Maybury emigrants to the US and Canada after 1775

Maybury emigrants to the US & Canada after 1775

About a dozen Mayburys came to America before the War for American Independence, settling in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Brief accounts of these earlier Maybury emigrants can be found on our web page. More detailed accounts can be found in our book, The Mayburys, published in 2011. After about 1775, however, the number of Mayburys emigrating to America from England and Ireland increased rapidly. Listed below are a few of these later emigrants whose stories have come to our attention. There are many more whose stories are yet to be researched and published.

John Mayberry (ca1757-1829) of Susex & Warren Counties, New Jersey

John Mayberry was born about 1757, place unknown. His wife was Charity Young (d/o Tunis & Christiana Young). John died 19 January 1829 "in his 72nd year". Charity died 5 March 1836 in her 72nd year. Both are buried in the cemetery of the Knowlton Presbyterian Church, near Columbia, New Jersey, along with their children, Christiana, Jacob, Richard and Samuel.

Some researchers have thought that John Mayberry was born in Ireland because of an application for U.S. Citizenship filed on 4 October 1805 in Philadelphia. That application states that John Mayberry was a native of Ireland but was "now of the City of Philadelphia". It also states that the petitioner had resided within the United States "upwards of eight years" and within the State of Pennsylvania, "upwards of six years". However, in light of other evidence below, it seems unlikely that the John Mayberry who petitioned for citizenship in 1805 was the same John Mayberry who lived in Knowlton, New Jersey.

In fact, it is possible that John Mayberry of Knowlton, New Jersey was not an immigrant at all. His son, Richard, was living in Boone County, Illinois at the time of the 1880 census. At that time Richard Mayberry gave his age as 72 and stated that he was born in New Jersey. He also stated that his father and mother were both born in New Jersey.

Descendants believe that John Mayberry served as a soldier in the American Revolutionary War, possibly in the German speaking company of Captain Jacob Ten Eyck's First Battalion from Somerset, New Jersey. The name of John Maybeck appears on that muster roll. Additional evidence for a German origin was found by a professional researcher who concluded that John Mayberry's wife, Charity Young, was the daughter of Tunis Jung and Christiana Winter, both of whom immigrated from Germany. In addition the Knowlton Presbyterian Church was organized about 1775/76 in a community settled by German immigrants and is said to have been composed of Presbyterians, Anglicans and German Reformed (Calvinist) families.

We have recently received a DNA sample from one of John Mayberry's descendants. It clearly matches the DNA signature of the English Mayburys. As we look at the DNA of additional Mayburys and extend those to additional markers, it may be possible to identify John Mayberry with a particular branch of the Maybury family. One think is already clear. He does not descend from the family of Frederick Mayberry who was born in Germany.

While we may not have a complete list of the children of John and Charity Mayberry, the following nine are listed in John's will which was written on 18 October 1818:

