Andrew Robinson Giddings/Giddinge Diary

9 MAY 1795 TO 19 SEPT 1795

NOTE: This document was typed in just as it occurs in the original. There was no attempt to correct anything that was in the original. Anything added to the original has [] around it. Transcribed by Joyce Scruggs

Page 3
May 9, 1795 Saturday very pleasant morng wnd NW - turn'd my cattle- of from my mowing-fetter'd my Colt-and turn'd him on pasture mending fence with oxen before noon pm. preparing to finish sowing-- borrow'd of Job his small pail full of wheat and sowed it without soakg- Evg went to Glocr with whear for Mr. Bradbury borrow'd of him Wednesday--Nurse return'd with mare

Sunday 10th went into Glocr with Mrs Giddinge and Child to her fathers-----

Monday 11 Rainy pm come home from Glocr and return'd there again,br in Evg.---- borrowd of Mr Lane L 4"10"6d to buy corn

Page 4
Tuesday May 12th 1795 morning from Glocr to Bakers- town-in com. of Master Prentiss
paid Isaak Woodman. L 4 S6 D8 for Corn. bro't away 2 Bushels and sent it by water from Ereries to Nasons mills. return'd pm to Glocr Evg return'd home--- with wife and child

Wednesday 13th plowing-by horse Johna Emerson and Alden helpg
Emersons oxen. Saundress' and mine

Thursday 14th went to mill in morning with colt got 2 Bushels that Nason brought from Bakerstown Pm went with women over to Mr. Rows, then Split some rails.

Friday 15th-Mrs lane and Bradbury over early. Mrs Gidding went with 'em over to Sally's & I to help Coll pile

Page 5
Saturday May 16th, 1795
morning Rain clear'd off by 10 am no team to plow--spent the day in haulg fence and piling &c and getting some fire wood &c

Sunday 17th-Pleasant AM about home-pm rode in as far as Greenleafs--return'd in Evg---

Monday 18th. plow'd all day Bray holding & Emerson driving--his oxen & Saundress' & Mine I turning turfs & c PM Nathl Cross call'd on me from Portland, tarried 'till

Tuesday 19th-I rode to Glocr with him down as far as Mr. Josiah Smith's--bo't of Pingree a hatt 7/. to pay in 3 months

Wednesday 20th-Rainy began to harrow my plow'd land--too whett--made a cradle &c fell some fence

Page 6
Thursday May 21st-Rainy
setting fence &c. about home- Joshua Small, after a promise to pasture a yoake of Steers for him--very Rainy at intervals-Brewing

Friday 22d Rainy yet, and likely to remain so--went into Glocr. with mam on mare Jackman agreed't to make a pair of Shoes for anna on Wednesday night next.--- Chatted with him about takg. my place to the halves--- Sally and Alden & family went to Glocr---.

Sautrday 23d. buryed some hop roots in yard in corner--employ'd in readg. it being too wet to work out of doors--

Sunday 24th-about home. PM. it ceased Raining the first time since Wednesday last---

Page 7
Monday May 25th attempted to harrow. ground too wett

Tuesday 26. began to hole my piece for corn. did not much good Mrs. Giddinge unwell

Wednesday 27th-Alden & wife over--he help'd me hole my planting ground did not finish Evg went down to River

Thursday 28th-Mrs Richard-son went home--with my mare Job went to bring her back--I went over early to help Alden help'd him set fires & he got a midling good burn. return'd in after noon felt tired did not do any thing but fix cart

Friday 29th-haulg dung PM Rainy Benja Comes help'd me Pm (put fires into some piles

Page 8
Saturday May 20th 1795 finish'd dunging my corn land Pm Rainy-haul'd some Rails in cart &c---

Sunday 31. Rainy morning went over to Aldens in morg got some Potatoes due for hay & some seed corn 4 qts--Pm went to Glocr

Monday June 1 began to plow Showers B Combes helpg Pm carried Mrs Giddinge to see Polly Fenson supposed near her end--Job haulg. dung with my cart & oxen Evg very Rainy-so all night

Tuesday 2d morning cloudy Showers AM cleard off-over to Mr Rows---

Page 9
Mr Combes had my cold [colt] to go to Brunswike--Job harrowg. with my oxen--finish'd planting Corn---This morning Departed this life Miss Polly Fenson after a severe and painful Illness of three weeks---left a sorrowfull Family and neighborhood of acquaintance to moure her loss--Was buried in Glocester Revrend Mr. Crosby after a confinement of upwards of a year with a Consumption. Buried br>

Thursday 3d. AM Splitting Rails &c AM.-haul'd some Stuff out of woods--PM went to a funeral-Polly Fenson Evg went to Glocester got my phlegms at Mr Haskels

