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This tiny family graveyard is located about 100 feet back off the north side of Capitola Road, in a field 1.5 miles southeast of Cox's Corner. Driving along Capitola Road, it appears to be just a mounded clump of briars and other foliage. This listing was done in February 1988 by my late Uncle Eugene Mezick. The last time I tried visiting this place, in 1995, it had become completely inaccessible.

Happy Update! Thanks to cousins Paul and Ralph Willing for revisiting this cemetery and for reporting the happy news that the current owners of this property have made attempts to clear the cemetery. Bravo!

Emergency Location No. 22658 GPS Coordinates: 38� 17' 20" N ~ 075� 49' 49" W

This cemetery is located on the East side of Capitola Road approximately 1.0 miles south of MD Rte. 349. We were directed to it by Mrs. Handy (see HANDY Cemetery) who said her husband helped to maintain it while he was alive. It is on private property in a field approximately 150 ft. behind a recently built (3-4 years) home owned by the Buzzetto Family. The Buzzettos were very accomodating in letting us record and explore the site. The site is enclosed by a pipe rail fence. Obvious efforts have been made to clear the site which was heavily covered with a recent growth of typical summer vegetation. Recorded August 8, 1999 by Ralph and Paul Willing.

John A. S. HEARN, b. Feb. 6, 1846, d. Sep. 12, 1931
Alice C. HEARN, wife of John A. S. Hearn, b. Aug. 11, 1848 (or 49), d. Jan. 18, 1927 (or 29)
Archie A. HEARN, son of J.A.S. & Alice C. Hearn, b. Sep. 16, 1876, d. Jun. 30, 1900

Edward W. CATLIN, b. Nov. 20, 1814 (or 11), d. Jul. 6, 1882
Mary A. CATLIN, wife of Edward W. Catlin, b. Aug. 31, 1831, d. Mar. 2 (or 23), 1864, age 32
Caroline L. Catlin ROBERTSON, wife of J. W. T. Robertson, 1851 - 1880

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