Francis Maybury and Elizabeth Gilliam

The Mayburys of Surry County, Virginia

Francis Maybury and Elizabeth Gilliam
The first Maybury family in America

Francis Maybury was born about 1650-1660, probably in England. We do not know exactly when he arrived in Virginia or the name of the ship that brought him. All we know is that Francis was in Virginia at least by October 1, 1679 when, "John Pleasants and Jno. Haddellsey were granted 548 acres of land on the maine brooke of 4 Mile Creek, north of the James River in Henrico County for transporting 11 persons into the colony". One of the 11 persons (headrights) named in the grant was Fra. Mawbury (Maybury).

Because the system of "headright" grants was widely abused and because the names of persons coming into the Colony were often bought and sold for the purpose of obtaining land, we cannot presume that Francis Maybury actually came in 1679 or even that his transportation was paid by someone other than himself. We simply know that he was in Virginia at least by October 1, 1679. It is possible and even likely that he had come to the Colony months or even years earlier. Francis Maybury's name has not been found on any existing passenger list and we thus have no information about the port from which he sailed.

In spite of all the information we have disovered about Francis Maybury and Elizabeth Gilliam, there is much that we do not know:
  • We assume he was born in England but don't know where.
  • We still have not found the names of his parents.
  • We do not know how old he was when he came to America or why he came.
  • We know nothing of his life between his arrival in Virginia and his marriage in 1685.
Numerous family records can be found on the internet which state that Francis Maybury was born in 1647 in Longnor, Shropshire and that he was the son of Richard and Elizabeth Maybury. However, this is not true. The error began several years ago when a Mabry descendant searched the International Genealogical Index and found a record which said that a son, Francis, was baptized to Richard and Elizabeth Maybery of Longnor on 17 May 1677. Assuming this to be true, the information was submitted it to the "World Family Tree" project where it was published. Since then others have seen that information and published it elsewhere on the internet without bothering to check the original sources.

While some on-line versions of the Internatinal Genealogical Index say the Francis Maybury born in Longnor in 1647 was a son, the printed transcript of the 1992 IGI, says that the child was a daughter. Thus, in January 2005 we contacted the Shropshire Records Office and asked them to examine the original parish register. The following is their response:

"...although the name is spelled Francis the entry in the register reads Francis daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Maybery was baptized. The female name Frances was often spelled Francis at this time."

Thus we can say with certainty that Francis Maybury who came to Virginia and married Elizabeth Gilliam was NOT the son of Richard and Elizabeth Maybury of Shropshire.

Meanwhile in early 2003 we began the Maybury DNA Project using a test which looks at a unique "family code" passed on from father to son over many generations. The code is passed on unchanged except for rare "one step mutations" which are easily identifiable. Our study has already proved that Francis Maybury and several other later emigrants from England and Ireland share a common ancestor. This discovery is all the more interesting because some of the other emigrants came from Maybury lines that can be traced back to three contiguous counties in England's west midlands.

Elizabeth Gilliam was born in Virginia about 1654, the daughter of John Gilliam and Margery _____. Based on the work of early Mabry researchers before about 1950, it was long assumed that John Gilliam's wife was Margery Henshaw, daughter of Thomas Henshaw who was thought to have lived "on Otterdam" in Surry County. However, later research has shown that this Thomas Henshaw lived on a different Otterdam Creek, not in Surry County, but in Lancaster County and was not the father of Margery who married John Gilliam. Our research has yet to find Margery's parents.

Elizabeth's first husband was a Mr. West by whom she had two sons: Francis and John West. Her second marriage was to William Bevin by whom she had three more children: William, Matthew and Elizabeth Bevin. William Bevin wrote his will on 11 May 1684. A few months later, Elizabeth, a widow with five children, married Francis Maybury.

