Hampden County, MA
Formed in 1812 from Hampshire, County
(Originally of the Massachusetts Bay Colony which was organized into counties in 1643.)

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Cherry Lane Cemetery

Springfield, MA

April 29, 2007


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Greetings!  Welcome to the Hampden County Gen Web site.  I am Dawn Newton.  I grew up in Springfield, and lived all of my life within fifteen minutes of Hampden County.  I have been actively involved in genealogical research for five years, and have researched to exhaustion my family tree.  I have a degree in History from Eastern Connecticut State University and participated in the New England Studies program there.  In addition to this site, I also maintain the Berkshire County USGenWeb site and the Windsor, Hartford County, CT page.  I took over this website from Laurel O'Donnell, a native of Holyoke, MA, in October 2006.  Many thanks go to former webmasters Laurel O'Donnell and Ellen Pack as well as all the volunteers who have worked to make this a great website.  I look forward to continuing to help this website grow.  

Please check back soon for site updates and information.  If you are interested in contributing to the website, please e-mail me.  I will post anything related to Hampden County.  If you have a will of an ancestor, transcribe it.  If you have a photo, copy it, and send it to my e-mail!  I am also looking for biographies of your favorite ancestors.  They can be from old genealogical books that have expired copyrights or ones that you have written.  You must cite all your sources!!!  Other people's GEDCOM's are not reliable sources and you should not write histories based on them.  Click here to see how to cite sources based on the Turabian standard.

Thanks for visiting the site!  Come back soon.

Note: Some buttons or links may be down while the site is being updated.  Thank you for your patience.  Many thanks to Patricia McMackin for providing me with the graphics for the buttons.

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