron Rodgers came to my house to settle accounts found balance in my favor $1.22 Mrs Harlow had of me pack salt toward the scalding tub 14 Clear and cold west wind pleasant in afternoon went to Abner Joneses stayed all night Snowed in the evening about two inches very light.

15 Wind west pleasant warmer went with Mr Jones & wife to Jairus Phillips, on visit in evening to Benjamin Conant.

16 Wind west very cold and clear towards night went to Otis Phillips’s

17 Wind west & clear very cold Came home towards night Isaac Phillips & Ammie Loring and wife came to our house in evening.

18 Wind west cold & clear but pleasant Collins went to Mill Samuel Phillips & Samuel Gorham came here.

19 Wind variable South and west warmer. My children all home for the first time in four years nine in number.

20 My birthday wind south in morning westerly afterwards warm & pleasant some cloudy part of day

21 Wind south & west pleasant in forenoon blustering in afternoon fetched a load of pine wood from the flatt.

22 Cloudy with light fall of snow winds easterly went to Azel Aldens and bought five pound & six ounces Sole Leather promised 1.34

23 Wind northeast severe snowstorm continued from last night lasting all day

24 Wind northwest blustering the snow flies thick Maurice & oxen gone most all day breaking tracks

25 Wind northwest cold Maurice & oxen all day breaking tracks

26 Wind westerly clear & cold

27 Wind easterly cloudy snows very little Maurice went to school. Went to Brays and got one dozen buttons and stick of twist & quarter yd pading paid twenty eight cents cash

28 Wind easterly & cloudy begins to snow about noon snows very little till night I went in to meadow and brought home load of hay Collins went to Minot & carried Judith Coggswell home Maurice went to Brays school & brought home Bethia House

29 Wind easterly cloudy little snow in evening Some sleet or hail Abner Jones & wife & Aunt Aphia Smith came here & Isaac Phillips & wife Jesse Drew here in evening borrowed of me twenty dollars promised to pay in week

30 Wind easterly cloudy and warm Snow & rain moderately William Bradford & wife his daughter Roxany here Gamelial Holmes & wife & child & all that I mentioned yesterday a good company glad to see so many of my friends together

31 Wind northwest blows hard Samuel Harlow & wife & mother here sent one dollar and thirty four cents to Azel Alden to pay for sole leather February 1 Wind east cloudy & warm Abner Jones went home let him have bushel rye to have Bushel corn for it Job Young came here to see aunt Smith as an old acquaintance My daughter Hannah here I hauled a load of hay from the meadow.

2 Wind west clear & pleasant

3 Wind west pleasant in forenoon blustering in afternoon & grows cold fast Sent Maurice & Sewal to Brays in evening with two Bushel indian wheat to pay what I owe him and get the balance in molasses two gallons & pound coffee

4 Wind west very cold & Blustering wife made soap

5 Wind western some cloudy & chilly hauled the last of stock of hay out of meadow Phillips Bradford came here & wife & sister William & Albert & Arvilla & Ruth Stiles Isaac & Collins & wives came from Lewiston in all nineteen to supper heard of the burning carpet factory at Minot Monday third of present month.

6 Wind south warm snow melts on the buildings far warmer than it has been for more than month carried wife & Aunt Smith to Jesse Drews on visit

7 Wind westerly rains in morning clear at 9 o’clock pleasant & warm snow settles several inches.

8 Wind south & west warm & cloudy rains verry little I went to vilage Clarks with Isaac & Collins Sold our beef oxen for $771/2 John Gorham & William Phillips came to my house & staid all night I carried Anns bonnet to Mrs Sampson to get a flower on it to have it Monday next

9 Wind south & east warm some cloudy snow melting Abijah Gorham came here Hannah Drew & children here on visit

10 Wind northeast warm misty with light showers went to Jairus Allens with William Phillips snow soft weather makes under it.

11 Wind west clear & windy not verry cold Maurice & Ann started to Bridgeton I carried Aunt Smith to William Bradfords had Holmes mare tore shoe off paid Tucker ninepence for setting Hannah & Mary here in daytime Isaac & wife here all night.

12 Wind west clear & pleasant warm Ammi Loring here Jesse Bradford & Suel here Isaac & wife started for home Daniel Pratt here in evening

13 Wind west clear & pleasant we beat out our corn Andrew Bennet came here & got his pay for work shoe making last fall in corn & rye & barley $3.50 Mr Bates & Quimby came in afternoon preached at school house in evening.

14 Wind northeast cloudy & chilly went to carry William Phillips to Cushing Phillips in forenoon Rain & snow little in evening

15 Wind southwest in morning Northwest afterwards & very blustering I went to Jairus Allens in afternoon Maurice & Ann came home from Bridgeton brought Deborah Jones Mr Riggs & wife came home with them there was a smart rain in the morning from 3 to 4 o’clock

16 Wind west clear & pleasant Mr Andrews held meeting at School house family & visitors went except wife & self.

17 Wind south & west cloudy in morning clear in afternoon I went in afternoon to Wm Bradfords carried my wife staid all night.

18 Wind west in forenoon clear & pleasant afternoon cloudy and snows. I borrowed $2.12 cash of Sister Bradford & bought a shawl of pedler came home at night & found Cushing Phillips Jun. & wife & Priscilla Phillips at our house

19 Wind westerly cloudy and foggy & misty by spels Collins went to mill to Keens got some goods at Brays Jesse Drew here at dinner Edward Blake here at night to get some fresh Beef for his wife.

20 Wind west cloudy in morning clear after verry warm I went to see Seth Harris he is sick of a cut foot Suel went fishing & catched a trout & chub Collins oils harness

21 Wind west blustering in forenoon after verry warm Snow melts fast Went Wm. Bradfords to carry wifes shawl to send Augusta to color.

22 Wind west & south warm snow melts fast I went to Leeds to Benjamin Trues Snow mostly gone from Bradfords vilage to Hanover Keens Collins drove cow home he holds as security of Wm. Holmes.

23 Came home from Leeds. Snow very soft water runs in the ditches like April Jesse Drew pays me eight dollars toward money borrowed 29 January

24 Wind west and Brisk or Blustering rather warm Sleighing mostly gone I went to Seth Harriss’ I in morning to send $2.12 1/2c to Sister Bradford for money I borrowed of her to buy shawl.

