1837 Lewiston, Maine Record of County and Town Tax

Lewiston, Maine Tax Records

Record of County and Town Tax for 1837
Person Taxed Polls Poll Tax Tax
Winslow Ames
& Son
Daniel Ames 11.185.42
William Atkinson 0-4.08
Barton Anderson 11.187.31
John Blasidell 11.183.92
Andrew Boobier
Andrew Bubier 0-4.81
Benja Bubier 11.180.20
Samuel Bubier 11.184.23
George Bubier 11.180.20
John Bubier 11.181.36
Aaron Bickford 11.185.42
James Bickford 11.180.82
Reuben Briggs 11.180.45
Ai Brooks 1 1.180.47
David Barker11.183.50
Cyrus Barker Jr.11.186.50
Nelson P. Barker11.189.74
William Bond11.183.81
Barker Brooks11.180.71
Aaron Beeman11.181.00
William Brooks11.180.05
Ephraim Beal11.18-
William Briggs11.182.23
Samuel Barrell11.185.46
Jeremiah Cole11.184.19
Otis Cole11.185.34
John Carville11.1811.50
James Carville11.1815.42
Benja Carville11.188.11
Sewell Carville11.188.33
William Carville11.185.50
Simon Carville11.186.27
Joseph Chadbourn11.183.45
Japheth Chadbourn11.182.48
Thomas Chadbourn11.182.85
Jeremiah Crowley11.1816.27
James Crowley11.180.67
Stephen Cutler11.189.69
Charles Coburn11.182.67
William B. Courson11.180.73
John Cushing
Lemuel Cummings
Jeremiah Clough
Jeremiah Clough Jr11.182.12
D. Clark
Jas. Tarr
James B. Cotton11.18-
Alfred Chase11.18-
John Cushing--4.03
William Dingley--15.69
Ira Dingley11.188.21
Stephen Davis11.1816.01
Orren Dill11.181.52
Joseph Dill11.1810.96
Joseph Dill Jr11.18-
Abel Davis11.189.30
Barzillai Dyer11.183.14
William Davis 2nd11.18-
Aaron Davis11.188.18
Aaron Davis Jr.11.187.75
Amos & H. Davis22.369.66
Amos Davis 2nd11.187.36
William Davis11.189.34
David Davis 2nd11.182.65
John Davis Jr11.18-
John V. Davis11.181.96
Samuel Dill11.183.90
Josiah Dill11.18-
David Davis11.1818.44
Peter Dennet11.1810.25
Alexander Dwelley--4.75
Darwin Dwelley11.181061
Isaac S. Davis11.180.47
Sylvanus Dyer
Gideon Dickinson11.1810.49
Edward Estes11.1810.67
Josiah Estes11.183.64
John Eastman11.183.38
William Eaton
Dennis Furbish11.181.17
R. Fickett
H. Mitchell
John M. Frye11.187.77
William R. Frye11.183.20
Ammi C. Fuller11.18-
David Fuller11.1810.38
Hosea Fuller11.180.21
Stephen Fosse11.1813.32
Henry Piper11.18-
Varanus Fosse
Samuel W. Farnham11.183.96
Joseph D. Frye11.18-
James A. Field11.185.79
Stephen Field11.187.33
William Farris11.180.47
Walter & Edmond Fogg
Isaac G. Field11.184.77
Daniel Files11.180.47
Marshal Ford11.18-
Alfred Foresaith11.18-
William Golder--9.85
Jacob Golder11.1816.41
John Golder11.189.85
James Garcelon--6.40
James Garcelon Jr--4.35
James Garcelon 2nd11.183.86
William Garcelon11.1820.47
William Garcelon
Ex of William Carville
Asa Garcelon11.189.03
Daniel Garcelon11.187.34
Annis Garcelon11.182.47
Samuel D. Garcelon11.1814.90
Hosea Garcelon11.180.34
Abel Goddard11.1811.23
Isaac Goddard11.185.26
John Goddard11.184.88
