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Westford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
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Westford by Paula Eldridge, CFP

   Located about 25 miles NorthWest of Boston, Massachusetts, two native American tribes lived in the area in 1653; the Pawtuckets (or Wamesits), and the Nashobas.

In 1653, The plantation of Chelmsford was granted, and two years later the town was incorportated. By 1660, the Wamesits no longer used the land, and slowly there was a progression of settlers moving Northwesterly from the center of Chelmsford. In the early 1700s, these settlers began the request for their own meetinghouse, and in 1724 this was granted, as the "West Precinct of Chelmsford".

This name evolved to "West Chelmsford". Then in 1727, "West Chelmsford" was granted a meetinghouse of their own, and the town of "Westford", was incorporated on 23 September 1729.

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