John DENNETT of Portsmouth, NH



m. ALICE ______, (bur. 1588 Woodmancote)
bur. 1592 Woodmancote


  • 2I. JOHN- bpt 3 Nov. 1588 Woodmancote, Sussex, m. 11 Feb. 1612 Woodmancote, ELEANOR GOFFE (bur. 2 Oct. 1650 Henfield), bur. 12 Feb. 1657 Woodmancote
  • II. Anne- m. 8 Jan. 1609 Woodmancote, John Coulstocke

    2I. JOHN (JOHN 1)

    bpt 4 Nov. 1588 Woodmancote, Sussex
    m. 19 Feb. 1611/2 Woodmancote, ELEANOR GOFFE (bur. 2 Oct. 1650 Henfield)
    bur. 12 Feb. 1657 Woodmancote


  • I. John- bpt. 6 Nov., bur. 16 Nov. 1612 Woodmancote
  • II. Richard- bpt. 18 Sept. 1614, bur. 18 May 1617 Woodmancote
  • 3III. JOHN- bpt. 26 Jan. 1615/6 Woodmancote, m.1. 17 July 1637 Woodmancote, ANN GRATWICK, 2. Elizabeth ______, bur. 17 Dec. 1686 Woodmancote
  • IV. William- bpt. 9 Jan. 1619 Woodmancote, bur. 21 Sept. 1633 Woodmancote
  • V. Thomas- bpt. 15 dec. 1622 Woodmancote, m.1. 11 Feb. 1645 Woodmancote, Anne Bexhill, 2. 23 May 1671 Woodmancote, Susan Yates

    3II. JOHN (JOHN 1, JOHN 2)

    bpt. 26 Jan. 1615/6 Woodmancote
    m.1. 17 July 1637 Woodmancote, ANN GRATWICK
    2. Elizabeth _____
    bur. 17 Dec. 1686 Woodmancote

    John Denat was a member of the Hambledon Boys Cavalry Troop who fought for the Parliamentary cause during the Civil War.

    Several web sites list John and Ann as being the parents of Alexander and John of New Hampshire, however, I have been unable to locate any primary sources to document this link. Having two sons named John would not preclude our John being a son of John and Ann as it was not unusual for children of different mothers to bear the same name.

    Issue- first three children by Ann, last five by Elizabeth

  • ?I. Alexander- b.c.1639 Hurst Pierpoint, Sussex, d. 1698 New Castle, NH
  • ?4II. JOHN- b.c. 1646 Hurst Pierpoint, Sussex, m. AMY ______, d. 5 May 1709 Portsmouth, bur. Point of Graves
  • III. Susanna- bpt. 8 Dec. 1649 Woodmancote
  • IV. John- bpt. 9 Feb. 1653, bur. 25 Jan. 1655 Woodmancote
  • V. Elizabeth- bpt. 11 June 1656 Woodmancote
  • VI. Mary- bpt. 28 Dec. 1658 Woodmancote, m. 17 May 1688 Woodmancote, John Lintott
  • VII. Thomas- bpt. 23 July 1661 Woodmancote
  • VIII. John- bpt. 28 Apr. 1664 Woodmancote


    Parish Registers for Woodmancote, Sussex

    4II. JOHN (JOHN 1, JOHN 2, JOHN 3)

    m. AMY ______
    d. 5 May 1709 Portsmouth, age 63, bur. Point of Graves
    will 17 Mar. 1708/9

    John and his brother Alexander arrived in Portsmouth from England about 1660 and was made a freeman on 15 May 1670.

    John was a carpenter by trade and built houses, a school house and made repairs to the parsonage chimney for Joshua Moody. He was granted land next to Richard Martyn land at Boiling Rock in exchange for his services to the town of Portsmouth. John's new land on the road to Bloody Point was called Gravelly Ridge. He built a house with a beehive chimney on the highest part of Christian Shore at the end of Prospect St. Unfortunately, this house has not recevied much attention probably because it abuts "gasoline alley". John and his sons lumbered the Gravelly Ridge forests in the northwest part of Portsmouth which is now were the malls are located. Just before his death on 5 May 1709 John granted land to the town for a road past the Jackson House to the Piscataqua which is now Northwest street.