Elizabeth and Francis Maybury had seven more children:

  • Ann Maybury - married 1st David Peebles; married 2nd Abraham Burton
  • Mary Maybury - married George Fox
  • Francis Maybury, Jr. - married Eleanor Wyche
  • George Maybury - married 1st Unknown; married 2nd Sarah Williamson; married 3rd Martha Bradley.
  • Charles Maybury - married Rebecca Lofting
  • Judith Maybury - unmarried in 1713; married Robert Warren
  • Hinchia Maybury - married 1st Frances Parham married 2nd Anne Jackson; married 3rd Anne Courtney (nee Clack).

The Mayburys lived for several years on Swift Creek in Henrico County, just a few miles south of modern Richmond. Later they lived briefly in Charles City County, before moving to Surry County about 1701. Francis Maybury wrote his will on 22 March 1711/12 in Surry County. That he probably died a few weeks later is shown by the fact that his widow, Elizabeth, presented his estate for probate in Surry County Court on June 12 of the same year. One year later, on June 6, 1713, Elizabeth Maybury wrote her own will, which was offered for probate on 15 February 1715/16 by her son, Charles Maybury.

Land, court and other records show that when the Mayburys moved to Surry County about 1701, the settled along Jones Hole Swamp. There they cleared much of the land in order to plant tobacco. This picture taken by Maybury descendant, Bill Hicklin, shows what the area looks 300 years later (February 2001). It is now in Sussex County very near the line with modern Prince George County.

The Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

of Francis Maybury and Elizabeth Gilliam

  1. Ann2 Maybury b ca 1686; m1 before March 1712 David Peebles; m2 1732-36 Abraham Burton; d after 28 March 1756 probably in Brunswick County, VA
    1. Jehu3 Peebles m1 Mary _____; m2 Mrs. Ann Rivers; d ca 1804 "of great age" in Brunswick Co VA.
      1. Jehu4 Peebles b ca 1730 VA; m1 ca 1747 ______; m2 ca 1753 Catherine Smith; d 25 Jun 1813 Guilford Co NC.
      2. Elizabeth4 Peebles b ca 1730; m ca 1746 Lemuel Lanier; d by 1760 Brunswick Co VA.
      3. Frederick4 Peebles b ?; d 177_ VA.
      4. (daughter4 Peebles
      5. Hubbard4 Peebles b ca 1745 Brunswick Co VA; m ca 1768 Amy Robinson; d ca Nov 1821 Guilford Co NC.
      6. Britain4 Peebles b ca 1750; m ca 1778 Jane Green (d/o Frederick and Frances Green); d 1789
      7. Molly4 Peebles m Lemuel Lanier
    2. David3 Peebles b bef 1720; m1 before 1750 unknown; m2 ca 1759 Elizabeth Cook; livng in Greene Co GA in 1794.
      1. Nathan4 Peebles b ca 1750; d 1 Oct 1797
      2. Mary4 Peebles b 1752/53 Brunswick Co VA; m 1768/70 Thomas Massey in Richland Co SC; d 19 Jun 1828 Rockingham Co NC.
      3. Henry4 Peebles b ca 1754; m1 Susannah _____; m2 unknown; d 1830 Warren Co GA.
      4. (daughter)4 Peebles
      5. Lewis4 Peebles b 22 Dec 1760; m 1779 Jean Hicks; d Nov 1835 Rockingham Co NC.
      6. Burwell4 Peebles m Rebecca Tatum; will recorded 2 Mar 1799 in Greene Co GA.
      7. David4 Peebles b 21 Aug 1764 Brunswick Co VA; m 20 Mar 1788 Agatha Thornton; d 4 Sep 1816 Montgomery Co TN (Will Book B p. 411)
      8. Hubbard4 Peebles m 1795 Elizabeth Heard; d 1798 (Greene Co., GA Will Book 2 p. 24)
      9. Jehu4 Peebles m Mary R. Gibson
      10. Dudley4 Peebles m Susannah Peebles; d 1860 (Meriwether Co, GA Will Bok B p. 24)
    3. Joseph3 Peebles b ca 1725/35 Prince George Co VA; m 28 Nov 1758 Mary Robinson in Brunswick Co VA; d 27 May 1782 Brunswick Co VA
      1. Sterling4 Peebles b ca 1760; m 20 Apr 1788 Martha Wilkins; d Aug/Sep 1811 Northampton Co NC
      2. Dudley4 Peebles b 1771 or earlier; d ca 1790

