Ware Vital Records Index

Index to Births and Deaths Town of Ware, Hampshire, Massachusetts Vital Records Years 1735-1829

This index is subject to change.  This  index is partialy a transcription of the original Vital Records of the town of Ware, Hampshire, Massachusetts from FHL US/CAN Film 760644.  Some names which were left out of the original index have been included here.   This index has not  yet been proofread by a second party.    Although the dates listed for these records are 1735-1829, there are some dates later than 1829.  If you have any questions about the data included in any of these records, either view the original records at the town clerk's office or via microfilm or the Corbin Collection.  These names and dates are in part the transcriber's interpretation.  Your conclusions could be different.  Before this page is completed, the records that are included here will be compared to those listed on the Corbin Collection.  Changes to the data as well as differences between this transcription and the Corbin Collection will be forthcoming.

The original spelling has been maintained in most instances.  This is the reason for various spellings of a surname within the same family.

This is not an every name index. Most names are indexed under the father's name, a few are listed under the mother's name and a few death records are indexed under the name of the deceased.

There are a few marriages listed in this index.  These marriages are additions from the Corbin Collection.  To go the the links of marriages and marriage intentions listed in the Ware Vital Records, go the main page.  The link is at the bottom of this page.

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B=Birth D=Death

   "No Surname Given"

Job                        125   B

Adams, John                 15   B
Allen, Samuel               12   B&D
Allen, Samuel              113   B
Allen, Waters              131   B
Anderson, Amasa             97   B
Anderson, Jeremiah           5   B
Anderson, Martha            35   D
Anderson, Nathaniel R.     163   B&D
Anderson, William           90   B&D
Andrews,  Aaron            103   B
Andrews, James             180   B&D
Andrews, John              120   B&D
Andrews, Lemuel             80   B&D
Andrews, Prince             78   B&D
Andrews, Stephen             6   B
Andrews, Thomas              6   B
Ayres,   Jedediah            9   B
Ayres,   Joseph             36   D
Ayres,   Mehetable          36   D

Babbit, Elkanah            152   B&D
Babbit, Samuel             118   B&D
Babcock, Timothy           148   B&D
Bacon, Simeon               17   B&D
Bacon, Thomas              137   B
Ball, Ebenezer             145   B
Barr, Joseph                74   B&D
Bartlet, Moses               8   B
Billings, Elkanah            9   B
Billings, Stephen          114   B
Blackmer, Wiliam             5   B
Blair, John                 73   B&D
Bond, Jacob                 43   B
Bonny, Charles              85   B&D
Bowdoin, John              185   B&D
Bowdoin, William            10   B&D
Bowdoin,  Wm.              123   B&D
Bowen,  Silvester          122   B
Brakenridge, Alendar        50   B,D&M
Brakenridge or
Breakenridge, James 2nd     42   B
Brackenridge, Judah  M.    145   B
Brackenridge, William S.   144   B
Brakenridge, Alendar        50   B,D&M
Breakenridge, George        37   B
Breakenridge, James         24   B
Breakenridge, Wm.           24   B&D
Breakenridge, Wm. Jr.       21   B
Brigham, Loring W.         174   B
Brooks, Joseph              23   B
Brooks, Joseph              35   D
Brown, Asahel               36   D
Brown, Cyrus               156   B
Brown, David                18   B
Brown, David                35   D
Brown, David                36   D
Brown, James               142   B
Brown, John                 36   D
Brown, Joel                 15   B
Brown, Margaret             36   D
Brown, Moses                30   B&D
Brown, Moses               132   B
Brown, Robert              142   B
Brown, Samuel               34   D
Brown, Timothy               3   B
Bush, Nathaniel             36   D
Bush,  Solomon              25   B
Bush, Solomon               36   D

Capen, James                23   B
Cargill, James             136   B&D
Carly, Joseph               16   B
Carpenter, James            93   B
Clark, Samuel               81   B
Coney, Capt. Oliver        127   D
Coney, Mary                 33   D
Coney, William             127   D
Convis, Phinehas            63   B&D
Crain, Amariah              88   B
Crain, Asa                  87   B
Crawford, Jesse B.         134   B
Croff, John                 39   B
Cross, Joel                147   B
Crowel, Joshua             130   B
Cumings, Benjamin          112   D
Cumings, James              16   B
Cumings or
Cummings, Joseph Jr.       111   B&D
Cumings, Nichols or
         Nicholas          126   B&D
Cumings, Sarah             112   D
Cumings, Simeon            110   B&D
Cummings, Abraham            3   B&D
Cummings, Abraham           35   D
Cummings, Benja 3rd         70   B&D
Cummings, Elijah            9   B
Cummings, Isaac             11   B
Cummings, Jacob,            12   B&D
Cummings, Jacob             35   D
Cummings, Jacob, Jr.        12   B
Cummings, James             35   D
Cummings, Joseph            20   B,D&M
Cummings, Sarah             35   D
Cummings, Silence           35   D
Cummings, Simeon            20   B
Cummings, Tryphessa         35   D
Cutler, Aurelia             70   D
Cutler, Jarvis              69   B
Cutler, Solomon            112   D
Cutter, Sarah              178   D
Cutter or Cutler, William   31   B, D
Cutter, William             74   B
Cutter, Zebina              43   D

