Richmond, Massachusetts Marriage Records to 1850



ACKLEY (see Hackley, Hackly), Mary and Abraham Rockwell of Canaan, N. Y. [int. omits N. Y.], Aug. 17, 1806.

ADAMS, Harriet M. and Samuel L. Werden [int. Samuel L. Worden], Apr. 3, 1839.
Sarah A. and Simeon P. Clapp, Feb. 9, 1843.

AKINS, Seth and Sally Griswold, Apr. 26, 1790.* [Sept. 26, C.R.]

ALGER, Sarah W. and John R. Cole, Nov. 22, 1838.

ANDREWS, David and Sarah [int. adds L.] Bacon, June 10, 1840. [Sarah L., C.R.]
Deming L., 24, farmer, s. Jonathan and Betsey, and Rebecca Barney, 22 [dup. of Barrington, int. of Gt. Barrington), b. Barrington, d. Edward and Eliza of Barrington, Oct. 16, 1845.
Dennis, 31, carpenter, s. Selah and Levina, and Ruhama Cook, 36, d. Isaac and Priscilla, Mar. 29, 1848. [Ruhamah, C.R.]
Eivira E. and Henry F. Hall, Dec. 12, 1833.
Lucia C., d. Selah and Levina, and Morgan Chittenden, carpenter [dup. of Richfield, Ohio, int.of Ritchfield, of Ritchfield, Ohio], s. _______ of Ritchfield, Ohio, Nov. 30, 1848.
Marcia and Charles Kendall, Mar. 29, 1831.
Phylarmon of E. Haddam, and Philinda Willson, int. Sept. 12, 1784.
Thomas K. and Sally Hart, May 36, 1803.

ARNOLD, Lydia and Jehiel Dean [int. of Galloway], May 26, 1794. [Jeheil , C.R.]

ASHLEY, Artimesia [dup. Artimisea] of Pittsfield, and Andrew Hyde, int. Jan. 16, 1813.

ASHMUN, Samuel and Parthenia Raymond, Feb. 17, 1790. [Parthena, C.R.]

AUSTIN, Levi and Mary Gates, Dec. 30, 1769. *

AVERY, Mary Ann and Sidney West, int. Mar. 20, 1842. Sabra M. of Lenox, and Martin Slosson, int. Jan. 2, 1831.

AYLSWORTH, Dan[ie]l G. and Elvira Betts, Dec. 12, 1820.* C.R.

BACON, Abagail of Uxbridge, and George Martin, Jan. 16, 1800.*
John Jr. and Phebe Gaston, June 11 [int. May 10], 1788. [May 19, C.R.]
Sarah [int. adds L.] and David Andrews, June 10, 1840. [Sarah L., C.R.]
Zebulon and Jemima Barnes of Eastampton, int. Aug. 9, 1794.

BAGG, Mehetabel of Lanesborough, and Darius Barns, int. Sept. 1, 1810.

BALLARD, Sherebiah and Elizabeth Sullard, int. Feb. 26, 1792.

BARNES (see Barns), Jemima of Eastampton, and Zebulon Bacon, int. Aug. 9, 1794.
William, Capt., and Esther Luddon of Goshen, int. Nov. 26, 1806.

BARNEY, Rebecca, 22 (dup. of Barrington, int. of Gt. Barrington], b. Barrington, d. Edward and Eliza of Barrington, and Deming L. Andrews, 24, farmer, s. Jonathan and Betsey, Oct. 16, 1845.

BARNS (see Barnes), Darius and Mehetabel Bagg of Lanesborough, int. Sept. 1, 1810.
Roxana [int. Roxany Barnes] and Asa Curtis, Nov. 26, 1807. [Roxana Barns, C.R.]

BARTLET (see Bartlett), William and Ruth Harris, Apr. 22, 1788.*

BARTLETT (see Bartlet), James and Mary Betts, Oct. 20, 1818.
Mary, Mrs., and Aaron Kellogg Jr. [int. of Gt. Barrington, Berkshire Co.], Dec. 8, 1824.

BASSETT, Marcus J. of Stockbridge, and Mary Rosseter, Feb. 19, 1840. [Rossiter, C.R.]

BEBEE (see Beebe), Levi Jr. and Sally Peirson, Nov. 27, 1806. [Beebe Jr., C.R.]

BECHER, Submit and Miles Lyman, Nov.17, 1799.* [Beecher, C.R.]

BEDLOW, Hannah and Orren Stevens, Oct. 30, 1788.* [Orin, C.R.]

BEEBE (see Bebee), Dan and Rhoda Gaston, Jan. 14, 1802.* [Dan M., C.R.]

BEECHER (see Becher).

BELDEN, John of Canaan, N. Y., and Dency Tooley, Sept. 5, 1802.* [Denee, C.R.]

BELL, Harvey [int. lHarvy] and Mary [int. Polly] Reeve, Jan. 12, 1786.
Jason and Lydia Hill, Sept. 26, 1786.*

BENTON, Eliza and Gilbert Woodruff of W. Stockbridge, int. Mar. 30, 1834.
Polly and Curtis Prout of Windham, Oct. 6, 1810.
Pruden[worn] and John Carr of Lenox, int. Sept. 4, 1785.

BERDECT, Alansen [int. Alanson Burdick] and Polly Hackly [int. Hackleyl, Mar. 7, 1832.

BERNARD, Timothy and Phebe Dewey of Sheffield, int. Oct. 24, 1784.

BETTS, Eliza and Daniel Stranaham [int. Daniel B. Stranahan of Nassau, N. Y.], Mar. 12, 1834. [Daniel Stranahan, C.R.]
Elvira and Dan[ie]l G. Aylsworth, Dec. 12, 1820.* C.R.
Lydia and Roger Parmele, Mar. 26, 1786.
Maria and Dr. Erastus Wight, Oct. 13, 1819.* C.R.
Mary and James Bartlett, Oct. 20, 1818.
Uriah and Sarah Rosseter, Oct. 14, 1783.*
Uriah and Rebekah Rosseter, Sept. 22, 1796.*

BIRCHARD (see Buchard).

