How do you spell "Maybury"?
117 different spellings of Maybury
all found in original records!

In years past, when many people were unable to read and write, their documents and were written for them by various clerks, clergy, census takers, etc. Those who wrote the documents usually spelled the name of the person before them the way it sounded to them at the time, or perhaps the way they had seen it spelled in earlier records. For this reason the Maybury family name, like most other names, has been recorded in many different ways over the centuries. The spellings below have all been found in original records. The spellings shown in red are the most common today.
Mabarry Mabiroy Mabry Marburie Mayborey Maysberry Merebirie
Mabary Mabore Maburay Marburry Mayborough Meaberry Meybrea
Mabberry Mabory Maburery Marbury Maybory Meabery Meybury
Mabbery Mabra Maburey Moabry Maybowrie Meabray Meyburye
Mabera Mabray Maburrough Mawbury Maybray Meabrey Moubray
Maberay Mabre Maburry Maybarry Maybre Meabry Mowbery
Maberey Mabree Mabury Maybary Maybrey Meaprey Mowbray
Maberry Mabrery Maebry Mayberrey Maybry Mebery Mybury
Mabery Mabrey Maiberry Mayberrie Mayburey Mayburye Merbury
Mabiere Mabrie Maibry Mayberry Mayburie Mebrey Mawbray
Mabiray Mabroughe Marberry Maybery Mayburry Mebury Meberri
Mabire Mabroy Marbray Mayberye Maybury Meebury Mebri
Mebbery Mehbry Mabirry Meberie Maberye Moulberry Mowbrey
Mowberie Mobery Mobrey Mebre Mebry Meabury Maybrowe
Mayborowe Maborowe Mayberrye Mowberye Mobrye Mawberrie Maubrey
Mayberie Maybraye Mowbury Mabearry Moberey Maibury Mawbery
Mawbry Marebery Maybeury Maybare Meybery

This is well illustrated by the records left behind by a SINGLE individual - our common ancestor, John Maybury of Sussex (ca 1540-1618).

  • When he married Margaret Bourder in Brightling, Sussex in 1565 his name was written as John Meberie.
  • When their daughter, Elizabeth was baptized in Etchingham in 1569 his name was given as John Mabery.
  • When his sons, John and Richard were baptized in 1570, his name was written as John Mayberie , and John Meabury respectively.
  • The parish register at Mayfield records him as John Mabry, when his daughter Mary was baptized in 1574.
  • The following year, when his son, Clement, was baptized, he was called John Mabery .
  • When his wife, Margaret, was buried at Mayfield in February 1576 he was John Maberye .
  • When he re-married a few months later it was still Maberye but his given name was written as Johathan.
  • When he failed to attend a frankpledge meeting at Hartfield in 1581, he was noted as John Maybury.
  • He was called John Maybery when his daughter, Elizabeth, was buried at Etchingham in 1593.
  • The record of the burial of his first son, John, at Bexhill uses the spelling Mayberie .
  • Just a month later at Burwash, when his daughter, Joan, was married, he was John Maybery .
  • Ten years later he was called John Maberye again, when his wife died at Ellastone in Staffordshire.
  • In a Monmouth court record in 1605 he was called John Mabery.
  • In July 1606, when his son William was baptized, he was John Mayberie.
  • When John Astell brought suit against him in Hampshire in 1609, the name was written as John Mayberrie.
  • And when he died at Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire early in 1618 the burial record says John Maybery.

Thus we have John Maybury's name spelled at least nine different ways in a period of fifty-three years. It should not surprise us that the name continues to be spelled in so many ways in our own time!

September 2014