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Hampshire County, Massachusetts

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Bakeman/Bateman Ray Brooks African-American
Billings Steve Condarcure Belchertown?
Borowski Jean Jonker South Hadley
Bradley Erin Nikitchyuk Ware/Irish-American
Campbell Chuck Ford Middlefield
Ciszewski Jean Jonker South Hadley/c. 1900
Curtis Rosemary Warlick
Dodd Rosemary Warlick  
Gardner Susuan L. Kruse Hadley 1663
Gardner Denise Mills Worthington
Gear Denise Mills Worthington?
Greene  Cindy Brown S. Hadley/Granby
Hawks  Roy Nagy Hadley/John d. 1662
Kyle Raymond H. Brooks Native American
Loveland Chuck Ford Middlefield
Mielnicki Jean Jonker South Hadley/c. 1900
Moore Valerie Simonton Easthampton/c. 1884
Parmely  "Peltier" James Parmely b. 1757 CT to Northampton/Colrain
Porter David Jones
Powling Bob Powling Worldwide search
Robbins "Peltier" Lydia Robbins, b. 1770 Northampton
Robinson Raymond H. Brooks Amherst/1864
Russell Shirley Bruso Ware/Brimfield?
Selden Cindy Brown S. Hadley/Granby
Shea Cornelius Timothy Shea Northampton
Smith Raymond H. Brooks  Afr.-Am./Amherst mid-1800s
Stebbins David Jones
Stone Steven Condarcure Belchertown?
Story Raymond H. Brooks Amherst/Holyoke
Swan Raymond H. Brooks African-American
Thayer David Jones  
Till Raymond H. Brooks  
Warner Virginia Taylor Haydenville
Whipple Joni Mueller Amherst

Robbins: I am researching Lydia ROBBINS, b. 7 Sept. 1770 in Northampton. She married ______ DONELSON (Donaldson) and was widowed. Her second husband (marriage date: 4 Dec. 1802) was James PARMELY (b. 1757 Killingworth, CT). Four of their children were born in Colrain, Franklin Co., MA. They moved to Bristol, Ontario, NY abt 1813 and their youngest daughter, Emily PARMELY, was born there in 1814. Who were Lydia's parents? "Peltier." Submitted 2/18/97.

Shea: Searching for Michael Joseph Shea and Michael Thomas Shea in Northampton. Cornelius Timothy Shea. Submitted 2/14/97.

Warner: Searching for MARY LAURENA WARNER b. Dec., 1833 Haydenville [Williamsburg]. Married SMITH NILES of Spencertown, NY about 1860. They moved to Will Co., IL then to Oak Park, Cook Co., IL where she died Dec. 26, 1921 at age 88. What were her parents' names? Siblings? Any other family information greatly appreciated. Thank you. Virginia Niles Taylor. Submitted 2/11/97.

Powling: Looking for all occurrences of this name. Bob Powling.

Bradley: Researching the Bradley family of West Brookfield, and later Ware, MA. Patrick Bradley (1834-1903) & his wife Ellen Lawton & Children (including William D., Agnes M., Sadie, Nora, Nancy, Mary. Originally from Ireland. Erin Nikitchyuk. Submitted 2/8/97.

Hawks: Looking for information on John HAWKS (d. 6/30/1662 in Hadley), m. Elizabeth ? ch. Joanna, John, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Anna and Isaac. Roy Nagy. Submitted 2/2/97.

Wright: Looking for parents of Asher WRIGHT, b. 1801 MA. Found in 1824, 1827 valuations in town of Chester MA. census 1830 Chester. Married Olive (--?--) bef 1829. First son Eliphalet Asher WRIGHT b. 1829 MA. Family moved to Denmark, Ashtabula,Ohio abt 1837. Son Erastus S. WRIGHT born 1839. Daughters Phebe Ann and Olive M. born later. Any help finding his parents or Olive's family would be greatly appreciated. Michele Roth. Submitted 1/31/97.

Till/Story: Looking for information on Julia Ann TILL born ca 1805-10 in Hadley,Mass. She married Benjamin A. STORY of Amherst & Holyoke, Ma in 1829. She was from a large family the oldest member was Benjamin TILL born in Leicester, Mass., died in Hadley after the Civil War. Others included Dudley, William, Laueiid, William Jr., Hauch, Charles Marhtr, George, Clara, Georgianna, Juliette, Maria,and Cora Till. They also are listed with a Charles Story in the 1855 census. I'd appreciate any information on them. Many Thanks. Raymond H. Brooks. Submitted 1/26/97.

