What Is New in Bristol County, Mass, USA

Bristol County New features - Change History

Mar 2004 (104,734 Visitors) Added Town host Dale H. Cook for Easton, Rehoboth and Taunton Towns (Thank you)
Removed Link to Roxanne Koelpin on lookups for Rehoboth due to bad email address

Apr 2003 (87,193 Visitors) Added Old Colony Historical Society in Tanuton, MA

Oct 2002 (79,419 Visitors) Added Notre Dame Cemetery in Fall River by Kelly Townsend, Updated links..

Feb 2002 (68,327 Visitors) Added new lookups, Updated links..

Dec 2001 Removed government links .

Jan 10, 2001 (49,766 Visitors) Added Adamsdale Town Sponser by Peter Sarazin (Thank You!) This concentrates on the families and genealogies and the churches. A must see site.

April 13, 2000 (38,011 Visitors) Added Rehoboth Town Sponser by Pat Griffiths (Thank You!) , Added New Bedford Genealogy Room in Public Library, Added lookup volunteer Natalie Hobbs Fix on Freetown link for Vital Records of the Town of Freetown. and for a book Myricks, MA - A Farming Settlement, A railroad village. Charlotte volunteered to do lookups on VRs in Attleboro and North Attleborough. (Thank you!) Added Massasoit web site under Native Americans on main page. Updated current Events.

Feb 11, 2000 (34,778 Visitors) Added National Genealogical Society (NGS) and National Gravestone Studies National Conferences both in Providence, RI in May - June , 2000

Jan 7, 2000 (32,927 Visitors ) Added Judy Swan to do lookups in Fairhaven & Westport prior to 1850. Thanks Judy! Added Cemetery Locations in Bristol County

Dec 28, 1999 (32,447 Visitors)

Oct 1999, (30,529 Visitors) - Updated Taunton Cemetery and Burial List.

June 4, 1999, (22,500 Visitors) - Converted towns to table format and added link from main page. Placed history on town page which includes date of incorporation and town seal.

Mar 13, 1999 - (18,582 Visitors) - Added list of Taunton Cemeterys and Burying Grounds

Mar 7, 1999 - Added link to Old Colony Historical Society and Museum in Taunton, MA.

Feb 26, 1999 - Added Mystic Seaport with reference to Blunt White Library of marine holdings. Also Call for Papers to the 2000 NGS Conference in Providence RI.

Feb 24, 1999 - Added Kendall Whaling Museum in neighboring Norfolk County.

Feb 17, 1999 - Added Adjacent Counties, Fall River Historical Society Address. Also Added Norton Historical Society

Jan 23, 1999, - Removed old query system which was replaced by the new Gen Connect system installed in Feb of 1998. Changed Link to Boston to Providence Genealogical Society.

Sept 29, 1998 - History of Bristol County online books by David Blackwell.

August 17, 1998 - Bristol County Census supported through the efforts of Barbara Tourtillott

April 27, 1998 - Improvements in new Query System for World queries, editing, searches

March 11, 1998 - Allow access to National Query Database with direct link.

Feb 20, 1998 - New interactive query system activiated. Features direct entry queries & response system.