  2. Mary2 Maybury b ca 1688; That Mary married a George Fox is shown by her statement in Surry County Court on 8 Feb 1713 in which, "Mary Fox, relict of George Fox, relinquishes her right of administration of the estate of George Fox to Francis Mayberry, Jr. Francis Mayberry and next of kin (sic) swears that George Fox died intestate and is confirmed as administrator." Later, Francis Maybury, Jr., Mary's brother, was ordered to present an inventory and appraisal for George Fox. James Sammon, Robert Hawthorn and John Hawthorn appointed as appraisers. (Surry County, Va. Orders: Vol 2). An audit of the account of George Fox's estate was filed with the Surry court on 19 Aug 1719. We have not located further records of this administration.

    Some have suggested a list of seven children based on the will of a Mary Fox, written in October 1795 and recorded (apparently in Mecklenburg County, Virginia) on 9 November 1795. However, this is very doubtful as our Mary Maybury, who married George Fox, would have been about 107 years of age in 1795 and likely would have remarried soon after the death of George Fox. Therefore, until additional records can be found we can only say that the children, if any, of Mary Maybury and George Fox are unknown.

  3. Francis2 Maybury b ca 1690; m Eleanor Wyche; d January or February 1728/29 Surry County, Virginia.
    1. William3 Mabry; d ca 1749 Surry Co VA; not married
    2. Francis3 Mabry b ca 1715 Surry Co VA; m ca 1737 Mary Eppes; d 18 Apr 1774 Bute Co NC
      1. Francis4 Mabry b 10 Mar 1738 Surry Co VA; m ca 1760 Sarah ?Christian; d ca 1785 Montomery Co NC
      2. Angelica4 Mabry b 23 May 1742
      3. Amy4 Mabry
      4. Jesse4 Mabry m Sally _____; d 1791 Franklin Co NC
      5. Elizabeth4 Mabry
      6. David4 Mabry b 1752 Bute Co NC; m 6 Aug 1778 Jean Bledsoe; d 12 Jul 1834

