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The Mayflower and its 99 passengers landed at Plymouth on 21 Nov 1620. The Fortune arrived in Nov 1621. During the 65 years all the portion of south-eastern Massachusetts and western Rhode Island was know as Plymouth County. When the division was made of Plymouth Colony, Bristol county in 1685 had the towns of Taunton, Rehoboth, Dartmouth, Swansea, Bristol, Tiverton, Little Compton, Freetown and the plantations of Cumberland Gore and Attleboro. It was bounded on the North by Norfolk county, the east by the new Plymouth county and on the south by Buzzard's, Mount Hope, and Narraganset bays and the plantation of Roger Williams. The plantation of Cohannet was incorporated on 3 March 1639 which was the Tetiquet Purchase (now Raynham, Berkley and Taunton). In 1668 the North Purchase was made (now the towns of Norton, Mansfield, and Easton). The South purchase (Dighton) was added in 1672 and then in 1680 Assonet Neck was annexed to the jurisdiction of Cohannet.


Town History Bristol County Town Host
Bristol County Organized 1685 from Old Plymouth Colony.


See Town of Dartmouth  


Organized 1860 from Fairhaven Host Needed !!


Organized 1694 from Rehoboth Host Needed !!


Organized 1735 from Dighton & Taunton Host Needed!


See Town of Dartmouth  


See Town of Taunton  


Organized 1664 (Acushena, Ponaganesett, Coaksett) Host Needed!


Organized 1712 from Taunton Host Needed!


Organized 1725 from Norton Easton Hosted by Dale H Cook


Organized 1812 from New Bedford Judy Swan - Lookup VR to 1850

Fall River

Organized 1803 from Freetown (Troy 1834) Fall River hosted by Joe Powers


Organized 1683 Lookups Volunteer Natalie Hobbs Fix - Vital Recors of Freetown, MA - 1686 thru 1890, Compiled by Helen Gurney Thomas, copyright1988 and Myrics, Massachusetts - A Farming Settlement, A Railroad Village by Gail Terry copyright 1998.


Organized 1770 from Norton; Incorporated 1775 Lookups of Mansfield marriages by Judy Gillon

New Bedford

Organized 1787 from Dartmouth Host Needed!

North Attleboro

Incorporated from Attleboro Adamsdale Additional Hosts Needed


Organized 1710 from Taunton Hosted by Judy Gillon
Lookups of Norton marriages by Judy Gillon


See Town of Dartmouth  


Organized 1731 from Taunton Host Needed!


Organized 1645 Rehoboth Hosted by Dale H. Cook


Organized 1812 from Rehoboth Host Needed!


Organized 1790 from Swansea Host Needed!


Organized 1667 from Rehoboth (Wannamoisett) Host Needed!


Bristol County Courthouse
Organized 1639 (Cohannett) Taunton Hosted by Dale H. Cook


See Ciy of Fall River  


See Swansea  


Organized 1787 from Dartmouth Judy Swan - Lookup VR to 1850
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