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Jacques Laporte dit Saint George of Noce, Orne




  • 2I. JACQUES- m. 7 June 1626 Noce, Orne, MARIE HAMELIN


    m. 7 June 1626 Noce, Orne, MARIE HAMELIN

    Jacques was an inn keeper and baker in Noce, Orne. He was most likely the son of Hughes de La Porte who also lived in Noce. On 21 Aug. 1639 Jacques signed a lease to a house that belonged to Francois Sursin. He also was a witness to leases on 19 June 1640 and 10 Mar. 1641.

    In the middle ages was a brotherhood known as the "Charitons". This brotherhood was revived in the 16th century. The head of the organization was the county magistrate. Jacques was the provost for this Charity of the church in 1637 after Florimond de Barville, Lord of Nocey who held the post in 1622. On 11 Nov. 1635 Jacques witnessed the will of the parish priest of Noce, M. Laurent Cadiou.

    In 1654 Jacques rented his house to Marie Beaumont, widdow of Gervais Espinette.

    In 1658 he witnessed an agreement between the new Lord de Noce and Andre de Barville, husband of Barbe Girard and Etienne de la Gerniviere, Lord of St. Hilaire des Noyers and master Inn Keeper of Mademoiselle, only daughter of the Duke d'Orleans.

    St. Martin- Noce, Orne

    Plaque in the church of St. Martin, Noce


  • 3I. JACQUES- bpt. 5 Mar. 1627 Noce, Orne, m. 3 Sept. 1657 Montreal, NICOLE DUCHESNE (b.c.1636 Villevaude), d. of Francois Duschesne and Marie Rolet, bur. 26 Jan. 1702 Contrecoeur


    bpt. 5 Mar. 1627 Noce, Orne
    m. 3 Sept. 1657 Montreal, NICOLE DUCHESNE (b.c.1636 Villevaude), d. of Francois Duschesne and Marie Rolet
    bur. 26 Jan. 1702 Contrecoeur

    On 31 Aug. 1655 Sieur de Maisonneuve granted him a lot of half an arpent within the perimeter of the town on the north side of St. Paul St. near the corner of St. Gabriel St. extending to Ste. Therese.

    in the office of Jean de St P�re of the office of the clerk of court and au greffe et baillif of Villemarie in the isle of Montr�al in New France. Are present in the personne of Jacques de Laporte dit St Georges of the parrish of Noc� near of Perche near Bellesme son of Jacques de Laporte and of Marie Hamelin his father and mother for the one party, and Nicole duChesne of the parish of Villaud� near Paris daughter of Fran�ois duChesne and Marie Nolet her father and mother for the other party. Of which in presence of the undersigned witness for the good friendship they have amongst themselves, have promised between them and have promised to take one and other by loyalty of marriage and to marry in the face of our Holy mother the Church as soon as possible following the customary ceremonies and for all matrimonial conventions they submitted to the custom of the pr�vost� and viscount of Paris. The said St Georges signed as for the said du Chesne she declared not to know how to write nor signed. Done at the said Villemarie the twenty third day of August sixteen hundred and fifty seven.

    Jacques de Laporte
    Paul de Chomedey
    Nicolas Barbier
    Jean de St P�re

    Marriage for Jacques and Nicole

    The thirteenth day of September 1657 one thousand six hundred fifty seven was solomnized the marriage of Jacques de la Porte dit St-Georges son of Jacques de la Porte and of Marie Hamelin with Nicole du Chesne, daughter of Fran�ois du Chesne and Marie Nolet both of this parrish of Montr�al. Three bans (of marriage) had been previously announced with no opposition. The marriage was done in presence of Messire Paul De Chaumedey Escuyer Sieur de Maisonneufve gouvernor of this place Dame Barbe de Bouloigne wife and spouse of Messire Louys D'Aillebout here standing, Lieutenant general for His Majesty in New France Claude Robutel dit St-Andr� de Legier Aguier dit Lafontayne, Nicolas froget, all inhabitants of this place and friends of both parts, the said spouse having declared not being able to sign (2)

    Jacques evidently had a violent temper as in Nov. 1657 he struck Jean Valiquet, his neighbor, and hit him on the mouth hard enough that he had to stay at the home of the surgeon Etienne Bouchard for twelve days. Jacques was fined 30 livres and to pay the doctor and hospital.

    Madame St. Georges hit a soldier named St. Jacques with a stick. She alleged that he uttered insults at her, however, this was invented by the soldier Millot who was fined 20 livres to be paid to the church and 50 livres to be paid to Nicole. Nicole was fined 20 livres payable to the church as she tried to serve herself justice and struck an innocent person!