Patterson/Russell: The following children of Joseph PATTERSON (no Mother listed) were baptised in the Ware River Parish Church, Ware, Hampshire County, MA: Eunice 1765, Sybil 1768, Reuben 1768, Abigail 1773, Zuba 1773. Was their Mother Abigail RUSSELL who m. Joseph PATTERSON 1757, Brimfield, Hampden Co.? Where was their son, Joseph, born? Shirley Bruso,6508-103rd St. Court East, Puyallup,WA 98373-1187. Submitted 1/20/97.

Swan/Bateman or Bakeman: I am researching JULIA SWAN born about 1816 (person of color) may have been mixed with Indian. She is listed as being born in Northfield, Mass and also Northampton, Mass. Her father was ALEXANDER SWAN probably born in Massachusetts. She married a RICHARD BAKEMAN (BATEMAN) in 1841 in Northampton,Mass. I would appreciate any information anyone has on her or the SWAN families in Northfield, Mass. Many Thanks. Ray Brooks. Submitted 1/16/97.

Smith/Bakeman or Bateman/Robinson: Looking for informantion on HIRAM SMITH born about 1835 in Williamstown,Mass. He was a person of color. His parents were HENRY SMITH of Williamstown, Mass and MARY H. PAINE. HIRAM SMITH resided in Amherst, Mass in 1863 to 1870. His 1st wife was ELIZA BAKEMAN of Northampton, Mass. His 2nd marriage was to DIANA ROBINSON 1864 at Amherst, Mass. She was born about 1846 at Uxbridge,Mass and may have lives at Suffield, CT. I would like to know what relationship was he if any, to ROBERT SMITH of Williamstown, Mass. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks. Ray Brooks. Submitted 1/16/97.

Bateman or Bakeman/Story: I am looking for information on GEORGE BAKEMAN (BATEMAN) born ca 1838 in Springfield, Mass. He Married MARGARET STORY in Hadley, Mass 1861. GEORGE was the son of SAMUEL & LOIS BAKEMAN born in Mass. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks. Ray Brooks. Submitted 1/15/97.

Kyle/Bateman or Bakeman: Looking for information on HELEN E. KYLE born circa 1835 in Greenfield,Mass.(Death certificate says Greenfield and marriage certificate says Amherst, Mass). Parents were ALEX KYLE & HULDAH KYLE. HELEN married JOSIAH BAKEMAN in 1855 in Northampton, Mass. They had a child CHARLES R. BAKEMAN. HELEN was a Dudley Indian. I would appreciate any information that anyone can contribute on these people. Many Thanks. Raymond H. Brooks. Submitted 1/12/97.

Moore: Searching for any info re: GEORGE C. MOORE d.ca 1931, resided in Washington Co., Westerly, RI; At 42 Elm Street "Elmore" estate, ca 1918-1930-31. wife: ELIZABETH F.; children: ELEANOR C., EMMA W., GEORGE C., JR., WILLIAM F.(My Grandfather), THOMAS F., HAROLD Q., GEOFFREY L., CYRIL V., JOHN V. GEORGE C. MOORE lived in East Hampton, Hampshire Co., Worchester and Revere, MA, ca 1884-1906. Valerie Simonton. Submitted 1/10/97.

Bakeman or Bateman/Finnemore: Looking for information on SAMUEL BAKEMAN born before 1775 in Boston, Mass and His wife HANNAH( )BAKEMAN, also born around that time. They were people of color. He was living in Belchertown before coming to Amherst, Mass in 1820. They had two sons: SAMUEL BAKEMAN (also known as SAMUEL BATEMAN JR.) He was born 1800. His brother RICHARD BAKEMAN was born 1807 in Belchertown, Mass. SAMUEL BATEMAN JR. married LOIS FINNEMORE in Sept 1821 and they resided at Amherst, Mass. in 1821. RICHARD BAKEMAN married JULIA SWAN in 1841 in Northampton, Mass. She was born ca 1816 in Northfield or Northampton, Mass ( not clear which town). Her father was ALEXANDER SWAN. It is sais she or her mother (name uknown) was Indian. I would appreciate any information anyone has to contribute on these people. Many Thanks. Raymond H. Brooks. Submitted 1/10/97.

