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Census Reels

Abbreviations and symbols
GSU = Genealogical Society of Utah (Family History Library, Salt Lake City)
NA = Library and Archives of Canada

1831 to 1901

NOTE: Microfilms of the 1911 census have not yet been released. When available, information on the reel numbers will be provided in the table below.

PlaceDistrict / AreaYearNA MicrofilmGSU Microfilm
Carman (Village)Lisgar1901T6432; T64371843514; 1843519
Dufferin (North)Marquette1881C132831375919
Dufferin (North)Selkirk1891T62951465720
Dufferin (South)Marquette1881C132831375919
Dufferin (South)Selkirk1891T62951465720
DufferinLisgar1901T6432; T64371843514; 1843519
East MorrisSee Morris (East)---------
Emerson (Town)Provencher1881C132821375918
Emerson (Town)Provencher1891T62941465719
Emerson (Town)Provencher1901T6434; T64381843516; 1843520
Gretna (Village)Lisgar1901T6432; T64371843514; 1843519
Indian Reserves---1901T65541843636
Lisgar---1901T6432; T6433; T64371843514; 1843515; 1843519
Marquette---1891T6293; T6294; T64271465718; 1465719; 1465852
Marquette---1901T6433; T6434; T64381843515; 1843516; 1843520
MiamiSee Dufferin---------
MontcalmProvencher1901T6434; T64381843516; 1843520
Morden (Town)Selkirk1891T62961465721
Morden (Village)Lisgar1901T6432; T6433; T64371843514; 1843515; 1843519
Morris (East)Provencher1881C132821375918
Morris (West)Marquette1881C132831375919
Morris (Town)Provencher1891T62941465719
MorrisSee also Ste. Agathe1901------
MorrisProvencher1901T6434; T64381843516; 1843520
Morris (Town)Provencher1901T6434; T64381843516; 1843520
Near Pembina---1870C21701375923
Near the Line U.S.---1870C21701375923
PembinaSee Pembina---------
PembinaLisgar1901T6432; T64371843514; 1843519
Plum Coulee (Village)Lisgar1901T6432; T64371843514; 1843519
Provencher---1881C13282; C132831375918; 1375919
Provencher---1891 T6294; T64271465719; 1465852
Provencher---1901T6434; T6435; T64381843516; 1843517; 1843520
Red River---1831C21701375923
Red River---1835C21701375923
Red River---1838C21701375923
Red River---1846C21701375923
Red River---1856C21701375923
RitchotProvencher1901T6435; T64381843517; 1843520
RolandSee Dufferin---------
Ste. AgatheSee also Morris1901------
Ste. AgatheProvencher1901T64381843520
Ste. Agathe (Parish)See also Ritchot1901------
Ste. Agathe (Parish)Provencher1901T64381843520
Selkirk---1891T6294; T6296; T64271465719; 1465721; 1465852
Selkirk---1901T6435; T6438; T65541843517; 1843520; 1843636
South DufferinSee Dufferin (South)---------
StanleySee Dufferin1901------
StanleyLisgar1901T6432; T64371843514; 1843519
U.S. LineSee Near the Line U.S.---------
Unorganized TerritoryMarquette1901T6434; T64381843516; 1843520
Unorganized TerritoryProvencher1901T6435; T64381843517; 1843520
Unorganized TerritorySelkirk1901T6435; T64381843517; 1843520
West MorrisSee Morris (West)---------
WinklerSee Stanley 1901------

NOTE: Censuses for 1831 to 1856 were taken by the Hudson's Bay Company. The 1870 census was directed by the Department of Agriculture (federal).

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Census Indexes

1901 census index

The originals of the 1901 census have been transcribed for certain columns of information at Automated Genealogy. Check out this1901 census partial transcription site that has handy links to the original documents for each page.

1906 census index

Transcription is underway on certain columns of the 1906 census. Check it out here.

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Censuses Online

1881 Census

You can search the complete 1881 Canadian census online. Or you can purchase it on CD from the Mormons for a nominal amount.

1901 census

The 1901 census has been put into an online database. One can view the pages of the census but cannot search by family. This is not a transcribed database. More details about the 1901 census are given in the Introduction.

1906 census

Similar to the 1901 census, but for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta only, the 1906 census is in a searchable database. You cannot search by family name. Details on how to search are found in the Introduction.

1911 census

The 1911 census has been put into an online database. One can view the pages of the census but cannot search by family. This is not a transcribed database. More details about the 1911 census are given in the Introduction and Contextual Help.

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Where to find Canadian census information

Microfilmed census returns are held at Library and Archives Canada. You can borrow these census reels from Library and Archives Canada through their inter-institutional loan service.

Outside of Canada, you can borrow census returns from your local Family History Centre.

You can also find microfilm copies of census returns at the following locations. They might also be found in other locations, such as university libraries or archives. (Please send the name of the organization, the location, and information on what jurisdictions are held to this web site's host.)

Single jurisdiction records held

Institution / OrganizationLocationJurisdiction
British Columbia Archives and Records OfficeVictoriaB.C.
Provincial Archives of ManitobaWinnipegManitoba
Archives of OntarioTorontoOntario
Hamilton Public LibraryHamiltonOntario
St. Catharines Public Library, Special Collections DepartmentSt. Catharines, OntarioOntario
Archives nationales du QuébecMontréalQuebec
Archives nationales du QuébecQuébecQuebec
Provincial Archives of New BrunswickFrederictonN.B.
Saint John Public LibrarySaint JohnN.B.
Public Archives of Nova ScotiaHalifaxN.S.
Public Archives and Records OfficeCharlottetownP.E.I.

Multiple jurisdiction records held

Institution / OrganizationLocationJurisdictions
Surrey Public Library, Cloverdale BranchCloverdale, B.C.all
Greater Victoria Public LibraryVictoria, B.C.most
Calgary Public LibraryCalgaryall
Provincial Archives of AlbertaEdmontonall
Regina Public Library, Prairie History RoomReginaall
Saskatchewan Archives BoardRegina and Saskatoonwestern provinces
Saskatoon Public LibrarySaskatoonmost
Winnipeg Public LibraryWinnipegManitoba and Ontario
London Public LibraryLondon, OntarioOntario and some Maritime
Queen's University Library, Government Documents DepartmentKingston, Ontarioall
Toronto Public Library, North York Central BranchTorontoall
Windsor Public LibraryWindsor, OntarioOntario and Quebec
Montreal Municipal Library, Central Branch, Salle GagnonMontréalall

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