Poland, Maine Cemetery List
Poland, Maine Cemetery Locations
  1. Pine Grove, Brown Rd
  2. Tripp Lake, Tripp Lake Camp Road
  3. Locust Grove, Rte # 26, Poland Comm. Church
  4. Old Megquier Hill, Megquire Road
  5. White Oak Hill Summitt, Spring Golf Cource
  6. Highland, Megquier Hill Rd.
  7. Johnson Hill (2 Families)
  8. Black Cat, most remains transferred
  9. Harris Hill
  10. Lane, Empire Rd
  11. Empire, East Poland
  12. Middle Range Pond, Rte #26
  13. Verrill
  14. Ricker, Rte # 26
  15. .Range Hill (Estes Family), Range Hill Rd.
  16. Shaker Cemetery, Rte # 26
  17. Purington Family Cemetery, Chipman Farm (one stone)
Map of Poland Cemeteries

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