  4. George2 Maybury b ca 1692; m1 Unknown; m2 Sarah Williamson; m3 Martha Bradley; lived in Edgecombe (later Halifax) County, North Carolina; moved to Rowan County about 1768; d in December 1770. Documents related to the Williamson family prove that George Mabry and Sarah Williamson had one daughter, Sarah Mabry. The mother seems to have died in childbirth or shortly thereafter. The rest of George Mabry's children were by his unknown first wife or his second wife, Martha Bradley.
    1. John3 Mabry (by George Mabry's 1st wife) b ca 1713 Surry Co VA; m Mary Delk; remained in Halifax County, NC when his siblings moved to Rowan County; later moved a cross the line into Warren County, NC where he died in 1815 at the age of 102.
      1. John4 Mabry, Jr. prob. born 1740-50 in Surry County, VA; almost certainly the John Mabry who moved to Lincoln Co NC, and then later about 1804 to Rutherford County, TN.
      2. Delk4 Mabry born by about 1746
      3. (Female)4 Mabry who married William Myrick
      4. Moreland4 Mabry, a Rev. soldier who died about 1785
      5. Mary4 Mabry married Benjamin Bradley
      6. (Male)4 Mabry married a woman named Abbey with whom he had a son, John Dudley Mabry
      7. Matthew4 Mabry b ca 1753; m1 _____; m2 23 Oct 1783 Sarah Long (nee Green) Warren Co NC; d 1820-30 Warren Co NC?
      8. Benjamin4 Mabry born 1755; a Revolutionary Soldier; moved to Sumner Co TN by 1811
      9. Darling4 Mabry born before 1763; died in 1821
    2. Susannah3 Mabry m Mr. Jackson
    3. George3 Mabry married Mary _____; lived in Edgecombe and Halifax Counties in NC; moved about 1765 to Rowan County; moved to Pittsylvania Co VA (later Henry County); moved in 1796 to Knox County, TN where he died in 1801. The administration of his estate does not name his children. Joseph4 and George4 are documented. Other possible children are listed below with a "?" but are not documented.
      1. ?Francis4 Mabry b before 1750 ?Edgecombe Co NC; m1 (unknown); m2 after Aug 1797 Mary Wilson (nee Dix); lived in Pittsylvania Co VA and Hawkins/Grainger Counties in TN; d ?TN after ca 1818.
      2. Joseph4 Mabry b before 1750
      3. ?Sarah4 Mabry b ca 1752 Edgecombe Co NC; m 19 Jan 1772 John Combs Guilford Co NC; d TN
      4. ?Maria Susannah4 Mabry b ca 1756 Edgecombe Co NC; m 19 Jan 1776 Thomas Kimbrough in Guilford Co NC
      5. George4 Mabry b before 1760 Edgecombe or Halifax Co NC; m Mary Lackey; d Knox Co TN
    4. Burtha3 Mabry m Mr. Carter
    5. Isaac3 Mabry b before 1727 in VA; m Lucy Rutledge, widow of William Rutledge, Sr.; lived in Edgecombe and Halifax Counties in NC; moved to Rowan County in 1760s; then to Henry County, Virginia by 1782 where he probably died.
      1. Charles4 Mabry b ca 1760 NC; m1 ca 1788 Elizabeth Hylton; m2 Sarah _____; died ca 1840 Grayson Co VA
      2. ?Martha4 Mabry m 1786 John Hilton Henry Co VA
      3. Isaac4 Mabry; b ca 1764 NC; m Mary Hately; d 21 Aug 1860 Anderson Co TN
    6. Sarah3 Mabry (by Sarah Williamson) m Mr. Williams
    7. Joseph3 Mabry Joseph not named in the will of George2 Mabry, but is clearly a son.
      1. Mary A.4 Mabry b before 1753; m Richard P. Murrell; d 6 Apr 1848
    8. Martha3 Mabry m Mr. Woode
    9. James3 Mabry was executor of his father's will in Rowan County, NC in 1771; moved to Union County, SC where he bought land in 1774; d 1780-1783
      1. Jesse4 Mabry
      2. James4 Mabry m Hannah _____; d 1805 Union Co SC; Revolutionary soldier.
    10. Lusa3 Mabry
    11. Frances3 Mabry m Mr. Ellis; d bef. 1832 Oglethorpe Co GA
      1. William Paul4 Ellis, Jr. b 12 Feb 1774 NC; m Martha Echols; d 4 Feb 1856 Spalding Co GA
      2. Willis4 Ellis m 12 Apr 1827 Louise Brooks Oglethorpe Co GA
      3. Radford4 Ellis m 2nd 24 Jul 1810 Jenny Phillips Jasper Co GA
      4. Thomas4 Ellis b 1776; m Arminta _____; lived in Oglethorpe Co GA
      5. John4 Ellis m Susannah Varner lived in Cobb Co GA
      6. Frances4 Ellis m 30 Sep 1800 Matthew Anderson Oglethorpe Co GA
      7. Elizabeth4 Ellis m 5 Nov 1798 James Wyatt Oglethorpe Co GA
      8. Richard4 Ellis

