The Mayburys of Australia and New Zealand
The Mayburys of Australia and New Zealand

Members of the Maybury family were among the first Europeans to settle in Australia. Several Mayburys came to the colony of New South Wales as convicts. This convict heritage, once a source of communal shame, has now become a matter of pride for many Australians who share that heritage. In these early years of the colony, other Mayburys came free and their numbers grew as the 19th century progressed and the Australian colonies evolved beyond their initial roles as penal settlements. Economic opportunities, especially during the gold rush period, played a key role in attracting Maybury family groups to Australia and New Zealand.

Listed below are summaries of some of the early Maybury (Maybery, etc.) immigrants to Australia and New Zealand. The stories of these individuals and other Maybury families are told in greater detail in the chapter, "The Mayburys of Australia and New Zealand", (edited by Mike Smithson) in our book The Mayburys, published in 2011.

William Valentine Maybury [1799-1883]
Transported to Australia in 1828

Gaps and contradictory information in historical records have led to a good deal of confusion surrounding the life story of William Valentine Maybury, a convict transported to Australia in 1828. William's death certificate names his parents as Henry Maybury, a cabinet maker, and Elizabeth Winifred. However, it is more likely that William Valentine Maybury was born on Valentine's day 1799 at Shifnal in Shropshire; the sixth of ten children of William and Jane Maybury:
  1. Martha Maybury, bapt. 2 May 1793 at Upton Magna, Shropshire
  2. Mary Maybury, bapt. 2 May 1793 at Upton Magna, Shropshire
  3. Charles William Rogers Maybury, bapt. 26 Sep 1795 at Upton Magna, Shropshire
  4. Sabrina Maybury, bapt. 23 Nov 1795 at Upton Magna, Shropshire
  5. Sabarina Maybury, bapt. 23 Oct 1797 at Shifnal, Shropshire
  6. William Valentine Maybury, born 14 Feb 1799; bapt. 17 Feb 1799 at Shifnal, Shropshire; his baptism was also recorded in the parish register at St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire on 9 Aug 1801
  7. Letitia Maybury, born 17 Oct 1797; bapt. 9 Aug 1801 at St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
  8. Hugh Farmer Maybury, born 9 Nov 1800; bapt. 9 Aug 1801 at St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
  9. Mary Maybury, born 5 Mar 1803, bapt. 8 Apr 1803 at St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
  10. Robert Acton Maybury, born 30 Jun 1804; bapt. 15 Jun 1806 at St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
William was first married to Mary Hill and they had a daughter, Margaret Maybury, born around 1821. By 1826, the family was living in London where William worked as a clerk for a blacking manufacturer.

On 30 October 1827 at Old Bailey in London, William Valentine Maybury pleaded guilty on four counts of embezzlement and was sentenced to fourteen years transportation. In 1828, after four month's imprisonment on a hulk, he was transported to the colony of New South Wales. During the journey, William kept a journal that has been preserved in the collection of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Once in New South Wales, William was assigned to work as a groom, then as a clerk. He was granted some freedom to reside and work at Windsor, west of Sydney, NSW, under a Ticket-of-Leave in 1834 and was issued with a Certificate of Freedom at the conclusion of his sentence in 1842.

In 1830, William had unsuccessfully attempted to obtain an early permission for his wife and child to join him in the colony. Thereafter, nothing is known of Mary Hill and Margaret Maybury. Church records indicate that several children were born to William Valentine Maybury and Sarah Gillespie at Windsor, NSW, between 1836 and 1846. The record of the baptism of their first child, William Charles Maybury, has not been located. His death certificate states that he was born in Sydney in c.1832, although Sarah's death certificate gives his year of birth as c.1834.

According to Sarah's death certificate, she married William in c.1833. No record of this marriage, or of a permit for a convict marriage in the name of William Valentine Maybury, has yet been located. William's death certificate states that he married Sarah in 1847. This date is much closer to that of the only official record of a marriage between William and Sarah, which took place at Rylstone Catholic Church on 22 April 1855. Sarah married under the maiden name 'Meriner'.

Sarah's use of two maiden names has given rise to the erroneous belief that William was married twice in Australia. Sarah's father was John Mernagh, an Irish political exile, but it appears that a Gillespie family had raised her. No record of Sarah's birth or baptism has been located, but her death certificate places her birth around June 1816. She has been confused with Bridget Mernagh, John Mernagh's second daughter who married Patrick Farley in 1828.

After obtaining his freedom in 1842, William continued his work as a clerk in Windsor, moving to Maitland, NSW, around 1851 and on to the Rylstone area around 1854. William Valentine Maybury finally settled in the Gulgong area where he died 1 Nov 1880. Sarah Gillespie/Mernagh died 10 August 1900 at Gulgong, NSW.