BISHOP, Henry W. [and] _______ _______, int. Sept. 29, 1822.
Leonard and Ruth Hoppin, May 7, 1788.
Lucy and Noah Lyman Jr., Nov. 12, 1795.*

BLACKMAN, Betsey and Anson S. Burt of Pittsfield, int. Jan. 5, 1811.
Sally and Titus Wright Burt of Pittsfield, int. Sept. 27, 1811.

BLISS, Alfred of Otsego, N.Y. [int. and dup. int. omit N.Y.], and Polly Hackley [dup. int. Hockley], July 12, 1812.
Charles and Abigail Rowley, Mar. 14, 1790.
Rebecca [int. Rebeckah] and John Dunbar [int. of Lenox], Oct. 21, 1788. [Rebina and John Dunbar, C.R.]

BOARDMAN, Elijah [int. Capt., of Bennington] and Sabrina Crocker, Sept. 29, 1788. [Elijah, C.R.]

BOOTH, Samuel and Elizabeth Branch, Mar. 15, 1784.*

BOYD, Samuel and Eve Pool, Oct. 19, 1785.*

BRADLEY, Sarah, 30, of Stockbridge, d. Frederick of Stockbridge, and Calvin H. Stevens, widr. [dup. and int. omit widr.], 26, farmer, s. Lyman and Phebe, Nov. 10, 1845.

BRANCH, Cyprian and Phebe Raymond, Mar. 23, 1787.*
Elizabeth and Samuel Booth, Mar. 15, 1784.*
Eunice (see Unice).
Harry and Jerusha Hochkin [int. Hockkin], July 16, 1811. [Hotchkin, C.R.]
Levi and Electa Lyman, Dec. 31, 1795.*
Lucy and Ebenezer Utley, Feb. 21, 1796.*
Olive of Bittsfield [sic], and Joseph Northrup of Salisbury, int. May 22, 1785.
Parny and William Stevens of Pittsfield, int. Dec. 1, 1816.
Sally and Samuel Chedscy, int. Nov. 3, 1792.
Unice and Eli Spencer, int. June 20, 1790.

BREWSTER, Roxana A. [int. Roxanna, omits A.] and Ebenezer H. [int. omits H.] Wicker, Nov. 11, 1824. [Roxana A. and Ebenezer H. Wicker, C.R.]

BRIGGS, Allen Jr. [int. of Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., omits Jr.] and Elvisa Tracy, Feb. 24, 1825. [Allen Jr., C.R.]

BROOKS, Almeda of Lenox, and William Fitch, int. Sept. 15, 1805.
Ansel and Mercy Mollison, Nov. 15, 1806.*

BROWN, Barzillai and Olive Goodwin, May 31, 1795.* [Bazzillia, May 30, C.R.]
Betsey and Nathan Welch, int. July 3, 1785.
Hannah of W. Stockbridge, and Samuel Southwick, int. Sept. 30, 1804.
James and Keturah Peerson, Oct. 27, 1797.* [Peirson, Oct. 29, C.R.]

BRYANT, Arthur [int. of Jacksonville, Ill.] and Henrietta R. [int. omits R.] Plummer, May 9, 1832. [Arthur and Henrietta R. Plummer, C.R.]
Austin, Capt., and Adeline Plummer, Nov. 18, 1819.* C.R.

BRYCE, Thomas G. [int, of Barkhamstead, Conn.] [and] Lucinda [int.Lucenda] Lynch, July 4, 1832. [Thomas G. and Lucinda Lynch, C.R.]

BUCHARD, Betsy of Becket, and Walter Cook, Mar. 5, 1793.*

BULL, Sally of Lenex, and Justus Heall, Sept. 27, 1797.*

BULLARD, Lemuel and Polly Wood, int. Apr. 6, 1792.

BURDICK (see Berdect).

BURGHARDT, Hannah Maria of Barrington, and Peter R. Markham, int. Dec. 9, 1832.
Hugo, Dr. [int. Esq., omits Dr.], and Abigail Dewey, June 12, 1808. [Dr. Hugo Esq., C.R.]

BURT, Anson S. of Pittsfield, and Betsey Blackman, int. Jan. 5, 1811.
Lucy and Thomas Fuller, Feb. 12, 1795.*
Titus Wright of Pittsfield, and Sally Blackman, int. Sept. 27, 1811.

CAMPBELL, Winthrop [int. of Pittsfield, Berkshire Co.] and Emma Lyman, Feb. 16, 1825.

CARR, John of Lenox, and Pruden[worn] Benton, int. Sept. 4, 1785.

CARRIER, Asahel B. [int. of Lenox] and Lydia P. Clark, Sept. 2, 1824.

CASTLE, Ebenezer Jr. and Polly Plummer, Jan. 19, 1804.
Jerusha and John Farnsworth of Bennington, Feb. 26, 1803.* [Feb. 6, C.R.]

CHAMBERLAIN, David of Green River, and Sally West, Dec. 27, 1801.*
Diremus, in 27th y., and John Williams, in 23d y., Mar. 3, 1768, [in] Colechester.*
Jacob and Elcy Gaston, Nov. 29, 1810.
Phebe, Mrs., of Washington, and Dea. John Hall, int. Jan. 3, 1806.

CHANDLER, Sarah of Westfield, and Augustus B. Chapin, int. Sept. 9, 1838.

CHAPEL, Peter and Rhoda Congden, int. Oct. 13, 1815. [Congdon, m. Nov. 23, C.R.]

CHAPEN (see Chapin), Nathan and Laura Crittenton, Jan. 3, 1802.* [Chapin, C.R.]
Sally and Abel Dewey Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Becket, Jan. 11, 1809. [Chapin, and Abel Dewey Jr., C.R.]

