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Books Written by Members of the Androscoggin Society

Some of the following books might be out of print, but if there is enough interest we will look into have them reprinted. Please e-mail us for availibility of the following titles to Androscoggin Historical Society c/o David C. Young 2 Turner ST, Auburn, Maine 04210 .

New County Books for Sale

  • Alnôbak

    Indigenous People In Androscoggin County

    $13.50 plus ME sales tax

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    Both books available at many rural town offices in Androscoggin County and in Lewiston and Auburn at local books stories:
    and the
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  • Alnôbak
    • Chapters written by local historians from 13 towns and 2 cites

    • Includes 16-page color section, "County Gallery"

    • Contains 192 pages of interesting photos and heritage details

    • Dedicated to the many county, town and city employees and volunteers who contributed to our needs and safety through the 150 years.

    • Printed by Penmor Lithographers, Lewiston

    • $20 plus ME sales tax

    View from Danville (New Auburn) Maine Looking East to Lewiston, Maine in 1856 View from Danville (New Auburn) Maine Looking East to Lewiston, Maine in 1856
      Lewiston Memories, A Bicentennial Pictorial
      by Douglas I. Hodgkin ©1994 (price can change at anytime)

    New History
    Frontier to Industrial City: Lewiston Town Politics, 1768-1863,
    Frontier to Industrial City: Lewiston Town Politics, 1768-1863,

    By Douglas I. Hodgkin.

    This book tells the story of how Lewiston, Maine, grew from a settlement carved from the wilderness to a boomtown stimulated by construction of canals and textile mills. The twenty chapters describe how the government operated, how services were delivered, and political movements such as liquor prohibition and emergence of the Republican Party. The book covers schools, fire and police protection, welfare for the poor, roads, regulations, taxes, spending, and election campaigns. This is a case study of how towns governed themselves in the early nineteenth century. Although the details are about Lewiston, readers can learn generally about New England town government and politics. The book contains four dozen illustrations and two dozen tables of information. Appendices list the most important town officials and detail the locations of the early schoolhouses. Paperback, xiv plus 345 pages. ISBN 978-1-934949-10-8. $29.95 plus $3.50 shipping plus $1.50 Maine sales tax in Maine. Contact Douglas I. Hodgkin, 9 Sutton Place, Lewiston, ME 04240,

    Historic Lewiston: The Grange  
at Crowley's Junction
      This is the history of a local grange, Lewiston Grange No. 2, in Maine. It traces the story of this farm family organization from its founding in 1874 as among the first in the State, through its evolution in activity and function, to its ultimate closure in 1994. Contains many illustrations. Published by Lewiston Historical Commission.
      by Douglas I. Hodgkin © 2003 $10:00 plus postage & Maine sales tax (price can change at anytime)

    History Notes, 1826 to 1899: High Street Congregational Church Auburn, Maine, with a Biographical Directory of Pastors, 1832 to 2006</a>
      History Notes, 1826 to 1899: High Street Congregational Church Auburn, Maine, with a Biographical Directory of Pastors, 1832 to 2006 Author: Douglas I. Hodgkin A collection of sixty-two essays that together provide a detailed history of a Protestant church as it experienced its growth from a handful of adherents in a rural community to a prosperous institution in a small city. It reflected changes in the economy, society, politics, and religious doctrines of its time. Biographical information for twenty-one pastors and three associate pastors. Sources provided for each essay and biographical entry. Index of persons mentioned. Paperback, 75 pages, 8.5" x 11". $10.00 History Notes, 1826 to 1899: High Street Congregational Church Auburn, Maine, with a Biographical Directory of Pastors, 1832 to 2006
      by Douglas I. Hodgkin © 2007 (price can change at anytime)

      This is a story of the feud involving the author's great grandmother and her children from 1915 to 1922. Sarah Hodgkin's arrangements for her care in her old age erupted into a battle over control of the family homestead and the family members' use of the courts to harass one another. One of the cases, Brackenbury v. Hodgkin, was decided by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. This interesting and well-researched tale includes maps, photographs, and extended notes and references. Paperback, 166 pages. FRACTURED FAMILY ISBN 0-9746261-3-9 $12.00
      by Douglas I. Hodgkin © 2005 (price can change at anytime)