    Nicole also started to quarrel with Mme. LaChapelle and they started to throw insults at one another. They both lodged complaints, however, Maisonneuve had both agree that they had talked under a state of madness and that he personally held that both of them were women of honor and good vertue.(1)

    Fr. Rene Brehaud de Galinee, a Sulpician priest, made some observations on Jacques' behaviour and on 18 Oct. 1661 the two men met on the street in Montreal and unable to contain himself Jacques is said to have "... run down M Galinee with many blatant threats accompanied with a quantity of swear words in the Names of God, dirty and scandalous words." Following this outburst of bad temper he was sent to jail and was set free upon a full pardon by Fr. Galinee and he was deprived of the use of his property for one year, the income from which went to the church.(3)

    On 15 May 1659 Jacques was granted 2 arpents on the St. Laurence River to a depth of 15 arpents (an arpent was 192'). Today this would be the land between Iberville St. and Dufresne St. from Lalonde, near Dufresne to the river. He also was granted two arpents of frontage by 30 arpents in Contrecoeur.

    In 1664 two parties of hunters left the fort and found themselves on some of the islands downstream. They loaded two canoes with meat to ship back to the "Habitation" but, one of the boats was overcome by the current and they had to walk along the shore. The Iroquois were waiting for them and killed three or four men and one of the Indians was killed by M. Debeletre and Jacques who had run to assist their friends.(4)

    1666 Census for Montreal

    By 1681 Jacques and his family were living in Boucherville where he was practicing his trade of a baker.

    Inventory of Jacques Laporte possessions after his death:

    July 16 1698 (registered August 12 )

    Inventory of Clothing and belongings of the late Jacques Laporte dit St-Georges and the living Nicole Duchesne, his wife.

    A concession of two arpents of frontage by thirty of depth in the Seigneurie of Contrecoeur adjacent to the north side and the land that the said Jacques Laporte and Nicole Duchesne gave by contract to Suzanne Laporte, their daughter, married to Pierre Mesnard and on the west side to that of Philibert Couillaud where there is about five arpents of ploughed land valued approximately to 400 livres plus a concession of 4 arpents of frontage by twenty deep located in the Seigneurie of Saint Sulpice [the other side of the Saint Lawrence River] where the land had been left on its own [undeveloped] since the war valued at 1200 livres.
    One pulling ox valued at about 100 livres
    Plus one young ox who hasn�t pulled valued at 90 livres
    Plus two cows one able to carry the other (?) at fifty livres each... 100 livres

    Plus a little hand saw valued at about (�) One livre
    A wooden pick valued at about 2 livres
    Plus an old iron pot valued at about 2 livres
    Plus a small iron Marmite (cooking pot) valued at 1 livre 5 Sols
    Plus a hammer valued at 1 # 10 S aproximately�� 1 livre 10 S
    Plus scythe anvil with its hammer valued at 3 livres..... 3 #
    Plus an old scythe valued at 1 # cy��� 1 livre
    Plus a small red copper bucket valued at 3 livres.......... 3 #
    plus a medium size bucket valued at ��. 4 livres
    Plus another bucket valued at 2 #��� 2 livres
    Plus an Old Ploughshare and the cost estimated 3 livres
    Plus a large bucket valued 5 livres
    Plus a gun in the hand of Jacques Laporte's son valued at _ [this line crossed out]
    Plus small gun valued at six pound 6 livres
    Plus another old gun valued at 5 #��.. 5 livres
    Plus another gun valued at 8 #����� 8 livres
    Plus a canon mousqueton (rubble) valued at�� 2 livres
    Plus a large tari�re (?) valued at fifty sols 2 # 10 S
    Plus a small tari�re valued at 2 #���� 2 livres
    Plus an old plene (?) valued at������� 5 S
    Plus two old billhooks valued ��� � 4 livres
    Plus two old picks valued at ��� 4 livres

    Plus an old ham knife ? valued at 2 # 10 S
    Plus three sickles valued at ����� 2 livres
    Plus an axe [crossed out]
    Plus a grill valued at �������� 1 livre
    Plus a pan valued at������ 3 livres
    Plus a tin pot valued at ����� 4 livres

    The year sixteen hundred ninety eight The twenty sixth of July.
    The present inventory was executed by me Commander of the fort of Contrecoeur in the presence of Mr de Contrecoeur, Seigneur of this place (of Contrecoeur), and of Jean Mazaux dit St Martin and of Gilles Bourgeaux dit Lacroix and two other inhabitants of this place and appraiser of the goods of the said inventory and of Paul Laporte, the son, and Philibert Couillaud, son in law of said (Jacques), Nicole Duchesne, widow of the said Jacques Laporte and of Ren� Lalouette, living in Boucherville as the husband of Marie Magdeleine Guertin widow of Georges Laporte son of the said Jacques Laporte and of the said Nicole Duchesne as tutor of the children of the said late Georges Laporte.

    The said Sieur de Contrecoeur has signed with me. The parties involved and the witness have declared not knowing how to sign. Passed in the said fort of Contrecoeur. The said Sieur and year above written.

