Clan McCandless / McCanless

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McCandless/McCanless/McCandlish and the many variation of the surname have no evidence of a historical link to a clan.  We desire to bring all the branches of the tree together in such a way as to be united and bring us all to a better understanding of our heritage.  So that there will be a public way for all who have a connection to the Clan McCan(d)less to understand what this organization stands for and who is eligible for inclusion, this page is posted.  This will serve to inform and invite all who would be a part to register.

At the outset it should be evident that the Clan McCan(d)less is in its infancy and will grow in both size and organization in the months to come.  For now a group is trying to get the first year planned and operating in order that a meeting can be called to complete the organization within the next 12 to 18 months.  A set of bylaws and/or constitution will be adopted, system of organization finalized and membership rolls collected during this initial period but those items are going to be open to change after the first year.

I've had experience with getting non-profits off the ground and will help this Clan to survive and mature, I'm not THE founder, THE Chieftain nor anything else but a member at this time so please don't refer to me as such.

MEMBERSHIP:   Any person, without regard to race or relgion will be eligible for membership if they are a descendant of this family line.  The wives or husbands of a descendant, step children, half brothers or sisters, adopted children are also eligible for full membership.  Other interested parties are welcome to take part and decisions on membership for them will be made after the completion of the organization period.

FEES OR DUES:  There shall be no dues nor fees associated with membership.  Personally I'd like it to stay that way.  Benefits of that mean there are no reporting requirements, no chance of misappropriation in the future and no person would be left out of membership due to their economic status.

TARTANS, CRESTS ETC... Until the organization period is complete these items are not going to be discussed in this forum.  We don't need them to be what we want to be and it could cause us to not gain recognition of our organization if we were to consider these things at this time.

REGISTRATION:  For now, just send email with your Name, Postal Address, Date of Birth but NO phone # but your email address to the email address in the graphic at the bottom of this page.  That's it, I'll get in touch with you.  IF you know someone who is not online, print this page out (text) and then if they want to be a part, send the information for them.

We don't need to have the expense of mailings for newsletters if we just post everything online or by email and those that have email can make certain their non online friends get the information.

Copyright 2002 by Ron McCandless