Page 10
Thursday June 4th Split some Rails--planted some beens in garden. Mrs Bridgham to see us hoggs dug up some corn--

Friday 5th-made yard fence Saml Haskel help'd me--Job had my oxen 1/2 day PM haul'd fencing Stuff--planted Beans and some potatoes--Alden had my oxen 1/2 day---yesterday---Mr Blossom bro't a horse for to keep in my pasture--

Saturday 6th-morning carried Mrs Giddinge to see the Doctor got some Rat. Emet. Jackman Cr by pr. Shoes for Anna---Manning Cr by setting 2 horse Shoes--PM return'd home burning piles--Job harrowing with my oxen-----

Page 11
Sunday June 7th. at Glocr to meeting Mr. Anderson preach'd return'd late-home Mrs. Giddinge & Children at Glocester---

Monday 8th at Withams morning Nason helped me Plow for Potatoes with his oxen to his Or had my wheels to go to Yarmouth, which is to his debit Joe Treadwell Dr to my mare to mill--&o Pleasant Wr.
*not posted one went against the other
Combes return'd with my colt from Broomswike---

Tuesday 9th-Chopping with Job-and Moody planting for Bray to pay him a day I owed him---Evg went to Glocr. to see Mrs. Giddinge

Page 12
Thursday June 11th haulg dung for Potatoes very warm---hauld long litter from before foors 7 Loads Evg went to Glocr

Friday 12th come out built some fence P.M hauld in ashes to glocr-nason took my wheels home--hauled in 1 3/4 Bushels of ashes for Alden 11 1/2 ditto for self stay'd all night

Saturday 13th come home haul'd out six Bushels potatoes for which I am indebted to Mr. Lane Senr--carried home sunndry Cart. PM making fence--

Sunday 14th-at Glocr meetg a Sermon from--Let me exhort you yt ye recieve not the grace of God in vain-----Doc. Gratitude is the least return man can make for Bless'gs reciev'd-of a temporal nature

Page 13
faith dead without work---PM brought home Mrs Giddinge after an absence of about a week Colt lame

Monday 15th-Planting Potatoes PM-Alden helpg me Sally with her sister---Job had my mare to go to Shepperdsfield alias, Hebron return'd in season

Tuesday 16th-Pleasant Wr. Planting Potatoes-Aunt Lydia had my Mare to Yarmouth to get Passage to Cape Ann filled Beer Barrel again Plowed yard-and some for Job

Wednesday 17th-Planting Potatoes yet. my mare return'd from yarmouth back sore-Colt btter Nason Dr to my wheels to yarmouth again-& Chains 4/6

Thursday 18th finish'd planting Potatoes-PM Alden over to see us

Page 14
Friday June 19th 1795 uncommon warm yoked hogs -- -- began to weed corn-PM went to Mr. Combes with Mrs. Giddinge--return'd early-night very warm--

Saturday 20th-hoeing Corn AM -PM trimming Apple trees--weaned by Calf--from Red Cow

Sunday 21st went to Glocr with Mrs Giddinge-tarried all night

Monday 22d-return'd early with WM Bray hoeing with me today for my Mare to number four Nason Dr to wheels from mills to Glocr.----set out plants in Rain Job went to mills with mare. Nath 1 Evleth Glocr gave me some Cabbage plants Shower in Evg----

Page 15
Tuesday June 23d 1795---Mr Haskel come after my oxen to go to Portland Nason Dr to my oxen to Baileys Mills and Glocr;---and wheels to Yarmouth---took in a yoke of Steers in my pasture for Nathan Haskel Jnr-one month-Willm Haskel helpg me hoe-& sett out plants. &c-Mrs Bradbury to see Mrs Giddinge---set out many plants among my corn Mr Bradford for Portland from turner call'd---

Wednesday 24th hoeing Corn-Mr Littlefield from Wells to see me-mended pasture fence-PM Showers---

Thursday 25th-Rainy all day set some plants Evg went to Glocr. to see Wm Stinchfield. &c Capt Grf Lame and Sick--wrote to my sisten Toppan

Page 16
Friday June 26th morning hoeing Cabbage yokg hoggs. after breakfast went over to Mills to get some bords but got only 34 feet of Nason on account of Chain Bray set out for No 4 with my mare--carried Mrs Giddinge to Glocr.---

Saturday 27th-Could but pleas t Mr Brad ford of Turner call'd. I paid him 1/6 due to him last fall--hoeing--James ElvelDr to Cart to Baileys mill & home---1/4 Wm Stinchfield to see me Colt got out of Pasture 2 times Nathan Haskel had my oxen to Portland--to pay me in Labor--when I call. Wm paid one day Wednesday Last--