CHAPIN (see Chapen), Augustus B. and Sarah Chandler of Westfield, int. Sept. 9, 1838.
David [int. adds C.] and Phebe [int. adds B.] Lyman, May 25, 1825. [David and Phebe Lyman, C.R.]
Henry W. and Phebe M. Werden, int. Apr. 3, 1836. [Worden, m. May 11, C.R.]
John and Phebe Ford, int. Jan. 15, 1814. [m. Feb. 17, C.R.]
Lydia and Franklin Dudley, Mar. 6, 1817.
Samuel and Sally Cook of Goshen, Conn., int. Apr. 19, 1789.
Sarah E. [int. Chapins] and Dr. Stephen Reed, May 7, 1833. [Chapin, C.R.]

CHAREVOY, Francis and Betsy [int. Betsey] West, May 13, 1804. [Betsey, C.R.]

CHATFIELD, Stephen of W. Stockbridge, and Hannah Crocker of W. Stockbridge, int. Apr. 4, 1785.

CHEDSEY (see Chidsey), Samuel and Sally Branch, int. Nov. 3, 1792.

CHIDSEY (see Chedsey), Augustus and Anna Rathbun, Feb. 12, 1794.*
Lois and Henry Sherrill, May 11, 1784.*

CHILDS, Nancy and James Seley of Sharon, Ohio, int. Oct. 19, 1817.

CHITTENDEN (see Chittenton), Morgan, carpenter [dup. of Richfield, Ohio, int. of Ritchfield, Ohio], b. Ritchfield, Ohio, s. _______ of Ritchfield, Ohio, and Lucia C. Andrews, d. Selah and Levina, Nov. 30, 1848.

CHITTENTON (see Chittenden), James and Clarissa Kilburn of Lenox, int. Mar. 5, 1837.

CHURCHILL, Daniel of Tioga, N.Y. [int. omits N.Y.], and Achsa Gaston, Jan. 30, 1806.

CLAPP, Simeon P. and Sarah A. Adams, Feb. 9, 1843.

CLARK (see Clarke), Lydia P. and Asahel B. Carrier [int. of Lenox], Sept. 2, 1824.

CLARKE (see Clark), Helen M., 28, b. Granby, Conn., d. Eber L. and Mary, and Dr. William Dwight [formerly William Dwight Monk; name changed, see Acts and Resolves of Massachusetts, 1846, chap. 257, 26, of S. Deerfield, b. Windsor, s. George Monk and Amy of Windsor, Aug. 9, 1846. [Helen Mary Clark, C.R.]

COGSWELL, Amanda of Schenectady, and Charles C. Lyon of New Orleans, int. Sept. 12, 1841.
Elisha and Phebe Reddingon [int. Redington], Nov. 10, 1790. [Redington, C.R.]
Mary Ann and Sylvenus H. Nichols, Mar. 15, 1837, in Lebanon.* C.R.
Nathan and Eunice Lord of Colchester, Conn., int. Mar. 6, 1786.
Nathan and Miriam Smith, Dec. 31, 1787.*
Stephen and Betsy Hand, int. Sept. 6, 1794.

COLE, John R. and Sarah W. Alger, Nov. 22, 1838.
Lavinia [int. Mrs. Levinia] and Isaac [int. adds L.] Russell [int. of Lenox], Jan. 29, 1824. [Lavinia and Isaac Russell, C.R.]
Timothy and Jersha Hall, int. Mar. 7, 1790.

COLLINS, Betsey and James Phelps of Pittsfield, Oct. 5, 1802.*
Lois and William Hatch, int. Nov. 25, 1784.
Olive and Ransom Williams of Tioga, Dec. 13, 1801.*
Sophia Ann and John Torrey [int. of Berkshire, Tioga Co., N.Y.], Feb. 25, 1824.

COLT, Erastus and Catharine Hickok, Dec. 25, 1804.* [Catherine Hickock, C.R.]
Sally and Jeremiah H. [int. Halsey] Peirson [int. of Stockbridge], Nov. 4, 1792. [Jeremiah H., C.R.]
Sarah and Noah Rosseter Jr., Sept. 2, 1819.* C.R.

COMSTOCK, Mary L. of Lenox, and George W. Cook, May 10, 1848, in Lenox.

CONE, Asa and Laura West, int. Apr. 18, 1841.
Ashbel of W. Stockbridge, and Polly Peirson, int. Oct. 16, 1811.
Eunice and Erastus Rowley, Mar. 10, 1799.*
Mary of W. Stockbridge, and Nelson H. Stevens, int. May 15, 1831.

CONGDEN, Rhoda and Peter Chapel, int. Oct.13, 1815. [Congdon, m. Nov. 23, C.R.]

COOK, Asenah and Chester Goodale of W. Stockbridge, int. July 10, 1790.
George W. and Mary L. Comstock of Lenox, May 10, 1848, in Lenox.
Isaac and Araminta I. Tucker of Nassau, N.Y., int. Apr. 3, 1836.
John of E. Haddam, and Phebe Redington, Dec. 1, 1809.
Laura and Mark Dewey Jr., June 10 [int, Mar. 29], 1840. [May 10, C.R.]
Ruhama, 36, d. Isaac and Priscilla, and Dennis Andrews, 31, carpenter, s. Selah and Levina, Mar. 29, 1848. [Ruhamah, C.R.]
Sally of Goshen, Conn., and Samuel Chapin, int. Apr. 19, 1789.
Sarah M., 17, b. Lenox, d. Nathaniel, and Franklin H. Gastin [dup. and dup. int. Gaston], 20, farmer, s. Elisha and Temperance Dec. 30 [int. Oct. 6], 1844. [Gaston, Oct. 30, C.R.)
Walter and Betsy Buchard of Becket, Mar. 5, 1793.*

CRITTENTON, Emily and Percy Jenkins of Albany, N.Y., int. Mar. 13, 1831.
Henry A. and Elizabeth Miles of Lenox, int. Oct. 13, 1844.
John and Betsey Plummer, Apr. 14, 1829.*
Laura and Nathan Chapen, Jan. 3, 1802.* [Chapin, C.R.]
Levi F., 22, farmer, s. Levi and Mary, and Mary L. Ticknor, 18, b. Otisco, N.Y., d. Almon and Electa, Feb.12, 1846.

