Genealogy in Franklin County, Massachusetts - Town of Rowe

Genealogy in Franklin County, Massachusetts
Town of Rowe

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Rowe lies in the northwestern part of Franklin County and is roughly bounded by Whitingham (in Windham County, Vermont) on the north, Heath on the east, Charlemont on the south, and Florida (in Berkshire County) and Monroe on the west. Rowe was organized February 9, 1785 from common lands called Myrifield. On February 21, 1822, part of Rowe and certain common lands were organized as Monroe. On April 2, 1838, part of the common lands called Zoar were annexed to Rowe.

In 1874, Elias Nason described the town of Rowe as follows:
is a thinly-settled but delightful town, having 581 inhabitants, and a good bracing, healthful atmosphere, in the north-west section of Franklin County. It has Whittingham (in New Hampshire [i.e., Vermont]) on the north, Heath on the east, Charlemont and Florida on the south, and the latter and Monroe on the west. It is accommodated by the Troy and Greenfield Railroad. The entrance to the Hoosac Tunnel is on the right bank of the Deerfield River, opposite the south-western angle of the town. The land is mountainous, the scenery wild and picturesque. On the northern line, Jilson's Hill rises to the height of 2,109 feet; and prominent hills flank the valley through which Pelham Brook and its numerous tributaries run south-westerly into the Deerfield River. This river, here a swift and handsome stream, sweeps around the western borders of the town. Pulpit Rock, on its left bank, is a conspicuous natural curiosity. Epidote and talc are found in this vicinity; and several men are now working in an extensive soapstone quarry.

There is a woolen-mill on Pelham Brook; and the town has a chair and a basket factory; but the principal business is farming and lumbering. There are 92 farms. The soil is strong, and good for grazing. The number of sheep in 1865 was 1,818, which in 1872 had fallen to 412.

The town has 109 dwelling-houses, seven schoolhouses (mostly new), a public library of about 500 volumes, and three churches,--one Unitarian, the Rev. William M. Bicknell, pastor; one Baptist, the Rev. George Carpenter, pastor; and one Methodist, the Rev. Edward Day, pastor. It sent to the late war 46 soldiers, of whom three were lost. Comfort and independence prevail among the people. "Their mountain air gives vigor to their minds and muscles; and the crystal springs from their own hills refresh them under fatigue and toil." The opening of the Hoosac Tunnel will enhance the value of the land and its productions.

This town, originally Myrifield, was incorporated Feb. 9, 1785. A part of Zoar, containing six families, was annexed to it April 2, 1838. The ruins of old Fort Pelham, which was one in the line of fortifications erected about 1744, are still to be seen on Pelham Brook. The Rev. Preserved Smith, the first minister, was settled in 1787. He was succeeded in 1808 by the Rev. Jonathan Keith.
(Source: Nason, Elias, 1811-1887. A gazetteer of the state of Massachusetts : with numerous illustrations on wood and steel / by Elias Nason. -- Boston : B.B. Russell, 1874. -- p. 435)

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