James Daniel Davis and Calista Ellsworth
met and married in Bond County, Illinois in 1882. James Daniel had been through the Civil War and Calista was born during it. Her life story is elsewhere in these pages.

Ellsworth Siblings
Almeda Cline Ellsworth, wife of Jeremiah.

Ellsworth Siblings
Ellsworth Siblings - Front: Jane, Rebecca, Mary.
Back: Wealthy, Calista, Francis, Nancy.

Dan, Calista, Orey, Ralph
Dan and Calista with Orey and Ralph (about 1890)

Calista with Orey and Ralph 1890

Wava, Bertha, Flora
Wava, Bertha, and Flora Davis, about 1910.

Dan and Emasiah Davis
Brothers Emasiah and Dan Davis

First Grandchildren
First Grandchildren!

Davis Siblings 1920
Davis siblings, about 1920. Front: Orey, Dan, Calista, and Ralph
Back: Flora, Bertha, Mary, Wava

Jane, Wealthy, Calista
Sisters Calista, Jane and Wealthy

Davis Cousins
All the Davis cousins, about 1939

Davis Siblings 1940's
The last family picture, about 1945.
Davis Siblings 1940's
Calista and Jane about 1948