Swan/Bakeman or Bateman: I am looking for information on JULIA SWAN born circa 1816 in either Northampton, Mass or Northfield,Mass. Her children birth records shows both gives both places as her place of birth. Her father was ALEXANDER SWAN born Massachusetts ca 1790. Her mothers name is unknown. JULIA SWAN was listed as black/mulatto in the census. Family oral history says her mother or grandmother was Indian. I do not know if she had any brothers or sisters, She married RICHARD BAKEMAN(BATEMAN) in 1841 Northampton,Mass. They had three children CALVIN, ALEXANDER and CLARISSA. If anyone has any information on exactly where JULIA was born and where her fathr was from, and the name of her mother and whether or not she had siblings. I'd be happy to hear from you and also if there was Indian in her family. Many Thanks. Raymond H. Brooks. Submitted 1/8/97.

Bakeman or Bateman/Kyle: Looking for information on information on JOSIAH & HELEN BAKEMAN of Northampton,Mass. JOSIAH born about 1825 Northampton was the son of SAMUEL jr. & LOIS BAKEMAN ( BATEMAN).SAMUEL'S brother was RICHARD BAKEMAN. RICHAR BAKEMAN'S wife was JULIA SWAN born Northampton/Northfield. SAMUEL JR. AND RICHARD BAKEMAN parents were SAMUEL & HANNAH BAKEMAN. They were both born in Boston, Mass before 1775. HELEN (KYLE) BAKEMAN was a Dudley Indian, JOSIAH, HELEN and thier son CHARLES R.BAKEMAN are in the JOHN MILTON EARLE REPORT of 1861 1859 Indian census. I'd be interested also to know if anyone has knowledge where the parents of SAMUEL & HANNAH came from. And HANNAH'S maiden name. If anyone has any information on any of these people and their background, I would like to hear from you. Many Thanks. Raymond H. Brooks. Submitted 1/8/97.

Porter/Thayer/Stebbins: looking for seth porter & wife esther porter father and mother of d daniel porter, born 1836.they ended up in fairfield township, sauk co.,wi. sometime in 1850's. also russell thayer born 1802, and wife elzibeth stebbins thayer parents of mary thayer porter, wife of daniel porter. they also end up in fairfield township, sauk co. in the 1850's. David Jones. Submitted 1/5/97.

Campbell/Loveland: Robert Campbell, Rev. War sold. from Chester, Mass., m. Asenath Loveland, 12 Dec 1785 or 6 Nov 1786, Middlefield, Mass., d. 1 Mar 1841, Pike, N.Y. Need ancestry of Robert. Chuck Ford. Submitted 1/8/97.

Greene/Selden: Both families of Hadley/South Hadley/Granby, c. 1740 - after 1800. Information to share. Cindy Brown. Submitted 1/3/97.

Gardner/Gear: I would appreciate any information on Elijah Rosen GARDNER, b 7/4/1800 in Worthington; son of Townsend GARDNER and Thankful GEAR GARDNER. Any information on Elijah or Townsend GARDNER and on GEAR families would be appreciated. Elijah Gardner was in Chenago Co. NY by 1825 where he married and later moved to Elkhorn, WI in 1838. Denise Mills. Submitted 12/1/96.

Whipple: I am looking for the surname Whipple and the only location I have lists a Daniel Dodge WHIPPLE born Oct. 10, 1839 in Amhurst, Mass. His parents were James Greenwood Whipple and Eliza W. O'Dell. Joni Mueller. Submitted 11/23/96.

Borowski/Ciszewski/Mielnicki: I am looking for information on Longin Borowski, Mary Niec, Piotr Ciszewski and Amelia Mielnicki. All of both Holyoke and South Hadley around the turn of the century. Jean Jonker. Submitted 11/9/96.

Dodd/Curtis: Looking for parents of a David BACON, b Jul 25 1780 in MA. Married BetseyWILBER/UR 1804 Washington Co NY. Children were Benjamin, Dorcus, Lydia, Polly, Lyman, David, William H, John W, and Betsey Ann. All born NY Benjamin BACON,b 1805, m. Eliza Melissa DODD ; her parents were Wm Y DODD and Eliza CURTIS who's parent's came from Williamstown MA. Lydia m Howard PHILLIPS 1828 NY ; Polly m Peter B WILBER/UR 1828 NY; Dorcus m a DUNN NY. Was David's father a David in Dalton MA 1790 census with one son under 16 and 2 daus.? Rosemary Warlick. Submitted 11/5/96.

Gardner: Seaching for name of wife of Samuel Gardner, resided Hadley 1663. Please pass on my name to any other researchers of Samuel. Susan L. Kruse.

Billings/Stone: Need info on Frederick Billings who married Sophia Stone and had son Edwin Billings. According to birth cert of Edwin, his father was born in Belchertown, but according to Town Hall there, no such person born. Frederick would have been born in late 1820's to 1840. Steve Condarcure. Submitted 9/22/1996.

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