  5. Charles2 Maybury born ca 1694; m Rebecca Lofting; d July or August 1749 Surry County, Virginia.
    1. Charles3 Mabry m Jane _____ d 1769 Sussex County, VA
      1. Charles4 Mabry b 20 Jan 1752; m Martha Wilkinson; d ca 1777
    2. Mary3 Mabry m Thomas Battle Surry County, VA
    3. William3 Mabry m Celia _____
    4. Abel3 Mabry m 1st Susannah _____ Surry County, VA; m 2nd 15 Nov 1795 Mary Woodland (a widow) in Sussex County, VA; d before 1801
      1. Randolph4 Mabry b 16 Jun 1757; m1 27 Jan 1779 Jemima Cook Wilkes Co NC; m2 Lucy Cook (widow of Richard Cook); d bef 1826 Rockingham Co NC
      2. Peter4 Mabry b 23 Oct 1759
      3. Lucretia4 Mabry b 13 May 1762; m 12 Apr 1792 John Wilborne, Jr. Sussex Co VA
      4. Jordan4 Mabry b 22 Feb 1765
      5. Frederick4 Mabry b 7 Nov 1767; m 24 Mar 1790 Elizabeth Watkins Warren Co NC
      6. Olive4 Mabry b 18 Dec 1769; m 5 Jul 1792 Isaac Adams Sussex Co VA
      7. Phoebe4 Mabry m 15 Sep 1796 John Adams Sussex Co VA
    5. Cornelius3 Mabry b ca 1737; m Hannah _____ before 1759
      1. Elizabeth4 Mabry b 1761
      2. Philip4 Mabry b 1765-74; m 7 Feb 1794 Elizabeth Chaney Pittsylvania Co VA; d 1817 Rockingham Co NC
      3. Cornelius4 Mabry b ca 1765; m1 Mary Yeakley; m2 20 Feb 1797 Polly Chaney Pittsylvania Co VA; d 1817 Logan Co KY
    6. Elizabeth3 Mabry
    7. Rebecca3 Mabry
    8. Emedia "Amy"3 Mabry b 8 Dec 1740
    9. Francis3 Mabry m Elizabeth _____ lived in Northampton County, NC

  6. Judith2 Maybury b ca 1696; she was unmarried in 1713 when her mother's will was written. No further record of her has been found.