25 Wind west cool thaws some Hannah & Mary here on visit Charles Packard & Elbridge Harlows wives here in afternoon and they in evening.

26 Wind shifts from west to south & east to west showers of snow warm I went to Jairus Allens & Seth Harris & John Harlows Maurice went to Summer to Standishes Mills.

27 Wind northeast in morning looks like snow storm toward noon clears away pleasant in afternoons wind west Sent Maurice to John Blakes to buy quart gin to prepare medicine paid 40 cts for it.

28 Wind northeast & variable cloudy & moderate few flakes of snow toward night I am sick confined to the house

29 Wind north west very pleasant & moderate the girls went to help Hannah sew tc Collins broke our five Bundles flax my health no better.

Mar 1 Wind northeast & cloudy begins to snow toward night fell before morning two inches

Mar 2 Wind west cloudy in morning clears early & very pleasant & warm snow that came yesterday all gone by 2 o’clock Mrs Holmes came here and hired cow of Collins for three weeks.

3 Wind west clear and warm in forenoon cloudy with some rain in afternoon Collins went to Hartford to the Town Clerks office to put mortgage of cow on record cow that Mrs Holmes borrowed yesterday came Home William Aldens wife & sister came in afternoon with Elbridge Harlows wife Maurice carried Mrs Alden home in waggon

4 Wind west foggy in morning clears up about noon verry warm indeed Maurice went away this afternoon in search of a place to work this season my health continues very poor in consequence of a cold taken about a weak ago.

5 Wind west & north west rain in morning til 8 o’clock then snow til noon then clears and gets cold by eight in evening

6 Wind west moderate in forenoon grows cold towards night Maurice came home from Minot tc.

7 Wind west clear & rather cold blustering with frequent snow squals in forenoon afternoon wind increases toward night & in evening it blows tremendously

8 Wind west clear and cold my health rather better went out doors for the first time for about week.

9 Wind westerly cloudy in morning clears toward noon quite pleasant and warm town meeting today I am unable to go still confined at home with ague tc Holmes wife & child here old Mary Butter here Stephen Drew called here going and returning from town meeting Brought Mellen with him

10 Wind west in morning sun rises clear soon clouds up wind changes to northeast begins to snow early in forenoon and falls 3 or 4 inches the ague sore in my mouth is opened in I hope I shall feel better Colins swingled 71/2 flax

11 Wind west clear & cold pretty good sleighing Collins carried the waggon wheels to William Robins for Warren to mend and went round by Brays and got some molasses

12 Wind west more moderate though pretty cold I went on horse back to Seriah Merrills the first time I have been out for fortnight Maurice went to Brays to carry some corn to pay for his hat in forenoon.

13 Wind westerly clear in morning grows hazey looks likely for snow Hannah came here likewise in afternoon Olive and Hannah Harris & Mrs Harlow Collins carried three Bushel potatoes to Warren and took the waggon wheels to Warner Turners & got the tier set. Wm Bicknell Jr. had bushel barley on credit to pay soon $1.00

14 Wind west clear & cold Warren came here at night & got some flour & bargained to paint the old waggon next weak Collins finished swingle flax to make even of the old last years growth.

15 Wind west clear & pleasant in morning rather hazey in afternoon Mr Andrews preached in our School house family all went except myself

16 Wind west clear & pleasant rather warm went to Wm Robins to carry waggon to Warren to paint Maurice broke 8 bundles of the new flax. Collins finished swingling the old

17 Wind northeast cloudy in morning begins to snow about noon and snows til night Maurice & Suel cut little wood & Collins split & piled some in the wood house with the help of Suel Jesse Drew came in and showed his party zeal as usual 18 Wind west clear & pleasant Maple sap runs pretty well Collins & Maurice tapping trees & making troughs & swingled 4 ¾ flax making in all I have had of the new flax 16 ¼

19 Wind west in morning variable after east & northeast Sap runs considerable I went to vilage in morning carried hide & two sheep skin to Caleb Blake to be taned. Bought a Hogshead of Allenson Perry and (paid) him fifty cents for it in cash found a last years lamb most dead in Harlow field brought it home Prayer meeting at School house this evening the little cow calved this morning.

20 Wind east & south east cloudy and damp some little mist and snow flakes snow sometime last night 2 or 3 inches the boys boiled down some sap to mollasses & enough to sugar to feast all the family at supper

21 Wind northwest pleasant I went to Jabez Merrills in forenoon John Gorham came here in afternoon and staid all night Ancil Merrill here in evening grows cold at night.

22 Wind westerly clear & very cold John Gorham here stays all night Jesse Drews here in evening.

23 Wind west clear and pleasant Maurice broke six bundles of flax I swingled 2 14oz flax Maurice went to Robins to get the waggon Collins drove home cow from Wm Holmes General Turner here.

24 Wind northeast cloudy & chilly begins to snow towards night I have been looking after the sheep most of the day Collins broke flax Maurice & Suel cut little wood.

25 Wind west snow this morning 9 inches deep very light I went to Ludens Mill in forenoon carried 4 dozen eggs sold to Jesse Bradford & got 3 puding pots & 1 mug afternoon went to Uncle Blossoms with wife on visit went to Mr Staples in evening staid all night quite cold this evening

26 West wind quite cold staid in forenoon at Luther Staples in afternoon went to Charles Staples at night to Abner Jones’ staid all night cold as winter very good sleighing

27 Wind west in morning came home in forenoon Stoped at John Blakes took ball of wicking & half pound Tea on int to pay in eggs or something else grows warm in afternoon wind south & west snow melts sleighing has been pretty good for 3 days

28 Wind northeast cloudy & misty snow melts Sleighing gone I went to Jesse Drews in forenoon to see Hannah found her feeble in health Collins sold the cow he had of Wm Holmes to Jona Holmes for $24.

29 Sunday wind north & west cloudy & showery meeting at the School house Mr Andrews preached.

30 Wind northeast cloudy & foggy in forenoon afterward rainey Collins went to Buckfield to get axes new laid and got his gun with new lock tc tc

31 Tuesday wind west some cloudy grows clear afternoon & colder Collins went to vilage & got pound tea at John Blakes & promised candles Maurice went to vilage in afternoon to settle with Perry and pay him the boys finished cutting the wood.

