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(Last update: 2/02/2017)

2/02/2017; Updated Contact Email address in PAF files.
3/18/2016; Updated Contact Email address.
2/2/2015; Updated 'Simmons / Sheets' Family Photos & Family History.
1/14/2015; Updated Source Xref, Death Records.
12/21/2014; Updated 'Simmons'/'Sheets' and 'McVicker' Reports
12/20/2014; Added 'Simmons'/'Sheets' Family Histories
12/12/2014; Updated Reports and Charts
12/11/2014; Deleted composite surnames
11/22/2014; Updated 'Simmons'/'Sheets' and 'McVicker' databases
8/28/2014; Added LCCRHS class photo 1956.
11/25/2013; Added Stetson Jr. High School, class photo 1953.
4/04/2013; Added Researcher for (Sheets, Simmons).
2/08/2013; Added Researcher for (McVickar).
3/21/2012; Added Ext. links.
3/2/2012; Added Ext. links.
2/24/2012; Added 'Simmons/Sheets' Reports.
2/23/2012; Updated 'Simmons/Sheets' Files.
2/22/2012; Added Researcher for (Simmons/Sheets).

Please provide any corrections, or additional information to be included in the update.
Any Family records, stories, or old photographs would be greatly appreciated.

I would also like to include a list of all the other genealogy researchers, along with their Surname(s) of interest.
Also indicate your relationship to 'Captain' Duncan McVicker (1739-1818) if applicable.

Please provide your permission to list you as a researcher, by providing your Name, email address, and the surname(s) of interest. (The email address will be encrypted in some form to prevent spammers).

If you have published your genealogy information, on some web site, I will be glad to include . a link to that site. Just let me know the particulars.

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This 'Genealogy & Family History' site is dedicated to the memory of James Rufus McVicker (1876-1963) formerly of Iowa City, Iowa.


In the context of this site, Genealogy is simply the tracing out of one's 'pedigree' (i.e. the unbroken line backward from parent to parent) and is mainly statistical. Family History however, suggests knowing all you can about those people who make up your genealogy. (i.e. what they did, where they lived, etc. and is more Biographical in nature.)

The research behind the genealogy and family history presented here was conducted in the 1930 through 1950's time frame by James Rufus McVicker (JRM). This site contains copies of all of his (available) original notes and letters.

The information contained in this site is intended for the exclusive use of Family members. The copying and/or distribution of the information is discouraged. (Please respect personal privacy).

I have made every effort to remove or hide personal information on any 'living' persons. If you find any information that you consider objectionable, please let me know.

If you would like information on any (living) cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. let me know and I will either obtain permission to release it, or put you in direct contact with that family member.

My hope is that you will enjoy reading some of the original source material (especially the letters) and be able to experience (as I have) the enthusiasm that JRM felt during his research.

If you experience problems with this site, or find errors/discrepancies, please let me know.

If you have anything that you would like to add to this project (Old family photo's, histories, keepsakes, etc.), please let me know.


I would like to extend my deepest thanks to Koni Stone, for having the foresight to retain and preserve the genealogy research notes of her great-grandfather (James Rufus McVicker). I extend my gratitude to her for allowing me access to those notes.

Thanks also to Eve McVicker and Romona McVicker for their diligence in transcribing many of the notes into presentable (easy reading) formats.

'Simmons' / 'Sheets' Genealogy provided courtesy of Joann (Simmons) Frye and Gail Sue (Simmons) Mahar.

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The sources of information are identified as 'A00xxx' in the source 'Citations' and/or 'Notes' of each individual in the PAF databases.

If you look up the source id [A00xxx] in the 'Source Inventory & Cross Reference Index' (column 1), it will indicate which 'Book' (column 4) it is contained in.

The 'Books' are all accessed in the (Sources) 'Records & Documents' section.

The bottom of the X-Ref index has the book abbreviations:

Book	   Books:  
------  ---------------------------------------
Bible   = Bible
Birth   = Birth
Cem     = Cemetery
Cen     = Census
Church  = Church
Couort  = Court
DAR     = DAR
Death   = Death
Gen/Bio = Genealogy & Biographical
Keep    = Keepsakes
Land    = Land
Let     = Letters (also if '->' in Description)
Marr    = Marriage
Mil     = Military
News    = Newspaper
Notes   = Notes & Documents
Pho     = Photographs (Family)
Will    = Wills
PDF     = Adobe - Portable Document Format 

Please let me know if you experience any problems.