The children of William Valentine Maybury and Sarah Gillespie were:
  1. William Charles Maybury, born 21 December 1832 at Sydney, NSW; died 13 July 1923 in Sydney, NSW. m. Ann Whitely in St. Matthew's Church of England, Windsor, NSW, on 20 April 1854.
  2. James Maybury, born 9 January 1836 at Windsor, NSW; died 24 February 1837 at Windsor, NSW.
  3. Ann Maybury, born 1 February 1838 at Windsor, NSW; m1. James Kelly in St. Mary's Catholic Church, Dabee, NSW on 12 June 1853; m2. Edward Hyland in St. Mary's Catholic Church, Mudgee, NSW on 10 April 1856.
  4. Francis George Maybury, born 26 August 1840 at Windsor, NSW; m1. Jane O'Neil (d. 5 July 1889 at Tamworth, NSW) at Mudgee, NSW, on 31 December 1859; m2. Jane Emmerson at Mudgee, NSW, in 1892.
  5. Louisa Elizabeth Maybury, born 7 August 1843 at Windsor, NSW; m. Cornelius Wade (b. 4 July 1838 at Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire, England) in St. John the Baptist Anglican Church, Mudgee, NSW on 16 December 1861; died 7 August 1931 at Sydney, NSW.
  6. Alfred Maybury, born 20 September 1846 at Windsor, NSW; died 1914 at Cobar, NSW.
  7. Susan Emily Maybury, born 10 October 1851 at Maitland, NSW; m. Thomas Saunders in the St. John the Baptist, Church of England, Mudgee, NSW on 15 February 1872.
  8. Robert Maybury, born 1854 at Dabee, NSW; died 29 January 1873 in Gulgong, NSW.

John Maybery [1817-1870]
Immigrant from England to Australia

John Maybery was born in Tavistock, Devonshire in 1821. He married Ann Maria Huff in 1843 and settled in the village of Wick, seven miles from Bristol. In 1852 they migrated to Australia, arriving at Port Adelaide on 8 February 1853 aboard the Walvsich. He died in 1870 at age 48.