  7. Hinchia2 Maybury b ca 1697 Henrico or Charles City County, Virginia; m 1st ca 1719/20 Frances Parham; m 2nd 22 June 1747 Anne Jackson (widow of Ambrose Jackson); m 3rd before 1 January 1752 Anne Clack Courtney; d ca 1761 Brunswick County, Virginia.
    1. Elizabeth3 Mabry b ca 1721; m 1737 John Pettway Surry County, VA
      1. Hinchia4 Pettway
    2. Hinchia3 Mabry born ca 1723; m ca 1747 Celia Evans (d/o William & Priscilla Evans) in Brunswick County, VA; d 1755 Brunswick County, VA
      1. Hinchia4 Mabry b ca 1750; m3 May 1787 Dolly Clack Brunswick Co VA; d 1800
      2. Hannah4 Mabry m1 Mr. Hill; m2 20 Jun 1771 William Parham Brunswick Co VA
      3. Seth4 Mabry b ca 1752; m 16 Jun 1771 Elizabeth Seawell Brunswick Co VA; d 2 Nov 1826 Wilson Co TN
      4. Evans4 Mabry m Elizabeth Butler ?Brunswick Co VA; d 1809 Greensville Co VA
    3. Joshua3 Mabry b ca 1725 Brunswick County, VA; m Lucretia Jones; d 1791 Warren County, NC
      1. Joshua4 Mabry b VA; m 10 Sep 1770 Mourning Harwell Brunswick Co VA; d 1807 Wilkes Co GA
      2. Jordan4 Mabry b VA; m 10 Sep 1770 Mary Ann Harwell Brunswick Co VA; d bef 1803?
      3. Charles4 Mabry b 1748 Brunswick Co VA; m1 29 May 1783 Phoebe Gibbs Chesterfield Co VA; m2 26 Jan 1826 Elizabeth Cole Warren Co NC; d 19 Sep 1844 Warren Co NC
      4. Angelica4 Mabry b ca 1750; m George Walton
      5. Stephen4 Mabry b ca 1752; m 19 Apr 1775 Tabitha Nance Mecklenburg Co VA; d ?Wilkes Co GA
      6. Frances4 Mabry b ca 1754; m1 26 Jul 1786 William Holt Brunswick Co VA; m2 Mr. Lightfoot ?Warren Co NC (This is a problem. The marriage record of Frances Mabry and William Holt is registered in both Greensville and Brunswick Counties. Frances is listed by some researchers as a daughter of Joshua3 and by others as a daughter of Joel3. Joshua’s will (1790) names a daughter Frances Lightfoot. And Joel’s will (1784) names a daughter Frances Mabry. Clearly both had daughters named Frances. The question is: did Joshua’s daughter marry a Lightfoot and Joel’s daughter marry William Holt --- or did Joel’s daughter marry William Holt in 1786 and then a Mr. Lightfoot sometime before November 1790?)
      7. Repps4 Mabry b ca 1755; m1 ca 1772 Martha DeFoor; m2 Honor Phillips; d 29 Jan 1819 Warren Co NC
      8. Daniel4 Mabry probably d bef 1790 as he is not mentioned in his father's will
      9. Lucretia4 Mabry m Richard Proctor
      10. Gray4 Mabry b ca 1761 VA; m 15 Jan 1784 Martha Watson Brunswick Co VA; d 1821 Morgan Co GA
    4. Ephraim3 Mabry b Brunswick County, VA; m Mary Poole; d 1789 Fairfield Co SC
      1. Joel4 Mabry b 1750-60 Lunenburg Co VA; m Mary (Polly) Wafer SC; d aft 1830 Franklin Co GA
      2. Susannah4 Mabry b Lunenburg Co VA; m1 ca 1769 James Thomas; m2 aft 1795 Robert Moorman; d aft 1822 Chester Dist., SC
      3. Daniel4 Mabry b bef 1764 VA; m1 by 1784 _____ Funderburg Fairfield Co SC; m2 Mar 1788 Louisa Mobley; d 24 Mar 1816 Fairfield Co SC
      4. Adam Poole4 Mabry b 24 Jan 1769 ?Fairfield Dist, SC; m1 ca 1790 Mary Burns; (Some have said he married Elizabeth Parham but there is no proof of this); d 15 Dec 1817 Jasper Co GA
      5. Sicily4 Mabry m Thomas Wafer; d aft 1825
      6. Margaret Hinchia4 Mabry unmarried in 1807
      7. Mary Poole4 Mabry m 4 Jul 1790 Edward Mobley Fairfield Co SC; d 21 Jan 1848
      8. Elizabeth4 Mabry m Adam Poole (a 1st cousin)
      9. Ephraim4 Mabry b 1777 Fairfield Co SC; m Luncey ?Green; d 1864 Franklin Co GA
    5. Nathaniel3 Mabry b ca 1730 Brunswick Co VA; m Susannah _____; d 1794/95 Greensville Co VA
