John Cotton Mather House
Home of John Cotton Mather in Guyton, Georgia as it appeared in December of 1985. Built about 1861, the house had been completely restored, but then burned down in 1988. Photo courtesy of Jennifer May who grew up in the house.

Prettyman Merry House
The Prettyman Merry house in Covington, Kentucky.


Flora Schaffner's 100th Birthday
Flora Schaffner's 100th Birthday!

Canadian Mather Christmas
A Canadian Christmas circa 1900.

Regina Maggie Millie Morre
Regina, Maggie, and Millie Morre


Cora Mather's Coverlet
Cora Mather's coverlet
circa 1905, discovered recently by Jean Hawkins.

2004 Mather Reunion
2004 Mather Reunion

Hazel Sweet
Sweet little Hazel Sweet, daughter of Maria Mather who was able to meet Susan B. Anthony & get her autograph in 1877.

Lucy Brown
Lucy Mather Brown (1802-1884) Wife of the colorful, infamous & legendary counterfeiter, James Brown of Akron, Ohio.


Clifford Ira Mather
Clifford Ira Mather - The Midwest - 1930's.

Timothy Mather and Marguerite Mather Rivera
Timothy Clark Mather and Marguerite Mather Rivera, children of Roy Hayward Mather. Separated as children, they hadn't seen each other in over 70 years.

Asa Thaddeus Mather
Asa Thaddeus Mather (1855-1928) with daughter, Lena, granddaughter, Bernice, and great grandchildren, Betty and Bobby.


Stephen Mather with daughter Bertha
Stephen Tyng Mather 1867-1930 First Director of the National Park Service 1916

Dan Spindler Barney Schaffner
Dan Spindler and Barney Schaffner circa 1890.

Henry and Chester Henke
Henry with son Chester Henke 1910.

Horace Mather Book
An original copy of the Mather genealogy written by Horace Mather in 1890.


2001 Mather Reunion
2001 Mather Family Reunion - Detroit, Michigan

Horatio Nelson Mather
Horatio Nelson Mather & family, 1905.

Bertha Henke Schaffner
Bertha Henke Schaffner - Life on an Illinois farm in the early 1900's.

Ancient Chapel of Toxteth
The Ancient Chapel of Toxteth, first church of Rev. Richard Mather.


Maxine Burke
Cousin Maxine - taking a ride! circa 1932.

Mary and Anna Schibal
Mary and Anna Schibal, just after their immigration to America, 1869.

Flora Schaffner
You're never too old! Learning the computer at age 95!

Bea and Helen Mather
Bea and Helen Mather - sisters-in-law and friends. About 1930.

China Cabinet
Fine handcrafted furniture by Alan Mather

Amy's graduation
Congratulations, Amy! You made it!

Alan and Chris Mather
Alan and Chris Mather, doing some open air cooking.

Laura Neal
Laura Murphy Neal - Opympic runner!