Some Descendants of John and Ann Maria Maybery

  1. Emma Maybery b 22 Jun 1844 Marshfield, Gloucestershire, England; m 1 May 1861 George Derrick in Willunga, South Australia; d 29 Nov 1928 Camperdown, Victoria, Australia
    1. Rosina Derrick m Tom Hyinkley
    2. George John Derrick b 1865 at Avoca; m Mabel Unwin
    3. Lucy Derrick b 1868; m Thomas Edward Whiteford Jenkins
    4. James Derrick b 1870
    5. Ann Maria Derrick b 1872; m 1892 Harry Beechey
    6. Elizabeth Derrick b 1876; m 1892 Alfred Ernest Kelly
    7. Jane Derrick b 1878; m Mr. Campbell
    8. Thomas Derrick d in infancy
  2. Margaret Maybery b 21 May 1846 in England; m 28 May 1867 Charles Derrick at Coleraine, Victoria, Australia; d Nov 1938
    1. Rachael Ann Derrick b 11 Jun 1868; m Apr 1892 William Ness; d 26 Jun 1959
    2. William Charles Derrick b 25 Jul 1870; m Annie Thacker; d 1949
    3. John Edward Derrick b 4 Nov 1872; m Elizabeth Thacker
    4. Thomas Albert Derrick b 7 Dec 1875; m1 Gabrielle Moore; m2 Rita McCauley; d 1962
    5. Elizabeth Maria Derrick b 12 Mar 1877; m Stanley Gelling; d 28 May 1977
    6. Walter Derrick b 1 Jun 1879; m Christina Stewart; d 1965
    7. Philip Derrick b 12 Dec 1881; m Lucy Strachan; d 1967
    8. Emily Derrick b 30 Jun 1884; b 1967; m Leslie Donaldson
    9. Louisa Derrick b 22 Nov 1886; m John Lindsay; d 5 Jan 1949
  3. Thomas Morgan Maybery b 6 Dec 1848 in England; m 1875 Amelia Clemson at Belfast (now Port Fairy, Victoria); d 14 Aug 1915
    1. Olive Maybery (adopted); m Reginald William Maybery (twin son of Daniel and Rosina Maybery
    2. John Maybery (adopted) d 1898 at Nhil, Victoria.
  4. Maria Maybery b 6 Feb 1850 in England; m 1 Dec 1870 John McClure at Belfast (Port fairy); d 24 Sep 1921
    1. Ann Marie McClure b 29 Feb 1872; m Mar 1904 Thomas Elsom; d 4 Mar 1956
    2. Jane McClure b 1 Jan 1874; m 16 May 1900 Michael Byrne; d 24 Jul 1968
    3. John McClure b 27 Oct 1975; m 13 Nov 1907 Matilda Emily Weidenbach; d 22 Jun 1963
    4. William McClure b 28 Apr 1877; m 6 Apr 1908 Lilian McLachlan; d 15 Aug 1949
    5. Henry McClure; b 5 Mar 1879; m 28 Sep 1910 Laura May Aitken; d 30 Jul 1956
    6. Margaret McClure b 4 Feb 1881; m 30 Nov 1904 John Frederick Muegel; d 18 Jun 1962
    7. Elizabeth May McClure b 28 Oct 1882; m 15 Aug 1905 John Ernest Jelbart; d 17 Sep 1966
    8. Robert James McClure b 11 Mar 1884; m 11 Nov 1919 Mabel Leila Lear; d 12 Sep 1972
    9. Ethel McClure b 19 Apr 1886; m 9 Feb 1914 Edward Alfred Muegel; d 31 Oct 1970
    10. Thomas Albert McClure b 9 Mar 1889; d 13 Oct 1917
    11. Mary Ruth McClure b 11 Nov 1890; d 10 Nov 1958
    12. Adam Gordon McClure b 19 Oct 1892; m 26 Nov 1911 Mary Victoria May Lear; d 5 Dec 1972
  5. Elizabeth Huff Maybery b 9 Apr 1852 in Gloucestershire, England; m 12 Dec 1872 Herman Kook at Carapook, Victoria, Australia; d 29 Nov 1939
    1. Marian Augusts Agnes Kook b 8 Oct 1877; m 6 Apr 1910 William Thomas Bull; d 15 Mar 1964
    2. William Herman Kook b 9 Nov 1879; m Daisy Ada Bissett; d Jun 1954
    3. Matilda May Kook b 12 Mar 1882; m 6 Oct 1905 John Louis Bull; d 12 Dec 1940
    4. John Edward Kook b 4 Nov 1884; m 1919 Amy Rosina Crawford; d 30 Jun 1953
    5. Ann Maria Kook b 5 Jul 1888; m Len Lane; d 27 Jun 1972
    6. Francis Norman Kook b 23 Sep 1898; m Millicent Hughes; d 30 Jun 1969
  6. Daniel Morgan Maybery b 12 Apr 1854 at McLaren Value, South Australia; m 20 Nov 1878 Rosina Lear at Horsham, Australia; d 22 Apr 1942
    1. Elizabeth Ann Maybery b 9 Sep 1879; m 28 Aug 1907 Wilhelm Heinrich Klowss; d 27 Mar 1961
    2. Ethel Lila Maybery b 19 Jan 1882; d 24 May 1965
    3. Lillian Hannah Maybery b 30 Aug 1883; m William Charles Smith; d 11 Jun 1961
    4. Rosina Maybery b 27 Jun 1885; m 1908 Herman August Sudholz; d 14 Jan 1950
    5. John Thomas Maybery b 16 Mar 1887; m 1912 Grace Victoria Dewar; d 6 May 1950
    6. Reginald William Maybery b 16 Mar 1887; m Olive Maybery, adopted daughter of Thomas and Amelia Maybery; d 9 May 1922
    7. Cyril Daniel Maybery b 8 May 1889; d 21 Jan 1890
    8. Muriel May Maybery b 2 Jan 1891; m Walter Henry Dewar; d 15 Aug 1964
    9. Vivienne Mildred Maybery b 1 Apr 1893; m 1919 Ernst Boehm; d 14 Nov 1933
    10. Arthur Henry Maybery b 26 Jul 1895; m 27 Apr 1923 Agnes Mary McClure; d 5 Mar 1987
    11. Victor Maybery b 28 Nov 1898; m 6 Apr 1929 May Victoria Tucker; d 25 Jan 1984
    12. Hazel Annie Maybery b 1 Jul 1900; d 30 Sep 1974
  7. Sarah Ann Maybery b 10 Jul 1856 at Myponga, South Australia; m Thomas Attenborough; d 8 Jan 1935 at Ararat, Victoria.
    1. John William Attenborough was born at home in Mitre, Victoria in 1879; d 24 Feb 1907 at Blackwood, Western Australia.
    2. Sarah Ann Attenborough (known as Annie) was born at Mitre, Victoria 8 Dec 1881; m William Capell Roddis; d 9 Sep 1949.
    3. Martha Attenborough was born in 1883 at Mitre, Victoria and died in the same year aged 5 months as the result of a tragic accident.
    4. Frank Attenborough was born 6 Jun 1884 at home at Mitra, Victoria; d 1943 at Ararat, Victoria.
  8. William Ezra Maybery b 13 Oct 1859 at McLaren Vale, South Australia; m 30 Aug 1883 Louisa Meek; d 29 Oct 1932
    1. Emily Jane Maybery b 22 Aug 1884; m 9 Nov 1904 Hedley Redford; d 12 Jan 1878
    2. Ada Mary Maybery b 20 May 1887; m 1908 Charles Arthur Bailey; d 12 Jun 1964
    3. Ruby Esther Maybery b 2 Feb 1889; m 19 Apr 1919 Onton Stanley Prange; d 8 Dec 1973
    4. Emma Olive Maybery b 1 May 1891; m 18 Mar 1914 Leslie Gordon Lear; d 24 Sep 1981
    5. Elsie Eva May Maybery b 25 Jan 1893; m 18 Mar 1915 James Fuller; d 9 Jun 1970
    6. Herbert John Maybery b 2 Jan 1895; m Gertrude Ivy Prange; d 27 Jun 1975
    7. Mabel Linda Maybery b 6 Jan 1897; m Francis Robert Currie; d 8 May 1976
    8. Percy Henry Maybery b 11 Mar 1899; m 24 Mar 1922 Sophie Bound Geyer; d 29 May 1959
    9. Leslie Gordon Maybery b 8 Aug 1900; m 24 Mar 1926 Hilda Colyer; d 26 Nov 1973
    10. Alfred Vernon Maybery b 13 Jul 1902; m 23 Feb 1927 Alma Laurel Florence Lowe (nee Marsh); d 31 Dec 1980
    11. Norman Roy Maybery b 23 Jun 1905; m 1936 Gladys Amelia Worthy; d 19 Feb 1977

Ancestors of John Maybery (1817-1870)

In 1992 the Maybery Family History Committee in Australia published A Maybery Family History by Dotothy Hunt. While the book contains some interesting statements about the history of the family, they are undocumented and specific connections to earlier generations are not provided. For example, the book mentions a Thomas Maybery, who in 1753 was the owner of the Powick Forge in Worcesterchire. Ms. Hunt states that this Thomas Maybery purchased the Brecon and Pipton forges and sent his son, John Maybery, to Brecon. She further states that this John Maybery died in 1784, at the age of 52, and that he was the ancestor of John Maybery who emigraged to Australia in 1853.