CROCKER, Edward S. [int. of W. Stockbridge] and Catharine Griffin, Dec. 11, 1833. [Edwin S., C.R.]
Hannah of W. Stockbridge, and Stephen Chatfield of W. Stockbridge, int. Apr. 4, 1785.
Sabrina and [int. Capt.] Elijah Boardman [int. of Bennington], Sept. 29, 1788. [Elijah, C.R.]

CULBER, Theodorsa of Pittsfield, and Edward W. P. Vanderpoel, int. Oct. 2, 1831.

CURTIS, Asa and Roxana Barns [int. Roxany Barnes], Nov. 26, 1807. [Roxana Barns, C.R.]

DANIELS, Peleg, widr., baker, of Pittsfield, and Paulina M. Dewey, 24, b. Gt.Barrington, d. Mark and Polina, June 19, 1849.*

DART, Dorothy [int. Dolly Dartel and Grove Meeker [int. Meker], Feb. 9, 1792. [Dolly Dart and Grove Meker, C.R.]

DAVIS, Rebina and Samuel Hand, Oct. 6, 1790.
William and Eunice Harrison, Jan. 7, 1796.*

DAYTON, Mary and Eleazar Miller, Feb. 27, 1786.

DEAN, Jehiel [int. of Galloway] and Lydia Arnold, May 26, 1794. [Jeheil, C.R.]

DELINO, Aaron of Kent, and Anna Slosson, Apr. 8, 1785.

DEMMING, Ruth and Joseph Handy, Oct. 26, 1786.* [Deming, and Joseph Hardy Jr., C.R.]

DEWEY, Abel Jr. [int. omits Jr.] of Becket, and Sally Chapen, Jan. 11, 1809. [Abel Jr. and Sally Chapin, C.R.]
Abigail and Dr. [int. omits Dr.] Hugo Burghardt [int. Esq.], June 12, 1808. [Dr. Hugo Esq., C.R.]
Addison and Clarrissa Redington, int. July 9, 1815. [Clarissa, M. July 23, C.R.]
Elias and Nancy Wood of Pittsfield, int. Mar. 11, 1818.
Jerusha (Dwey) and Joseph Howland Jr., int. Aug.15, 1814. [Dewey, m. Dec. 14, C.R.]
Mark Jr. and Laura Cook, June 10 [int. Mar. 29], 1840. [May 10, C.R.]
Minerva A. and Bernice Granger of Pittsfield, int. May 27, 1838.
Paulina M., 24, b, Gt. Barrington, d. Mark and Polina, and Peleg Daniels, widr., baker, of Pittsfield, June 19, 1849.*
Phebe of Sheffield, and Timothy Bernard, int. Oct. 24, 1784.
Samuel Jr. and Polly Hall, Oct. 15, 1820.* C.R.
Solomon S. and Polly Wood of Pittsfield, int. Apr. 11, 1824.
Wealthy and Phinehas Richards, int. Feb. 1, 1818.
Zelotus and Mehitabel Roberts of Dalton, int. Aug. 7, 1807.

DRYER, Mary and Luther Redfield, May 19, 1803.

DUDLEY, Franklin and Lydia Chapin, Mar. 6, 1817. James H. and Eliza R. H. Gates, Nov. 6, 1828.*
Jane and Augustin [int. Augustine] W. Newhall, Dec. 2, 1830 [Augustin W., C.R.]
Lyman and Abigail Hochkin, Feb.10, 1811.
Timothy and Anna Osborn, Feb. 1, 1800.* [Feb. 2, C.R.]

PDNBAR, John [int. of Lenox] and Rebecca [int. Rebeckah] Bliss, Oct. 21, 1788. [John and Rebina Bliss, C.R.]

DUNHAM, William of Stockbridge, and Lydia Nichols, int. Mar. 27, 1794.

DWIGHT, William, Dr. [formerly William Dwight Monk; name changed, see Acts and Resolves of Massachusetts, 1846, chap. 257], 26, of S. Deerfield, b. Windsor, s. George Monk and Amy of Windsor, and Helen M. Clarke, 28, b. Granby, Conn., d. Eber L. and Mary, Aug. 9, 1846. [Helen Mary Clark, C.R.]

EDWARDS, Gamaliel and Clymene Osborn of Long Island, int. Nov. 13, 1791.

FAIRBANK, Henry and Hariet [int. Harriet] F. Williams, May 2, 1843.

FANNING, Nancy and Charles Peck, Apr. 5, 1795.*
Sally and Reuben Wight, [Nov.] 18, 1792. [Nov. 13, C.R.]

FARNSWORTH, John of Bennington, and Jerusha Castle, Feb. 26, 1803.* [Feb. 6, C.R.]

FINNY, Asenath and Asaph Woodruff, Oct. 2, 1787.* [Finney, C.R.] Rhoda and Zenas Northday of W. Stockbridge, Apr. 22, 1788.

FISHER, Cynthia and Asahel Porter of Egremont, int. Aug. 22, 1784.

FITCH, William and Almeda Brooks of Lenox, int. Sept. 15, 1805.

FLAMMON, William of W. Stockbridge, and Nancy Williams, int. Aug. 29, 1784.

FLOWER, Theron and Lucina Reeve, Jan. 30, 1787.*

FORD, Phebe and John Chapin, int. Jan.15, 1814. [Int. Feb. 17, C.R.]
Rachel and Eldad Post of Lenox, Dec. 27, 1804.
Solome and Chester Merrell, int. Sept. 10, 1814. [Salome and Chester Merrill, m. Sept. 25, C.R.]

FOWLER, Polly and David Sanford of Long Island, int. Dec. 28, 1788.

