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John C. Lyon's Old Somerset Hundreds and Land Grant Maps
This series of maps has been created by John C. Lyon and is a product of his exhaustive research. One series shows the evolution of the hundreds in Old Somerset, and the other shows the explosion of land grants over time. A must see!
1877 Eastern Shore Atlas
This series of maps has been scanned by Mike Hitch for his wonderful "Hitch Genealogy" site. Included are maps of the various voting districts of the day for Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties. They are extremely useful to genealogical researchers because they show names and locations of landowners, churches, and more. Another must see!
Lower Shore Boundaries From 1662 to the Present
A very helpful picture of shifting boundaries to help determine which counties you should look to find historical records across time for locations on the Lower Shore.
Benson Platting - 1930s to 40s
This is an overview of the plat maps created by Harry L. Benson, which were utilized by Ruth Dryden in her Somerset and Worcester Land Records volumes.
Experimental survey for the Eastern Shore Rail Road, 1853
This scan includes only the Lower Shore portion of the map, but it shows landowners and geographic features of the land surrounding the railroad corridor. A neat map.
Lower Eastern Shore, 1794
A portion of a "Map of the State of Maryland laid down from an actual survey of all the principal waters, public roads, and divisions of the counties therein; describing the situation of the cities, towns, villages, houses of worship and other public buildings, furnaces, forges, mills, and other remarkable places; and of the Federal Territory; as also a sketch of the State of Delaware shewing the probable connexion of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays." A really cool map.
Eastern Shore Parishes
Scanned from "The First Parishes of the Province of Maryland", published by Norman, Remington Co, Baltimore, 1923, this map shows churches still in use, original churches, an indication of counties as of 1923, counties as of 1695, and also parish names. Many thanks to Craig O'Donnell for providing this map image.
Lower Shore Area, 1840
This is a map of the Old Somerset area, showing the pre-Wicomico borders, archaic place names, and waterways. The main image, more finely detailed with high resolution, is a massive file, so the main link is to a smaller, lower-resolution image (provided by Craig O'Donnell - thanks, Craig!). See the better, crisper image here.
Old Somerset, 1877
This is a scan of the map from the 1877 Atlas of the Eastern Shore, showing Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties. It shows the election district boundaries, towns, waterways, geographical feature names, railways and more. Since this ended up as a mammoth file in GIF format, the main link is to a (relatively) smaller JPEG image file, which is not quite as clear. If you've got the time, and wish to view the very large, but crisper, GIF file, you can view it here.
Old Somerset
This map shows the boundaries of 17th-century Somerset County, along with the names and boundaries of its daughter counties and their creation dates.
Somerset's Hundreds
This is a very handy map, from Wilmer O. Lankford's book "They Lived In Somerset: 17th Century Marylanders", showing the "Hundreds" of old Somerset County. Historically the term Hundred began in medieval times when Britain divided land into what was known as Hundreds, each of which would produce 100 fighting men in time of war. In the 17th century, Somerset County land was divided into "Hundreds" for administrative purposes and geographical subdivisions.
Somerset Election Districts
This map, courtesy of SKPublications, shows present-day election districts.
Somerset County
Here's a color map of present-day Somerset County, showing the locations of several of her principal towns.
The 1895 Atlas Project, Somerset County, Maryland
You'll find a wonderfully detailed, circa-1895 map of Somerset at this site, by Pam Rietsch of the Livingston County, MIGenWeb. Great stuff!

Other sites which have maps of areas surrounding Somerset County are:

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