Now, with the invaluable help of John Tanner of Berkshire in England, we have been able to confirm much of what Dorothy Hunt says about Thomas Mayberry of the Powick Forge in Worstershire. We also believe that we have identified the ancestors of Thomas Mayberry of Powick, going backward to the Mayburys of Shropshire.

Mr. Tanner, with his extensive collection of early Maybury records in England, has put together the beginnings of a comprehensive chart of the Maybury family in England which goes back to the Mayburys of Cleobury Mortimer in Shropshire. His work provides us with the following possible line of descent. Those who descend from this branch of the Maybury family should understand that it is based on our interpretation of currently available records. It is unlikely that it can ever be fully documented.

Gen. 1 - John Mayberry (forgeman) was born ion 1577 in Sussex; married Elizabeth _____; buried 20 Jan 1650/51 at Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire. Their children included:
  • Francis, b 1604 Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire; m Joyce Potter.
  • Thomas, b 1606 Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire.
  • RICHARD, b c1608/9 Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire; m 1630 Elizabeth Newey; d 1649.
  • Elizabeth, b c1610/11 Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire.
  • William (forgeman), b 1613 Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire; m Susanna _____; d 1686 Bayton, Worcestershire.
  • Ursilla, b 1615/16 Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire.
  • John, b 1622 Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire; probably d in infancy.
  • John, b 1624 Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire.

Gen. 2 - Richard Maybury was born 3 January 1609 in Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire; married 16 November 1630 Elizabeth Newey in Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire; d 1649. Their children included:
  • William, b 1631 Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire.
  • Richard, b c1631 Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire; m 1630 Sarah Norbery; d 1694 Lebotwood, Shropshire.
  • Mary, b 1635 Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire.
  • Elizabeth, b 1639 Longnor, Shropshire.
  • Humphrey, b 1640 Longnor, Shropshire; m Jane/Joan _____; d 1710 Monmouthshire.
  • Thomas, b 1642/3 Longnor, Shropshire; m Alice _____.
  • Francis, b 1647 Longnor, Shropshire. N.B. Some researchers have claimed that this is the Francis Maybury who emigrated to Virginia about 1679 and married Elizabeth Gilliam in 1685. However, the Parish records make it clear that this Francis, in spite of the spelling, was a daughter, not a son, of Richard and Elizabeth Maybury.
  • JOHN, (of Strongworth Mills) b 1649/50 Longnor, Shropshire; m 1670 Jane Walker in Wellilngton, Shropshire.

Gen. 3 - John Maybury (of Strongworth Mills) b 1649/50 Longnor, Shropshire; m 1670 Jane Walker in Wellington, Shropshire. Their children included:
  • Elizabeth, b 1671 Madley, Shropshire.
  • John, b 1674 Pembridge, Herefordshire.
  • ?RICHARD (of Strongworth Forge), b 1676 Pembridge, Herefordshire; m1 1702 Mary Wildsmyth in Pembridge, Herefordshire (she d 1709); m2 1711/12 Eleanor Llewelyn at Dilwyn, Hereforeshire (she d 1729/30; d 1743 at Stowport. Richard may have been a son of John and Jane Maybury, but it is by no means certain.
  • Sarah, b 1681 Pembridge, Herefordshire.
  • William, b 1689 Pembridge, Herefordshire.
  • Thomas, b 1692 Pembridge, Herefordshire.
  • Martha, b 1698 Pembridge, Herefordshire.
  • Jane, b 1704 Pembridge, Herefordshire.

Gen. 4 - Richard (of Strongworth Forge), b 1676 Pembridge, Herefordshire; m1 1702 Mary Wildsmyth in Pembridge, Herefordshire (she d 1709); m2 1711/12 Eleanor Llewelyn at Dilwyn, Hereforeshire (she d 1729/30; d 1743 at Stourport. N.B. There are uncertainties associated with Richard Maybury being a son of John Maybury and Jane Walker. This relationship should be assumed to be proved. The children of Richard Maybury include:

  • John, b 1702 Pembridge, Herefordshire.
  • Richard, b & d 1702 Pembridge, Herefordshire.
  • Thomas, b 1705 Pembridge, Herefordshire (We believe this is the Thomas Mayberry, who later owned the Powick Forge).
  • Sylvanus, b 1706 Madley, Shropshire.
  • Anne, b 1708 Madley, Shropshire.
  • Richard, b 1712 Pleasley, Derbyshire.
  • Humphrey, b 1713 Pleasley, Derbyshire.
  • Edmund, b 1715 Llanarth, Monmouthshire; m 1742 Margaret Brook at St. John Bedwardine, Worcester.
  • PHILIP, b 1718 Llanarth, Monmouthshire; m Elizabeth _____; d 1780.
  • Mary, b 1720 Shropshire.

