Ware Marriage Intentions

Marriage Intentions for the Town of Ware, Hampshire, Massachusetts Vital Records

Book 1
From 1 January 1824 through 10 January 1828including Pages 187-199

Also includes differences and additions found in the Corbin Collection.  This addition was provided by a generous guy, Carl Hommel, who volunteered to take on my little project and correct my errors. The Corbin Collection notes look like this.
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    Page 187

"Intered an intention of Marriage"

Leonard Gould Town Clerk

1 January 1824
JOHNSON, Dexter Barnes and BABBIT, Widow Lucinda Whipple both of Ware*

6 March 1824
SHERMAN, Earl of Ware and PEARL, Anna of Enfield

13 March 1824
BROWN, Amasa and RICH, Martha both of Ware *

13 March 1824
METCALF, Enos and NICHOLS, Elizabeth both of Ware *

26 March 1824
BARNES, Jonathan of Northbrookfield and LEMON, Persis of Ware
C. C. gives Jonathan Barne's residence as North Brookfield

7 April 1824
HAWES, Elijah and SHAW, Sally both of Ware *

20 April 1824
CLEVELAND, Moses of Ware and BURLINGHAM, Olive of Brimfield

9 May 1824
FLINT, Tilly of Watertown and BAKER, Lucretia D. of Ware *

14 August 1824
BLAIR, Daniel and CONVIS, Mary both of Ware *

14 August 1824
CARY, Luther and DANFORTH, Lusina or Lucina both of Ware *
C.C. lists bride as Lucina

    Page 188

21 August 1824
HAYNES, John and CARRUTH, Delphia of Northborough

21 August 1824
SPRAGUE, Lee and SNOW, Lucia both of Ware *

4 September 1824
BULLARD, Samuel P. of Ware and BURR, Mary Ann of Providence R. I.

30 September 1824
WINSLOW, Albert and GARDNER, Sarah both of Ware *

9 October 1824
DAVIS, Samuel of Ware and HATHERWAY, Parthiance of Granby
C.C. does not list Groom as of Ware

16 October 1824
PATRICK, Joseph W. of Western and BARTLETT, Almira of Ware *

23 October 1824
CROWELL, Rev. Joshua of Ware and NEGUS or NEYUS, Sarah of Tiverton,  R.I.
C.C. lists brides surname as Negus. [Anyone researching this name should look at the original vital records, if possible.]

27 October 1824
MARSH, Jonathan of Ware and PAIGE, Widow Mary of Hardwick

16 November 1824
LEONARD, Alvin of Ware and RICE, Laura of Brookfield

    Page 189

1 January 1825
DAY, Hiram of Northampthon and LEMON, Salome of Ware *

1 January 1825
TISDALE, Timothy and QUINTEN, Charlotte both of Ware *
C.C. lists grooms name as TISDAL

4 January 1825
CROWELL, Nathaniel S. of Brookfield, and STEARNS, Susan P. of Ware*
C.C. does not give a middle initial for the Groom.   [The initial could possibly be an L.]
C.C. Spells surname of the bride STERNS

16 January 1825
FRENCH, Preston of Ware and ALBER, Cloe W. of Charlton

Joel Rice Town Clerk

28 March 1825
FROST, Jonathan G. of New Braintree and THOMPSON, Cyrena of Ware*

1 April 1825
EATON, Joseph and BRAINARD, Minerva C. both of Ware *
C.C. lists Brides surname as BRAINERD

2 April 1825
SHAW, Royal and LAMBERTON, Elizabeth Clapp both of Ware *

9 April 1825
McELWAIN, William of Palmer and FULLER, Lucy of Ware *

9 April 1825
RICH, Jonathan C. and HARDY, Lucy both of Ware *
C.C. lists grooms middle initial as S.

3 May 1825
ANDERSON, Henry P. and HODGEN or HODGES, Hannah both of Ware
C.C. lists brides surname as Hodges

    Page 190

5 May 1825
ALLEN, Lambird of Palmer and STEELE, Elizabeth of Ware

13 August 1825
CONEY, Ellis and ALVORD, Rube both of Ware

3 September 1825
THOMPSON, William of Belchertown and SHAW, Rachael of Ware
C.C. Lists brides given name as Rachel

8 September 1825
PAINE, Luther of Ware and FLINT, Miss Hepzi of Winchester N.H.

15 September 1825
RICE, Mr. Versal of Ware and STURTEVANT, Miss Thirza of West Brookfield

24 September 1825
SIMONDS, Mr. John residing in Ware and WALKER, Miss Maria of Belchertown

28 October 1825
BROWN, Mr. Jonathan of Ware and POPE, Miss Eliza of New Braintree
C.C. lists groom with the middle initial B.

29 October 1825
McCLINTOCK, Mr. Levans of Ware and KING, Miss Lucinda of Palmer
C.C. does not list groom as living in Ware