FRISBIE, Luther of Castleton, and Marcy Tracy, int. Oct. 21, 1791.

FULLER, Lydia and Calvin Tilden, Feb. 1, 1775.*
Olive and Abel Guthrie, Nov. 2, 1788.
Thomas and Lucy Burt, Feb. 12, 1795.*

GARDINER, William and Mary Gaston,. Mar. 5, 1793,* [Gardener, and Polly Gaston, C.R.]

GARNSY, Oliver and Rachael Ware of Wrentham, May 18, 1769.*

GASTEN (see Gastin, Gaston), Emeline [int. Gaston] and Alansen D. [int. Alanson I.] Hatch, Sept. 27, 1825. [Gaston, and Alanson D. Hatch, C.R.]
Henry [int. Gaston] and Mercy Stevens, Nov. 9, 1824. [Gaston, C.R.]

GASTIN (see Gasten, Gaston), Franklin H. [dup. and dup. int. Gaston], 20, farmer, s. Elisha and Temperance, and Sarah M. Cook, 17, b. Lenox, d. Nathaniel, Dec. 30 [int. Oct. 6], 1844. [Gaston, Oct. 30, C.R.]

GASTON (see Gasten, Gastin), Achsa and Daniel Churchill of Tioga, N.Y. [int. omits N. Y.], Jan. 30, 1806.
Almena and Wyllys Hendricks of W. Stockbridge, int. Oct. 31, 1824.
Amanda and James P. Nicholson, Sept 16, 1839.
Clarinda and Elias Hochkin, Nov. 8, 1807. [Hotchkin, C.R.]
Elcy and Jacob Chamberlain, Nov. 29, 1810.
Elisha and Ruth Stevens, Dec. 8, 1802.*
Elizabeth and Salmon Hall, Feb. 24, 1806.
Grove N. and Emeline M. Salmon, June 3, 1840.
Harriot [dup. Goston] and Caleb [dup. Calub] Snow, int. Dec. 26, 1812. [Harriet Gaston and Caleb Snow, m. Jan.12, 1813, C.R.]
Lucina and James Gates 2d, Sept. 29, 1803.
Maietta and George W. Kniffin, int. Nov. 7, 1830.
Mary and William Gardiner, Mar. 5, 1793.* [Polly and William Gardener, C.R.]
Nelson H. of New Haven, Conn., and Julia Somers, int. Mar. 26, 1837.
Phebe and John Bacon Jr., June 11 [int. May 10], 1788. [May. 19, C.R.]
Polly (see Mary).
Rachel and Abram Hall, Apr. 18, 1797 [sic, ?1798].* [Abraham, _____ [recorded between Feb. 18 and July 1], 1798, C.R.]
Rhoda and Dan Beebe, Jan. 14, 1802.* [Dan M., C.R.]
Rufus and Anna Stevens [int. Anne Stephens], Nov. 25, 1804. [Anna Stevens, C.R.]
W[illia]m and Tabitha Hochkin, Jan. 1, 1799.* [Ens. William and Tabitha Hotchkin, C.R.]

GATES, Betsey and Levi Williams, Nov. 17, 1802.* [Nov. 16, C.R.]
Eliza R. H. and James H. Dudley, Nov. 6, 1828.*
James 2d and Lucina Gaston, Sept. 29, 1803.
Mary and Levi Austin, Dec. 30, 1769.*
Temperance of Lenox, and Nathaniel Redington Esq., int. July 25, 1830.

GAUL, John Esq. of Hudson, N. Y., and Calarissa Hall, int. Apr. 27, 1834. [Clarissa, m. May 20, C.R.]

GELLET, Sarah of Stockbridge, and David Stevens Jr., int. Sept. 12, 1784.

GIBBS, Elisabeth and W[illia]m Lusk, Mar. 30, 1769.*

GILLETT (see Gellet).

GOODALE, Chester of W. Stockbridge, and Asenah Cook, int. July 10, 1790.
Laura and Stephen Hadley of Goshen, Conn. [int. omits Conn.], Nov. 17, 1811.

GOODRICH, Amanda, Mrs., and Noah Rosseter Esq., int. May 9, 1809.
Benjamin and Betsey Plummer, June 18, 1797.*

GOODWIN, Olive and Barzillai Brown, May 31, 1795.* [Bazzillia, May 30, C.R.]

GRANGER, Bernice of Pittsfield, and Minerva A. Dewey, int. May 27, 1838.

GRIFFIN (see Griffing), Catharine and Edward S. Crocker [int. of W. Stockbridge], Dec. 11, 1833, [Edwin S., C.R.]

GRIFFING (see Griffin), Susan and John A. Sharp of Glenville, N.Y., June 5, 1842.

GRISWOLD (see Griswould), Polly of Sandisfield, and Nathaniel Reddington, Dec. 28, 1783.*
Sally and Seth Akins, Apr. 26, 1790.* [Sept. 26, C.R.]

GRISWOULD (see Griswold), Hannah and Daniel Reddington, int. Sept. 5, 1784.

GROAT, Mary Jane, 17, b. Salisbury, Conn., d. Samuil D. and Mary, and John Sherril 2d, 24, farmer, s. Lewis and Nancy, Oct. 14, 1845.

GROVER, Rhoda A. and Perry G. Huling of N. Kingston, R. I., Dec. 25, 1842.

GUERNSEY (see Garnsy).

GUILES, Mariah of Nassau, N.Y., and Henry H. Harrington, int. Feb. 21, 1830.

GUTHRIE, Abel and Olive Fuller, Nov. 2, 1788.

HACKLEY (see Ackley, Hackly), Lucy (see Polly).
Peter and Mary Rowley, June 23, 1785.
Polly [int. Lucy] and James Mercer of Canaan, May 7, 1811. [Lucy, C.R.]
Polly [dup. int. Hockley] and Alfred Bliss of Otsego, N.Y. [int. and dup. int. omit N.Y.], July 12, 1812.