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-- Family Genealogies --

Genealogy Surname Databases [PAF]

Hamaker Kefover Malaby McCollum McVickar McVicker Simmons / Sheets

Surname Listings [PAF]

Hamaker Kefover Malaby McCollum McVickar McVicker Simmons / Sheets
James McVicker (1720-1800) William McVicker (1758-1833)
George F. Custalow (1865-1949) William Allmond

Genealogy Reports [PAF]

PDF format HTML format
Descendants of:  'Capt.' Duncan McVicker  (1739-1818) Descendants of:  'Capt.' Duncan McVicker  (1739-1818)
Descendants of:  James McVicker   (1720-1800)
  Provided courtesy of Kim Johnson
Descendants of:  James McVicker   (1720-1800)
  Provided courtesy of Kim Johnson
Descendants of:  William McVicker  (1758-1833) Descendants of:  William McVicker  (1758-1833)
Descendants of:   James R. McVicker  (1876-1963) Descendants of:   James R. McVicker  (1876-1963)
Descendants of:   William Allmond   Descendants of:   William Allmond  
Descendants of:   George F. Custalow Sr.  (1865-1949) Descendants of:   George F. Custalow Sr.  (1865-1949)
Descendants of:   Wesley Simmons  (abt 1730) Descendants of:   Wesley Simmons  (abt 1730)
Descendants of:   Martin Sheets  (1735-1810) Descendants of:   Martin Sheets  (1735-1810)
Ancestors of:   James B. McVicker   Ancestors of:   James B. McVicker  
Ancestors of:   Eve Simmons   Ancestors of:   Eve Simmons  

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Genealogy Charts [PAF]

Pedigree Chart for James B. McVicker    Pedigree Chart for Eve Simmons   
Ancestry Chart for James B. McVicker    Ancestry Chart for Eve Simmons   
Descendants Chart for Martin Sheets   (1735-1810) Descendants Chart for Wesley Simmons   (Abt 1730)

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-- Family Histories --

'McVicker' Family Histories  {.pdf, 15.8 MB}

(Constant, Covode, Croneweth, Folsom, Hagens, Hamaker, Hill, Kelso, Kirchner, MacVicar, McBride, McCollum, McVicar, McVicker, Norman)
'Simmons' & 'Sheets' Family Histories  {.pdf, 9.2 MB}

Provided courtesy of Daisy Joann (Simmons) Frye & Gail Sue (Simmons) Mahar
James Rufus McVicker
'Who's Who in American Education' {pdf}
James Rufus McVicker
'West Pointers of 1900' {pdf}
'Descriptions of Army Life in the Philippines'
by James Rufus McVicker
Items relating to McCollum Family {html} Items relating to McVickar Family {html}
Jacob Kern {pdf} Kefover Family {html}
Morgantown, WV {pdf} Houston Family Monongalia Co. WV {Ext link}
William McVicker (1814-?) {Ext link} True Story of Pocahontas
High School Yearbooks Stetson Junior High School Class Photo  Jan 1953
LCCRHS Washington Tour  Class Photo  May 1956

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-- Records & Documents (Sources of Information) --

Books {file size in MB}

Bible {18.3} Birth {2.7} Cemetery {0.7} Census {7.5} Church {2.3}
Court {49} DAR {11.6} Death {33.8} Keepsakes {17.9} Land {31.7}
Letters {115} Marriage {1.4} Military {15.6} Newspaper {11.2} Wills {8.5}
Notes & Documents {28.4}

Genealogy & Biographical Volumes

Vol 1 [008-103]{27.6} Vol 2 [104-172]{32.2} Vol 3 [177-214]{26.7} Vol 4 [215-251]{11.4} Vol 5 [253-307]{22.7}
Vol 6 [309-393]{29.6} Vol 7 [395-457]{34.7} Vol 8 [458-504]{30.8} Vol 9 [505-552]{30.3} Vol 10 [554-598]{31.4}

Transcribed Documents (Converted to text)

Church Military Genealogy & Biographical Notes & Documents Wills

- Misc Documents -

'Why You Have a Family Name and What It Means To You' .pdf
'The Name and Family of McVicker or McVickar' .pdf
'Who's Who in American Education' .pdf
'The Clans and Tartans of Scotland' .pdf
'MCVICKAR Family in America' .pdf
'West Pointers of 1900' .pdf
'The White Church' .pdf
'Praire Days' .pdf

- Source Inventory & Cross Reference Index -

Cross Reference Index

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-- Cemetery Information --

Headstones Inscriptions Plotmaps
Index Schellsburg PA Schellsburg, PA (1)
Photos Sigourney IA Schellsburg, PA (2)
  Morgantown, WV  

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-- Photographs / Images --

Family Family Keepsakes

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-- Researchers --

Surname(s): Name of researcher: Capt. Duncan relationship:
Barr, Holderby, Leatlherman, McVicker, Nestor, Shaffer, Wilt Mary Keller Duncan-John
McVicker Virgil McVicker Duncan-David
Kern Laurel (Kern) Meyer Duncan-James-Sarah
Ahrens, Garrett, Richey, McBride, McVicker Tom Richey Duncan-Mary Polly
Robb Jim Robb n/a
{Ext Link} Fred Siler n/a
McVicker, Walters Myrna McVicker Walters n/a
Allmond, McVicker James McVicker Duncan-Joseph
McVicker Cindy Gordon Duncan-William-Stephen
McVicker Kim Johnson Duncan's brother James
McBride Dale McBride Hohenadel n/a
Amos, Frey, Hagans, McCollum Mary A. Burnell Daniel McCollum-Jane-Hagans
Custalow Ruth (Myers) DiTullio n/a
McVickar Kris McVickar n/a
Simmons, Sheets Gail Mahar n/a

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