Queries and Lookups

Queries and Lookups

Query tips

When you send in a genealogical query, there a few basic points to cover:

Make sure you proofread your query:

If you send out a general request for help, as in the examples below, you will not get much help and your query will likely be deleted from the query page (after being notified first). Nobody is really going to want to provide everything that they have.

Examples that likely won't get a response and that will be deleted.
1. Would like information on the following families: Wilson, Sparks, Johnson, Anderson, Bergeron.
2. Would like information on the Herchmer family. Originated in the USA.
3. Any information of the Jones family of X County (wrong site chosen for posting query).

See further comments and suggestions on query writing here.


I cannot answer your genealogical questions. Here are some places where queries can be posted.

The Pembina Valley and Manitoba query pages are generously hosted by GenConnect.

GenWeb sites adjacent to Pembina Valley Region

In Manitoba:

In North Dakota:

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