HACKLY (see Ackley, Hackley), Polly [int. Hackleyl]and Alansen Berdect [int. Alanson Burdick], Mar. 7, 1832.

HADLEY, Stephen of Goshen, Conn. [int. omits Conn.], and Laura Goodale, Nov. 17, 1811.

HAGAR, Nathaniel [dup. Hager, int. Hager of Pittsfield] and Olive Lynch, Dec. 5, 1822. [Hagar, C.R.]

HALL, Abram and Rachel Gaston, Apr. 18, 1797 [sic, ?1798].*
[Abraham, _____ [rec. between] Feb.18 and July 1], 1798, C.R.]
Calarissa and John Gaul Esq. of Hudson, N.Y., int. Apr. 27, 1834. [Clarissa, m. May 20, C.R.]
Henry F. and Elvira E. Andrews, Dec. 12, 1833.
Jersha and Timothy Cole, int. Mar. 7, 1790.
John, Dea., and Mrs. Phebe Chamberlain of Washington, int. Jan. 3, 1806.
Polly and Samuel Dewey Jr., Oct. 15, 1820.* C.R.
Salmon and Elizabeth Gaston, Feb. 24, 1806.

HAND, Betsy and Stephen Cogswell, int. Sept. 6, 1794.
Ruth and Peter Stillson, Oct. 10, 1787.*
Samuel and Rebina Davis, Oct. 6, 1790.

HANDY, Joseph and Ruth Demming, Oct. 26, 1786.* [Joseph Hardy Jr. and Ruth Deming, C.R.]

HARDY, Joseph Jr. (see Joseph Handy).

HARRINGTON, Henry H. and Mariah Guiles of Nassau, N.Y., int. Feb. 21, 1830.

HARRIS, Ruth and William Bartlet, Apr. 22, 1788.*
William and Mary Plumb, int. Sept. 6, 1794.

HARRISON, Anna and Amos Mead of " the Great Nine partners," Aug. 27 [dup. Aug. 23], 1784. [Meed, C.R.]
Eunice and William Davis, Jan. 7, 1796.*
Hannah and James Punderford, May 10, 1807.

HART, Sally and Thomas K. Andrews, May 30, 1803.

HASTINGS, Henry and Sarah H. Whitehead, d. justice of Salisbury, Conn., Apr. 5, 1846, in Salisbury, Conn.*

HATCH, Alansen D. [int. Alanson I.] and Emeline Gasten [int. Gaston], Sept. 27, 1825. [Alanson D. and Emeline Gaston, C.R.]
Lucretia K. and Doria Tracy, int. Aug. 23, 1833.
Mary and Myren [int. Myron] Peirson, Sept. 2 [int. Sept. 5 sic], 1824. [Myron Pierson, m. Sept. 2, C.R.]
Ruth R. and Harvy I. Kimberly, Jan. 3, 1839. [Harvey J. Kimberley, C.R.]
Susan E. and David Rosseter, Mar. 19, 1829.*
William and Lois Collins, int. Nov. 25, 1784.

HEALL, Justus and Sally Bull of Lenex, Sept. 27, 1797.*

HENDRICKS, Wyllys of W. Stockbridge, and Almena Gaston, int. Oct. 31, 1824.

HENRY, Betsey of Stockbridge, and Shubael Willson, int. Oct. 16, 1785.

HICKOK, Catharine and Erastus Colt, Dec. 25, 1804.* [Catherine Hickock, C.R.]

HICKS, Amanda of Stockbride, and Joseph Sherrill, int. Oct. 5, 1816.

HIGBIE, John and Mindwell Lewis, Apr. 5, 1755.*

HILL, Lydia and Jason Bell, Sept. 26, 1786.*

HOCHKIN (see Hotchkins), Abigail and Lyman Dudley, Feb. 10, 1811.
Elias and Clarinda Gaston, Nov. 8, 1807. [Hotchkin, C.R.]
Jerusha [int. Hockkin] and Harry Branch, July 16, 1811. [Hotchkin, C.R.]
Lavinia and Adonijah Kingsley, May 15, 1805. [Hotchkin, C.R.]
Tabitha and W[illialm Gaston, Jan. 1, 1799.* [Hotchkin, and Ens. William Gaston, C.R.]

HOLCOMB, James of Freehold, and Irene Williams, int. Jan. 1, 1794.
Richard [int. of Freehold] and Elsa West, [Nov.] 5, 1792.
William H. and Eliza Tremain of Pittsfield, int. Sept. 5, 1824.

HOPPIN, Ruth and Leonard Bishop, May 7, 1788.

IHOSELEY, Hannah [int. Hosley] and William Stevens [int.of Stockbridge], Jan. 26, 1831. [Hosley, and William Stevens, C.R.]

HOTCHKINS (see Hochkin), Maria and Sidney Tracy, Mar.19, 1829.* [Hotchkin, C.R.]

HOUGH, Lucy and Caleb Jessup, int Jan. 23 1791].
Simon and Mrs. Fanny Preble [int. Pribbell, Nov. 16, 1830. [Preble, C.R.]

HOWLAND, Joseph Jr. and Jerusha Dwey, int. Aug. 15, 1814. [Dewey, m. Dec. 14, C.R.]

HUBBARD, Joel of Guilford, and Clarinda Stevens, int. Nov. , 1808.

HULING, Perry G. of N. Kingston, R I., and Rhoda A. Grover, Dec. 25, 1842.

HUNT, John N.of Lenox, and Cynthia Nichols [int. Nicolls], Sept. 25, 1804. [Nichols, C.R.]

HYDE, Andrew and Artimesia [dup. Artimisea] Ashley of Pittsfield, int. Jan. 16, 1813.
Minerva of Newmarlborough, and Almon Ticknor [int. Tickner], Sept. 12, 1848, in Newmarlborough.

JENKINS, Percy of Albany, N.Y., and Emily Crittenton, int, Mar. 13, 1831.

