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Chester_Garfield_Mollie_Baysinger_1902 Chester Garfield Baysinger and Mollie Scoggin with Chester Paul Baysinger their first son, taken in 1902. Tombstone_Sarah_Baysinger A tombstone of Sarah Baysinger, wife of F.M. Baysinger. I have no record of either of these people. The cemetery is in Breckenridge Co, KY. On the other side of the tombstone is an inscription that says Francis M. Baysinger. It must be husband and wife with the same tombstone.
Sarah_Baysinger_headstone This is a closeup of Sarah Baysinger's tombstone, shown above. Elias_Henry_Baysinger Elias Henry Baysinger.
William_Harrison_Nancy_McReynolds Front row: William Harrison and his wife, Nancy McReynolds.
Back row: Nettie and Monroe Walliser. Nettie is daughter of William Harrison and Nancy. She was the sixth child.
Peter_and_Elizabeth_Rice_marriage_lic A copy of the marriage license for Peter Baysinger and Elizabeth Rice.
Nancy_McReynolds_Baysinger Nancy McReynolds Baysinger Mary Estella Baysinger Scoggins Mary Estella Baysinger Scoggins
William Harrison Baysinger Family The entire living family of William Harrison Baysinger, Chester Garfield, Chester Paul, W.W. Winnie Baysinger, and children, and spouses. Taken in about 1900.
Chester Garfield Mollie Scoggin Baysinger Chester Garfield and Mollie Scoggin Baysinger on their 50th wedding anniversary. Picture taken around 1957. William_Harrison_home The William Harrison home. This is the same place where the family picture was taken (above). It is somewhere in Kansas. This was a postcard to Chester Garfield when he lived in Springtown, Arkansas around 1900.
George_Matthew_Scoggins George Matthew and Estella Baysinger Scoggin (on left) and Chester Garfield and Mollie Scoggin Baysinger (on right). I don't have enough of the Scoggin line to know how these two are related yet. Mary Estella and Chester Garfield are siblings.

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