Gen. 5 - Philip, b 1718 Llanarth, Monmouthshire; m Elizabeth _____; d 1780. Their children included:
  • Philip, b 1740; d 1740 Burton on Trent.
  • ?Rachel, b 1749 Lansamlet, Glamorgan.
  • ?Elizabeth, b 1749 Lansamlet, Glamorgan.
  • Richard, b 1749.
  • Ann, b 1752 Lansamlet, Glamorgan.
  • Thomas, bo 1753 Glasbury, Breconshire; d 1766 Glasbury, Breconshire.
  • Philip, b 1757 Glasbury, Breconshire.
  • EDWARD, b 1759 Glasbury, Breconshire; m Ann Heyley.
  • Edekiah, b 1762 Glasbury, Breconshire.
  • Willilam, d 1760 Glasbury Breconshire.

Gen. 6 - Edward, b 1759 Glasbury, Breconshire; m 26 Mar 1780 Ann Heyley at Llansamlet, Swansea. Their children were:
  • David, b 1781; m at Bristol in 1806.
  • John, b 1783.
  • Edward, b 1787; m 1816 SSarah Morgan at Llanelly.
  • Jane, b 1 Mar 1792 Llandyvan, Wales; m 1814 Joseph Stephens
  • William, b 15 Sep 1794 Llandyvan, Wales; m 1817 Sarah Thomas at Hay, Brecon. William died of cholera at Clydach, Glamorgan in 1832.
  • THOMAS, b 1797 Llandyvan, Wales; m 24 Dec 1818 Margaret Morgan at Saint Mary, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales; d 31 Jan 1847 at Wick, Glamorganshire.

Gen. 7 - Thomas Maybery, b 31 Jul 1797 Llandyvan, Wales; m 23 Dec 1818 Margaret Morgan at Saint Mary, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales; d 31 Jan 1847 at Wick, Glamorganshire. Their children included:
  • Edward Maybery, b ?1810. Edward had a son, Edward, who emigrated to the U.S. in 1879, settling in the Philadelphia area.
  • John Maybery, b in Tavistock, Devon on 27 Oct 1821. He married Ann Marie Huff in 1843 and settled in the village of Wick, seven miles from Bristol. In 1852 they migrated to Australia, arriving at Port Adelaide on 9 February 1853 aboard the Walvsich. John died on 7 Aug 1870 at the age of 48.
  • Morgan Maybery, b 1831 at Bristol; emigrated to Australia in 1854; m 26 Dec 1854 Elizabeth Price at St. Patrick's Church, Adelaide, South Australia; He took his own life on 19 Feb 1855.
  • Ann Maybery, b 7 Apr 1836 at Wick, Glamorganshire; m 1856 Philip Bevan (s/o Edward Bevan & Catherine Mayberry) at Bath in England. Catherine Maybery was a daughter of richard who was a brother of Edward Maybery of Glasbury, who was the father of Thomas. Thus Catherine and Thomas were cousins and their children who married - Philip and Ann - were second cousins. Ann died at East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1919 at the age of 82. They emigrated to Australia aboard the "William Jackson", arriving in Melbourne in December 1858.

James Purdon Maybury
From County Kerry, Ireland to Australia

James Purdon Maybury was born in March 1865 in County Kerry, Ireland. He was a son of John Kingston Maybury and Kate Purdon. Kate's family came from Egmont Lodge in the City of Cork. James married Mary Genevieve Gollan in 1899. He went to Australia about 1886 when he was 21 years of age, and settled in New South Wales.
Descendants of James Purdon Maybury
  1. Mina Maybury
    1. Mary Elwell
  2. James Pirdon Maybury
    1. James Roderick Maybury
      1. Jean Maybury
      2. Roderick Maybury
      3. Kerry Maybury
      4. Dianne Maybury
      5. Bruce Maybury
    2. Colin Maybury
    3. John Maybury
    4. Thomas Edward Maybury
    5. Jeffery James Maybury
  3. Roderick Maybury
  4. Mary Maybury
    1. June Maybury
    2. James Maybury
  5. May Maybury
  6. Alma Maybury
    1. Peter Maybury

William Mayberry (1799-1842)
Founder, soldier, convict, whaler, sawyer, farmer.

William Mayberry is believed to have been the son of Thomas Mayberry, a forgeman, and Arrabella Barlow, baptized on 28 July 1799 in Rawmarsh, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. Little is known of his family.

William worked as an 'iron founder' before joining the British Army. He served as a member of the British occupation force in France following the Napoleonic Wars. He was court martialled in Guines, France, on 17 February 1818 for the attempted theft of a French customs collector's portmanteau and was sentenced to seven years transportation.

Four months later, William was imprisoned upon the hulk Bellerophon, near London. On 29 September 1818, he was transported aboard the convict ship Surrey to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania, Australia), arriving on 18 March 1819. William served his sentence without incident and received his Certificate of Freedom on 18 February 1825.