Descendants of John and Charity Mayberry

  1. John Mayberry, Jr. b ca 1785; d 1803
  2. William Mayberry b ca 1787; m 10 Jan 1811 Eliza Vaniveir in Sussex Co NJ
  3. Elizabeth Mayberry b 1789; m ?Jacob Fenton
  4. Anna Mayberry b ca 1791; 17 Mar 1810 John Snyder in Sussex Co NJ. Later lived in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.
  5. Catherine Mayberry b ca 1793; m 18 Jul 1814 Isaac Vanroy in Susex Co NJ
  6. Christiana Mayberry b ca 1795; d 11 Mar 1819
  7. Jacob Mayberry b ca 1797; m Eliza Matilda Pearson (1805-1843) ; living in Warren Co NJ in 1850 (1805-1843); living in Warren Co NJ in 1850
    1. Phoebe L. Mayberry b ca 1831 NJ
    2. Amanda Mayberry b ca 1833 NJ
    3. Catherine L. Mayberry b ca 1834 NJ
    4. Margaret A. Mayberry b ca 1836 NJ
    5. Roxanna Mayberry d 22 Sep 1837, aged 11 mos, 20 dys
    6. John C. Mayberry b ca 1839 NJ
    7. Sarah C. Mayberry b ca 1841 NJ
    8. Emma R. Mayberry b ca 1843 NJ
  8. Samuel Mayberry b ca 1798; m1 Abigail Hunt (1804-1825); m2 Nancy _____ (1800-1838); m3 Mrs. Margaret Gaston Hunt; the "History of Warren County New Jersey" by George Wyckoff Cummins (pub. 1911), lists Samuel Mayberry as a New Jersey State Assemblyman from 1847-1849.
    1. ?Abigail Ann Mayberry
    2. ?Phoebe L. Mayberry b ca 1832 NJ
    3. Martha C. Mayberry b ca 1835 NJ
    4. Lucilla Mayberry b ca 1842 NJ
    5. Mary E. Mayberry b ca 1843 NJ
    6. John C. Mayberry b ca 1844 NJ
    7. Anna E. Mayberry b ca 1848 NJ
  9. Richard Mayberry b ca 1808 NJ; m1 Margaret Cooke (1805-1838); m2 Elizabeth Cooke; lived in Ogle Co IL in 1860; buried in Clinton Cemetery, Rock County, WI
    1. James C. Mayberry b ca 1829 NJ; m Berma Minerva Roe
      1. John Mayberry b ca 1856 IL
      2. Phelix Mayberry b ca 1858 IL
      3. Elizabeth Delphene Mayberry b 1860 IL; d 1 Dec 1863 (aged 3 yrs, 8 m)
      4. Callie M. Mayberry b ca 1862 IL
      5. Hal. L. Mayberry b ca 1864 IL
      6. Fred E. Mayberry b ca 1868 IL
      7. Malcom Mayberry b ca 1876 IL
    2. Charity Ann Mayberry b ca 1831 NJ; m E. C. Hayes
      1. Mary A Hayes b ca 1850 IL
      2. Margaret Delphine Hayes b ca 1852 IL
      3. Elizabeth Hayes b ca 1854 IL
      4. Franklin Hayes b ca 1855 IL
      5. Henry Hayes b ca 1857 IL
      6. Mattie L. Hayes b ca 1863 IL
      7. Charles E. Hayes b ca 1865 IL
      8. Flora Hayes b ca 1870 IL
      9. Emery L. Hayes b ca 1873 IL
      10. Elsie C. Hayes b ca 1876 IL
    3. Mary Almeda Mayberry b 28 Oct 1832 NJ; m Abner J. Bilsborough
      1. Delmer Bilsborough b ca 1864 IL
      2. Eva Bilsborough b ca 1866 IL
      3. Hattie Bilsborough b ca 1868 IL
      4. Nellie E. Bilsborough b 11 Aug 1869 IL; d 19 Jan 1877
      5. Herbert Bilsborough b ca 1872 IL
      6. Almeda Bilsborough b ca 1877 IL
    4. Lemuel Mayberry b ca 1834 NJ
    5. George N. Mayberry b ca 1836 NJ
    6. Lewis C. Mayberry b ca 1839 NJ; m Jennie _____
      1. Addie I Mayberry b ca 1867 IL
      2. Geneviere Mayberry b ca 1873 IL
    7. Charles N. Mayberry b ca 1841 MI
    8. Henry C. Mayberry b ca 1843 MI; m Elizabeth _____
      1. Herbert Mayberry b Dec 1873 NE
      2. Cora E. Mayberry b 29 Oct 1875 NE
      3. Margurite E. Mayberry b ca 1878 IL
      4. John E. Mayberry b 9 Mar 1880 NE
      5. Charles K. Mayberry b Aug 1884 NE
    9. Margaret C. Mayberry b ca 1845 MI
    10. Eva E. Mayberry b ca 1847 IL
    11. Herbert Mayberry b ca 1849 IL
    12. Frank P. Mayberry b ca 1851 IL
    13. Phoebe L. Mayberry b ca 1854 IL
    14. Sarah D. Mayberry b ca 1859 IL
    15. Jacob Mayberry b ca 1863 IL
Anyone with addtional information about this family is invited to contact: Kathy Mayberry

Richard Mayberry - from County Antrim, Ireland to Quebec about 1820

Richard Mayberry is said to have been born on 12 Dec 1798 in County Antrim, Ireland. Descendants believe that he emigrated to Canada about 1820 and settled at Isle Aux Noix in Quebec. He is believed to have married Margaret Schweier on 27 Jun 1825. Some descendants say they had thirteen children. We would like to have additional information on this family.

Thomas and Henry Maybury - from County Cork to Detroit, Michigan

Very little is known about these two brothers, whose families were influential in the early days of Detroit, Michigan. While articles about them suggest that they came from County Cork, Ireland, they are clearly part of the larger Maybury family in adjacent County Kerry. See William Maybury (ca1640-ca1715), emigrant to County Kerry in 1671.