JESSUP, Caleb and Lucy Hough, int. Jan. 23 [1791].

JOHNSON, Content and Edmund Redfield, Jan. 6, 1796.*
Lewis and Polly Stevens, Dec. 2, 1798.*

JUDD, Rhoda of Stockbridge, and Nathaniel Slosson, Oct. 8, 1804.

KELLOGG, Aaron Jr. [int. of Gt. Barrington, Berkshire Co.] and Mrs. Mary Bartlett, Dec. 8, 1824.

KENDALL, Charles and Marcia Andrews, Mar. 29, 1831.
Daniel D. and Lucy C. Plummer, int. Apr. 21, 1839.

KILBURN, Clarissa of Lenox, and James Chittenton, int. Mar. 5, 1837.

KIMBERLY, Harvy I. and Ruth R. Hatch, Jan. 3, 1839. [Harvey J. Kimberley, C.R.]

KINGSBURY, Loesa [int. Louza] and Ebenezer Parsens [int. Ebenzer Parsons of Pittsfield], Jan. 10, 1833. [Louisa and Ebenezer Parsons, C.R.]

KINGSLEY, Adonijah and Lavinia Hochkin, May 15, 1805. [Hotchkin, C.R.]

KNAP, Obadiah of W. Stockbridge, and Sarah Willson, int. Oct. 10, 1784.

KNIFFIN, George W. and Maietta Gaston, int. Nov. 7, 1830.

LAKE, Daniel and Zipporah Tracy, Feb. 18, 1797 [sic, ?1798].* [Feb. 18, 1798, C.R.]

LEADBETTER, Thomas and Anna Rowley, int. June 29, 1791.

LEGG, Johnn and Lydia Staples of Widsor, Aug. 23, 1798.*

LEWIS, Mindwell and John Higbie, Apr. 5, 1755.*
Sarah of W. Stockbridge, and William Richards, int. Oct. 8, 1837.

LODGE, Thomas, Rev., 26, of Glenham N.Y., b. Huddersfield, Eng., s. Jonathan and Sarah of England, and Marinda A. Pettee, 21, b. Salisbury, Conn., d. Seneca and Lucy, Mar. 4, 1846.

LOOMES (see Loomis), Jane [int. Loomis] and Samuel Spencer Jr. [int. of Guilford, Conn.], Sept. 14, 1831. [Loomis, and Isaiah Spencer, C.R.]

LOOMIS (see Loomes), Morgan N. and Frances P. Mapes, int. June 14, 1840.

LORD, Eunice of Colchester, Conn., and Nathan Cogswell, int. Mar. 6, 1786.

LOVEJOY, Hannah Maria and Zelophiad Wadsworth of Becket, Berkshire Co., int. Dec. 11, 1825.

LUCAS, Henry A. [int. Lucus] of Goshen, Conn., and Mary H. Peirson, Mar. 27, 1844. [Lucas, C.R.]

LUDDON, Esther of Goshen, and Capt. William Eames, int. Nov. 26, 1806.

LUSK, W[illia]m and Elisabeth Gibbs, Mar. 30, 1769.*

LYMAN, Electa and Levi Branch, Dec. 31, 1795.*
Emma and Winthrop Campbell [int. of Pittsfield, Berkshire Co.], Feb. 16, 1825.
Miles and Submit Becher, Nov. 17, 1799.* [Beecher, C.R.]
Noah Jr. and Lucy Bishop, Nov. 12, 1795.*
Phebe [int. adds B.] and David [int. adds C.] Chapin, May 25, 1825. [Phebe and David Chapin, C.R.]

LYNCH, Joseph D. of Stockbridg, and Lucy Stevens, Oct. 23, 1800.*
Lucinda [int. Lucenda] [and] Thomas G. Bryce [int. of Barkhamstead, Conn.], July 4, 1832. [Lucinda and Thomas G. Bryce, C.R.]
Lucy and Peter Palmatur, Sept. 6, 1826.*
Olive and Nathaniel Hagar [dup. Hager, int. Hager of Pittsfield], Dec. 5, 1822. [Hagar, C.R.]

LYON, Charles C. of New Orleans, and Amanda Cogswell of Schenectady, int. Sept. 12, 1841.

MALLISON (see Mollison).

MAPES, Frances P. and Morgan N. Loomis, int. June 14, 1840.

MARHU, John and Sarah Winlro of Uxbridge, Nov. 7, 1765.*

MARKHAM, John and Lucy Ann Wheeler of Lenox, int. Jan. 22, 1832.
Peter R. and Hannah Maria Burghardt of Barrington, int. Dec. 9, 1832.

MARTIN, George and Abagail Bacon of Uxbridge, Jan. 16, 1800.*

MASSEY, James and Amelia E. Toby [int. Tobey], Nov. 26, 1829. [Tobey, C.R.]
Samuel and Betsey Munger, int. Nov. 4, 1792.

MEAD, Amos of " the Great Nine partners," and Anna Harrison, Aug. 27 [dup. Aug. 23,] 1784. [Meed, C.R.]

MEEKER, Grove [int. Meker] and Dorothy Dart [int. Dolly Darte], Feb. 9, 1792. [Meker, and Dolly Dart, C.R.]

MERCER, James of Canaan, and Polly [int. Lucy] Hackley, May 7, 1811. [Lucy, C.R.]
Lucy Ann and Daniel Rynders [int. Rynderes], Jan. 17, 1832.

MERRELL, Chester and Solome Ford, int. Sept. 10, 1814. [Merrill, and Salome Ford, m. Sept. 25, C.R.]

MERRIMAN, Sally and Daniel White of New Durham, int. Sept. 30, 1793.

MILES, Elizabeth of Lenox, and Henry A. Crittenton, int. Oct. 13, 1844.