In January 1829, William Mayberry signed aboard the whaling brig Caroline as a seaman. The Caroline was the first whaler fitted out in Hobart, Van Dieman's Land, to hunt the sperm whale fishery. By 1834, William had left Van Diemen's Land and was working as a sawyer in the forests of the Williams River, north-west of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

On 4 January 1834, William Mayberry married a convict woman, Mary Hale or Hall at Christ Church, Newcastle. Mary was the daughter of David Hales and Bridget Hall and was born c.1810 in Louth, County Louth, Ireland. Soon after, William took up farming. William 'Mabray' died on 3 March 1842 in the Dungog district, NSW, probably due to an accident with a gun.

William Mayberry and Mary Hale had four children and the family adopted the Maybury spelling of the surname. After William died, Mary Hale apparently married Samuel Richards about 1844, and they had 2 children. After the death of Samuel Richards in 1848, she had another daughter, Catherine Maybury. Mary then married Samuel Dowdie in 1851 - her name was recorded in the marriage register as Mary Mabry. Mary died on the 23 September 1890 at Coolongolook, NSW and was buried at Coolongolook.

The Family of William Mayberry - Convict on the 'Surrey' to Van Diemen's Land, 1818.
  1. Mary Ann Maybury, born 21 December 1834 at Clarencetown, NSW; died 5 April 1907 at Coolongolook, NSW; buried in the grounds of her home at Coolongolook. She m. June 1850 in Clarencetown, NSW - George Worth (s/o John Worth and Sarah Weston), born 8 November 1822 at Markfield or Macfield, Leicester, England; died 3 October 1900 at Coolongolook, NSW. Mary Ann Maybury and George Worth had fourteen children.
  2. James Maybury, born 8 February 1837 at Clarencetown, NSW; died 6 October 1896 at Myall River, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery, NSW. m(1). 15 February 1864 in Glen Oak, Clarencetown, NSW - Ann Avery (d/o James Avery and Catherine Heaslip), born April 1844 at Banfield, Williams River, NSW; died 7 January 1871 at Myall River, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery, NSW. m.(2) 29 January 1873 at Bulahdelah, NSW - Elizabeth Priestley (d/o George Priestley and Mary Nix), born 24 June 1856 at Williamtown, NSW; died 15 August 1932 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery.
    1. Elizabeth "Lettie" Maybury, born 25 November 1864 at Green Gully, Myall River, NSW; died 27 February 1934 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery, NSW. m. 17 August 1887 in Maybury House, Rosebank, Myall River NSW - Donald Cameron, born 1864; died 3 September 1919 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery, NSW. Elizabeth "Lettie" Maybury and Donald Cameron had five children
    2. William Maybury, born 12 November 1866 at Green Gully, Myall River, NSW; died 6 September 1936 at Newcastle, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m.(1) 8 October 1890 in Upper Myall, NSW - Emily Ann Burdekin (d/o John Burdekin and Caroline Elliott), born 1869 at Williams River, NSW; died 17 June 1897 at Bulahdelah, buried at Bulahdelah, NSW. m.(2) 1901 in Hamilton, NSW - Catherine 'Kate' Richards (d/o Samuel Richards and Catherine Avery), born 26 April 1879 at Myall River, Bulahdelah, NSW; died 28 July 1936 at Cooks Hill, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery.
      1. Stanley B. Maybury, born 20 April 1891 at Bulahdelah, NSW; died 10 September 1919.
      2. William Lyall Maybury, born 30 June 1893 at Myall River, Bulahdelah, NSW; died May 1953 Tweed Heads, NSW. m. 27 November 1915 in Murwillumbah, NSW - Lily 'Biddy' Roatz (d/o Andrew G. Roatz and Catherine Blindt), born 18 March 1890 at Nerang Creek, Queensland; died 16 August 1968 at Southport, Queensland.
      3. Bennetta May 'Nettie' Maybury, born 1895. m. 1914 - Edwin Clarence 'Clarry' Edwards.
      4. Emily Ann Maybury, born 30 May 1897 at Bulahdelah, NSW; died 27 December 1958 at Bulahdelah, NSW. m. 25 July 1916 in Stroud, NSW - William Claude Shultz (s/o William Henry Shultz and Mary Ann Barry), born 4 July 1892 at Bulahdelah, NSW; died 23 November 1974 at Bulahdelah, NSW.
      5. Vera Maybury, born 25 August 1901; died 3 June 1977 at Raymond Terrace, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m. 19 January 1921 in Bulahdelah, NSW - George Francis Godwin (s/o James Adolphus Godwin and Elizabeth Jane Bunt), born 2 August 1893 at Bungwahl, NSW; died 29 March 1977 at Bulahdelah. NSW; buried at Bulahdelah, NSW.
      6. Arthur Maybury, born 1903 at Stroud, NSW; died 1903 at Stroud, NSW.
      7. Hugh Maybury, born 20 December 1905; died 29 June 1976. m. 1929 at Wallsend, NSW - Winnifred Iris Mogork, born c. 1911; died 11 April 1975.
      8. Edith Maybury, born 1909; died 1909.
      9. Aleathia B. Maybury, born 2 August 1912 at Stroud, NSW. m. 1941 at Mayfield, NSW - Robert Henry B. Bradley.
