William Younghans
(1857-1922) was the son of Christoph Junghans and his first wife, Lucy Grass. He left Illinois and settled in Nebraska, changing the spelling of his name from the German Junghans to the more Americanized Younghans.

Harry Younghans and family
William Younghans and Ella Schone with their four children:
Birdie, Gertrude, Harry and Baby Louise.

The Younghans children- Gertie, Birdie, Harry, and Louise
Same family as above - several years later!

William and daughter, Louise Younghans
William and Ella.

Harry Younghans Home
Younghans Home

Louise Younghans
Young Louise

Ella and Florence Younghans
Ella and her first grandchild, Florence Brestel

Florence and Alvin with 10 children
Florence and Alvin Lade's ten children.