Genealogy in Franklin County, Massachusetts - Town of Leverett

Genealogy in Franklin County, Massachusetts
Town of Leverett

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Leverett lies in the south-central part of Franklin County and is roughly bounded by Montague on the north, Wendell on the northeast, Shutesbury on the east and south, Amherst (in Hampshire County) on the south, and Sunderland on the west. Leverett was organized March 5, 1774 from part of Sunderland.

In 1874, Elias Nason described the town of Leverett as follows:
is a mountainous town, having some fine scenery, 180 dwelling-houses, and 877 inhabitants, in the southerly part of Franklin County, and 106 miles west of Boston. It lies in the form of a rhombus, or lozenge; and has Montague on the north, Shutesbury on the east, this and Amherst on the south, and Sunderland (from which it was taken) on the west. It was incorporated May [i.e., Mar.] 5, 1774; and named from John Leverett, president of Harvard University. Among its minerals are found galena (sulphuret of lead), heavy spar, blende, and copper pyrites.

A dashing stream, appropriately name "Roaring Brook," having a very beautiful cascade, runs through the south-east corner of the town, receiving a branch which comes down from the Centre; and Saw-mill River, running through North Leverett, gives valuable motive-power. The number of farms is 121; yet more than 5,000 acres of land are unimproved. Tobacco is extensively cultivated. The town has one pail and one satinet factory, nine saw and two grist mills. The postal centres are Leverett and North Leverett.

It has seven school-districts; a Baptist church at North Leverett, of which the Rev. E. N. Jencks is pastor; and a Congregational church at South Leverett, of which the Rev. James Shurtleff is pastor.

It has a town-hall, but no town-library or soldiers' monument. The Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad passes through the westerly portion of the town. A church was first organized here in 1734, and the Rev. Henry Williams chosen pastor; he, dying in 1811, was succeeded the next year by the Rev. Joel Wright.

The valuation is $335,055; and the rate of taxation, $1.76 per $100.

"The oldest house in North Leverett," writes a correspondent in 1873, "has just been taken down, It was built by Capt. Sparrow in 1748,--125 years ago. Many of the timbers were found perfectly sound. It was for many years the residence of Major Richard Montague of Revolutionary fame, and one of Ethan Allen's assistants in the taking of For Ticonderoga, and subsequently for many years the headquarters of the few Baptists in those parts, then suffering under the intolerance of the unjust religious laws. The major had a stentorian voice; and, it was said, could read so that a whole brigade could hear. One could easily believe that the timbers of this old house rang as the major thundered forth his indignation against religious intolerance, especially just after he had on one occasion been arrested, and conveyed six miles towards jail; when the constable, thinking of a surer way, left him, and levied upon, and sold, a fat pig to pay the obnoxious 'minister tax.'"
(Source: Nason, Elias, 1811-1887. A gazetteer of the state of Massachusetts : with numerous illustrations on wood and steel / by Elias Nason. -- Boston : B.B. Russell, 1874. -- p. 293)

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