Genealogy in Franklin County, Massachusetts - Town of Buckland

Genealogy in Franklin County, Massachusetts
Town of Buckland

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Buckland lies in the western part of Franklin County and is roughly bounded by Charlemont on the north, Shelburne on the east, Conway on the southeast, Ashfield on the south, and Hawley on the west. Buckland was organized April 14, 1779 from the plantation called Notown and a part of Charlemont. On April 14, 1838, part of Conway was annexed to Buckland.

In 1874, Elias Nason described the town of Buckland as follows:
is a pleasant farming-town, of 1,946 inhabitants and 320 dwelling-houses, lying in the western part of Franklin County. Its boundaries are Charlemont (from which it is separated by the Deerfield River) on the north, Shelburne (with the separation of the same river) and Conway on the east, Ashfield on the south, and Hawley and Charlemont on the west.

Notown was its former name. It once constituted a part of Charlemont; and was incorporated April 14, 1779. It has a station on the Troy and Greenfield Railroad, and is 125 miles north-west from Boston.

The geological structure is calciferous mica-schist and calcareous gneiss. Valuation, $602,993; rate of taxation, $1.87 per $100.

The leading pursuit of the people is agriculture; though many are engaged in manufacturing.

The surface of the land is very uneven, and the scenery near the Deerfield River charmingly picturesque.

There are 119 farms, embracing 11,333 acres, of which 8,283 are under cultivation.

The town has one establishment for the manufacture of wooden-ware, one for making boxes, and one for tanning and currying; three saw-mills; three feed-mills; and a manufactory for making augers, bits, and gimlets. The Lamson and Goodenow Manufacturing Company, for the making of cutlery, employ from 200 to 400 hands.

There are several streams in the town,--as First, Second, Third, Ware's, Clark's, and Taylor's Brooks,--all being tributaries to the Deerfield River. But the principal is Clesson's River, affording water-power for mills and manufactories, and flowing centrally and north-easterly; being also a tributary to the beautiful Deerfield River. Shelburne Falls are on the boundary-line between Buckland and Shelburne, the village of that name lying partly in each town. There is a post-office here, a house of entertainment called "Woodward's Hotel," a Post of the G. A. R., and a Masonic and Odd-Fellows' Lodge.

This town is the birthplace of MARY LYON, a celebrated teacher, and author of "Missionary Offering" and other works. She was born Feb. 28, 1797; and died in South Hadley, Mass., March 5, 1849. Dr. J. G. Holland, in his "History of Western Massachusetts," says, in speaking of this illustrious lady, "That her active and devoted mind was the initial point of an influence greater and better than that of any other woman who ever lived in Western Massachusetts, none will doubt who contemplate the mass of educated, cultivated, and Christianized mind that passes into society every year from the walls of the institution associated forever with her name and memory."

The first child born here was Jonathan Ward.

A Congregational church was formed in October, 1785, with 18 members. The first pastor was the Rev. Josiah Spaulding, who was held in high esteem. There are now three churches,--one Orthodox Congregational, the Rev. C. L. Guild, pastor; and two Methodist, one of which is under the pastoral care of the Rev. J. M. Avann.
(Source: Nason, Elias, 1811-1887. A gazetteer of the state of Massachusetts : with numerous illustrations on wood and steel / by Elias Nason. -- Boston : B.B. Russell, 1874. -- p. 135)

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