      1. Cecilia4 Mabry m 5 Oct 1790 Jones Wrenn Greensville Co VA
      2. Rebecca4 Mabry m 13 Jan 1790 Richard Spann Greensville Co VA; d aft 1842
      3. Henry4 Mabry living in Greensville Co VA 1799
      4. Robert4 Mabry m1 2 Apr 1779 Rebecca Stewart; m2 22 Sep 1787 Rebecca Mason Brunswick Co VA; d 1808
      5. Richard4 Mabry m1 28 Feb 1793 Amy Griggs Greenville Co VA; m2 22 Aug 1799 Polly Braxton5 Mabry (Braxton4, Joel, Hinchia, Francis) Greensville Co VA
      6. Nathaniel4 Mabry b bef 1790; ;m 19 Dec 1812 Martha Elliott Brunswick Co VA; d bef 2 May 1842
      7. Frances4 Mabry d ca 1814 Greenville Co VA; probably not married
      8. Ann4 Mabry b ca 1758; ;m 8 May 1786 Willis Spann Greensville Co VA; d 7 Feb 1832 Sumter Co SC
    6. Daniel3 Mabry m1 Elizabeth Jones; m2 20 Jun 1785 Mary Smith Greensville Co VA; died 1815/16 Greensville Co VA
      1. Judith4 Mabry m 21 Dec 1796 John Green
      2. Jane4 Mabry m 3 Mar 1787 John Hobbs, Jr. Greensville Co VA; m2 31 Oct 1798 John Cain, widower of Selah Ann5 Mabry (Evans4, Hinchia, Hinchia, Francis) Brunswick Co VA
      3. Mary4 Mabry
      4. Elizabeth Jones4 Mabry d 1787 Greensville Co VA; not married
      5. Parham4 Mabry (probably went to Chatham Co GA where records of a Parham Mabry are found from 1790-1805)
      6. Edward4 Mabry b 1765-84 Greensville Co VA; m 30 Sep 1796/1806 Ann Turner, a widow
      7. Thomas Jones4 Mabry b 1765-84 Greensville Co VA
    7. Joel3 Mabry b ca 1732 Virginia; m Winnifred Smith Matthews Brunswick County, VA; d Jan-Jun 1784 Greensville County, VA
      1. Braxton4 Mabry b 22 May 1750 Brunswick Co VA; m1 ca 1776 Ms. White; m2 ca 1788-90 Nancy Day; d after 1840 Taney Co MO
      2. Lewis4 Mabry b ca 1753; m1 16 Feb 1773 Susanna Hamilton Brunswick Co VA; m2 22 Jul 1797 Elizabeth White Madison Co KY; d 1798 Montgomery Co KY
      3. Rebecca4 Mabry b ca 1758 Greensville Co VA; m1 Arveris Wilkerson; m2 20 Sep 1785 John P. Pool Sussex Co VA; d aft 1830 Dinwiddie Co VA
      4. Sarah4 Mabry m Mr. Loyd
      5. Frances4 Mabry m 26 Jul 1786 William Holt Greensville Co VA
      6. Elizabeth4 Mabry m 21 Dec 1799 John Bonner Greensville Co VA
      7. F.4 Mabry (female) d 1781 Greensville Co VA; mentioned in the journal of Bishop Francis Asbury
    8. Ann3 Mabry was the only child of Hinchia2 Mabry and Ann Clack Courtney; b ca 1752 VA; m 24 Feb 1772 Henry Jackson, Jr. Brunswick County, VA; d ca 1783 Brunswick Co VA
      1. Martha4 Jackson m Nov 1790 Edmund Cooper
      2. Sarah4 Jackson m 24 Jun 1794 Henry Bailey
      3. Mary4 Jackson b ca 1780; m1 10 Aug 1797 Edward Birchett; m2 10 Dec 1802 John Orgain; d 5 Jun 1816
      4. David4 Jackson b ca 1774 Brunswick Co VA; m1 23 Dec 1793 _____ Edwards; m2 25 Jun 1798 Mary Mason; d bef 28 Feb 1825 Brunswick Co VA
      5. Stephen4 Jackson m 27 Sep 1808 Jane Stainback Brunswick Co VA; d 1813

    Later Generations

    The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Francis and Elizabeth Maybury soon migrated south and west into the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee. More information about these later generations can be found in my books:

    • The Mabry Family: Descendants of Francis Maybury and Elizabeth Gilliam of Surry County, Virginia , published by Gateway Press in 1987
    • ;

    • The Mabry Family: Descendants of Francis Maybury and Elizabeth Gilliam of Surry County, Virginia , reprint edition with additions, published by Gateway Press in 1997
    • ;

    • The Mayburys, published by Otter Bay Books in 2011.

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