Damon, Abraham              69   B
Damon, Edward                1   B
Davis, Abijah                9   B
Davis, Benjamin            140   B
Davis, Enos                 56   B&D
Davis, Jerusha              11   note
Davis, Josiah                1   B
Davis, Moses                 1   B
Davis, Ward                160   B&D
Demond, Alpheus            143   B


Foster, Asahel Brown       100   B
Foster, Jonathan            31   B
Foster, Jonathan            62   D
Foster, Joseph               2   B
Foster, Moses               62   B&D
Fuller, Solomon              9   B

Gardner, John               44   B,D&M?
Garfield, Joel              15   B
Gates, Daniel              153   B
Gilmore, David              94   B
Gillmore or
Gilmore, John              172   B
Gould, Abigail              61   D
Gould, Daniel               13   B&D
Gould, David                26   B&D
Gould, Downing             158   B&D
Gould, Ebenezer             38   B,D&m
Gould, John                162   B&D
Gould, Samuel              126   B&D
Gould, Submit               61   D
Gray, John                 141   B
Gray, Jospeh                30   B&D
Gray, Moses                 89   B
Grover, Allen              106   B

Hamilton, John, Junr.       45   B
Harwood, Andrew             51   B
                           &52   B&D
Harwood, Jonathan          119   B&D
                          &120   B
Haven, James                12   B
Haven, Martha               35   D
Hitchcock, Winchester       75   B
Horn, John                 117   B
Howard, Cary               121   B&D
Howe, Solomon               39   B
Hunter, James              122   B&D
Hutchenson, Samuel         179   B
Hutchinson, Samuel          92   B&D
Hutchinson, Samuel,Jr.     179   B&D
Hyde, Abijah               164   B&D
Hyde, Joel                 152   B
Hyde, John                  86   B


Jenkins, John               32   B
Jenkins, Jemima             36   D
Jenkins, Thomas              2   B
Joslyn, Abigail             43   D
Joslyn, Abraham             43   D
Joslyn, Abraham, Jr.       108   B&D
Joslyn, Sally              138   B
Joslyn, Wm.                138   B&D

Kee, Steward                14   B
Kenfield or
Kenfield, Ansel            171   B
Killiam, Charles             4   B
King, Rufus  Dr.            47   B&D
King, Rufus, Junr.         173   B
Knight, Isaac              168   B

Lamberton, Mary             67   D
Lamberton, Samuel           67   B&D
Lamberton, Seth             41   B&D
Lazell, Jacob               99   B&D
Lazell, Joseph,            165   B
Lazell, Joshua, Jr.        129   B&D
Lazell, Reuben             166   B
Lemmon, James               11   B
Lemmon, James, Junr.        40   B&D
Lemmon, James, Jr.         176   B&D
Lemmon, Samuel              29   B
Lemmon, Warren             167   B
Leonard, Dan               116   B&D
Lewis, Abner               143   B&D
Lewis, Jesse                61   B
Liman, Warren              167   B
Livermore, Isaac            60   B
Luce, Alden G.             183   B
Luce, Joseph                30   B
Luce, Joseph                79   B&D
Lull, Timothy                7   B
Luman or
Leman, Francis              96   B

Magoon, Alexander           14   B&D
Magoon, David               36   D
Magoon, Isaac              17   B,D&M
Magoon, Isaac              35   D
                           &36   D
Magoon, Isaac 2nd           58   B
Magoon, James,             124   B
Magoon, Lucretia            36   D
MaHorter, Samuel             6   B
Marsh, Ephraim              12   B
Marsh, Foster              154   B&D
Marsh, Hannah               36   D
Marsh, Joel                 58   B
Marsh, Jonathan             28   B&D
Marsh, Joseph                7   B
Marsh, Joseph               55   B&Misc.
Marsh, Judah                 4   B
Marsh, Judah, Junr.         54   B&D
Marsh, Thomas               15   B
Maynard, Jonathan          109   B
McClanathan, William       186   B&D
McClintock, James           19   B
McClintock, Levans         175   B,D&M
McClintock, Lucinda        112   D
McClintock, Margaret       135   B
McClintock, Sarah            35   D
McClintock, Thomas         135   B&D
McHoy, Neal                 10   B&D
McMaster, Clark            161   B&D
McMickel or
McMikel Benjamin           102   B
Moffatt, Alfred            122   B
Morse, Calvin               75   B&D
Morse, Phille               29   B&D
Morton, Thomas              91   B
Moss, Reubon, Revd.         53   B&D