    Address and Petition of the Inhabitants of Exeter, Hampton, Portsmouth, and Dover, against Cranfield- 1686

    To the king's most excellent Majesty:

    The humble address and petition of sundry of your Majesty's loyal subjects, the freeholders and inhabitants of your Majesty's Province of New Hampshire, in New England, most humbly sheweth, That you petitioner's predecessors, having, under the encouragement of your Majesty's royal ancestors, by their letters patent to the Great Council of Plymouth, removed themselves and some of us into this remote and howling wilderness, in pursuance of the glorious ends proposed; namely, the glory of God, the enlarging his Majesty's dominions, and spreading the gospel among the heathen; and, in order thereunto, either found the lands we now possess vacuum domicilium, or purchased them of the heathen, the native proprietors of the same- or at least by their allowance, approbation of consent- have sat down in the peaceable possession of the same for the space of above fifty years; hoping that, as we had attained the ends, so we should have shared in the privileges, of these royal patents above mentioned, and thereupon did the more patiently bear and cheerfully grapple with those innumerable evils and difficulties that must necessarily accompany the settlers of new plantations, especially in such climates as these, besides the calamities of the late Indian war, to the loss of many of our lives and the great impoverishment of the survivors. We were also further encouraged, from your Majesty's princely care in taking us, by your late commission under your Majesty's immediate government, and appointing some among ourselves to govern us according to those methods there prescribed, being particularly bound to discountenance vice and promote virtue and good living, and to keep us in a due obedience to your Majesty's authority and continuance of our just liberties and properties, together with liberties of conscience in matters of worship, and all in order to our living in all godliness and honesty, fearing God and honoring the king, which we profess to be our desire to do.

    But contrariwise, partly by the unreasonable demands of our pretended proprietor, Robert Mason, Esq., and partly from sundry other reasons, that are either effects of concomitants thereof, we are in a far worse condition than any other your Majesty's plantations, and reduced to such confusions and extremities that necessitate our humble application to your Majesty, upon whose clemency and justice only, under God, we depend for our relief:

    Your poor, distressed and oppressed petitioners do therefore most humbly supplicate your most gracious Majesty that you will vouchsafe to give leave unto one of ourselves, Mr. Nathaniel Weare, whom we have sent for that end, to spread before your sacred Majesty, and your most honorable Privy Council, our deplorable estate, the beholding of which we doubt not will more compassion towards, and your Majesty's propensity to justice will incline to, the using such means as to your wisdom shall seem best, that the oppressed may be relieved, wronged ones righted, and we, your Majesty's almost undone subjects, now prostrate at your feet, may, upon the tasting of your equity and goodness, be raised and further engaged in all humility and thankfulness, as in duty bound evermore heartily to pray, &c... the like petition from Portsmouth, in said Province, signed by... John Dennett...(3)

    The Humble Address of the Inhabitants and Train Soldiers of the Province of New-Hampshire, February 20, 1689/90:

    To the Honorable, the Governor and Council of their Majesties' Colony of the Massachusetts Bay, in New-England:

    Humbly showeth, that whereas, since the late revolution in your colony, you have exerted a power of government over their Majesties' subjects and inhabitants therein, which we are given to understand their Majesties have been graciously pleased to approve of, and impowered you to continue the same till further order; and we, who were under your government, having been for some time destitute of power sufficient to put ourselves into a capacity of defence against the common enemy; and having, with great expectation, awaited their Majesties' order for a settlement amongst us, which, not yet arriving, considering how liable also we are to destruction by the enemy, which of ourselves we cannot prevent, we are therefore necessitated at present to supplicate your Honors for government and protection, as formerly, until their Majesties' pleasure shall be known concerning us: hereby obliging ourselves to a due submission thereto, and payment of our equal proportion (according to our capacity), of the charge that shall arise for the defence of the country against the common enemy; praying also that such persons may be commissioned to command the militia as have already been or shall be chosen by the trained soldiers in the respective towns, desiring your Honors to grant us this our request, and your petitioners shall ever pray... John Denest..."(1)

    John was constable in 1689, on jury duty in 1707, the grand jury in 1692 and foreman in 1699, deputy in 1702 and was a selectman almost continuously from 1697 until his death in 1709.

    Province of New Hampshire.
    At a Council and Genll Assembly, held at Portsmo on Tuesday, the 12th of January, 1702.

    His Excellency Joseph Dudley, Esq., Governr, &c.,
    Wm Partridge, Esq., Lieut. Governr...

    Mr. John Dennitt brought to this Board a vote of the choice of Daniell Tilton for Speaker of the House of Representatives...(2)

    I John Dennet of the towne of Portsmouth in the Province of newhampsheire in newengland who through the goodnesse of God have Present health...

