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McEntyre folklore.
It is said, that the first Mac an t-saoir (Mac, McI, McEntyre etc) was actually a MacDhonuill (MacDonald), who had the name conferred upon him because of an adventure he endured while out to sea alone. The story goes, that in a wind tossed sea, his boat sprang a leak. As the poor rascal had no other way to stop it, he thrust his thumb into the hole. Being as how it was impossible to steer the boat and stop the leak at the same time, he lopped off his thumb. He made it home, but because of his particular brand of resourcefulness, he was ever thereafter called "the carpenter". The name Mac an t-saoir means,"son of the carpenter; son of the wright".
It was anglicised to 'MacIntyre' and it's many derivatives. No doubt the name is a Highland cognomen which derived from a skill. Popular tradition has it, that the Clan is a branch of the MacDhonuills. Mac an t-saoir's were found throughout Scotland, and held lands under the chiefs of many different clans, and fought valiantly for them as well. For a more in depth look at the name I recommend the Clan McAteer site. It is the best I've seen on the net with regards to research on the name and folklore.badge2.gif (10258 bytes)
The Clan motto is "Per Adua", which means, "through difficulties".
And through them we have come, always holding a distinct view of who we are, the most of us never forgetting. After almost two centuries of dispersion and a lack of representation, finally in 1991, the MacIntyres once more took their seat on the Council of Clan Chiefs after the correct shield of arms was recorded by the 9th Chief.
For more details about this see the Clan McIntyre  connection link above. There seems to be two clans at the moment representing the Mac an t-saoir rootname. The McIntyre clan based in the USA and the McAteer clan based in Ireland. I wish they'd all get together under the ancient name Mac an t-saoir where all can be equal. There seems to be a rivalry over this. In my mind anyway. It is obvious that we all share the same roots. You only have to see the distribution of the name to see that it is fairly well balanced in all forms in either Scotland or Ireland. I would like to see some actual figures to see what spelling is most common and where they all originated from. Also some discussion on why there are two Clans representing both sides. I'd say Skye would be a nice place for both the Clans to Unite or a new Clan to be registered as Mac an t-saoir from Skye and the other Clans being Septs of this Clan. Correct me if I'm wrong?
For a comprehensive account of the name variations go to the McAteer Clan site.

A MacIntyre Tartan: What is and should be the official tartan???

tartan2.gif (5728 bytes)I recently bought a MacIntyre Clan tartan cap and scarf from The House of Tartan online site in Scotland, and proudly wear my cap (inside the house or on the golf course). I gave the scarf to my wife as a Christmas present and hope to buy more tartan products from them in the future. 
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