The Kerry Mayburys lived, for the most part, in the eastern part of the County near Kenmare and Kilgarven but also spilled over into County Cork to the east. It was there that the Mayburys were first acquainted with the ancestors of Henry Ford, the Detroit automaker. When Henry Ford’s grandfather, John Ford, came from Ireland to Michigan in 1847, one of the first people he met was an old friend from Ireland, Henry Maybury. It was Maybury who sold Ford the 80 acres in Redford Township which gave the Fords their start in America. By 1858, William Ford, John’s oldest son, was able to buy half of his father’s farm. Three years later when William married Mary Litogot, it was Thomas Maybury who opened his home for the wedding ceremony.

As the years went by the Fords and Mayburys continued to be friends and neighbors, both families prospering in Dearborn Township. Thomas Maybury was listed in the 1870 census as a “sewer contractor”. Ten years later his occupation was given as “capitalist”. Maybury was a widower with one son and three daughters. His son, William Maybury was listed in the 1870 census as a “law student”. William Maybury received his law degree from the University of Michigan in 1871. By 1876 he was Detroit city attorney. In 1883 he was elected to the United States Congress where he served two terms. Returning to Michigan, he served as Mayor of Detroit from 1897 until 1905. Mayor William Cotter Maybury is pictured at left.

William and Mary Ford’s son, Henry was born in 1863. He grew up the son of a prosperous farmer and was able to devote his attention to other interests, most of all things mechanical. He experimented with steam engines and became fascinated with watches. Later he determined to become a machinist. By 1893 Henry Ford had built his first internal combustion engine and three years later he was driving about the outskirts of the city in his “Quadracycle”, powered by another of his engines. In his first term as Mayor, William Maybury heard about the difficulties of the young inventor, Henry Ford and personally helped Ford pay the bills, also helping to line up investors for Ford’s first company. Maybury said to city officials that, "the fast developing automobile . . . is bound to be a feature of the century on which we are about to enter" and predicted that "it will extend and revolutionize the existing modes of transit in cities . . . ."

Thomas Maybury was born in Bandon, Cork Ireland about 1807 or 1809. His wife, Margaret Cotter, was also born in Ireland about 1813. They were married in County Cork in 1832 and then emigrated to Detroit, Michigan in 1834. They are listed in the 1840 census of Detroit and all of their children are listed in the 1850 census as having been born in Michigan. The same census lists related families from County Kerry including that of Samuel Kingston. Margaret Cotter Maybury died 9 Jun 1851. In the 1850 census Thomas gave his occupation as "boilermaker". The children of Thomas and Margaret Maybury were:
  1. Unknown child, born in Ireland and died on the voyage to America
  2. Henry Maybury, born about 1832 in Ireland; moved to Florida
  3. Eliza Maybury, born about 1835 in Michigan; m James Denton
  4. Catherine Maybury, born about 1839 in Michigan; m John Guiness
  5. Thomas Maybury, born about 1841 in Michigan
  6. Mary May Maybury, born about 1843 in Michigan
  7. Jane Maybury, born about 1845 in Michigan
  8. William Cotter Maybury, born about 1848 in Michigan. U. S. Congressman and later Mayor of Detroit.
  9. Margaret Maybury, born about 1850-51 in Michigan
Henry Maybury was born in Ireland about 1813 and may have come to Michigan after his brother, Thomas, was already established there. In the 1850 census of Detroit, Henry is listed as age 37 and born in Ireland. Elizabeth Maybury, age 75, probably Henry's mother, was living with him as was Mary Ann Tegan, age 18, who was likely the daughter of William Tegan who was living next door. About 1856 Henry Maybury married a woman named Ann _____ (born about 1825 in Ireland). Their known children are:
  1. Elizabeth Maybury, born about 1857 in Michigan
  2. William H. Maybury, born about 1858 in Michigan; never married; made a fortune in real estate and was a philanthropist.
  3. Mary Maybury, born about 1862 in Michigan; m Mr. Berkery.
  4. Jane Maybury, born about 1865 in Michigan.