    2 As to my temporel Estate I make Ammi my wife my sole Executrix unto this my last will and testament and unto her I give all my movable Estate except what after shall be excepted as allso I give unto her the one half of the income or yearly Proffits of the lands orchards gardins housen now in my Posestion and Improved by mee during her naturel life and whilest Shee remains a widow but if shee is married to another husband : then the whole of my lands orchards housen gardins shall descend to my son Ephraim : and the one halfe of my movable Estate to be devided amongest the rest of my Children

    3 I give unto my son John Dennet all that land which I bought of Isaac Remack in the towne of Kitrey which is now in his Posestion and whare hee dweleth I give him allso that twenty Pounds in money which hee formerly borrowed of mee but hath not Retorned

    4 I given unto my daughter Ammi Adams twenty Pounds in money besides what She has allready had

    5 I give unto my Son Joseph Dennet all that track of land which I bought of the towne which lyeth in the way to boody Poynt except twenty acres tharof which I give to his brother Ephraim

    6 I give unto my son Ephraim all the lands orchods gardins housen now improved by mee to wit the land which I bought of John fernell allso that which I bought of Mathew Ham and of Thomas Ham and of John Jackson and of Nathaniel Jackson and of Roger Swain as doth appeare by their severl deeds of sale I say I give it to my Son Ephraim the one half at my decase and the other halfe at the decease of his mother I give him allso one fetherbed with the furniture thareof I give him allso one yoake of oxen : and it is my will that my son Ephraim do not interupt nor molest his mother in the quiet Posestion of what I have above given her vise my movabels both within the house and without as allso the on halfe of my lands orchards gardins and what Part of the houses Shee liketh best

    7 I give to my granddaughter Margret Adams that Peice of land which I bought of Mr Graferd an house lot at Strawbery banke which is on the west side of the house which formerly mr Caleb Beks and is 85 foot froont by the stret and is 88 foot deep as doth appear by deed of sale

    8 I give to my grand daughter Mary dennet who is blind forty Pounds to be Payd in money

    9 I give to my son Ephraim ten acres of land in the uper Part of the land which I bought of the towne metioned on the other side vise to begin at the south Corner on the bend and run 40 rod noth west and from thenc 40 rod noth East and from thence 40 rod southeast and from thenc 40 rod southwest whare it begun which is ten acres I give him the wood of other ten acres of land joynen to the former 40 rod squar on the northeast side tharof I say the wood of this last ten acres but not the soyl and as for the former ten acres if hee be at any time disposed to sell it my will is that he sell it to non but hi brother Joseph if hee will buy it

    And Joseph shall give his brother Ephraim free liberty to carry off his wood over his land to the high way as he hath ocation but if my son Ephraim dye without heirs lawfully begotten of his owne body I will that the afforesaid ten acres shall Return to his brother Joseph both the land as well as the wood.

    moreover if my son Ephraim die with out heirs lawfully begoteen of his owne body my will is that after his deceas and the deceas of ammy my wife the lands orchads gardens housen which I have given him on the other side shall be devided betwen my other children only so that my son John Dennet have a dub Portion tharof

    In testimony herof I set my hand and seal this 17 of march 1709
    John Dennet
    signed sealed and Published in Presence of us
    Samll Keais
    Mary Gerrish"
    Proved 1 Aug. 1709(4)

    In the will of Benjamin Miller of Portsmouth from 1746/7: "... Item I give & Devise to my Son Benjamin Miller all the Land I purchased of Joseph Dennet & that I purchased of Amy Dennet..."(5)


  • 5I. JOHN- b. 15 Dec. 1675 Portsmouth, m. 5 Feb. 1701/2 MARY ADAMS (m.1. Alexander Shapleigh), d. 18 Nov. 1742 Kittery
  • II. Amy- b. 9 Apr. 1679, m. John Adams, (b.c.1674, m.1. Anne ______, d. June 1735 Kittery), d. between 1750 & 1760
  • III. Joseph- b. 19 July 1681, m. 24 June 1704 Elizabeth Mead, Adm. 3 Dec. 1714
  • IV. Ephraim- b. 2 Aug. 1689, m. Katherine ______, Adm. 29 Apr. 1741


    (1) NH State Papers- Vol. II, pp. 35-9
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    Old Kittery and Her Families- pp.348-9

    5I. JOHN (JOHN 1, JOHN 2, JOHN 3, JOHN 4)

    b. 15 Dec. 1675 Portsmouth, NH
    m. 5 Feb. 1701/2 Kittery, MARY ADAMS (m.1. Alexander Shapleigh (b.c.1674, d.s.p. c.1701))
    d. 18 Nov. 1742
    will 28 Mar. 1738

    John was a house carpenter and bought land from Isaac Remick in 1698 and settled at Great Cove, Kittery where he had a garrison house in 1720.

