The Price and Baldwin Families of Putnam County

A Addison, Adkins, Alfred, Andrews, Atkinson
B Bailey, Baldwin, Barfield, Bason, Batton, Beck, Beem, Billingsley, Branch
C Caile, Coleman
D Davis, Dennett, Dickerson, Disney
E Ellis
F Faulk, Fennell, Floyd, Fowler, Frost, Fulgham
G Gainey, Gerrald, Godwin, Grantham, Greene
H Hale, Harrelson, Hayes, Hays, Henderson, Hendrix, Herring, Hilliard, Hogan, Horton, Huggins
J Jernigan, Johnson
L Lanier, Lewis, Lund
M Merriman, Moody, Moore
N Nichols, Nickerson, Norton
O Oliver
P Pearce, Peebly, PELT, Perritt, Perry, Phillips, Porter, Prevatt, Price, Proctor
R Rains, Redding, Riles, Robertson, Robinson, Rogers, Runnell
S Seyle, Sherouse, Sikes, Smith, Snodgrass, Spivey, Steuber, Stevens, Strickland, Sutherland, Sykes
T Talton, Tell, Thompson, Tomson, Trail
V Vause
W Wallace, Watkins, Weathers, Weeks, Whitcomb, Wiggins, Williams, Woodruff

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