Eight Maybury siblings from County Kerry to Montreal, Quebec, Canada

James Maybury was born in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland about 1807. About 1830 he married Maria Shaw (d/o William Shaw) in Cloghereen, County Kerry, Ireland. James was possibly one of the children of William and Ann Maybury of Killna, Killarney, County Kerry. James had a sister, Ann Maybury, about who nothing else is known. He also had a brother William Thomas, born about 1820, who married Ann Talbot (d/o James Talbot) in 1845.

James Maybury and Maria Shaw had ten children, eight of whom migrated to Canada in the 1860s.

  1. Anne Maybury was born about 1831 in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. She married James Maybury on 14 Feb 1852 in County Kerry.
  2. Thomas Maybury b 1832 or 1838 Muckross Parish, Killarney; m 20 October 1859 Frances Banfield (d/o James Banfield) in the Parish of Killarney, Ireland; d Montreal, Canada. Their first five children were born in Ireland. About 1868 the family left Ireland to settle in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. There six more children were born. Thomas Maybury died on 17 November 1894 in Montreal.
    1. Maria Maybury b ca 1861 Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland
    2. James Maybury b ca 1862 Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland; m 10 Jun 1892 Isabella Dagge; d 9 Jul 1932 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
      1. _____ Maybury
        1. Muriel Maybury b 1927 Montreal Canada
        2. Isabella Maybury b 1930 New York City, NY
        3. James Maybury b 1932 New York City, NY; m Doreen Joan Moore
          1. James Mitchell Maybury b 1964 New York City, NY
          2. Mitchell D. Maybury b 1966 New York City, NY; m1 Unnamed; (div. May 1998); m2 29 Aug 2002 Beth Oddo
            1. Samuell James Maybury b 1996
            2. Daniell Hatcliffe Maybury b 1 Nov 2003
        4. Joan Maybury b 1934 New York City, NY
      2. Dorethia Lillian Maybury b 1892 Montreal, Que. Canada
      3. Pheobe Violet Maybury b 1894 Montreal, Que. Canada
      4. James Dagg Maybury b 1897 Montreal Que. Canada; d 1980 Massapequa NY
      5. Isabella Maybury b 1899 Montreal Que. Canada
      6. Alexander Maybury b 1904 Montreal Que. Canada
    3. George Maybury b 17 May 1864 Torc Cottage, Killarney, Ire.
    4. Thomas Maybury Jr. b 3 Mar 1866 Torc Lodge, Killarney - Ire. D. 1866
    5. Thomas Maybury Jr. b 10 Dec 1867 Torc Lodge, Killarney, Ire.; m 12 Jul 1901 Ellen Matthews in Lachute, Quebec, Canada; d 15 Oct 1941 Verdun, Quebec, Canada.
    6. Henry Arthur Maybury b ca 1868; d 15 November 1898 Charlevox St. Montreal Que. Can.
    7. Frances Maybury b 2 Feb 1870 Torc Lodge Village, Killarney, Ire.
    8. Eliza Maybury b 5 Feb 1872 Torc Lodge, Killarney, Ire.
    9. Harriet Maybury b 18 Jun 1876 Point St. Charles, Montreal Que. Canada; m 1 Nov 1894 Lewis Duff in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    10. William Maybury b 25 Apr 1880 Point St. Gariels Ward, Montreal Que. Canada
    11. Lily Maybury b unknown; d 3 Aug 1895 Montreal Que. Canada
  3. Isabella Maybury was born abt. 1836 in Killarney, Kerry, Ireland. She married 4 Dec 1853 James Dagg in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. They went to Canada in 1885. She died 28 Jul 1916 in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.
  4. James Maybury b ca 1838 Ireland; m1 6 Nov 1862 Maria Mitchell (d/o Alexander Mitchell); came to Canada 1864; m2 Margaret Mitchell (another daughter of Alexander Mitchell); later settled in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, New York and later moved to New Jersey.
    1. Marion Maybury bap. 24 Dec 1876 at Grace Anglican Church in Montreal
  5. George Maybury b Aug 1846; emigrated to Canada about 1874; m1 Mary Jane McCarthy (Mary Jane d. 14 Jul 1882); m2 15 Jul 1885 Sarah Bradley (Sarah d 12 Mar 1922); d 29 Jun 1927 Montreal Que. Canada
    1. Ann Maybury b ca 1872 in Ireland
    2. Elizabeth Maybury b ca 1874 in Ireland
    3. Mary Jane Maybury bap. 24 Dec 1876 at Grace Anglican Church, Montreal Que. Canada; m Vernon Linley Peace; d 20 Feb 1945 in Monson, Hampden, MA
    4. Elizabeth Maybury b 6 May 1878 Montreal Que. Canada - d.
    5. Robert Henry Maybury b 1880 Montreal Que. Canada-d 29 Dec 1882
    6. James Maybury b 1882 Montreal Que. Canada - d 2 Sep 1882
    7. George James Maybury b 1886 Montreal Que. Canada
    8. William Wilson Maybury b 1888 Montreal Que. Canada; d 16 May 1888
    9. Susana Porter Maybury b 1889 Montreal Que.
  6. Francis Shaw Maybury b ca 1848 Ireland; m 15 Jul 1873 Isabella Hunter (d/o James Hunter & Sarah Milling); married in Cornwall, Ontario.
  7. Anna Maria Maybury was born 1844–1846 in Killarney, Kerry, Ireland. She married 21 Jan 1863 Denis Aldworth Christian in Killarney, Kerry, Ireland. They were in Montréal before 15 Oct 1876. She died on 11 Jan 1923 in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  8. John Shaw Maybury was born abt. 1849 in Killarney, Kerry, Ireland]. He married 21 Feb 1872 Maria O'Neill in Killarney, Kerry, Ireland. He died bet. Jan–Mar 1901 in Killarney, Kerry, Ireland.
  9. William Shaw Maybury b ca 1848 Killarney, Ireland; m Jane Slemon
    1. William James Maybury b 1890 Montreal Que. Canada; d 1891 Montreal Canada
    2. Ethal Shaw Maybury b 16 Jan 1888 Montreal Que. Canada
    3. Gertrude Maybury
  10. Eliza Shaw Maybury was born on 19 Feb 1858 in Killarney, Kerry, Ireland. Went to Montréal, Quebec, Canada. She married 10 Jun 1890 Benjamin Legassick in Montréal, Quebec, Canada. She died 4 Jan 1925 in Verdun, Quebec, Canada.