    Map of Kittery- Lower Parish- from Stackpole's Old Kittery And Her Families

    "In the Name of God Amen the twenty eighth Day of March Anno Domini one thousand seven Hundred thirty & Eight I John Dennet Senior of Kittery in the County of York in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England Yeoman -- being sick and weak in Body but of sound disposing mind & memory thanks be given to God, therefore calling unto mind the mortality of my Body Do make & ordain this my last Will and testament (that is to say).

    Principally and first of all I give & Recomend my Soul into the hands of God that gave it and my Body I Recomend to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like & decent manner at the discretion of my Executors, and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this Life I give Demise & Dispose of in ye following manner & form.

    Imprimis, I Give & bequeath to my well beloved Wife Mary Dennet my Negro man named Pompey during her natural Life to be under the Care & order of my Son Thomas Dennet and after the Decease of my said Wife I Give & bequeath the said Negro to my said Son Thomas Dennet & his Heirs. During the Negros natural Life. and I also give to my said Wife the one half part of ye remainder of my Personal Estate to be to her own proper use benefit & behoof forever and also one half of my Dwelling Hous & Barn & out housing and also one third part of the Apples & Cyder one third part of the Corn & other Grain one third part of my Pasture Land one third part of the Hay that shall be raised on my Real Estate & also one third part of what ever else shall be raised or produced of the said Estate and also sufficient firewood during her natural Life.

    Item, I Give & bequeath to my beloved Son John Dennet & his Heirs for ever one half part of all the Lands which I now possess in the town of Kittery (that is to say) one half of my Orchard Land mowing Land tillage Land pasture Land & wood Land to be to their own proper use benefit & behoof forever.

    Item, I Give & bequeath to my beloved Son Thomas Dennet and his Heirs the other half part of all my Lands which I now possess in the town of Kittery aforesd that is to say one half part of my Orchard Land, mowing Land tillage Land Pasture Land & wood Land to be to their own proper use benefit & behoof forever & also the other half part of my Dwelling Hous & Barn & out Housing to be to their own proper use benefit & behoof for ever; I also give to my said Son my two Oxen to be at his disposall/ The Gifts to my two Sons aforesaid are upon Condition that they faithfully Improve the said Estate & render & pay to their Mother Mary Dennet the third part of ye produce as abovesaid which if they neglect or Refuse to do my Will is that She shall haue the Liberty to haue and improve what part of my Estate She shall see fit for her Comfortable Support; and after the Decease of my said Wife I Give & bequeath to my abovesaid Son Thomas Dennet & his Heirs the other half part of my Dwelling House & Barn & out housing which I Gave to her during her natural Life to be to their own proper use benefit & behoof forever. My Will is that if either of my Sons shall Dye & leave no Lawfull Issue Surviveing that my surviveing Son shall Inherit the whole of my said Estate. after the Decease of my abovesd Wife I Do hereby Give leave & Liberty to my abovesaid Sons if they see Cause to dispose any part of my sd Estate to Each other by Deeds of sale or Deeds of Exchange or to Divide my said Estate as they shall see meet but not to sell or dispose of any part of it to any other Person.

    My Will is that if my said Sons see any prospect of purchasing any Lands to their advantaige I Do hereby giue them liberty to sell my said Lands both together as one & not Else My Will is that my said Sons shall not sell or any other way dispose of any timber wood or under wood to any Person or Persons whatsoever which if either of them shall presume to Do he shall forfit his Right to the abovesaid Lands to the other, and the other shall possess & Enjoy the same & he shall have twenty shillings in money paid him & no more. My Will is that my Wife & my two Sons to whom I have given my abovesd Estate or any other Person or Persons that shall hereafter Inherit said Estate that they look after & take care that my beloved Daughter Mary Dennet have a Comfortable & Good maintainance during her natural Life.