April 1 Wednesday wind west clear & pleasant maple sap runs well Mrs Caleb House died this morning old Mr Cushing died yesterday

2 Thursday wind west clear cool & windy maple sap runs well first today Lewis Drew died last night 9 o’clock evening

3 Friday wind west and southwest pleasant sap runs pretty well I swingled flax yesterday & today 5 ½ pound two sheep lamd

4 Saturday Wind west some showers grows windy & cooler toward night Children went to Lewis Drews funeral we made about 12lb sugar from maple sap

5 Sunday wind west clear & cold & blustering Maurice went to the widow Lewis Drews to night to work next week

6 Monday wind west clear & cold blustering I went to Seriah Merrills, he killed pig, Collins split some wood Cynthia went Jesse Drews to help Hannah.

7 Theusday wind west clear & cold blustering I went to vilage in forenoon carried lot of tin ware old to Higins to mend left it to be done to-morrow let him have bushel and half potatoes paid Philo Clark fifty five cents for portage of free press paper & one letter & three extra papers paid John Blake 5 ¾ candles for Lea & wicking afternoon went to Drews with Collins & Suel & ground two new axes

8 Wednesday wind west clear & cool I went to Warren Turners & John Keens Asia Staples came home at night & stayed all night.

9 Thursday wind southwest clear & pleasant warmer

10 Friday wind southwest clear & pleasant warmer I went to vilage settled with Merrill & Gilbert paid Ballance due them in cash forty three cents bought pail of Philo Clark paid in candles likewise skein of cotton yarn paid 5 cents went to Higings and got the tin ware mended settled with him for that Mrs Charles Torrey & Ruth Torrey here on visit

11 Saturday wind northeast rainy most of the day Nelson Merrill here Luke Bicknell had some money of Collins

12 Sunday wind south & southwest showery Andrews held a meeting at school house

13 Monday wind northwest clear & blustering Collins began to make fence on the new road on the flat I carried John Harlow the assignment of highways wife went to Holmes on visit

14 Theusday wind south some cloudy went to Warren Turners to get oxen & mare shod carried bushel potatoes to Jabez Merrill Bought hat at Brays for Suel paid 50cts cash Sent Suel to Jabez Merrill at night with half bushel of rye he paid 46 cts. Cash got two quarts mollasses at Brays for Jesse Drew

15 Wednesday wind west pleasant & warm I am afflicted with lameness carried wife to Edward Blakes towards night to see his wife found her very low looks like death

16 Thursday wind variable n e & s w pleasant & warm I swingled 3, 2 oz flax had two Bushel blue potatoes of Holmes Collins begun the rail fence on the flat

17 Friday wind south warm Gaius Allen had three pecks rye Sumer Suel went to Minot fishing Collins & I made some log fence on new road Holmes is moveing to Buckfield.

18 Saturday wind southwest very warm Suel comes home from Minot gets no fish Holmes finished moveing all his goods there has been a meeting all this week at the School house near Mr Whitings a violent excitement among them it is said free will Baptists

19 Sunday wind north & west cold in morning pleasant after Meeting continues at the corner all the family most gone this day makes a week Starboard heifer calved this morning.

20 Monday wind northwest cool made soap in forenoon afternoon made fence on new road Samuel Farrar here in evening

21 Theusday wind wet cool & clear finished laying bottom of fence west side of new * road Isaac Leavitt had 2 bushel barley & 3 bushel wheat on crt [credit?] Rous Leavitt had 1 bushel rye & 1 bushel barley on crt Boys went to election officers military afternoon22 Wednesday wind west in forenoon South in afternoon Smart rain for 3 hours towards night Asa Coburn here mowing till it rains 3 o’clock James Cox here laying wall till 3 o’clock Doc Magguire called here at noon I swingled 3lb 14oz flax

23 Thursday wind west foggy in morning clear before noon warm verry warm boys taged the sheep in forenoon made fence in afternoon

24 Friday wind west clear & warm went Keens Mill settled accounts with him gave him my note $51.39 Richard Tom sharpened 13 harrow teeth got ½lb tobacco at Brays had charged Cox worked here25 Saturday wind west pleasant & warm James Cox here work Hannah Drew here visit boys went fishing morning I afternoon suckers 2 at time

26 Sunday wind South & Southwest blows hard warm went to Bates meeting house Shower at night wind blowed like huricane Andrews preached at our School house

27 Monday wind northwest rain in morning snow toward noon clear at noon & blown cold went to Chases mill with two little logs & had sawed in to joists the wind last night blew down several barns David Hales tc

28 Theusday wind southwest chilly & hazy went to vilage & carried Mary & Cynthia * shoping bought a spear of Brown paid 25c took letter & catalog from post office paid 12c paid Melzer Gilbert 42c paid Mrs Sampson $1.23 for repairing Anns bonnett last winter

29 Wednsday wind west & north rainy & cool women bleached their linen yarn I went to neighbor Harlows

30 Thursday wind north rains in morning clears by 9 o’clock windy & cool Winslow Alden here in evening paid Collins sixty dollars

May 1 Friday wind north rainy til most night borrowed neighbor Packards papers three

2 Saturday wind west pleasant & cool went Keens mill & Brays bought Cynthia two shawls paid in an order of Jesse Drews got pound of powder for Collins had charged Samuel came home at night Ann & Cynthia went to se Holmes folks.