For more information on this family contact Mitchell Maybury

Richard Hawkes Maybury from County Kerry to Missouri about 1869

Richard Hawkes Maybury was baptized on 6 July 1845 in Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland. He was a son of William Kingston Maybury and Marie Hawkes of County Kerry. Richard Hawkes Maybury e migrated to the United States in 1869 and settled in Kansas City Missouri. There he married Emaline Amelia Rose on 7 September 1873 in Jackson County, Missouri. He was a Justice of the Peace from 1889-1891. The photo is of Richard Hawkes Maybury and his wife, Emma Rose. It was taken about 1924.

Among the siblings of Richard Hawkes Maybury were two brothers and a sister who also emigrated to the United States:
  • Thomas John Maybury b 20 Apr 1837 IRE, went to America 11 May 1864. Lived in Santiago, Sherburne Co MN; d 26 Feb 1920. He did not marry and left no descendants.
  • Elizabeth Jane Maybury bp 9 Feb 1841 Kenmare; went to MN and lived with her brother, Thomas John Maybury. She had two children but did not marry.
  • William Hawkes Maybury bp 20 Mar 1842 Kenmare; m Mary Jane Moore; emigrated to the U.S. and lived for a time in Minnesota before returning to Kenmare with his wife and sister-in-law, Eliza Ellen Moore.

Descendants of Richard Hawkes Maybury and Emma Rose

  1. Richard Edward Maybury m Ella Blanche Auld; d ca 1926 Kansas City, MO
    1. Richard Auld Maybury b Feb 1912; m Virginia Cocks in IL; d 1984 TX
      1. Richard Winston Maybury - m Derre J. Southworth (d Oct 2005)
        1. Richard Hobson Maybury b 8 Oct 1969 London, England; m 16 Jul 1944 Diane Patricia Brignall in Austin, TX
          1. Richard Lawrence Maybury b 1 Dec 2000 Austin, TX
          2. Bane Brignall Maybury b 14 Sep 2003
      2. Lucy Hobson Maybury b 5 Aug 1944 in KY; m 1 Jun 1968 Richard Franklin King
        1. Eric Winston King b 1 Jun 1975 Silver Spring, MD; m 12 Jul 2003 Tiffany Marx
        2. Erin Moore King b 10 Nov 1977 Silver Spring, MD; m 30 Jun 2001 Andrew Baker in PA
  2. William F. Maybury d 1960s in Michigan
  3. (Female) Maybury
  4. (Female) Maybury
  5. (Female) Maybury

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