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If you love Genealogy AND Mystery Novels

Genealogist Sleuths

"All the Crazy Winters" by Deborah Adams
"The Death of Cousin Rose" by Jonathan Harrington
"Murder One Removed" by Kathleen Kunz
"Family Skeletons: a Novel" by Rhett MacPherson
"A Veiled Antiquity" by Rhett MacPherson
"The Famous DAR Murder Myster" by Graham Landrum
"The Silent Ones" by Elizabeth Ogilvie

Dead or Missing Genealogists

"Murder Runs in the Family" by Anne George
"Genealogy of Murder" by Lee Martin

Novels With a Genealogy Thread

"An Impossible Life: a Bobeh Myseh" by David Black
"The Winshaw Legacy" by Jonathan Coe
"The Horse You Came in On" by Martha Grimes
"Killing Cousins: a Mort Sinclair Mystery" by Gene Stratton
"Mother Love: a Karl Alberg Mystery" by Laurlai Wright
"The Ancestor Game" by Alex Miller
"The Devil in Tartan" by Elisabeth Ogilvie

And Don't Forget

"The Historical Society Murder" by Graham Landrum

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