    Item, I Give and bequeath to my beloved Sons aforesaid the other half part of my personal Estate and also my Rights in the Common Lands in the Townships of Kittery & Berwick to be Equally divided betwixt them and to their Heirs for Ever to be to their own proper use benefit & behoof for ever provided they pay my Debts Funeral Charges & Legacies hereafter mentioned.

    Item, I Give & bequeath to my beloved Daughter Sarah Hill, forty shillings in Currant money of New England aforesaid besides what I have heretofore given her.

    Item, I Give & bequeath to Sarah Hooper twenty pounds in good currant money of ye said New England to be paid at or before the end of two years after my Decease.

    Lastly I Constitute make & Ordain my abovesd Sons John Dennet & Thomas Dennet my only & sole Executors of this my last Will & testament & I Do hereby Utterly Revoak Disallow & Disannul all & every other Testaments Wills Legacies bequests & Executors by me in any ways before named or willed or bequeathed Ratifying & Confirming this & no other to be my last Will & Testament

    In Witness whereof I haue hereunto set my Hand & Seal the Day & Year that is in these presents first written.
    John Dennet (seal)

    Signed Sealed Published Pronounced
    & Declared by ye said John Dennet
    as his Last Will & Testament in ye
    presence of us the Subscribers
    Joseph Fernald
    Enoch Staples
    Benjamin Fernald.

    Probated 14 Dec. 1742."


  • I. Mary- b. 16 Jan. 1703/4, d.s.p.
  • II. Sarah- b. 15 Aug. 1706, int. 17 July 1725 Joseph Hill (d.s.p. 1754)
  • III. John- b. 22 Dec. 1708, m. Mary Tetherly (b. 25 Mar. 1712, d. 1777), d. 26 Oct. 1797 Kittery
  • 6IV. THOMAS- b. 15 June 1712, m. MARY BARTLETT (m.2. Benjamin Meads Lord (will 8 June 1786-20 Mar. 1797 Arundel), will 8 Dec. 1798-16 Apr. 1804 Kittery), d. 1759 Kittery
  • V. Eleanor- b. 8 Mar. 1714/5, d. 2 Mar. 1735/6


    Old Kittery and Her Families- pp.348-9

    6IV. THOMAS (JOHN 1, JOHN 2, JOHN 3, JOHN 4, JOHN 5)

    b. 15 June 1712 Kittery, ME
    m. MARY
    BARTLETT (b. 1 Mar. 1717/8 Kittery, m.2. Benjamin Meads Lord (will 8 June 1786- 20 Mar. 1797 Arundel), will 8 Dec. 1798- 16 Apr. 1804 Kittery)
    d. 1759 Kittery

    "An Inventory of the Estate Real & Personal of Thomas Dennet Late of Kittery Yeoman Decd., Intestate, Taken by us the subscribers & shewn to us by Mary Dennet Widow and Adminx. on the Estate of said Decd., Oct. 14:1762