    3. James Maybury, born 20 October 1868 at Green Gully, Myall River, NSW; died 29 September 1919 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m. 16 August 1898 in Bulahdelah, NSW - Rosina Gertrude Burdekin (d/o John Burdekinand Caroline Elliott), born 18 September 1878 at Myall River, NSW; died 6 November 1941 at East Maitland, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah, NSW.
      1. Leila Beryl Maybury, born 1899 at Stroud, NSW; died 19 August 1976 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m. 29 October 1919 in Bulahdelah, NSW - Alfred Herbert Ireland (s/o Edward William Ireland and Amy E. D. Masters), born 1897 at Stroud, NSW; died 12 March 1966 at Newcastle, NSW; buried at Bulahdelah, NSW.
      2. Selina A. Maybury, born 1900.
      3. Velma Anne Maybury, born 12 May 1900 at Bulahdelah, NSW; died 28 June 1967 at Rankin Park Hospital, Newcastle, NSW; buried at Bulahdelah, NSW. m. 1922 in Hamilton, NSW - Thomas James Gooch (s/o William Henry Gooch and Lucy Crouch), born 24 March 1900 at Bulahdelah, NSW; died 2 September 1973 at Taree, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery.
      4. Hazel Adele Maybury, born December 1901; died 18 March 1902 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery.
      5. Doreen Lynette Maybury, born 1903 at Stroud, NSW; died 21 June 1948 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m. 1927 in Gloucester, NSW - Walter Engel (s/o John Alexander Engel and Jane Evans), born 7 March 1902 at Bulahdelah, NSW; died 16 July 1956 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery.
      6. James Earl Maybury, born 3 August 1904 at Stroud, NSW; died 19 July 1955 at Taree, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery m. 25 December 1930 in Gloucester, NSW - Amy Jean Smedley, born 10 December 1904, died 15 September 1993; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery.
      7. Jessie V. Maybury, born 1910 at Stroud, NSW. m. 1932 in Maitland West, NSW - Geoffrey A. Moore.
      8. Gladys Esma Maybury, born 1916 at Stroud, NSW. m. 1940 - Ian McLure.
    4. Catherine Maybury, born 25 December 1870 at Green Gully, Myall River, NSW. m. 1914 in Sydney, NSW - Stanley William J. Mills.
    5. John Priestley Maybury, born 1872 at Nabiac, NSW; died 1925 at Taree, NSW. m. 1902 at Taree, NSW - Margaret Newton (d/o Jacob P. Newton, Maria Blanch), born 23 September 1862 at Myall Lakes, NSW; died 13 January 1942 at Taree, NSW.
    6. Samuel Maybury, born 9 September 1873 at Myall River; died 12 January 1898.
    7. George Maybury, born 15 May 1875 at Myall River, Bulahdelah, NSW; died 12 April 1945 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m. 26 July 1899 at Stroud, NSW - Amelia Elizabeth Wallis (d/o John James Wallis and Jane Reeves), born 14 January 1872 at Caningalla, Dungog, NSW; died 22 October 1951 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery.
      1. John James Maybury, born 25 October 1902; died 2 June 1973 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery, m m. 1952 - Ruth Riley (d/o George Frederick Riley and Alma Adelaide Wallis).
      2. Dorothy May Maybury, bapt. 27 September 1908; died 26 February 1967; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery.
    8. Alfred Maybury, born 4 June 1877 at Myall River, NSW; died 1 September 1919 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m. 18 April 1906 in Bulahdelah, NSW - Mary Ann Godwin (d/o Nathaniel H. Godwin and Emma Cross), born 2 June 1885; cremated at Beresfield, NSW.
    9. Mary Jane Maybury, born 10 August 1879 at Boolambayte, NSW. m. 17 February 1900 in Bulahdelah, NSW - James Edward Ward.
    10. Thomas James Maybury, born 18 February 1883 at Port Stephens, NSW; died 1947. m. 1906 at Stroud, NSW - Florence Maud Clayton, born 1884; died 1965 at Newtown, NSW.
      1. Arthur E. Maybury, born March 1906. m. 1926 in Dungog, NSW - Vera E. Gray.
      2. Allan C. Maybury, born February 1908. m. 1928 in Kurri Kurri, NSW - Elga E. Grainger.
      3. Thomas Bruce Maybury, born May 1910. m. 1937 in Dungog, NSW - Edna Doreen Richardson.
      4. Samuel K. Maybury, born 1912. m. 1942 in Glebe, NSW - Esme Joyce Grainer.
      5. Harold Esmond Maybury, born 1914. m. 1937 in Taree, NSW - Lillian Margaret Mathias.
      6. Marie Helen Maybury, born 1918. m. 1941 in Glebe, Newcastle, NSW - Edward Wilson.
      7. Alfred James 'Alf' Maybury, born 1920. m. 1946 at Glebe, NSW - Norma Olive Burton.
      8. William John Maybury. m. 1947 at Marrickville, NSW - Patricia McCaffery.
    11. Annie Maybury, born 27 March 1884 at Stroud, NSW; died 26 March 1934 at North Sydney. m. 28 February 1902 in Stroud, NSW - Alfred Blanch (s/o Robert Charles Blanch and Elizabeth Malone), born 12 February 1880 at Bungwahl, NSW; died 4 October 1966 at Lambton, NSW. Annie Maybury and Alfred Blanch had seven children.
