1837 Census of Township 1 of 5th Range in Aroostook Co, Maine

1837 Census of
Township 1 of 5th Range
Aroostook Co,

Jacob W. Stinchfield of Lincoln, Maine was the census taker for 1 R5. He did the enumeration of the residents within the County of Penobscot South of the Mattawamkeag River & East of the Penobscot River together with the settlements of Mattakeunk (Pond) at the mouth of the Salmon Stream and at Nicatous (Lake) and the settlements about Millinocket and the Great Falls on the West branch of Penobscot and any other settlements on the said West branch for the unincorporated towns or unorganized plantations on 1st Mar 1837.

1 R5 WELS, Aroostook Co., Maine bounds: Benedicta (West half of 2 R5 WELS), Silver Ridge (East half of 2 R5 WELS), Upper Molunkus & North Yarmouth Acad, Grant (1 R 4 WELS), Macwahoc, Molunkus (A R5 WELS)

Head of Household Persons under 4 Persons 4 to 21 Persons over 21 Total
John Foss 0 3 12 15
John A. Row 1 2 2 5
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