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Auburn is the shire town and is located about 33 miles north of Portland, Maine.

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  1. City of Auburn, Maine Home Page
  2. Auburn Public Library
  3. Lewiston Public Library
  4. Naming of Auburn, Maine

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    Auburn Deeds, Probate Records & Photos -- Records of our Auburn Ancestors.

    Auburn Town Records -- Records of our Auburn Ancestors.

  5. Auburn Vital Records, Cemetery Records & Census Records of Auburn Settlers
  6. Danville Cemetery Records
  7. Giddinge Diary of 1795
  8. Pejepscot (Danville) 1790 Census Returns

  9. Young & Rand Family Photos

    Auburn Census Records -- Records of State and Federal Census.

    Auburn Roll Call -- List of descendants researching their Auburn Ancestors.

    Early Auburn History -- Narrative on the lives of our Auburn Ancestors.
    "Have you an ancestor who was a captive of the famous Indian Chief Worumbee in his stronghold at Auburn in 1690?
    Probably not, but to hear from a person thrills a worker on the history of Auburn. Such a trill came to Androscoggin Historical Society, through the kindness of Ralph B. Skinner, when Mrs Albert Nelson Roberts of Whitneyville, MA., sent the record showing her descent in the ten generation from Mrs Sarah Burnham Huckins, captive for more than a year in the Indian fort in what is now Auburn, Maine.
    As a result of Indian atrocities the government at Boston, MA sent Major Benjamin Church to Auburn, He destroyed the fort, took nine Indian prisoners and rescued several English captives, among them Mrs Sarah Burnham Huckins of Oyster River, NH (now Durham). She had been captured in the Oyster River massacre in 1689 in which her husband, Lieut James Huckins, lost his life. Her son Robert escapes.
    An old. old story, worn bare by many telling, suddenly comes to like again when a bright light, thrown upon the ancient tale, makes an event of 1690 news in 1968." [History of Auburn, Maine by Skinner page 2]
    This is an interest story to me, David Colby Young as hope to document, that I am a 9th generation direct descendant of the said, Mrs Sarah Burnham Huckins named above. We would like to hear from you if you are also a direct descendant of Sarah Huckins.

  10. Tibbetts Family Home Page

    Early Auburn Families -- Ancestors living in Auburn before 1850 -- Individual Narratives.

  11. Index to Auburn History
  12. Mr. Ballard: Surveyor of Auburn
  13. A Visit By A Former West Auburn Family (Craft Family)
  14. Diary of Granger Cushman Crafts
  15. The Diary of Amos Davis
  16. Dingley
  17. Andrew Robinson Giddinge's Diaries in 1833
  18. James Goff of Auburn
  19. Elias Gove "Prince Immanuel, and Prince of Peace"
  20. Collection of Edward Little's Letters
  22. The Morrill Family of Auburn
  23. The Diaries of William Plummer
  24. William Plummer's Revolutionary Service
  25. Benjamin A. Rideout
  27. General Ralph B. Skinner Auburn's Historian
  28. Charles M. Starbird, Local Historian
  29. A Memory of Robert L. Taylor (1939-1996)
  30. Waterhouse Page (Courtesy of Chris Burroughs)
  31. Senator George C. Wing
  32. George C. Wing Jr.
  33. The Diaries of True Woodbury
  34. An Early History of East Auburn
  35. Brief History of Auburn Village to 1864
  36. Brief History of West Auburn
  37. Brief History of North Auburn
  38. Origins of Bakerstown

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