Page 17
Sunday June 28th 1795 walkd into Glocr with Andrew stay'd all night

Monday 29th Joseph Treadwell Dr to 1 hand vz Saml Haskel & my oxen on Days work haulg. timber for barn frame Nathan Haskel Cr by Sam 1 day and Mare to bakerstown----went up to Woodmans after my Corn haul'd it down to Emmeries--Evg return'd late to Glocr

Tuesday 30th-went up to Emeries-by water with John Nason Treadwell Dr to 1 Days ox work haulg. timber-got my corn to landing--

Wednesday July 1st went over to mills. help'd Nason load & haul out boards-after fixing Cart.

Page 18
to which he got a new axeltree and frafts--he had my oxen to Glocr. I rode in after Wife Thursday 2d July came home again with wife Children & oxen--un well yesterday Evg Departed this Life. I hope to enjoy a more permanent happiness than is the portion of mortals in this nether world Mr Jonathan Row Aeta.[sic aged] 66 after a lingering Sickness of near two years Mrs Giddinge up to see Mrs Witham PM--feel very stiff Colt got down fence
Page 19
Friday July 3d. 1795--AM at home hoeing beans &c Mrs Bradbury come to see her sister. Pm went to funeral--very pleasant wr----Nason return'd from Yarmouth with my wheels--to his Dt 3/6 [3/6 stricken] he haul'd with my yoke 2 M

Saturday 4th James Elvel Dr to use of my sheels haulg boards 1/4d--I worked with Treadwell framing--oxen haulg some timber--as much as 1/sd of a days work to his Debit. Doctor Benson of Whinthrop call'd to see Mrs Giddinge

Sunday 5th-foggy morning--went to Glocr to meetg heard Mr Whate Universalist from Isaak 45 C ves 22d to end--Mr Harris related his experience

Page 20
Monday July 6th 1795 morning foggy fixing wheels &c Nason Dr to my wheels to mills & and to Glocr stricken or part way there and oxen with them---PM a Smart Shower--hoeing at house part of time My mare return'd from Yarmouth with a broken Cheek--

Tuesday 7th early in morning I went over to Mills and stuck up 1 M boards bo't of Mr. Toms--then haul'd home corn with my oxen and Combes's cart Nason set out for N Yarmouth with mine----PM went to Glocr carried home bags. &c---Let Treadwell have my Colt to go to Glocr after hands to help him raise tomorrow--heard of the Death of Capt David Sawyer--by way of N Yarmouth man havg return'd----

Page 21
Wednesday July 8th-1795 AM hoeing in garden. Pm over to Treadwels with oxen helping him raise barn. haul'd boards with oxen from Mills

Thursday 9th-AM over to Treadwls finish'd putting up his barn---PM went to Glocr. Got a horse shod for Mr Blossom--by Manning--price 6/ Money left me by Mr Blossom Sunday last--got Job cloth at Hathaways

Friday 10th-hoeing beans and beg n-to hoe Corn 2d time--Potatoes first Kept 2 yoke of oxen far as (Farris) of Turner. living on Niles's place which he did not pay for 2/-

Saturday 11th I went into Glocr after horse tackling carried Mrs Giddinge as far as Mrs Bradburries--PM got home late did not plow any

Page 22
Sunday July 12th. 1795 went into Glocr. to meeting hear'd Mr Cummins Babtist "I will arise and go to my father &c--doc. all can if they will and the comnot of it in the gospel is an expression of the inability in the will---

Monday 13th plowed some among my corn and hoed some--

Tuesday 14 plowing and hoeing Corn--Job mowing, Alden hauling boards my wheels

Wednesday 15th. ditto--Alden had my oxen to haul timber PM. I haul'd timber to make cart body for hay--Job had 1 Bushel Corn borrow of him in spring--horse to mill

Page 23
Thursday 16th July 1795---very warm Thos Row had two Bushels Corn dld to his Brother Jona. [delivered] order---Pm women over to Mrs. Rows---I hoe'd Corn

Friday 17th warm muggy and uncomfortable Wr. over to Aldens helpg him build Cap for his fodder Spoke to Mr Blossom for 2 oz turnip seeds---

Saturday 18th-Alden come over & helped me hoe &c---Benja Toms Cr by mkg. fork &c 1/8 Joshua Row had 1 3/4 Bushl Corn which is the whole owed Thos Row nason return'd from N Yarmouth with my wheels for wh. I charge 4/-

Page 24
Sunday July 19th 1795 went to Glocr. to meeting hear'd a very Liberal Preachr Saw Miss Phoebe Toppan from N.Port carried Mrs. Giddinge and Anna left our daughter to go to School

Monday 20th began to have grass out to halves--some of my roughest ground---by Nath. & David Small--Sowed turnip seed. Blossom Cr by 2 oz turnip seed---2/---PM women went to Mr Tarboxes I went in Evg fixed Cart body--Cloudy Evg no Rain.