3 Sunday wind west clear & pleasant went to meeting at School house near Warren Richards Stoped Tobey Merrills at night vegatation forward Grass the largest it has been for several years at this time Went brother Whitmans at noon heard of death of Mrs Sutherland by suicide by hanging with skein of yarn

4 Monday wind northeast rains fast all day John Gorham came here at night Jesse * Drew here in afternoon talked polliticks tc tc

5 Theusday wind northeast snows in forenoon fast with some rain Snow goes off in afternoon with some rain John Gorham here & Samuel Phillips & Mary Holmes

6 Wednesday wind northwest cold went to Benjamin Conants got ½ thousand clapboards he owed to my wife Samuel Phillips had 80 pound Bacon & Bushel wheat for seed at $1.67

7 Thursday wind northwest cold went to meeting at vilage Mr Curtis ordained

8 Friday wind northeast cool & cloudy went to Brays let him have 20 ½ of tow cloth for 23 ½ of sheeting and 4 doz eggs for spice Collins let Higgins have 4 bushel potatoes & Gad Hayford 8 Bushels Luke Bicknell 4 ½ barley March 10 1841 received of Luke Bicknell $4.50 for the barley

9 Saturday wind east cool & cloudy ground wet plowed little on flat the first this year Isaiah Leavitt had two bushel barley paid cash two dollars Collins had it Janes Cox third bushel rye 34cts ballance due him

10 Sunday wind northeast cloudy & chilly Collins went meeting to Bates Andrews preached at School house.

11 Monday wind north cool & rather more pleasant planted some potatoes on the flat the first thing planted this spring Doctor How had bushel barley paid cash $1.00 James Stairboard had three bushel barley paid for one and half in wheat the other to be paid in shoe making I had the Dollar of How

12 Theusday wind northwest pleasant begun to plough on the hill finished planting potatoes on flat Seth Copeland came to take valuation.

13 Wednesday wind west pleasant & warm Collins went to the falls Charles Packard took note against C Gilbert to S Holt to get pay for me principle & interest $25.9 Holt paid eight dollars & Packard borrowed it for short time.

14 Thursday wind south pleasant & warm went to mill to Ludens mill carried bushel barley to Mr Bates paid Hira Bradford 24 cents for searching record Daniel Chase paid me ten Dollars & thirty four cents for note I hold against him Mrs Allen & Chase here on visit.

15 Friday wind west cloudy with showers went to Buckfield & Hebron staid at James Dunhams all night Bought umbrella at Lorings paid $1.50 paid Samuel F. Brown $3.50 for seing damage on my land by laying County road

16 Saturday wind west & pleasant came home from Hebron Stop at Mrs Drews in Buckfield visit Wm Holmes family

17 Wind west pleasant & warm wind brisk growing dry Mr Curtis Baptist Preacher at vilage preached at school house

18 Monday wind west very strong remarkable warm planted some potatoes & corn the wife of Edward Blake died this morning at 7 o´clock Rous Leavitt had two bushel barley to pay cash in the course of summer

19 Theusday wind from northeast to southwest cloudy slight showers cooler Planted some hauled out manure & ploughed tc tc tc

20 Wednesday wind west cloudy went Edward Blakes funeral of his wife we plowed & sowed & acre of wheat the first this year Adison Cole had four bushel barley paid cash $4. Collins took money

21 Thursday wind northeast hazey rather warm planted some corn ploughed some harrowed the corn ground above the house Holmes & Maria here Warren Turner bushel & half barley pay Blaksmith

22 Fryday wind west clear & pleasant sowed wheat & flax & barley in orchard planted some corn Gad Hayford had eight bushel potatoes & brought six thousand of shingle toward paying

23 Saturday sowed barley on hill Gaius Allen had some hay of Maurice wind easterly chilly & dry Edward Bake here in evening conference at school house

24 Sunday wind west clear & pleasant went to meeting at Bates meeting house Mr Stevens preached stopt at Hartson Bradfords super Andrews preached at our school house took two hats & one bonnet from Hira Bradfords.

25 Monday wind west & south very pleasant & warm planted some more corn turned out oxen & horses to grass John Souls Boy had about one bushel & six quarts of barley paid a 5 frank piece & 25 / 1.19 George Bicknell bushel barley delivered to Emery Bicknell did not pay for it ( I took money for Souls barley Ely Butler half bushel wheat

26 Theusday wind west & south very fine weather for season finished planting corn planted some potatoes Gaius Allen worked here Martin Holmes oxen put in pasture.

27 Wednesday wind west & south finish planting potatoes down by house I went to Livermore with wife shoping let Brittains have 16 ½ yds baging at 14cents took it in calico & little things tape thread tc tc to do found when opening Bundle at home one green veil that we did not buy suppose the Boy put it in by mistake

28 Thursday wind west clear & very warm went to Gamaliel Holmes to tel him to wash sheep boys ploughing upon hill Doctor Parchers horse drowned in bear pond he narrowly escaped himself

29 Friday wind west warm & pleasant boys washed sheep I went with wife to Benjamin Conants on visit found them rather unwell Betsy in a decline Doctor thinks she wont live long staid all night.

30 Saturday wind south chilly came to Luther Staples in morning found them well staid till supper & came home Abner Johnes been here while I was gone & gone home.

31 Sunday windless clear & cold & dry cold enough to wear winter clothes Children went to meeting to Buckfield

June 1 Monday wind south & west Ely Butler worked here Maurice shears Samuels sheep in forenoon & shear for Gaius afternoon I went to vilage in afternoon Bought calfskins of Caleb Blake for 2.50 paid $1. cash the rest on crt Bought pint ½ new rum of Caleb paid 12cts cash

2 Theusday wind west & south dry & cool frost in morning in many places boys begun to shear sheep I went to James Starbirds to carry some leather to make some shoes for children tc tc tc

3 Wednesday wind south cloudy & a little misty the boys shear the remainder of sheep

4 Thursday wind south cloudy fine showers in forenoon & warm it has been the sharpest drouth for the week past that I remember at this time of year. I planted a few kernels of corn this forenoon.

5 Friday wind northeast in forenoon foggy north west in after clear an very pleasant & warm Maurice & oxen to Nelson Collins to Warren Turners to iron waggon I & Sewel planted two bushel potatoes wife & Mary to Harlows on visit

6 Saturday wind west and south warm & pleasant boys planting potatoes I went to Kimbals & got the four sheep put out to him & to Warren Turners to have the colt shod tc tc Holmes here shear sheep Mrs Cornelius Johnes buried today

7 Sunday wind south in morning west afternoon cloudy rains toward night meeting at school house Mr Andrews preached

8 Monday wind northerly pleasant Collins fixing waggon to go to Portland Whig Caucus at Town House to choose delligates to the convention at Augusta to nominate candidate for governor tc tc

9 Theusday wind west clear & pleasant Collins started Portland 3 o“clock morning* I went to Brays bought 1 yd cotton cloth 10cts paid cash paper tack nails 12 ½ cts Maurice & Suel & oxen & great plow on road

10 Wednesday wind west clear & warm took to myself 31 pounds wool boys peeled * a little bark Hemlock hoed garden corn & beans

