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We need volunteers to do lookups.

Do you have books, Census records, CD's, Newspapers, etc? If you would like to volunteer, please send an e-mail . We need your help!

Bev Moore

  • Balsam Bay St Luke's Anglican Cemetery - RM of St Clement's (from MGS)
  • Victoria Beach Cemetery - RM of Victoria Beach (from MGS)

Krista Trapp

Has a local history book entitled "And They Built an Alter " published in 1983 which includes the history and heritage of the Brokenhead (Beausejour) community. This publication also includes family histories

Heather Farrows

  • Rosalia Basznianin, born 1881 and died 1971, emigrated to Canada on May, 1913 with her four small children after the death of her husband Waleska (Alexius) Basznianin in Zabiala, Oleszyce Stare, Austria (at that time). They settled in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba. One of her children is my grandfather, Nicholas Boznianin, born October 7, 1906 and still living in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba where he spent his life farming. Zabiala, Oleszyce Stare, Austria is a Ukrainian ethnic territory. It still exists today, however, resultant of World War I border shifts is now located in southeastern Poland next to the western Ukraine. Somewhere down the line our last name was changed from Basznianin to Boznianin. There is a government Homestead file on Nicholas Boznianin who, upon growing up, applied for and successfully was granted a Dominion Land Grant. This how he started farming and remained a farmer his entire life. Nicholas Boznianin married Mary Ferchuk in Manitoba on February 17, 1932 and the had two children (one of whom is my father Michael P. Boznianin).  Michael P. Boznianin married Dorothy Hegland and they had seven children.

Nicole Descottes

  • Is willing to do Cemetery transcript lookups of  the following Eastern Region Communities - Richer, Ile des Chenes, St-Adolphe, Ste-Adolphe, Aubigny, Lorette, Dufresne, & Ste-Genevieve.

Cindy Wheeler

  • has the history book:  Niverville - A History, 1878 - 1986  and she is  willing to do look ups in this book.

Lisa Haji Abbasi

  • is willing to do lookups in the following books and Cemetery Transcriptions:
  • "Springfield: The First Rural Municipality" includes local family history's for Cooks Creek, Sapton, Melrose, Hazelglen, Hazelridge, Eastdale.  Many of these early East European settlers came from the Cieszanow / Lubaczow district of Galicia, Austria, including villages like Oleszcye, Oleszcye Stare, Sucha Wola, Lipina, Stare Siolo, Zabiala, Dachnow, Dzkiw, Milkow, Szczutkow, Borchow, Ruda Rozaneica, Narol etc.
    Today this area is located in Southeastern Poland and also referred to as Western Ukraine prior to the border changes after the war.
    I have copied many baptism and marriage records from these villages whose names appear in the Cooks Creek, Manitoba area

  • "Garson Then and Now" Local family history's for the Garson / Tyndall area.

  • Cemetery Transcriptions for all Ukrainian and Polish Cemeteries in the Springfield Municipality.

    Karen Zaborniak 

  • Karen is willing to do lookups in the the book "Logs and Lines" from  Winnipeg River, a history of the Lac du Bonnet area. The book has family stories and a local history of the area.

    Bill Zroback

  • Bill is willing to do lookups in the book " They Stopped At A Good Place" A history of the Beausejour, Brokenhead, Garson and Tyndal area of Manitoba, 1875 - 1981

Heather Farrows

  • George Paulus Adolf LINDWALL married Jennie ADOLPHSON on September 6, 1928 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  They were married in a Lutheran church located at 372 Logan Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    He was a carpenter aged 25 residing in Winnipeg and born in Sweden.    His father's name was Gustav and he was a stone mason in Sweden.  Jennie was 15.  Her father's name was Andreas Adolphson.  He was deceased at the time of marriage and he was also born in Sweden.  Her mother's name was Maria Hammerback.



Heather Farrows

  • Andrew Adolphson, carpenter, 35 years old, born in Sweden.  Married Maria Hammerback, 32 years old, born in Sweden at the Lutheran Church located at 372 Logan Avenue, Winnipeg, MB on April 23, 1913.


Heather Farrows

  • Ottar Berentsen Hegland born in Norway married Jean Violet Adolphson on January 20, 1948 at the United Church located at 273 Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba.



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