William Goddard11.184.60
Israel Giidden
David Graffam
David W. Graffam11.185.14
Oliver Graffam11.184.46
Stephen W. Graffam11.184.71
Benja Graffam11.180.09
Samuel Given11.187.44
Calvin Gorham11.1816.28
John Graffam
Heirs of
Amos Hersey11.180.45
Samuel Haley11.181.80
James Ham11.1815.30
Ebenezer Ham11.1814.01
Joseph Ham--0.47
Warren Ham11.180.05
Thomas Hodgkins11.1811.49
James Hodgkins11.183.98
Josiah & Thomas Hart22.365.07
Samuel Hart11.18-
Oliver Herrick11.1813.63
Elihu Hatch
(maybe the one that was
born 1753, d. 14 May 1837)
John Hatch--5.71
Freeman Hatch11.183.61
Ephraim S. Howe11.184.64
Samuel Hewey11.1811.77
Andrew Hogen11.184.78
John Hayse11.184.34
Jonathan Hodgkins11.187.78
James Hamilton
Henry Holland11.180.95
David Holland11.188.72
William Hackett11.18-
Lemuel Jackson11.183.49
Elias Jackson11.182.56
B. T. Jepson11.182.55
William Jepson11.185.90
Josiah Jones--14.06
Joshua Jordan
William Jordan
Levi Jones11.184.62
James Jordan11.189.92
W & H. Jordan22.3616.84
Timothy Jordan11.183.38
Arthur Jameson11.187.30
Nathaniel Jordan
Thomas Jordan
Jas Jordan
Norris Litchfield11.18-
Varsal Litchfield11.18-
Luther Litchfield11.189.09
Nathaniel Litchfield11.180.79
Noah Litchfield11.184.72
Samuel Litchfield11.184.59
James Lowell11.1872.79
Mark Lowell11.18-
William Lowell11.180.04
Jonathan Lowell11.18-
Stephen Lowell11.181.22
Johna Lowell--1.87
Stephen Lake11.182.65
Loved Lincoln--1.50
Levi Lincoln11.180.19
Joshua Lambat11.186.43
Samuel Libby11.181.19
Joseph Lake11.181.06
Lewiston Falls
Manufacturing Company
G.A. F. M. D. L.
Cowan Company
Josiah Little & others--17.57
Josiah Little
Samuel Manning11.187.82
Samuel Maxwell11.187.12
John Merrill 2nd11.184.20
John Merrill--3.82
Joshua Merrill11.188.75
Stephen Myrick
Ezekiel Merrill11.186.02
Asa Merrill11.182.49
Azor Merrill11.180.36
James Mitchell11.1814.45
John Mooar--0.59
Simon Marston11.180.32
Bracket Marston11.189.33
Levi Meeder11.1810.14
Jon Mitchell11.183.95
Benja Murry11.188.65
Sewal Merrill11.181.68
Jacob Merrill11.182.44
William Marr11.184.60
Jonathan Mitchell
Joshua Mitchell
Charles R. Mitchell--1.18
Timothy Mooar11.180.05
Hugh Miller
George Moulton
John Nash11.1817.83
Davis Nevens11.189.87
Davis Nevens Jr.11.180.71
Ira Nevens11.180.47
Samuel Nevens11.18-
William Pender11.18-
Nathaniel Pettengill11.1812.69
D. & Amos Pettengill11.1810.88
John Pettengill11.1810.53
Orren Pettengill11.183.07
John Pettengill 2nd11.18-
David Purinton11.183.87
Joseph Purinton11.189.69
Daniel Paul11.181.02
David Paul--0.77
James Peare11.181.47
Samuel Pickard11.188.59
S. G. Phillips11.184.98
C. P. Randall11.180.71
William Robinson
John Randall
Ezra Randall--15.83
Ezra Randall 2nd11.1819.00
Benja Randall11.183.33
Levi C. Randall11.183.92
Reuben Rand11.184.07
Thomas Rand--2.70
Samuel D. Rand11.180.50
