The Hall Family and Related Lines

The Hall Family and Related Lines
A Genealogical Study

This site and my work are dedicated with love to my parents, Richard and Bonnie Bleil Hall, who have blessed me with a long life of companionship and good, healthy genes.

May our years together continue!


The Family Story Tellers

We, the family historians, have been blessed.


In each family there is one person who is called to find the ancestors--to put flesh on their bones and make them live again in the hearts of those long afterward who share their genes. We are called to tell the family story, feeling "their" stamp of approval as each individual saga unfolds.


We are the story tellers of our tribe. Our calling is as genetic as the color of our hair and eyes. From within our souls, our ancestors whisper: "Tell our story!" And our mission begins.


Genealogy is not a cold gathering of facts but a breathing of life into all who have gone before. In finding them, we discover ourselves.

There is pride in what our ancestors accomplished. They contributed to what we are and can accomplish today. We accumulate respect for their hardships and losses as we learn of their personal experiences. They never gave up; they became stronger as they forged their way across the nation, ever determined to to go on and build lives for their families. There is deep pride in knowing how they fought to form and preserve our Nation. We begin to understand that even "we" were in their minds as they shielded and guided their children. They wanted us to be born who we are. They never thought that we would not remember them. And so, with love and care, we record and preserve each fact of their existence, thankful for each tiny evidence that falls into our laps unexpectedly. We are family.

As the family story teller of my generation, I am duty bound to assume my place in the preservation of our family's history. And that is why you will find my record here for the next generations, even after I am one of those struggling to be remembered.



This project began about 15 years ago when the "genealogy bug" bit and there on the horizon sat "mortality." Naturally, that was middle age, but we won't talk about that! It suddenly, in particular, became urgent to locate and identify the family ancestors as they arrived in America seeking freedom. And, as the stories unraveled, we found many surprises.

For instance:



Many family "stories" are not true (or at least have failed to be proven in all these years.)


Our family not the predominant percentage of German bloodlines that family had rumored us to be, though we can still boast of German heritage--along with Swiss, French, English, Scot, Irish, Jewish, and American Indian.


Our most recent immigrant came to America in the 1850s, so we have no Ellis Island heritage.


We descend from several Revolutionary Patriots, who will be pointed out on their pages once the site is complete.


No criminals or shady characters have surfaced, though we've had our share of old dreamers and star-gazers.


Most of our ancestors were hard-working Americans who made their way across the nation during the time when new territory opened up. Some stopped and some moved on, but each left his/her joy and tears on the pages of time as they forged onward.


Genealogy is addictive! I put it down to tend to other business for about ten years. Now that the "bug" has bitten again, it's hard to stop to eat.


Random thought: Have you ever noticed how wonderful the genealogy section of the library smells? Almost like the essence of Gramma Atwell or Greatgrampa Hall drifting through the pages, letting you know they were here.

Each name in our index is either related to us or has married into the family (a collateral line.) Most of the time, we don't expand a family beyond siblings, but occasionally, you'll find a few additional generatons. If you find we have a random name, you can be sure there was a shirttail relationship somewhere along the line.

You can contact us if you want to add to or correct any of the information we have. Great care has been taken to assure that our information has been taken from reliable sources. However, sometimes what seems "reliable" can have a glitch.

We hope you will visit us often and feel free to use the information here for personal--not commercial--purposes. Please, if you use any of this information on another web site--including in World Family Tree and One World Tree--give credit to this author for her hard work. Also please be sure the citations are correct as they are displayed on  this site. It is disturbing to find your credited work on the Internet with a reference that does not apply to that particular family.

It is even more disturbing to find your hard work under copyright by someone who thought because it is on the Internet, it is up for grabs.

This family history of the Hall and Bleil families and their ancestors, who originated in Europe and Germany, includes a collateral Marshall/Marshill and Fleming line that will develop into a major part of this site. This would be my husband's family. We are working to develop it further.

Mary Hall Marshall

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