    12. Edward Charles Maybury, born 29 March 1886 at Port Stephens, NSW; died 1 February 1960 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m. 1921 in Sydney, NSW - Gladys L. Griffiths.
      1. Alfred J. Maybury.
    13. Archibald Oliver Maybury, born 1 July 1888 at Bulahdelah, NSW. m. 1920 in Bulahdelah, NSW - Lydia Naize Fraser, born 1890; died 1982.
      1. Olive Naise Maybury. m. Ken Clarke.
      2. Helen 'Nellie' June Maybury. m. George?
    14. Arthur Stephen Maybury, born 30 March 1890 at Bulahdelah, NSW; died 8 August 1964 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m. 18 February 1911 in Stroud, NSW - Olive Eva 'Olly' Doust (d/o Arthur John Doust and Ellen Grace Julian), born 1888 at Camden, NSW; died 3 August 1946 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery.
      1. Grace Elizabeth Maybury, born 1911; died 28 December 1965 at Forster, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m. 1931 in Gloucester, NSW - William Charles Gray, born 3 January 1912; died 11 October 1997 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery.
      2. Ellen May Maybury, born 1913. m. 1933 in Camden, NSW - Jack Butchers.
      3. Stanley A. Maybury, born 1915. m. Doreen Macasee.
      4. Olive Esmay Maybury, born 1917. m. 1940 in Gloucester, NSW - Frederick James Butchers.
      5. Winnifred Mary Maybury. m. Everett Oliver Dee (s/o Samuel Henry Dee and Ethel Lucas Flarrety).
      6. Max Alfred Maybury. m. Esther Thelma Stephens.
      7. Gordon E. Maybury.
      8. June M. Maybury. m. Vincent Malone.
    15. Janette May Maybury, born 1892; died 16 May 1961; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m. 25 December 1912 in Bulahdelah, NSW - Hugh Edgar Roberts (s/o Robert Owen Roberts and Elizabeth Agnes Dee), born c. 1889; died 14 May 1971 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. Janette May Maybury and Hugh Edgar Roberts had four children.
    16. Irene Maybury, born 7 January 1895; died 13 November 1959. m. 20 April 1919 at Surry Hills, NSW - John Watsford, born 1878 at Parramatta, NSW; died 1924 at Newcastle, NSW. Irene Maybury and John Watsford had three children, including Alfred Maybury Watsford.
    17. Letitia Maybury, born 17 March 1897 m. 18 June 1921 at Bulahdelah, NSW - Samuel Eric Witt (s/o John T. Witt and Susannah Melmouth), born 1888 at Stroud.
  3. Elizabeth Maybury, born 25 May 1839 at Clarencetown, NSW; died 31 May 1903 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m. 24 September 1855 in Dungog, NSW - Stephen Smith, born 1828 in Norfolk, England; died 24 June 1916 at Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. Elizabeth Maybury and Stephen Smith had thirteen children.
  4. Jane Maybury, born 12 May 1841 at Williams River, NSW; died 28 May 1934 at Rosenthal, Bulahdelah, NSW; buried in Bulahdelah Cemetery. m. 6 January 1863 in Stroud, NSW - Charles Henry 'Henry' Shultz (s/o Frederick Schultz and Fredrica Banchs/Beggs), born 7 October 1841 in Germany; died 23 May 1898 at Stroud, NSW; buried at Stroud. Jane Maybury and Charles Henry 'Henry' Shultz had twelve children.
  5. THE SUBSEQUENT CHILDREN OF MARY HALE - After the death of William Mayberry, Mary Hale married Samuel Richards (no marriage record has yet been located). Their two children were known as the half sister and half brother of Mary's children by William Mayberry. Mary Hale's children with her partner Samuel Richards were:
  6. Sarah Richards, born 5th June 1845 at Brookfield, Clarencetown, NS; died 8th November 1913 at Stockton NSW, buried at Stockton. m. 16th October 1878 at Booral, NSW - John Bell (s/o John Bell and Rhoda) Sarah Richards and John Bell had 2 children.
  7. Samuel Richards, born 5th June 1847 at Brookfield, Clarencetown, NSW; died 25th January 1940 at Bulahdelah, buried in Bulahdealah Cemetery. m. 4th September 1872 at Myall River, Bulahdelah, NSW - Catherine Avery (d/o James Avery and Catherine Heaslip) Samuel Richards and Catherine Avery had 11 children.
  8. After the death of Samuel Richards, Mary Hale had a child by an unknown partner:
  9. Catherine Hales Hall Maybury, born c.1850 at Stroud, NSW; died 4 March 1925 at Kew, NSW; buried at Herons Creek. m. 24 March 1877 at Raymond Terrace, NSW - Edward Beauchamp (s/o Richard Beauchamp and Mary Vane), born 12 July 1849 at Kelso, NSW; died 7 November 1907 at Wauchope, NSW.
  10. Edward Beauchamp was the informant on Mary Hale's death certificate. Catherine Hales Hall Maybury and Edward Beauchamp had eight children, including:
    1. Elizabeth Agnes Maybury, born c.1871 at Soldiers Point, NSW; died 15 June 1956 at Port Macquarie NSW. m. 1891 in Stroud, NSW - William James McCarthy, born 1855; died 8 September 1935 at Taree, NSW.
The above information concerning the descendants of William Mayberry was shared by Judith Dumbrell, 2011.

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