    To His Wearing Apparrell 20/. a pair Gold Buttons 12/ ...................1-12-0
    To a silver Tankard 7- five silver Spoons 3.................................. 10- 0-0
    To a pair silver knee buckles & stock Do. 10/................................... 0-10-0
    To cash recd. for a yoak oxen & horse sold...................................... 9-10-0
    To sundry notes of Hand for cash to the amount of ..................... 69-10-0
    To the Home Farm Containing Abo. Seventy four acres
    with the Dwelling House Barn & Cyder House thereon................ 400-0-0
    To thirteen acres & quarter of Land at Pudding Hole in Kittery.... 50- 0-0
    To one Hundred acres Land Near Bonny Beage plain in Berwick. 50- 0-0
    To forty five acres Land near Bonny Beage Hill in Do.................... 12- 0-0
    To fifty acres Land near Doughtys Falls in Berwick........................ 50- 0-0
    To a Bible & sundry other old Books 24/. Some old Carpr. tools 8/. 1-12-0
    To five feather Beds & furniture @ 9. Each.................................... 45- 0-0
    To some old Earthen & Glass ware 4/. pair old Hilyards 2/.............. 0- 6-0
    To two pr. old Tonges & fire Slice 6/ two Trammells 6/.....................0-12-0
    To an old Spit skuers Toaster Grid iron & ( ) Dish.............................0-10-0
    To two pair Andirons 24/. a Brass Kittle 20/....................................... 2- 4-0
    To three Iron potts 12/. three Do. Kittles 10/. Frying Pan 2/............. 1- 4-0
    To Eighteen pound, old Pewter, 14/. twelve old Chairs 24/.............. 1-18-0
    To forty one pound, Pewter part worn 60/........................................... 3- 0-0
    To three old Chests & old Trunk 18/. a Warming pan 6/ .................. 1- 4-0
    To three old Firelocks 28/. Table Linnin 24/........................................ 2-12-0
    To a Desk 20/ a small Lookg Glass 10/ a Large Do. 30/..................... 3- 0-0
    To four old spinning Wheels 10/. a Steel Trap 5/............................... 0-15-0
    To a flax Comb 6/. a shoemakers Bench & tools 6/............................ 0-12-0
    To two old fishing Lines & Leads 3/. two old Baggs 1/.................... 0- 4-0
    To two old Gunter Rules & guageing rod 3/....................................... 0- 3-0
    To twelve yards Homespun Cloath 20/................................................ 1- 0-0
    To a round Table 12/. one round Do. 10/ ironing box 3/.................... 1- 5-0
    To a square table 2/. a pair snow shoes 1/........................................... 0- 3-0
    To a small round Table 2/. some Emty old Cask 24/........................... 1- 6-0
    To an old Cart & Wheels 20/. three pitch Forks 3/............................ 1- 3-0
    To an old Plough & Harrow 10/ three old Narrow axes 6/................ 0-16-0
    To an old Broad ax 2/. three small ox chains & clevis 12/................. 0-14-0
    To ( ) rings & wedges & iron Crow 9/ ox yoak & ( ) 3/..................... 0-12-0
    To five Cows 12 two three year old Steers 5................................ 17- 0-0
    To three two year old Cattle 6............................................................ 6- 0-0
    To one Horse 80/. Seven Sheep 50/.................................................... 6-10-0

    754- 7-0

    The adminx. adds to ye Inventory vizt.
    a Violin, an small iron Crow, a Horse Collar
    a Dungfork, a Lignum Vitae Morter and a Small Brass Skillet

    Jas. Gowen
    Dennis Fernald
    Jno Hammond

    York Novemr. 10. 1762

    Mary Lord, late Mary Dennet above named made Oath that the Several Articles mentioned in ye above Inventory are all the Estate belonging to the Said Decd..." Benjamin M. Lord and Mary Lord the deeded her property in Berwick to her children 7 July 1764.(1)

    Inventory of Thomas Denett's Estate, Page 2

    "Whereas we the subscribers were Appointed Commissioners by the Honble. the Judge of Probates for the County of York to Make a Just and true Division or Distribution of the Real Estate of Thomas Dennet Late of Kittery in Said County Yeoman Decd. which we have Done as Follows Vizt.

    First We Set of to ye Widow of the Said Decd. for her thirds out of the Home Stead Six Acres and one Hundred & Fifty Pole of land on the Western Side of the Road that leads to Timothy Fernald Ferry Bounded on the Northerly side by land of Benja. Fernalds on the Westerly End by the Creek Called Spinney Creek on the Southerly Side by lands of John Dennet and on the Easterly End By the aforesaid Road One Acre and thirty Six Pole of Land with the fruit trees thereon on the Easterly Side of Sd. Road at the Corner of the aforesd. Benja. Fernalds Field and Running Southerly By Said Road Nine Pole then Back into the Orchard North Eighty three Degrees East untill the aforesd. One acre & thirty Pole is compleated and also Eleven Acres and one Hundred & forty Seven Pole of Pasture Land Begining at the South Easterly Corner of a Pice of Moing Land Adjoyning to land of John Dennet aforesd. and Runs by Said Dennets land to the Head of the Home lot then Northerly three Poles then South fifty Degrees West one Hundred and twenty seven Pole from thence to the Place first begun at And one third of One Acre and quarter of Orchard ling at a Place Called Mendoms Creek and at the Westerly End thereof With liberty of Passing & ( ) to & from ye country Road to the aforesd. thirds in the home Stead, in the way that is set Apart for going in to the Pasture Land and Also the great Room in ye Western End of the Dwelling house the Back Bed Room in the Chamber in ye aforesd. Western end and the Garret in ye Same end of ye Dwelling house and One third part of the Seller and liberty to Bake in ye Oven which is in the Eastern End of sd. House & also liberty to go Down seller at all Times Either in the House or Out of Doors And Also the Eastern End of the Barn going westward to the thrashing Floore & Priviledg to thrash in Sd. floor and one third Part of ye Use of the Syder House