12 November 1825
HARWOOD, Mr. Elijah and PEPPER, Miss Hannah both of Ware *
C.C. does not list groom as being from Ware

    Page 191

11 December 1825
BABCOCK, Mr. Lewis of Ware and GALLOND, Aurelia G. of Petersham

18 December 1825
HARRIS, Mr. Elijah of Watertown and CHASE, Abigail of Ware *
C.C. lists brides given name as Abagail

10 January 1826
ELLIS, Mr. Nathan K. of Ware and CARGILL, Miss Mary Elisa of Palmer

14 January 1826
PATTRIL, Mr. Isaac and JOSLYN, Miss Sally both of Ware *
C.C. does not list groom as being from Ware

1 February 1826
STEARNS, Mr. David (now residing in Ware) and BROWN, Miss Mary of Ware*

25 February 1826
CUMMINGS, Haskill of Ware and WARD, Miss Aseneth of Palmer
C.C. lists groom's given name as Haskell

4 March 1826
QUINTIN, Mr. Thomas of Ware and WARNER, Miss Belila of Enfield

Leonard Gould Town Clerk

16 March 1826
WILCOT, Mr. Lyman and GATES, Miss Alvira both residing in Ware

22 March 1826
UTLEY, Azell of Monson and SHAW, Miss Sophia Jane of Ware
C.C. lists grooms given name as Azel

    Page 192

1 April 1826
ROBINSON, Mr. Amherst of South Brimfield and SWIFT, Miss Belia of Ware

6 April 1826
STEVENS, Levi of New Salem and WRIGHT, Hariet Martha of Ware

10 April 1826
BALKCOM, William T. of Ware and THOMAS, Eliza D. of Brookfield

10 May 1826
FISHERDICK, Francis and MARSH, Hannah both of Ware *

1 June 1826
KENTFIELD, Ansel of Ware and MOULTON, Nancy of Spencer

1 July 1826
BROWN, Joshua F. of Ware and HUNT, Malinda of Grandby

4 July 1826
HARRIS, Peter Y. and CROFT, Betsey S. both of Ware
C.C. gives middle initial G. for Peter

1 September 1826
SCOTT, Ellis C. of Belchertown and SHERMAN, Sybel of Ware *
C.C. lists grooms given name as Allis

1 September 1826
BROWN, Harvey of Ware and BOLSTER, Salley of Hardwick

    Page 193

8 September 1826
SPRAUGE, Jonathan of Ware and WHIPPLE, Maryann of Sutton *

8 September 1826
MUNSEL, Thomas E. and SNELL, Roxanna R. both of Ware *

5 November 1826
HUTCHINSON, Amos and SHERMAN, Betsey both of Ware *
C.C. lists brides given name as Betsy

18 November 1826
HAYWARD, Horace H. of Ware and PAIGE, Hannah of Hardwick
C.C. does not list middle initial for groom

15 December 1826
BARTLETT, Ziba and  GODDARD, Mary E. both of Ware

24 September  1826
STEBBINS, Cyrus and CROWELL, Ardelia both of Ware *

6 January 1827
BRYANT, Dodridge and WARD, Prudence both of this town Ware *

6 January 1827
EDSON, Marshal of Greenwick and ANDERSON, Oriva of Ware *

    Page 194

4 February 1827
LUCE,  Joseph Jr. of Ware and  CHAMBERLAIN, Kesiah of Hawley
C.C. does not list groom as of Ware
C.C. lists brides given name as Keshiah

10 February 1827
HASSETT, William of South Brimfield and WELLINGTON, Achsah of Ware

5 March 1827
HATHAWAY,  Oliver of Western and SHERMAN, Polly of Ware *
C. C. lists groom surname as HATHWAY

12 March 1827
EATON, Benjamin of Ware  and FOSTER, Phebe of Brookfield
C.C. adds:  m. April 25, 1827 (Brookfield VR-308)

18 March 1827
PATRICK, William J. of Ware and RAMSDALE, Mary of Western

24 March 1827
VICKERY, John of Ware and CUMMINGS, Lucy of Ware
C.C. lists grooms surname as TICKERY

4 April 1827
STEARNS, Reuben and LEMON, Jane both of Ware
C.C. lists grooms given name as Reubin

1 May 1827
GORHAM, Jason of Ware and NEWCOMB, Anna of Hardwick

    Page 195

3 May  1827
DAMON, Jonathan of Hawley and GRAY, Martha of Ware

19 May 1827
BLAIR, Barnabas of Ware and DANFORTH, Sarah  of Ware

15 June 1827
KINFIELD or KENFIELD, Orsamus of Ware and CROUCH, Mercy of Ware
C.C. lists Grooms surname as KENFIELD

30 June 1827
WILLIAMS, Ahas of Ware and RIDDLE, Antice of Ware

July 1827 [no day given]
COLLINS, John of Hardwick and HAMILTON, Minerva of Ware

July 1827 [no day given]
BLACKMER, Solomon Jr, of Ware  and  STONE [first name not given] of Dana
C.C. title Jr. is not listed for groom

WHITCOMB, John A. of Ware 21 September  1827 PIERCE , Caroline  of Worcester

    Page 196

21 September 1827
PAIGE, Mr. Hiram  M. of Ware  and PEARL, Sylvia of Ware

21 September 1827
HUNTINGTON, Orin of Ware and PAIGE, Thankful Mary Ann of Ware

23 September 1827
BOIN OR BOICE, William of Spencer and BACON, Mary  of Ware
C.C. lists groom's surname as BOIN.  [Vital Records could be interpreted either way]

30 September 1827
CROSBY, Judah   of Ware and COBB, Martha H. of Ware

5 October 1827
WEAVER, Benjamin E. of Hardwick and RUSSEL, Sarah H.[?] of Ware
C.C. does not list a middle initial for the bride.  V.R. lists a middle initial for the bride it could be an H. or K.  [Anyone researching this name should look at the original vital records, if possible.]

5 October 1827
DEAN, Charles of Ware and HODGES, Nancy of Ware

14 October 1827
BRAKENRIDGE, William 2nd of Ware and PAIGE, Clarissa of Ware

11 November 1827
RICHARDSON, Martin of Ware and ALDEN, Mary of Ludlow
C. C. does not list groom as of Ware

    Page   197

10 December 1827
ROSS, Ethan of Ware and WHITE, Sophia of Ware

4 January 1828
EVELETH, Reuben  of Enfield and WILDER, Sarah of Ware
C.C. lists husbands surname as EVILETH

10 January 1828
JOHNSON, Elbridge of Ware and ELLIS, Moriah of Dana
C.C. lists brides middle name as Mariah

    Pages 198 and 199 [are blank]

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