Page 25
very Warm can with propriety be said to be hot wr since Thursday last---

Tuesday 21st. very warm finish'd Cart. PM. mowing alone Alden over after rake &c

Wednesday 22d. Mowing AM PM. helping Smalls get in 3 Jags of hay--Raked some of Mine and

Thursday 23d. morning mow'd AM haulg hay. PM. hauld in 4 Jags with Smalls and one of my own mowing

Saturday 25th Job haul'd one Jag-I went to Mill with Bushel Corn Chandler Cr by sithe to pay next December 6/--paid

Page 26
Jackman, Cr by W Sowing on pr taps--Stayed all night--

Sunday 26th return'd home morn then went back to Glocr to meetg Evg return'd home---

Monday 27th-Morning likely for rain--. help'd Job load a Jag of hay. PM Bray mow'd for me---night rainy

Tuesday 28th-AM hoeing &c PM went to meeting to Mr Rows text "Time shall be no longer---

Wednesday 29th Bray mowing with me AM PM with Job Treadwell Dr to Colt to Walker and to Glocr Mills--PM I raked up part of my hay---

Page 27
John Walker Dr to my wheels and oxen to Baleys Mills & home to his house--- 2/6

Thursday 30th-foggy morng Alden got my oxen to haul hay I mowg. alone--Bray workg. for Job. abt. noon began to rain caught out all my I.E. 2 loads and more--got in before RN. 12 Cocks

Friday 31st hoed. some Potatoes Rainy--

Saturday Augt 1 Bray help'd me hoe some Potatoes PM.---

Sunday 2d went to Glocr with Mrs M Giddinge to meeting--Evg returnd.

Monday 3 Nathan Haskel Jnr help'd me a day mow g.

Page 28
Bray 1/2 day AM--Evg Rainy. PM. Mrs Richardson come to see us &c

Tuesday Augt 4th-Rainy went into Glocr----

Wednesday 5th-hay makg. no help. Mrs Giddinge went to Glocr-borrow'd of her father 15/-w.h. [which] was for Job (written at side: paid in needle wk.)

Thursday 6th Smalls fin'd haulg. some hay they cut on Shares. Saml Tarbox doing so too I haul'd in some hay--2 small Jags.

Friday 7. Mow'd some in morng. then haul'd in four Loads---

Page 29
Saturday Augt 8 1795 haul'd in all the hay I had down and then walked into Glocester Mrs Giddinge went into Glocr to spend PM with Mrs Greenleaf--

Sunday 9th-at meeting Glocr heard a sermon from Eccles.---there is a time to die--PM by grace are ye saved thro' faith. yt [yet] not of yourselves 'tis the gift of God--the Eye of Jehoval is ev'ry where beholding both the evil & the good

Monday 10th-mowed about an acre---

Tuesday 11. Mr E Lane Dr to 2/. Cash left him for me PM helping Bray take up grain carried my team over there.

Page 30
Evg Mrs Giddinge came home

Wednesday 12 Raked & Cock'd a load of hay in morning--went over to Brays and work from 9am o Clock 'till near sunset then came home and haul'd in a Jag of hay in Evg.--night Rainy

Thursday 13th Rainy hoe'd some Potatoes. afternoon. Nathan Haskel help'd me about an hour or more--

Friday 14th-morning cool--mowing Nathan Haskel. Saundress and Jon. and self---PM haulg. hay 4 Jags---Bray had my oxen and Cart I had Saundress's do-----

Saturday 15th mow'd in morning PM. haul'd in 3 Jags Nathan Haskel. Jnr. Cr by days work

Page 31
Sunday Augt 16th-PM Carried Mrs Giddinge into Glocr. but did not go to meetg. being unwell.-----Evg Rain

Monday 17th-warm-at Glocr borrow'd of Eber. lane Snr. 4 1/2 lb Iron--Manning Cy by makg. 2 Shoes and setting them on my mare PM Rode down to meeting house hear'd the Contrary manovres of a Parcel of Zealots-voting themselves fools--