    Item We Set of to John Dennet the Eldest Son of the Decd. the Other two thirds of the home Stead with the Other two thirds of the Dwelling House Barn & Syder house he Paying unto His Sister Mary Dennet Forty Seven Pounds ten shillings and Eight pence and to his Sister Elener Dennet Nineteen Pounds Sixteen Shillings and Four pence

    Item We Set of to Sarah Toby ye Wife of Steven Toby Junr. ye Westermost Half of Eleven Acres and One quarter of land at a Place Called Pudinghole and Fifty Acres of land in S. Berwick at a Place called the Pine Plains She Paying unto her Sister Mary Dennet Four Pounds Eleven Shillings and two Pence

    Item We Set of to Abigal Fernald the Wife of William Fernald junr. the Eastermost Half of Eleven Acres & one Quarter of land at a Place called Pudding hole and Fifty Acres of land in Berwick at a Place called ye Pine Plains She Paying her sister Mary Dennet Four Pounds Eleven Shillings & two Pence

    Item We Set of to Mary Dennet the Eastermost two thirds of One Acre and one quarter of Orchard at a Place Called Mendoms Creek and Forty Five Acres of land in Berwick Near Bonne Beag Pond Besides What She is to Receive of her Brother & Sister as above

    Item We Set of to Elener Dennet Fifty Acres of Land in Berwick at a Place Called Doutys. Falls Besides What She is to Receive of Her Brother as above Mentioned.

    Kittery Septr. ye 17th, 1764
    Benja. Parker
    Edwd. Cutts
    Jno. Morrell
    Robert Morrell"

    "I do hereby approve and allow of the same, and do order and assign unto Mary Lord late Widow of sd Decd her Dower or Thirds in the Homestead of ye Said Decd and Buildings thereon with ye orchard (therein contained) as bounded and described in Said division during Life. And I do hereby order and assign to John Dennet only Son of ye Said Intestate two third parts of the said Homestead with ye two Third parts of the Buildings thereon and the Privideges & appurtces thereto belonging to him his Heirs & assignes forever. Provided the Said John his heirs Executors or Adminr pay or cause to be paid unto Mary dennet a Daughter of ye Said Decd the Sum of Forty Seven pounds ten shillings and to Eleaner Dennet the Sum of Nineteen pounds sixteen shillings & four pence at or before the fifth Day of January next ensuing with lawful Interest till paid the said Interest to commence from the fifth Day of July last- And I do hereby order and assign to the other Heirs of the Said Intestate ye Several Tracts and parcels of Land Set off to them respectively in and by the Said Division to them & their Heirs & assignes in Severally ( ) that Stephen Tobey & Sarah his wife pay to Mary Dennet four pounds seven Shillings & two pence within ye Terms and with lawful Intert commencing as aforesaid. And that the said William Fernald and Abigail his wife pay to the said Mary Dennet four pounds seven Shillings and two pence within ye Term and with lawful Interest commencing as aforesaid and that the said John Dennet Jr Stephen Tobey Jr & William Fernald Jr give bonds with Sureties for the payment of ye respective Sums ordered to them as aforesd according to this my Decree.

    Given under the Seal of the Court of Probate the fifteenth Day of October Anno Domini 1764.

    Jer. Moulton"

    "Kittery Octob: ye 19th 1771

    This Day Received of my Brother John Dennet ( ) wone Pound ten Shillings Lawfull money in full of all Bonds Depts Dues and Demands whatsoever From the beginning of the world unto this Day I Say Recved by me
    Eleaner Dennet
    attest Israel Kimball"(2)

    "Know all men by these presents That We John Dennet, tert. of Kittery in the County of york within the Province of the Massachusetts Bay yeoman principal and Stephen Tobey junr. Yeoman and William Fernald junr Joyner both of said Kittery Sureties are holden and stand firmly bound and obliged unto Jeremh. Moulton Esqr Judge of the Probate of Wills &c for ye said County of york in the full and just Sum of one hundred thirty four pounds fourteen Shillings lawful money of ye Said Province to be paid unto the Said Jer. Moulton his Successors or Assigns in the Said ofice. To the which payment well and truly to be made, we bind our Selves and each of us and each of oure Heirs Executors and Adminr jointly and Severally for the whole and in the whole firmly by these presents, Sealed with our Seals Dated the fifteenth Day of October AnnoDom.1764.

