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The numbers 1 through 55 correspond to a map and Graveyard numbers in the published Taunton Vital Records. Numbers 56 and above correspond to a map located in the Old Colony Historical Society Museum and Library in Taunton, MA and are not included in the Taunton, MA Vital Records book. All known cemeteries are included.


Cemetery Cemetery Location
2 Crane Ave Burying Ground At roadside, northeast side
3 Oakland Cemetery 20 Glebe Street
4 Pine Hill Cemetery Corner of Stevens and Pinehill Streets
5 King Burying Ground 1300 Middleboro Avenue
6 Staples Street Burying Ground Staples Street at Junction of Seekell Street
7 Caswell Street Burying Ground Caswell Street - opposite Staples Street
8 Caswell Burying Ground Behind construction on Middleboro Ave. , Opposite East Taunton Fire Station
9 Neck of Land (Summer Street) Burying Ground 81 Summer Street
10 North Taunton Burying Ground 1863 Bay Street - Corner of Field Street
11 Westville Cemetery 1291 Cohannet Street
12 Burt, Crane, Gulliver, Walker Burying Ground Gulliver Street
13 Hathaway Burying Ground 1600 Somerset Avenue
14 East Weir Cemetery Behind 57 Plain Street
15 Old Episcopal (St. Thomas) Burying Ground 227 Tremont Street
16 Willis Burying Ground Behind 28 Worchester Street
17 Mount Pleasant Cemetery Crocker Street
18 Padelford Burying Ground In front of airport hangar, Middleboro, Ave.
19 Richmond Cemetery Near 545 Richmond Street
20 Basset Family Burying Ground 820 South Crane Ave., near Harvey Street
21 Friend's Burying Ground (Harvey) Opposite 820 South Crane Ave., Near Harvey Street
22 Basset Burying Ground 12 Field Street, Opposite North Taunton Cemetery
23 Field Burying Ground Between 34 and 48 Field Street
24 Lincoln burying Ground On rise by roadside on Bassett Street, near Bay Street
25 Harvey Burying Ground Behind Building 1, Dever School, off Fremont Street near Bassett Street
26 Lincoln Burying Ground Behind 1360 Bay Street, off Watson Street
27 Wetherell Cemetery Corner of Lothrop and Prospect Hill Streets
28 Cooper Burying Ground Behind 228 Berkley Street, near corner of Pratt Street
29 Phillips Cemetery East side of Pratt Street, at corner of Berkley Street
30 Walker Burying Ground End of Laneway Street, Off of Burt Street
31 Walker Burying Ground End of Laneway Street, Off of Burt Street
32 Reed Cemetery In woods, opposite church on Railroad Ave
33 Walker Blake Cemetery See Location instructions on websight thanks to Robert Bates
34 Sandy Hill Cemetery At end of Seventh Street
35 Knapp Burying Ground Off Tremont Street, at end of Segregansett Road
36 Phillips Burying Ground Near 433 Staples Street
37 St. James Cemetery 44 Liberty Street
38 Father Wilson Cemetery 123 1/2 Broadway
39 St. Francis Cemetery 24 Glebe Street
40 St. Joseph's Cemetery 475 East Britannia Street
41 St Mary's Cemetery 100 East Britannia Street
42 Woodward Burying Ground In woods, behind 1396 Norton Ave
43 Gilbert Burying Ground West side of Pratt Street, at corner of Berkley Steet
44 Richmond Cemetery On Route 44 by roadside next to river opposite Space Metals.
45 Colored Cemetery Sherwood Avenue, near Precinct Street
46 Williams, Padelford Cemetery Between 62 and 78 Seaver Street, off Viking Street
47 County Street Cemetery In front yard of 1797 Old County Street
48 White Cemetery At Junction of South Street and Railroad Avenue
49 Lincoln Burying Ground On Davis Street, near Shores Street
50 Mayflower Hill Cemetery 235 Broadway
51 Soper Lot In woods in field on north side of County Street at junction of Johnson Street, near 318 County Street
52 Precinct Burying Ground Location unknown, possibly destroyed
53 "OX-Bow Farm" On grounds behind Taunton High School, near parking lot
54 Burying Ground Unknown - near Richmond Street
55 Burying Ground - Exact Location unknown - In woods between Rocky Woods and Glebe Streets
Cemetery and Burying Grounds listed below are not in Taunton Vital Records.
56 Swamp Cemetery In woods, off Burt Street - Down Path (See 10/1999 update note below)
57 Mount Nebo Cemetery 19 Glebe Street
58 Cobb- Bragg Family Lot - (See Oct 99 Update note below) Destroyed - - was near 300 Burt Street
59 Single Stone (Joel Harvey) In field, 1/4 mile east of Round Street on South
60 Single Grave - no stone (Asa Richmond) 1678 Middleboro Avenue
61 Howard Burying Ground Across from 408 Tremont Street
62 Quaker Burying Ground ("Greenwood") Freemont Street
63 Cemetery Unknown ("Greenwood") Somewhere near Almshouse - 10/99 update... east side of Fremont Street almost opposite Elizabeth Pole Drive near a residential development called Paula Drive. (See Note below)
64 Cemetery Unknown In woods near County Way
65 Harvey Burial Lot (Added to list 10/99) South Side of Hodges Street just beyond Cove Estates a few houses before intersection with Round Street. Joel Harvey Stone

Note for # 56 Down Path off Burtt Street... This cemetery is know as the Swamp Cemetery or the Second "Knapp Cemetery". The first Knapp family cemetery is off Tremont Street along Segreganset Road. .. Aaron Knapp's Family.

Note for # 58 Hiram Bragg's Family and Richard Cobs's Family lot. this cemetery was on Tremont Street just before Burt Street.

Note for # 63 - In Greenwood Cemetery there are no stones visible in 1999.

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