11 Thursday wind west clear & very warm Collins got home from Portland 2 o“clock morning I went to meeting East Buckfield Mr Vose preached forenoon Stevens afternoon Sow has pigs

12 Friday wind in morning west warm Colins 6 lbs 6oz course open wool went to meeting to Buckfield east meeting house Mr Burr in forenoon Mr Thompson in afternoon the best practical discourse I think I ever heard viz Thompsons

13 Saturday wind north & northeast light showers went mill Brittans in forenoon let Holt bushel corn for writing paper door fastening & tea carried yard verage to Brittans brought home mistake got hoe 2 ounces indigo Box hooks & eyes at Brays on crt

14 Sunday wind west clear & pleasant some cooler Collins sick of violent diarreah

15 Monday wind west cool & squally went to Leeds to Benjamin Trues carried wool to card received five dollars of Collins cash

16 Theusday wind west cool with some slight sprinkles of rain went to Augusta to attend State Convention staid at Noah Bicknells all night

17 Wednesday attended convention at Augusta heard Messrs Holmes Dumont Allen Vose Kinsman and others describe the situation of the country & the corruption of the administration of Andrew Jackson & Martin Vanburens they gave it to us in glowing colors staid at Bicknells

18 Thursday wind west and warmer came home from Augusta Brought notes from Trues Collins 37 mine 58 paid cash for carding found Collins sick yet

19 Friday wind north & northwest cloudy rain by spels quite cool Maurice to Rodgers get the waggon fixed carried three bushel potatoes to pay tc

20 Saturday wind west cool some slight showers went to meeting to Mr Bates meeting sermon by Mr Stevens subject Baptism George Bates & ___ Rann baptized at Bradfords mills went to Abner Jones staid all night Ezekel Martin & wife baptized at same place.

21 Sunday wind west pleasant warmer went meeting Mr Bartlett preached excellent preaching most excellent profitable I believe came home and Mr Packard & wife here

22 Monday wind northwest cloudy with some fine showers grows warm boys hoe little peel bark little

23 Theusday wind west pleasant & warm hoed potatoes on flat tc wife visit to Jessie Drews

24 Wednesday wind west very warm & pleasant hoeing potatoes & little corn

25 Thursday wind west pleasant mowed and raked some grass where we intend to sow some buckwheat Collins gone to Gilmores to get some points to the ploughs paid Collins three dollars cash.

26 Friday wind west & south pleasant boys plowed most of the time got in some hay Aunt Liley buried yesterday

27 Wind south cloudy & warm boys ploughing I went to the mill to Clarks got pint * ½ rum & two ounces indigo of John Blake paid cash David Millet & wife here. David paid me forty one dollars and sixty cents on note I hold against him & took it up I borrowed three dollars of Collins by his wife

28 Sunday wind easterly cloudy rain in morning fine rain in the last night Samuel came here likewise Mary & Hannah, Brownell Bicknells child buried this afternoon

29 Monday wind southwest warm Samuel Farrar came here to work framing addition to porch Samuel went home I hoed potatoes boys finish ploughing for buckwheat

30 Theusday wind westerly warm Collins & boys sowing Buckwheat Ely Butler here drawing stone Cushing Phillips here July 1 Wednesday wind west pleasant fine shower last night towards morning growing time for everything Luther Whiting died this morning Aet 69 years

2 Thursday wind west cool went to Brays carried two bushel corn he crt 93cts pr Bushel took up 6 lbs nails @ 8cts and whip lash 12 ½ cts paid John Keen $6.44 cts for note he held against me boys turning over sods & hoeing

3 Friday wind south & east cool & dry hoed the corn on the hill Collins hauled Boards from Chases in forenoon from Lyls ____in afternoon warmer Turner had seven Bushel potatoes

4 Saturday wind west pleasant went to cellebration of National birthday heard an intemperate address Strongly spiced with party bitterness Went to Mr Staples staid all night

5 Sunday wind west pleasant went to meeting came home at night

6 Monday wind west pleasant & warm I went to Joshua Youngs after stove 13 feet carried him six bushel potatoes let John Phinney have five bushel potatoes

7 Theusday wind south & went cloudy signs of rain getting to be very dry Reuben Lyle had potatoes

8 Wednesday wind southwest warm went to mill to Clarks boys raised addition to porch Bought file of Philo Clark paid ten cents cash

9 Thursday wind west & southwest I hoed garden & little corn boys to work on porch

10 Friday wind northwest blows hard & warm went North Turner Bridge paid treasurer 13 Dollars in full for all assessments up to this time against me paid 10 Dollars for Collins went to David Millets to return to him five Dollar Bill Kenduskeag Bank Suppose to be Counterfeit he promise to pay me the same soon as convenient bought 50 herring promise to pay him in pork

11 Saturday went to vilage carried wife to Cushing Phillips Bought Logwood & * Vilvol paid rags Bought ¼ of indigo promise to pay in Rye Bought shot & caps paid cash six cents all of John Blake heard of the Death of William Lowell of Minot Died yesterday

12 Sunday wind west clear & pleasant very dry Mr Stevens preached Lecture at School house 5 o“clock Gad Hayford had two pigs & four Bushel at night

13 Monday wind southwest foggy part time Looks like rain begun to hay it in earnest mowed ton or more

14 Theusday wind west very warm looks like showers none verry dry went Brays * carried him 8 lbs 13 oz pork to pay for herrings got 2 lbs Saleratus charged got dye pot at Phinneys for Mary

15 Wednesday wind west clear & verry warm haying the misses Merrills here on visit Seriah & Allanson wifes

16 Thursday wind west & southwest verry warm haying hay makes the quickest that I ever saw it this time of year

17 Friday wind west verry warm hay makes enough to carry in to barn mowed in morning Some light showers in evening a good deal of rain north and south of us

18 Saturday wind south & east foggy in morning warm showers in the last night moderate Clombus Packard & sister here after cherrys all gone

19 Sunday wind west pleasant & warm Small shower at night went to meeting Bates meeting Mr Woodman preach lecture at our School house 5 o“clock Mr Greely great meeting at Phinneys barn Mrs Whiting baptized

20 Monday wind west brisk cooler good hay day We did a good Business at it

21 Theusday wind west cool & blustering midleing hay weather hauled in as much as three tons Holmes began his haying on home place Mary Butler had pig promise to pay in calf next year

