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"Welcome to the Upton Historical Society (UHS)"
  • Methodist Episcopal Church-1910
  • Knowlton Straw Hat Factory & Boarding House
  • Knowlton Straw Hat Factory-1910
  • Knowlton Hat Factory entrance-1970
  • Knowlton Factory_Passage
  • Carl and Mary Paulson
  • Benson Hat Corp-1950
  • Lamson's Pharmacy & Holy Angels
  • Box Mill-1906
  • Jim, Carla Talvy's Farm
  • Civil War vets GAR Hall
  • Upton Emergency Medical Squad Drive-1990
  • Upton Police Shoulder Patch-1990
  • Memorial High School Class 1988
  • School House West Upton (Grange)-1910
  • Milford Bus, Upton MA Blizzard-1942
  • Upton Greetings Postcard
  • West Upton Map-1870
  • Main St, Upton, MA-1910
  • Trolley in Central Square, Main St-1908
  • Trolley Tracks and Storefronts-1888
  • Upton Town Common Water Fountain-1989
  • Upton Post Office-1985
  • Upton Senior Center Members-1981
  • Mill Pond, Upton, MA-1910
  • Pratt_Pond_Beach-1981.jpg
  • Pratt Pond-1915.jpg
  • Grafton-Upton RR, West Upton
  • Hog Watcher ?
  • Sermon Preached For Pious Young Men-By Benjamin Wood (pg 1)-1812
  • Sermon Preached For Pious Young Men-By Benjamin Wood (pg 2)-1812
  • Upton Mark Amato Shovels Pumpkins-1991
-Museum & Historical Society Activities-  Due to the corona virus the musuem has been closed since mid March. The staff continue to do what they can from home. Face book and E-mail are being monitored but we don't have access to messages left on the phone. Take precautions and we will let you know when the museum reopens.
Welcome to the Upton Historical Society (UHS) web site. Our goal is to provide you with beneficial information about our society, who we are and the resources we're able to offer anyone interested in the history of Upton, Massachusetts. The Society Museum is open to the public where assistance is available by Society staff who are always pleased to be available. We strive to foster and encourage the interest of residents, their families and the general public in the accumulation of all historic data as it relates to Upton. In return, UHS endeavors to inform everyone by providing written and printed materials.

The mission statement of the Society is to caretake for, collect and preserve an extensive collection of historical records, artifacts, pictures and mementos donated by those who realize the importance of preserving Upton's heritage. This encompasses the Town , and surrounding areas, of Upton regarding the people, industries, folklore and customs. Our holdings encompass history of buildings which was done in 1996 by a grant from the Massachusetts Historical Commission; Town Reports dating from 1890 to the present; and Assessor's published records prior to 1975.
Collections on display at the Society Museum include over 50 volumes of photographs and over 120 scrapbooks of news articles since the late 1800's. Our holdings encompass:
     - histories of buildings
               (completed in 1996 by a grant from the Massachusetts Historical Commission),
     - Town Reports dating from 1890 to the present,
     - Assessor's published records prior to 1975.

Available Museum Materials and Antique Artifacts
Furniture & Furnishings
Historical Objects
Newspaper Articles
Audio & Video Recordings
GAR Records
Town Records
Business Records
Industry Records
Organization Records
Please consider becoming a Society member. Annual membership fees are quite modest:
        Junior ($8); Individual ($17); Two members at the same address ($25).

Small donations with your dues are much appreciated as every bit helps in improving the Society's operation and facilities. Please send to: Upton Historical Society, P.O. Box 171, Upton MA 01568. Thanks for your important continuing support.
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