D. & P Reads
C. H. Nevens
Samuel R. Read11.181.11
S. H. Read11.188.57
Charles T. Read11.187.24
Lemuel Read11.180.12
Oliver C. Read22.364.82
Ichabod Read11.180.23
Nathan Reynolds11.1819.89
Samuel Robinson
Hart Read11.18-
Richard Skilton--1.18
Samuel Soule11.184.17
Freeman Skinner11.1811.85
Andrew Skinner--4.05
Jordan Skinner11.181.48
Nathan Sleeper11.181.00
Nathaniel Sleeper11.181.73
Stephen Stetson11.1814.55
Samuel Staten11.180.80
Isaac Staten11.18-
S S. Smith11.18-
Josiah Straw11.187.28
Isaac Stewart11.182.09
Thomas Stewart11.180.32
Jeremiah Stanford11.1811.66
Greenlief Spofford11.183.01
Isaac G. Spofford11.180.05
William Skilton11.185.42
William Starbird
David F. Shed11.18-
Temple Tibbets11.183.08
Isaac Tarr11.188.01
Charles Taylor11.1814.46
Luther C. Taylor11.181.73
Asa P. Taylor11.183.63
Bart C. Taylor11.183.64
J & I. C. Thompson11.1816.00
James Turner11.182.10
Samuel Turner11.184.33
James Thomas11.186.20
Benjamin Thorn--10.18
Aaron Tarr11.184.61
Thomas Thorn11.18-
Aaron D. Thorn 11.18-
Edward P. Toby11.180.29
Ebenezer Whittum--5.77
Dan Whittum11.183.56
John Whittum11.182.60
Seargent Whittum11.18-
Joel Wright11.187.85
Joel Wright Jr.11.187.11
John Wright11.182.46
Phineas Wright11.1810.94
Phineas Wright 2nd11.181.94
Francis Wright11.180.92
Zebulon Wright11.183.57
Timothy Wright11.188.30
Lang C. Wright11.189.71
John H. Williams11.181.00
Joseph Webber11.180.05
Daniel Webber11.181.33
Barstow Whittemore11.18-
Jas Weymouth11.183.02
Sumner Wood11.180.40
William Woodard11.188.86
Arcahald Wakefield11.181.42
William R. Wright11.180.47
James Wright 2nd11.18-
Ephraim Wood11.180.41
Isaac Wilson11.181.47
Jeremiah Wheeler11.18-
Francis Wright Jr.11.18-
Joseph Welch11.18-
Solomon Jackson11.184.36
Joseph Jackson--3.80
Howe Weeks11.181.90
Jas Woodbury11.182.90
John C. Jepson11.18-
John B. Jones11.18-
Josiah P. Quimby11.18-
Cyrus Irish11.18-
Nelson Ham11.18-
Ivory Courson11.18-
Edward Little
Henry Mooar
Jacob McKinney
Solomon McKinney
William McKinney
Howell Cobb
& others
J.P. & S. H. Read
Ebenezer Ham
Apollas Miller
Lewis Ware
Foster Wenthworth--0.53
Asa & Peter Johnson--0.23

22 June 1837- The foregoing record denominated Record of County (Lincoln) and town (Lewiston) taxes for 1837 is the taxes assessment made upon the polls and estates and upon the nonresident proprietors of the Town of Lewiston (Maine) and we have committed list there of to Daniel Garcelon, Collector of said town, eighteen pages amounting to nineteen hundred ninety three dollars and thirty seven cents ($1993.37) including overlayings.

Eben'r Ham, Assessor of Lewiston, Maine
S. H. Reas, Assessor of Lewiston, Maine

[N.B. The above is five out pages of the tax records for Lewiston's 1837 Tax records]

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