    The Conditions of this present obligation is Such that whereas the honble. The Judge of Probates above named by his Decree on the Instrument purporting the Division of the real Estae of Thomas Dennet late of Kittery aforesd decd Intestate Set off and assigned to the above bounden John Dennet only Son of ye Said Intestate two third parts of the Homestead with two Third parts of the dwelling House Barn and Cyder House of the Sd Deceased, he paying unto his Sister Mary Dennet Forty Seven pounds ten shillings and eight pence, and to his Sister Eleaner Dennet Nineteen pounds Sixteen Shillings and four pence as part of their Shares on Proportions of the apprized value of the Said Estate as by the Said Decree is mentioned and expressed. If therefore the Sd John Dennet junr his Heirs Executors or Adminr Shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto the Said Mary Dennet and Eleanor Dennet the Several Sums of Money in the Said Decree to them respectively ordered with lawful Interest for the Same Commencing the fifth Day of July last within Six Months from Said Date, that is today at or before the fifth Day of January next ensuing, namely to Mary Dennet the Said Sum of Forty Seven pounds ten Shillings and eight pence and to the Said Eleaner Dennet the Sum of Nineteen pounds Sixteen Shillings & four pence within the Term aforesd with Interest till paid as aforesd without Fraud or Delay then the foregoing obligation to be void and of none Effect otherwise to abide and remain in full Force Strenght and Virtue.

    Signed Sealed & Delivered John Dennet 3d
    In presence of us Stephen Tobey Jr
    Simon Frost
    Mercy Frost William Fernald Sr"

    "Kittery Sept 26th, 1771

    Recvd of John Dennet junr thirty Pounds Lawful money in full of all Bonds Debts Dues and Demands Whatsoever from The Beginning the world until this Day

    Per Me: Mary Dennet"

    Kittery Octobr ye 19th, 1771

    This Day Receved of my Brother John Dennet junr wone Pound ten Shillings Lawful money in full of all Bonds Depts Dues and Demands whatsoever From the beginning of the world until this Day I Say Recved by me Eleaner Dennet

    Attest: Israel Kimball(3)


    Division of Thomas Dennett's estate, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6

    "In the Name of God Amen. I Mary Lord of Kittery in the County of York & State of Massachusets widow woman Spinster.. do make & ordain this to be my Last will & Testament...

    I give & bequeath unto my beloved Son John Dennet of Kittery aforesaid all my property of every kind whatever, except my wearing Apparrel, which he at my Decease is to deliver up to my Beloved Daughters, Abigal Fernald, Eleanor Kimbal, & the children of my beloved Daughter Mary Dennet Deceased. Likewise it is my desire that each of my Daughters Receive from my beloved Son John Dennet whom I appoint my Sole Executor, one Dollar & Likewise the children of my Daugher Mary aforesaid have one Dollar Divided among them.

    I order my Son John Dennet to pay all my Funeral Charges, & debts & confirm unto him his heirs & assigns forever the afforesaid property. In witness hereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal this Twenty Eighth Day of Decr. in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred & Ninety Eight.

    Signd Seald &
    Delivered in presence of us

    Mary Lord
    Joseph Litchfield
    Benning Parker
    Jane Dennett"(4)


    Mary Dennett Lord's Will, page 2

    Issue- All children born in Kittery

  • I. Sarah- b. 16 Oct. 1737, m. 1762 Steven Toby Jr. (m.2. 26 Oct. 1786 Mary Rogers, (d. 1814), d.s.p. c.1796)
  • II. Abigail-b. 28 Apr. 1741, m. 28 June 1763 William Fernald Jr. (b. 16 Sept. 1739 Kittery, d. 29 Sept. 1823 Kittery), d. 5 Apr. 1818 Kittery
  • III. John- b. 26 Aug. 1743, m.1. 3 July 1763 Jane Coffin, 2. 20 Apr. 1797 Phebe Hutchings, 3. 1816 Sarah Ferguson, d. 7 May 1819 Kittery
  • IV. Mary- b. 7 Nov. 1746, m. 7 July 1767 Mark Dennett, d. by 28 Dec. 1798
  • 7V. ELEANOR- b. 10 July 1753, m. 19 Dec. 1771 ISRAEL KIMBALL (bpt. 29 Apr. 1750 Kennebunk, d. 17 Oct. 1823 Kennebunkport), d. 30 Sept. 1838 Kennebunkport


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