    Division between the children of the deceased Jacques Laporte and Nicole Duchesne for the chattels:


    First lot
    In a lot is found:

    a pan of............. 3 livres
    a bucket of ........ 5 livres
    a gun of five livres... 5#
    a gun of.............. 8 livres
    a tariere of.......... 2 livres
    a bucket of ........ 2 livres
    a pick of............ 2 livres
    a wooden pick... 2 livres
    a little saw......... 1 livre
    a hammer......... 1 livre 10 sols
    two billhooks of 1 livre
    a knife to cut ham 2 livres 10 sols
    a grill................. 1 livre
                         34 livres

    In the other is found second lot

    a hammer and an anvil of.... 3 livres
    a scythe............................. 1 livre
    a tin pot............................. 4 livres
    a pick................................ 2 livres
    a gun of............................ 6 livres
    a bucket of....................... 4 livres
    a tariere of two livres ten... 2# 10 S
    a plough and a coutre (?)... 3 livres

    Three old sickles............... 2 livres
    a plene (?)........................ 5 sols
    a red bucket of................. 3 livres
    a pot............................... 2 livres
    another pot..................... 1 # 5 S

    Alright to make between the said widow and the children- The first lot stays with the children and the second to the said Nicole Duchesne-

    Made at Contrecoeur this 26th [ ] in the presence of Monsieur de Contrecoeur who signed with me.

    Inventory and division of estate of Jacques LaPorte- Page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5


  • I. Paul- bpt. 15 Apr. 1659 Montreal, m.1. 24 Feb. 1688 Boucherville, Marie Lussier (bpt. 3 Feb. 1671 Boucherville, bur. 20 May 1695 Boucherville), 2. 25 July 1695 Montreal, Francoise Marguerite Matou (bpt. 26 Nov. 1678 Quebec)
  • II. Antoine- bpt. 13 Nov. 1660 Notre Dame de Montreal, bur. 26 Aug. 1703 St. Francois du Lac
  • III. Georges- bpt. 23 Apr. 1662 Montreal, m.c.1689 Madeleine Guertin (bpt. 18 Oct. 1669 Montreal, m.2. 11 Feb. 1694 Boucherville, Rene Bau (bpt. 9 Feb. 1673 Contrecoeur, bur. 17 Dec. 1726 Montreal), bur. 21 Oct. 1734 Boucherville), bur. 20 Aug. 1693 Boucherville
  • IV. Catherine- bpt. 12 Oct. 1663 Montreal, m.1.c.1675 Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune (b.c. 1641 Nevers, Nivernais), 2. 9 Oct. 1706 Ste. Anne de Varennes, Jean Charpentier (m.1. c.1695 Madeleine Tisseran (b.c.1650 St. Etienne de Liancourt, Clermont, Picardie, m.1. 12 Sept. 1673 Quebec, Pierre Parenteau (b.c.1649 Bauzauges, Saintes, Charente Maritime, bur. 17 July 1695 St. Francois du Lac), bur. 13 Oct. 1705 St. Francois du Lac), bur. 11 Apr. 1737 Varennes
  • V. Jacques- bpt. 26 Oct. 1665 Montreal, m. 9 Jan. 1687 Contrecoeur, Madeleine Paviot (bur. 14 Aug. 1750 St. Antoine sur Richelieu), bur. 7 Mar. 1748 St. Denis sur Richelieu
  • VI. Louis- b.c.1667, m. 30 Jan. 1695 Contrecoeur, Madeleine Massault (bpt. 16 Apr. 1675 Contrecoeur, bur. 9 July 1713 St. Sulpice), bur. 26 Jan. 1717 St. Sulpice
  • VII. Angelique- bur. 10 Aug. 1684 Contrecoeur
  • VIII. Jean- bpt. 6 Feb. 1674 St. Pierre de Sorel
  • 4IX. SUZANNE- bpt. 28 Feb. 1676 Pointe aux Trembles, m. 22 Jan. 1695 Repentigny, PIERRE MENARD (bur. 26 May 1746 Contrecoeur), bur. 27 Oct. 1743 Contrecoeur
  • X. Pierre- bpt. 30 Apr. 1678 Sorel, m. 27 July 1703 Montreal, Marie Anne Han dit Chaussee St. Jean (bpt. 8 Jan. 1688 St. Sulpice, bur. 2 Nov. 1767 Lavaltrie), bur. 5 Sept. 1751 Lavaltrie
  • XI. Jeanne- bpt. 8 May 1682, bur. 1 Dec. 1683 Ste. Famille de Boucherville


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    Les Racines Laporte dit St-Georges de la Famille Larocque- at:
    Parish registers for Notre Dame de Montreal, Boucherville, Contrecoeur, Varennes, St. Sulpice, St. Pierre de Sorel, Repentigny, Lavaltrie

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