22 Wednesday wind west in morning Southerly after pleasant & warm making hay

23 Thursday wind west in morning Southerly after looks like rain good hay weather very dry want it to rain got most all our hay in worked til most ten o“clock the boys

24 Friday wind South & east rains considerable William Robins had pig six weeks old promised one Dollar in work

25 Saturday wind west verry pleasant went to Abner Jones with wife stoped at vilage wife bought stuff for cap of Mrs Sampson promised stocking yarn

26 Sunday wind west some cloudy warm Collins & wif & Ann went to meeting to Richmonds meeting house in forenoon

27 Monday wind westerly looks like rain went to mill Clarks mill carried two Bushel * rye to John Blake got two quarters indigo Rodgers shod mare forward Hozea Bicknell put one arm in to waggon promise to pay him in produce next fall

28 Theusday started to go to Boothbay staid at Josiah Staples Minot

29 Wednesday traveled to Woolwich crossed the Kennebeck at Bath staid at Benjamin Shaws

30 Thursday arrived at Boothbay weather very pleasant

31 Friday wind Southerly pleasant remain at Boothbay at Aunt Smiths Aug 1 Saturday went over to Eastern harbour to Marshal Smiths came back at night to Aunt Smiths

2 Sunday went to meeting at Congregatonal meeting weather pleasant

3 Monday went to the light house at Cape Newaggin Stevens Smith Keeper staid all night went all way by water

4 Theusday still at the light house wind strong at south

5 Wednesday came back to Aunt Smiths in sail boat

6 Thursday went to Marshall Smiths on visit came back to Aunt Smiths

7 Friday started home traveled through Edgecomb Newcastle Alna Pitston Gardiner Holowell to Augusta staid all night

8 Saturday came home after viewing state house and shoping a little bought wife pair spectacles gave $2.

9 Sunday Mary & Hannah here David Gorham & Samuel Phillips here staid all night.

10 Monday wind west pleasant peeled little flax hauled in barley from orchard

11 Theusday wind west Maurice puled the flax Collins & Suel went to village to mill & set the cart tier

12 Wednesday west & south warm cloudy towards night rains little took up the rams

13 Thursday wind southwest showers in morning cloudy mostly went to Jabez Merrill stopt at Wm Youngs got quart whiskey paid 20 cts

14 Friday wind South rains in forenoon fine rain warm

15 Saturday wind west fine weather went to Benjamin Conants boys mowed some wheat found Hog dead in morning in pen

16 Sunday came from B Conants to meeting then home Collins started to Portland * let him have ten dollars cash

17 Monday wind west pleasant got in Barley & flax Seriah Merrill here

18 Theusday wind west & south hauled in two load mowed wheat tc Jairus Allen & wife here on visit

19 Wednesday wind west clear very warm verry warm

20 Thursday wind west pleasant warm warm verry warm William Bradford & wife here on visit

21 Friday wind west clear & warm went to vilage bought 7 pound & two skeins of * cotton yarn of John Blake paid $2 & 18cts cash received of Collins $10 cash for same Borrowed the other day

22 Saturday wind west clear & warm verry warm whigs met at Town house & heard a lecture from Dumont of Hollowel Luther Staples & wife here tonight

23 Sunday wind west warm fine shower 2 of the clock A Mr Evans here sold me some medicine for 50cts.

24 Monday wind west clear & pleasant went to W Youngs Bought pint Brandy paid * 25cts. Maurice went to Lewiston to Samuel Phillips

25 Theusday wind northwest clear in forenoon begins to rain at noon fine rain Abner Jones & wife here on visit

26 Wednesday wind in morning west clear & pleasant took 10 ½ lb wool to work up * for myself went to Brays to get newspaper got 2oz indigo on crt.

27 Thursday wind west pleasant

28 Friday wind west clear went to vilage paid Morrill Cole 50cts for carding 17 lb. Wool all that he has carded this year for me. Wif paid Mrs Sampson stocking yarn for cap stuff. Went to Bradford & Mitchels exchanged gingham for Collins paid $1.17 to Boot

29 Saturday west wind clear & pleasant

30 Sunday wind south cloudy some children went to meeting Mr Curtis meeting

31 Monday wind southwest very warm all hand to the great whig meeting held at Universal Meeting house address by F.O.J. Smith Supposed to be nearly a thousand people there the subject greaveneces of the government

Sept 1 Theusday went to Lewiston heard Albert Smith Lecture on politicks wind west.

2 Wednesday staid at Lewiston cloudy wind southeasterly

3 Thursday came home wind west clear & pleasant went to Keens Mills in afternoon

4 Friday wind west cool & clear Packard worked here I beat off flaxseed

5 Saturday wind east cloudy rains little towards night spread the flax.

6 Sunday wind northwest cloudy rains most all day

7 Monday wind west clear & pleasant & warm cut up the corn on the hill went to * vilage bought of John Bake ½ indigo for myself & one for Collins had them charged one gallon mollassas Maurice came home from Lewiston Samuel Gorham here

8 Theusday wind west clear & warm pulled the Beans Shocked the corn on the hill C Packard worked here afternoon

9 Wednesday wind southwest pleasant verry warm begun to dig potatoes on flat

10 Thursday wind southwest warm & clear wind comes to northwest towards night & grows cooler diging potatoes on flat. Caleb Bake here on visit afternoon

11 Friday wind west cloudy & showery went vilage exchanged rags for Mary took * dye stuff paid 10 cts for Saleratus went Abner Jones the Locoes had a meeting Universal House

12 Saturday wind west squaly & cool exchanged my half of grey mere with Gaius * Allen for his colt paid him 40 Dollars to Boot finished potatoes on flat Sow rye on the same ground boys went to hear Bensons Address

13 Sunday wind west clear & cool meeting at School house Andrews preached Collins & Mary went to Bates meeting I went to Holmes & exchanged waggons

14 Monday wind west clear & cool went to Town meeting Whigs cast 184 votes Kent heard of the death of Betsy Conant Died last night

