Mystery Mayburys

Rezin (Reason) Mabry
of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama & Louisiana

Rezin Mabry, as his name was sometimes spelled, has long been a puzzle. He was born, according to a family bible record, on 16 Jan 1792 in Fairfield County, South Carolina. Circumstantial evidence points to his being a son of Adam Poole4 Mabry (Ephraim3,Hinchia2, Francis1). But the date of his birth seems to conflict with the dates when some of his supposed siblings were born. It is possible that the date in the bible record was either mistakenly written or mis-read later.

Reason was first married in 1818 to Elizabeth Benton in Jasper County, Georgia. In 1855 in married a second time to Elizabeth Carroll in De Soto Parish, Louisiana. In 1830 he lived in Carroll County, Georgia. In 1840 he lived in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. He then moved to De Soto Parish in Louisiana where he died. It is likely that he was a son of Adam Poole Mabry and we hope that additional research can clear up the problem of his birth record in the family bible.

If you have information that might help us to further identify Rezin Mabry, please contact Don Collins

August 2014