Tuesday 18th-helpg fit up beadsted no very well Extreem warm

Wednesday 19th-mowing down wheat Evg up at Withams

Thursday 20th-Rain PM at Glocr at Mrs Bradburries. mam at hrs Haskels--

Page 32
Friday Augt 21. 1795--Raked some of my wheat together Mr Lane and Eben mowing hay sd. [hay for seed] in my field--Evg haul'd in a load of my Wheat

Saturday 22d. Edward & Eben haulg. in hay--I getting in my wheat nothing remarkable

Sunday 23d at home--

Monday 24th-foggy morning--got in my first grain--haul'd wood Wrote for Mr Combes let him have one Sheet of paper--got in my last grain--Joshua Small Dr to my wheels to go to yarmouth

Tuesday 25th very warm--David small return'd my horse after going to new-Boston paid in getting him shod

Page 33
Eben and Alden Call'd on there way to Skunks misery---up to Withams---

Wednesday 26th--made a new yd for my Cattle--PM went into Glocr. got pick ax Steel'd by Manning. borrow'd some flax of Job. call'd at Capt Gr fs

Thursday 27th Will Haskel. getting seed hay---very warm------PM Wm went pickg blackbury so warm could not work

Saturday 29th morning mowing seed hay. PM went to Glocr with Mrs Giddinge---down to Major Allens &c

Page 34
Sunday Augt 30th-at Glocr PM come home again--

Monday Augt 3k [31], very warm Cloudy. Joshua Small Cr by 1/2 days wk. gave Ruth Welch an order on Mr Frost for 11/2d---it being the Ballance due to her on settlement---

Tuesday Septr 1st 1795--AM. about home. doing a little abot house--PM went into Glocr. as far as Mr Ebr Haskels--

Wednesday 2d. Rain---Mr Blossoms Cr by piece of quality binding---3/- Rainy--PM hoed nursery over to Mrs Rows Evg.

Page 35
Thursday Sepr. 3d 1795 mow'd hay seed in fornoon dug some in Cellar--PM went to pick berries with Mssrs-Jackman & W manning Latter Cr by makg. pr Shoes for Andw. perfect

Friday 4th-yoked oxen early haulg away banking from house PM up to Mr Fensons after Stone dray-Miss Hogsskins washing for Mrs Giddinge--James Elvel took my mare to go to Portland--Mrs Lane to see up

Saturday 5th Very warm--about home. diging rocks for Cellar PM went into Glocr.-Mrs. Parsons Calld as she went to Durham--Gentleman took Blossoms horse and left another bound westward

Page 36
pretended he had an order but did not shew it. Ground and set my rasor and shave with it. PM went in after papers at G----fs--an example set not proper to be follow'd by Children.----

Sunday 6th. at home not in best humour---being unwell----

Monday. 7th wrote letters went up to Withams Saw Smith gave him one for Mrs Fitz &c PM went into Glocr to meetg Jackman to make me a pair of Shoes Evg return'd home My Colts Back Swelled

Page 37
Tuesday 8th. Wm Stinchfield Dr to my wheels to Rustfield.---Rainy. Jna Merril Split a post for me carelessly I went over to Stinchfield to get some apple trees [Written at side: paid in haulg. clay]

Wednesday 9th Job and J. Stinchfield helping me raise house up. PM Alden and Ebenezer over to help. Edward Wells assisting

Thursday 10th-moved over corner barn frame. PM movg. fence for Job--Mrs Treadwell Dr to my mare to Glocr--

Friday 11 boarding hog house--Job and Polly at River

Saturday 12 at Glocr. got Shoes of Jackman PM at Lewiston

Page 38
Sunday Septr-13th-1795 Cloudy and Could all day--at home--

Monday 14th Killed my Bull Manning & Jackman Dr to each 41 lb Beef--Jackman Dr. to a hide 58 lbs Salted one four quarter---Cut another between N. Haskel & Job Lane,. former had 53 lb Latter 46.---PM. Put some bords on Corn barn frame--Job at Glocr with Mare

Tuesday 15th Went Wearly to Glocr. with Blossoms horse---got 6 quarts of Salt of Mr E Lane went over to Aldens help'd him take up Stalks--PM Sally come over to us to our house--PM cut some of my stalks--Alden helpg me

Page 39
Wm Stinchfield work'd 1/2 day haulg. Bricks. PM. Rainy Alden come and help'd me finish my Stalks &c---

Thursday 17th-Rainy carried Anna over to Glocr. left her there-read papers &c--

Friday 18th-Alden come over to help me--Benja. Colman & wife from Byfield call'd & got Breakfast then set off for Kennebeck Evg Alden & I carried our Ribs into Glocr.

Saturday 19th come home & Alden and I haul'd 500 ft of Boards from my pile at mills and then took up some Stalks and went to Glocr.

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