15 Theusday wind west went Benjamin Conants funeral of his Daughter back to Abner Jones

16 Wednesday went to Norigewalk stoped Doc Bates Staid till next day 2 o“clock

17 Thursday went to Harmony put up at Souls

18 Friday went to Shirley to Isaac Phillips

19 Saturday rainy all day

20 Sunday cloudy at Shirley

21 Monday wind northwest went fishing to Shirley Bogg Saw fresh moose tracks plenty

22 Theusday wind northwest cool Snow Squalls

23 Wednesday at Shirley cool & rainy with some snow

24 Thursday started to Bangor went as far as Foxcroft put up at Melvin Stevens

25 Friday went to Levant to W Woodmans put up

26 Saturday went to Reuel Phillips in Glenburn put up

27 Sunday went to Seth Staples staid all night

28 Monday went to Bangor put up at Richard Phillips

29 Theusday went to Seth Staples in Glenburn put up

30 Wednesday went to Cattle show at Levant Saw some great squashes & potatoes and some fine cattle

Oct 1 Thursday went to Seth Staples in forenoon started home in afternoon put up at Alden Whitmans in Newburgh

2 Friday traveled to China put up at vilage

3 Saturday traveled to Leeds Davis Millet staid all night rainy all day

4 Sunday wind west pleasant staid Millets till most night came home found folks all well deserve to be thankful for it went Lecture in evening Mr Bates

5 Monday wind west pleasant went to mill heard of death of Jairus Phillips raked up flax

6 Theusday wind west clear & warm gathered apples went at night to Silvanus Conants to Carry Scynthia to go to school

7 Wednesday wind west clear & warm gathering apples & pumpkins

8 Thursday wind west pleasant & warm diging potatoes & getting in indian wheat Ely Butler here making wall Isaac Talbot & William Barrel & wifes here

9 Friday wind west & north cool diging potatoes Ely Butler had sheep paid $1.75 * cts cash I paid Collins a gold coin that I borrowed of him when I went down east

10 Saturday wind west cool first hard frost went to Minot to Otis Phillips to Lenas Whitman took my cloth home paid him for Dyeing the whole $2.12 staid at Luther Staples all night

11 Sunday come home cool & some rainy

12 Monday wind west clear & cool diging potatoes

13 Theusday wind west cool diging potatoes & making cider America Bartlet here * with goods to sell wife bought or swaped stuff for gown I promised $1.17 in cash Job Young here to night

14 Wednesday wind west clear & pleasant went to Brays to vendue Bought sundry articles to the amount of $0.35 cts went with wife & Mary William Aldens staid evening

15 Thursday wind west clear & cold went Minot Bought heifer of James Harlow gave ten dollars paid cash staid at Noah Packards

16 Friday came home received one Dollar of Stephen Packard paid [endorsed on note] S Packard 0.50 cts for boy to drive heifer home Samuel Phillips here Carried Ann home to go to school finished diging potatoes

17 Saturday wind west cool hauled out dung the boys butchered sheep Lowfacts address at Town house by Samuel Blake

18 Sunday wind west quite cool freezes in morning went to funeral of Aunt Abigail Phillips Died the 16th aged 84 years & about 8 months

19 Monday wind Southwest cloudy & chilly went to mill to Clarks got Collins colt * shod at Rodgers carried flaxseed to to Coles 1 bushel ½ 12 quarts & 1 pint received on Dollar in cash the remainder crted.

20 Theusday wind southwest verry little rain went to post office found news of Whig victory in Maryland & Georgia tc tc tc

21 Wednesday wind southerly clear in morning cloudy afternoon rains toward night Collins gone to Lewiston on Political Subjects. Brought home Handbill containing news of glorious Whig Victory in Ohio in the election of State Officers

22 Thursday wind west cool Collins went to Buckfield after brick at Daniel Chase 8 hundred

23 Friday wind west clear & windy Martin Harris paid me one dollar in ten cent pieces for a Dollar he borrowed of me month or two ago

24 Saturday wind west clear & cool Collins mending chimney I went after Cynthia from school

25 Sunday wind northeast cool snows little toward night Collins and Mary went to meeting to Bates meeting in the evening I received of Jesse Drew by the hand of Maurice Phillips nine Dollars towards money I lent him last January

26 Monday wind north snows in morning fast fell by noon five inches clears cool Collins laying floor in porch, Packard had sheep fat one worth $2.50 in cash. School meeting in evening

27 Theusday wind west cool & windy snow lays on the ground Maurice went to vilage carried the great plow to Rodgers to be sharpened

28 Wednesday wind north east cloudy snows little in forenoon warm towards night & in evening Maurice & Seuel went to Chases Mills & drawed home some boards.

29 Thursday wind northeast rainey, in afternoon rains fast & evening

30 Friday wind southwest foggy & very warm

31 Saturday wind west cool went to mill at lumber mill Nov 1 Sunday wind north west cool & pleasant went to meeting at meeting house by Richmonds Samuel Brought Ann home from Lewiston & Amanda Gorham

2 Monday wind west pleasant Town meeting for Choice of Electors of president great excitement went to Mr Staples staid all night

3 Theusday wind west clear & pleasant went to Chandler Bradfords to the funeral of his wife came home heard this evening of several towns notes Whigs gain considerable boys peeling up stumps

4 Wednesday wind northeast cloudy & cool puling stumps I went to Lumbards to get stump machine chain mending heard good news for Whigs

5 Thursday wind north cloudy & cool Boys puling stumps I went to Keens to mill went to Holts store sold him ½ bushel rye for 50 cts took it in Tea & pepper heard good news for the Whigs the State has probably gone for Harrison Ellectors

6 Friday wind northeast cool & cloudy Collins work for Elbridge Harlow David Gorham and wife here

7 Saturday wind north cool clear towards night Look likely for fair weather Collins plastering in evening David Gorham gone home

8 Sunday wind northeast cloudy William Chase paid me fifty cents for service done him three years ago I went to Holts store got trimmings for Maurice cloth paid $1.52 in cash in evening.

9 Monday wind northeast Rain Storm Severe & cool

10 Theusday wind northeast cool went James Starboards Settled with him found* due me four dollars and sixty four cents 4.64 on all accounts considerable of it never charged 12$ for the use of cow some barley tc tc Went to Holts to hear news heard New York has gone for Harrison by ten 10 thousand majority glorious news for freemen.

