Gifford Family of Bradford Co., Pa., and Seneca Co., N.Y. Red Cross Donations

A Few Family Genealogies

Preliminary Findings of Susan Goss Johnston

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These "rough draft" genealogies, actually works in progress, are being placed online for several reasons:

In addition, this presentation may invite discussion and peer review. While kind comments are always welcome, I would be most interested in hearing from you if:

Please take the time to read the explanatory pages. They will provide a better understanding of the method of production, site navigation, and an explanation of what information is and is not included.

Descendants of Samuel and Hannah (__?__) Ward of Caledonia County, Vermont

I've updated this genealogy, but there's still a lot to go!

Barnes Families in Norfolk, England

This area provides further information on the Barnes families and allies in Norfolk, England, in the environs of Langham Parish. Information was compiled from several parish registers and the 1841 and 1851 censuses of the area.

Some Tombstone Photographs from Bradford and Tioga Counties, Pennsylvania

My tombstone photograph project is progressing. Currently online are photographs from these cemeteries: Palmer family burial ground in Sullivan Township, Tioga County; Case Cemetery in Troy Township, Bradford County (about 50 photos); and Alba Cemetery in Alba, Bradford County (about 200 photos). More are on the way.

"Descendants of Philip Case and Lydia (Soveril) Case"

My original research focus was Aaron Case of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and his descendants. I found the interactions of the many family members both fascinating and confusing; so my focus moved back in time to Aaron's parents, Philip and Lydia. Currently on this site are only a few family narratives, perhaps better called research reports. They are exercises in narrative writing and evidence analysis. More will be posted as I complete my writing. Comments are not only welcome, but desired.

Case Allies: An Analysis of Those Pesky Common Names!

Sometimes you have to research far afield to be comfortable with your conclusions. The Case family intermarried many times with a few families with common surnames. Although I may not be related to some of these families, my information may help other researchers. Families being searched are Merritt, Palmer, Ward, and Williams.

"Some Cemeteries in Maryland and Delaware"

Someday I will add my research on the Longfellow families of Maryland and Delaware to this website. That work is not ready yet, but in the meantime, I have added tombstone photographs from three cemeteries in Kent County, Delaware. If you are interested in this family and its allies, you might want to view the more than 100 tombstone photographs now available.

I have added another generation to my Gifford genealogy: an earlier generation. The work is now titled "Descendants of Benjamin and Mary (Tilton) Gifford". I have also added source documentation pages to this narrative.

If you do not find the person you are seeking, please contact the author. This site is not a complete copy of my database.
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