Newcomb, Moses              43   D
Newton, Oliver              38   B
Nye, Ebenezer               34   B&D
Nye, Lydia                  36   D

Olds, Jonathan, Junr.       36   D
Omsted, Israel              12   B
Omsted, Jeremiah            12   B
Otis, Jonathan               2   B%D
Osborn, John, Jun.         124   B&D
Ozborn, John                72   B

Paddock, Ephraim Junr.      35   D
Paige, Benjamin            125   B&D
Paige, William              13   B&D
Paige, William, Jr.         96   B
Patch, Ephraim              23   B
Patrill, Isaac               68   B&D
Patril, Joseph              23   B
Patril, Sarah               23   B
Pepper, Calvin             107   B&D
Pepper, Ezra                31   B
Pepper, Isaac               32   B&D
Pepper, Isaac, Jr.         141   B
Pepper, Jacob               28   B
Pepper. John               155   B
Pepper, Stephen             49   B&D
Pierce, Alfred Emerson     146   B
Pope Edward                146   B
Post, Sarah                 35   D
Pulsipher or Puliser, David             3   B

Quinten, Molley            115   B
Quinten, Robert             98   B&D

Randell or
Randall, Titus             104   B&D
Reed, Rev. Augustus Brown  182   B
Rich, Apollos              112   D
Rich, Elkanah               77   B&D
Rich, Jonathan C.          177   B
Roch, Edward                 1   B
Rockwell, Anna              48   D
Rogers, Daniel               8   B
Rogers, Richard             12   B

Shaw, David                 36   D
Shaw, David                 95   B
Shaw, Edwin                 22   B
Shaw, John 2nd              87   B&D
Shaw, Samuel               170   B
Shaw, Seth                  22   B&D
Shaw, Seth Lt.             128   B
Sherman, Ebenezer           82   B&D
Sherman, Reuban             83   B&D
Sherman, Samuel             11   B,D&M
Simonds, David              96   B
Simonds, Joseph              1   B
Simonds, Jothem             25   B
Simonds, Judah              25   B&D
Simonds, Samuel Brown       34   D
Simson or Simpson, Charles  21   B
Slate, Daniel                3   B
Smith Lemuel                31
Smith, Lemuel, Junr.        59   B
Smith, Maverick              7   B
Smith, Reuben               84   B
Snell, Isaac                33   D
Snell, Isaac                86   B&D
Snell, Nathan               66   B&D
Snell, Thomas              101   B&D
Snell, Thomas              139   B,D&M
Snell, Thomas, Jr.         157   B
Snell, Wm                   46   B
Soal, Constant Southworth   40   B
Stacy, Joel                 48   B&D
Stacy, Mark                  9   B
Stearns, Isaac             169   B
Steel, John D.              76   B&D
Steel, Thomas                9   B
Stevens, Betsey            178   D
Stevens, Levi              181   B&D
Stone, Josiah                7   B

Tenny, Polly                36   D
Terry, Ruel                 16   D
Thayer, Ezra Reverend       26   B
Thayer, Hannah              35   D
Thayer, Jedidiah            71   B&D
Thayer, Jonathan            36   D
Thayer, Micah               27   B&D
Thayer, Micah               35   D
Thayer, Silas               37   B&D
Thayer, Silas               66   B
Thomas, Joanna              35   D
Thomas, Nehemiah            18   B&D
Thompson, Samuel            43   D
Thrasher, Rufus            184   B
Thrasher, Sevier           184   D
Tisdale, John               57   B
Tisdale, Timothy           159   B
Tuffs, Thomas               33   B
Tyler, Royal               100   B

Upham, John                 93   B


Ward, Reuben               133   B&D
                          &134   B
Ware, Samuel               149   B&D
Watkins, David              76   B
Weed, Henry                102   B
Weeks, Cornelius            24   B
Wetherell, John, Jr.       150   B
Wetherell, Silsbee         151   B&D
Wetherell, Sylsbee          151   B
Wheeler, John              105   B&D
Wilder, Nathaniel           31   B
Wilson, Chester            115   B&D
Winslow, Nathaniel          31   B
Winslow, Thomas             16   B&D
Wright, Benjamin             2   B


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