  • Historic Lewiston: Franco-American Origins by Miss Charlotte Michaud assited by Mr Adelard Janelle. Cost $5. plus $2 postage.
  • Historic Lewiston: Its Fire Department by Clarence Penley, Geneva Kirk and Gridley Barrows (c) 1989. Cost $5. plus $2 postage.
  • Historic Lewiston: Its Architectural Heritage by Gridley Barrows (c) 1997. Cost $5 plus postage.
  • Auburn Landmarks Part !, by the late Ralph B Skinner, published by Auburn Heritage Inc. Cost $5. plus postage
  • Historic Lewiston: Its Government by Geneva Kirk And Gridley Barrows (c) 1981, 1982. Cost $5. plus postage.


    History of Greene, Maine 1788-1988 jpg (A pictorial History)
  • Greene, Maine 1788-1988
    Potpourri: A Pictorial History

    The Greene Bicentennial Committee wishes to acknowlege F. Berley Hobart for the his photographs.
  • History of Greene, Maine jpg
  • History of the Town of Greene, Androscoggin County, Maine 1775-1900 by Walter Lindley Mower (reprint 1991).


    The History of Greene can be purchased by writing to:
    • Greene Historical Society,
    • 1092 No. River Road,
    • Greene, ME 04236.
    Cost: $35.00 + 3.95 S&H (Limited Press Run)
    Thanks, (Don Rose), Treas.
  • History of Leeds, Maine jpg History of the Town of Leeds, Androscoggin County. Maine From Its Settlement 10 June 1780 by John Stinchfield, With new material added by David C. Young, (reprint 1996).
    History of Lewiston, Maine jpg
  • History of Lewiston, Maine by Janus G. Elder and edited by David C & Elizabeth Young (reprint 1997).
  • History of Litchfield, Maine jpg History of Litchfield, Maine and an Account of its Centennial Celebration,1895 by Oliver Barrett Clason, New Preface by David Colby Young (reprint 1992).
    History of Winthrop Maine jpg Stackpole's History of Maine With Genealogical Notes edited by David C. Young & Elizabeth Keene Young, 1994.
    Early Families of Raymond, Maine
    Early Families of Raymond, Maine - Robert L. Taylor. This book is packed with genealogy, and a great value for anyone with an interest in this area of Maine, about twenty-five miles north of Portland. Raymond’s town and vital records were destroyed when Mrs. Irene Crockett’s home was consumed by fire in 1932. The only town book saved at the time was a large ledger, now stored at the town clerk’s office, that had been stored in Mrs. Crockett’s porch. It is from this book that the enclosed records of births were taken, containing information not only on Raymond but also on Casco families before the two towns separated in 1841.
    The book is an alphabetical listing of hundreds of families, making an index unneccessary. Each family listing provides a paragraph about the husband and wife, followed by a list of their children. Typically the husband’s and wife’s dates and places of birth and death are given (often with the name of the cemetery), and frequently the names of their parents. If there has been more than one marriage, information for the subsequent spouses is given. Also their date and place of marriage is supplied. The children are presented in birth order, usually with date and place of birth, death and marriage, and the names and places of origin of their spouses. In most cases, a person’s age at death has been calculated to the day, and if one of the children is a parent in a subsequent family listing, this is indicated, enabling relatively easy establishment of long chains of pedigree.

    Marriage dates when given have been obtained either from Cumberland County marriage records or from old marriage records found in the old Raymond Hall by Ernest Knight. A few marriages have been taken from old newspaper listings. Death records of individual children were also a source of information on their parents. 1998, 218 pp., paper, bibl., $19.00 #ZT097.

    Marriages from the Maine Farmer (1833-1852) jpg Abstracts of Death Notices from the Maine Farmer (1833-1852) jpg Marriages from the Free Will Baptist Publications (1819-1851)jpg Vital Records from Maine Newspapers (1785-1820) jpg Vital Records from Maine Newspapers, by David C. Young, Elizabeth K. Young & Benjamin L. Keene