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Minot, Androscoogin County, Maine is five miles west of Auburn. Minot was formerly a part of Poland
It was incorporated the 129th town, 18 February 1802. This town was named in honor of Judge Minot. A Portion of Minot was set off as part of the town of Mechanic Falls, 22 March 1893.
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    Minot Deeds & Probate Records -- Records of our Minot Ancestors.

    Minot Town Records -- Records of our Minot Ancestors.

    Minot Census Records -- Records of State and Federal Census.

    Minot Roll Call -- List of descendants researching their Minot Ancestors.

    Early Minot History -- Narrative on the lives of our Minot Ancestors.

    Early Minot Families -- Ancestors living in Minot before 1900 -- Individual Narratives.

  1. Joshua Crooker of Minot, Maine "An Aroostook War Soldier"
  2. George M. Davis
  3. Stephen H. Davis
  4. John Hall (chimney fire)
  5. Mrs. Joseph Jackson (obit)
  6. WIlliam Ladd (THE APOSTLE OF PEACE 1778-1841)
  7. John B. Perkins (house fire)

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