Mabrys/Mayberrys in the Civil War
in the Civil War

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Moving west with the frontier, some Mabrys settled in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and Arkansas by 1830. Others spread across the south as far west as Texas by 1842. Thus it was inevitable that close relatives, divided over the issues of economics, slavery and sectionalism would rally to opposing sides when the Civil War began in 1860.

Here are the names and other information we have found for more than 400 Mabrys / Mayberrys who fought what many in the South prefer to call "the War Between the States"; "the late unpleasantness"; or "the War of Northern Aggression". We continue to discover the records of more soldiers. If you have corrections or additional information about those listed here or if you have pictures of Civil War veterans, please contact Don Collins.

Mabry / Mayberry soldiers
Given names from Abraham - Franklin
Given names from Frederick - Joel
Given names from John - Rufus
Given names from Russell - Zimariah
African American Mabrys/Mayberrys in the Civil War

Letters, stories and pictures
during the Civil War
Letters of Robert Cole Mabry to his wife, Sally
Letters from the family of Maximillian Mabry
Letter written by Pvt. Peter L. Mabry
Two James Patrick Mabrys meet at Andersonville
Pictures of more than twenty Mayburys who fought in the Civil War.
Line of officers, 15th NJ Reg Vol. Inf., 1st Division, 6th Corps, Army of the Potomac.

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