11 Wednesday wind northeast cloudy & cool went to vilage got gallon mollasses of John Blake Side Leather upper I had taned

12 Thursday wind northeast cloudy & misty

13 Friday wind north rainey clears toward night Collins begun to plaster porch kitchen

14 Saturday west clear & pleasant went to William Bradfords with wife Staid all night

15 Sunday wind northeast Snow & rain storm came home

16 Monday wind west & fair Maurice started Boston had thirteen Dollars I had * five Dollars of Collins David Gorham and Samuel Phillips came here in evening

17 Theusday wind west clear & pleasant went post office heard of Pennsylvania & Tennesee going for Harrison

18 Wednesday west pleasant froze the ground considerable last night

19 Thursday wind north snow & storm Allanson & Sewell Merrill here threshing Collins and Chandler DeCoster exchanged horses

20 Friday wind west clear & cold

21 Saturday wind northwest Blustering & cold went to Mr. Torreys to carry Eunice home paid her $1.75

22 Sunday wind northeast snows moderately

23 Monday wind northeast snows the snow about 6 or 7 inches deep

24 Theusday wind east & west clearing the snow 8 or 10 inches Kimball Brought * home seven sheep toward eight had last year Maurice got home from Boston we hear by the mail to-day that the Harrison electors are chosen in this State by 411 majority

25 Wednesday wind westerly fair went vilage Bought of John Blake 12 yds cambrick * and seven sheets wading $1.85 on crt.

26 Thursday thanksgiving day Hannah & Mary & children & husbands here I & wife went to J. Allens in evening.

27 Friday wind north cloudy grows cold toward night snow foot deep in woods Harrison DeCoster had 4 sheep $6.00 two Bushel corn

28 Saturday wind west pleasant Algernon Bradford had two sheep for them the dogs killed Maurice went to Rodgers get oxen & horse shod Abner Jones & wife here

29 Sunday wind south pleasant & warm

30 Monday wind south the snow thaws considerable went town meeting vote Representative Congress N. Littlefield Loco 260 L Long whig 150 paid grass 77 cts for insureance borrowed 1.00 of c Blake Bought one nappe of C Blake

Dec 1 Theusday wind west very cold went to mill clarks got mare shod at Rodgers Bought one Harrison almock (almanec?)of John Blake price 6 cts cheap enough to

2 Wednesday wind west cold & clear Mr Tich from Shirley here & Mr Woods from Norigewalk brought letter from Isaac

3 Thursday west cool but pleasant went to vilage got traces mended at Rodgers Received $1.50 of Maurice

4 Friday wind west cold & clear went to Hartford to Starboards & Keen vilage Bought of Mrs Husseys 1 yard of foundation muslin paid 25 cents

5 Saturday wind north cold Butchered our pork David Gorham and Samuel Phillips here

6 Sunday wind northeast verry cold cloudy begins to snow in evening Maurice gone to Sumner carry Gaius Allen

7 Monday wind northeast snow fell since last night & sunset 7 or 8 inches verry cold storm snow deepest that I have seen at this time of year for forty years & coldest weather

8 Theusday wind southeast cloudy warmer a little
9 Wednesday wind southwest pleasant warm snow treads went to vilage carried cow hide taken off today sold Blake for $3.00 sold seven pelts to George Bennet 75 cts apiece Bought of John Blake 1 yd velvet 2 doz Buttons 2 quarts mollasses whole 90 cts paid cash four skeins thread at Philos 4 cts paid cash

10 Thursday wind west pleasant went to Holts Bought ½ of Tea ¼ pepper 39 cts cash Ira Houston had 14 sheep ½ lamb to keep 2 years & return the same or others as good & pay one pound wool a head yearly for the use

11 Friday wind northeast clear & cold

12 Saturday wind north cloudy went to vilage carried Leather for Collins to harness maker had two tin pans mended Bought cake of soap & pencil of John Blake paid 7 cents

13 Sunday wind northeast rains all day rather cool snow dont melt

14 Monday wind west pleasant warm snow melts poor sleighing went Buckfield with Elbridge Harlow

15 Theusday wind west clear and warm went to vilage Eli Butler had two sheep * $5.00 let John Blake have Bushel & ½ rye $1.50 went Cornelius Jones Abner Jones tc tc

16 Wednesday wind west pleasant went Buckfield exchanged leather with Mr White * paid 34 cts to boot

17 Thursday wind northwest grows cold pretty cold towards night

18 Friday wind northwest cold verry cold

19 Saturday wind northwest cold & Blusterring went Lewiston Bought of Samuel Phillips ½ quire of paper paid 12 ½ cts cash took pair cattle cards for Collins of Samuel to be charged

20 Sunday wind west cold went to see Jesse Drew

21 Monday wind west clear & cold Nathaniel Chase here with petition to Legislature for alteration in time of siting & aportionment of Representation & wages tc tc tc

22 Theusday wind northeast verry cold begins to snow 11 o“clock snows til night went to Livermore in forenoon to Brettons store let him have 31 ¾ of apples 9 ½ chickens 8 pair stockings Samuel here in evening staid all night

23 Wednesday wind northwest verry cold snow blown into heaps Samuel remains here put the stove up in kitchen

24 Thursday wind northwest verry cold Collins & Samuel went to Livermore

25 Friday wind west clear & cold Samuel went home I paid Americe Bartlett $1.71 that I owed him for gown pattern Ivory & Ira Page Bought of Collins yoke oxen $75 to be paid in one year Tilden Jones returned 8 sheep & one pelt towards ten he had two years ago 1 died and one hooked by a cow

26 Saturday wind northeast cloudy and very cold begin to snow towards night * Collins went Hartford Brought home Chandler DeCosters ram

27 Sunday wind northeast snow continues till afternoon blown into heaps verry cold storm snow deepest and coldest weather at this time of year that has for great many years

28 Monday wind west pleasant warmer than for a week or more

29 Theusday wind west & south pleasant went to Brettons with wife to buy crockery took up pay for some crt had there Noah Bicknell here I went to Wm. Bicknells in evening

30 Wednesday wind west & south pleasant warm went to Leeds to Benjamin Trues staid all night

31 Thursday wind variable warm snows by spells all day came home Stoped at Cornelius Jones & got Bonnet paid 42 cts for repairing stoped John Blake store paid 12 cts for Buttons got platter & wicking 70 cts had charged

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