Mystery Mayburys

Reuben Langdon Mabry
of Abbeville County, South Carolina

Reuben Langdon Mabry was born about 1783. About 1812 he married Mary (Polly) Tompkins; Reuben wrote his will in 1853 and died in 1858. He is buried in the Cokesbury Cemetery near Greenwood, S.C.

An article submitted by Julia B. Mabry in the Abbeville County Family History states that Reuben Langdon Mabry was born in Sussex, N. J. and came to Liberty Hill in Old Abbeville District, later settling in Cokesbury. It is known that his father-in-law, Stephen Tompkins, came from New Jersey.

Family tradition says that Reuben Langdon Mabry was a physician. Education was highly valued by his family. Four of his seven sons were doctors; three were lawyers; and all of his five daughters are said to have been educated as well. If it is true that Reuben Mabry lived near Liberty Hill, then he probably lived near Delilah Mabry (see her profile above) who was a head of household in Edgefield County in 1800. When Delilah sold her property in Edgefield in 1806 she purchased land in Abbeville County, just a short distance from that of Reuben Langdon Mabry. While this could be circumstantial, t could also point to a relationship. Could Reuben have been another son of Delilah Mabry? ,

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August 2014