MILLER, Abigail S. and Benjamin Rosseter, Aug. 6, 1797.*
Eleazar and Mary Dayton, Feb. 27, 1786.
Jeremiah Jr. and Lucy Sandford, May 4, 1778.*

MOLLISON, Mercy and Ansel Brooks, Nov. 15, 1806.*

MONK, William Dwight (see Dr. William Dwight).

MUNGER, Betsey and Samuel Massey, int. Nov. 4, 1792.

MUNSON, Selah and Marjery Redfield, Aug. 20, 1798.* [Margery, C.R.]

NEWHALL, Augustin [int. Augustine] W. and Jane Dudley, Dec. 2, 1830. [Augustin W., C.R.]

NEWTON, Almira, 20, tailoress, d. Ira and Olive, and Henry LaRoy Stewart [dup. and int. Steward], 23, pedlar, s. Henry and Polly, Sept. 3, 1845.

NICHOLS, Almaria and Doria Tracy, int. Feb. 19, 1837. [Doriah, m. Mar. 15, C.R.]
Cynthia [int. Nicolls] and John N. Hunt of Lenox, Sept. 25, 1804. [Nichols, C.R.]
Lydia and William Dunham of Stockbridge, int. Mar. 27, 1794.
Sylvenus [int. Sylvinus] H. and Electa M. Slossen [int. Slosson], Jan. 3, 1826. [Sylvenus H. and Electa M. Slosson, C.R.]
Sylvenus H. and Mary Ann Cogswell, Mar. 15, 1837, in Lebanon.* C.R.
William H., 26, farmer, s. William and Almira, and Sarah W. Roby, 23, of N.Y., b. N.Y., d. Joseph and Olive, Apr. 24, 1845.*

NICHOLSON, James P. and Amanda Gaston, Sept. 16, 1839. Olive and Henry Worden Jr., int. Sept. 21, 1834.

NICOLLS (see Nichols).

NONY, John [int. Noney] of Chester, and Bethiah Stevens, Nov. 26, 1807. [Noncy, C.R.]

NORTH, John of N. Lebanon, and Chloe Olmsted, int. Sept. 18, 1785.

NORTHDAY, Zenas of W. Stockbridge, and Rhoda Finny, Apr. 22, 1788.

NORTHRUP, Joseph of Salisbury, and Olive Branch of Bittsfield [sic], int. May 22, 1785.

NORTON, Cornelia L. and Charles N. Parke of Canaan, N.Y., Dec. [int. Sept. 17], 1843. [Oct. 11, C.R.]
Julia A., 19, b. Goshen, Conn., d. Hiram and Caroline, and Henry B. Stevens, 26, farmer, s. William and Parna, Sept. 11, 1844.

OLMSTED, Chloe and John North of N. Lebanon, int. Sept. 18, 1785.

OSBORN, Anna and Timothy Dudley, Feb. 1, 1800.* [Feb. 2, C.R.]
Clymene of Long Island, and Gamaliel Edwards, int. Nov. 13, 1791.

PALMATUR, Peter and Lucy Lynch, Sept. 6, 1826.*

PALMER, Rebekah of Stockbridge, and Joseph Slosson, int. Sept. 28, 1811.

PARKE, Charles N. of Canaan, N.Y., and Cornelia L. Norton, Dec. 11 [int. Sept. 17], 1843. [Oct. 11, C.R.]

PARMELE, Roger and Lydia Betts, Mar. 26, 1786.

PARSENS, Ebenezer [int. Ebenzer Parsons of Pittsfield] and Loesa [int. Louza] Kingsbury, Jan. 10, 1833. [Ebenezer Parsons and Louisa Kingsbury, C.R.]

PARTRIDGE, Abner. and Ester Wells of Egremont, int. Aug. 7, 1791.

PATTERSON, Levi of New Lebanon, and Ann M. Salmon, May 6, 1840. [Leei, C.R.]

PECK, Charles and Nancy Fanning, Apr. 5, 1795.*

PEERSON (see Peirson), Keturah and James Brown, Oct. 27, 1797,* [Peirson, Oct. 29, C.R.]

PEIRSON (see Peerson), Jeremiah H. [int. Halsey of Stockbridge] and Sally Colt, Nov. 4, 1792. [Jeremiah H., C.R.]
Jerusha and Daniel Griscon Winston, int. Jan. 15, 1792.
Jerusha and David Williams 2d, July 1, 1798.*
Josiah and Nabby Rosseter, July 14, 1822.*
Mary H, and Henry A. Lucas [int. Lucus] of Goshen, Conn., Mar. 27, 1844. [Lucas, C.R.]
Myren [int. Myron] and Mary Hatch, Sept. 2 [int. Sept. 5 sic], 1824. [Myron Pierson, m. Sept. 2, C.R.]
Polly and Ashbel Cone of W. Stockbridge, int. Oct. 16, 1811.
Sall and Levi Bebee Jr., Nov. 27, 1806. (Beebe Jr., C.R.]
William [int. Pierson] and Nancy Richards, Mar. 4, 1819. [Pierson, C.R.]

PERRY, Frederic and Zeruiah Sherril, Jan. 20, 1811. [Sherrill, C.R.]

PETTEE, Marinda A., 21, b. Salisbury, Conn., d. Seneca and Lucy, and Rev. Thomas Lodge, 26, of Glenham, N.Y., b. Huddersfield, Eng., s. Jonathan and Sarah of England) Mar. 4, 1846.
Sarah A. and Tillinghast B. Strong, int. Dec. 30, 1832.

PHELPS, James of Pittsfield, and Betsey Collins, Oct. 5, 1802.*

PHINNEY (see Finny).

PIERSON (see Peerson, Peirson).

PIXLEY, Parmelia and Robert Werden, May 5, 1801.* [Pamilia and Robert Warden, C.R.]

PLUME, Mary and William Harris, int. Sept. 6, 1794.

PLUMMER, Adeline and Capt. Austin Bryant, Nov. 19, 1819.* C.R.
Betsey and Benjamin Goodrich, June 18, 1797.*
Betsey and John Crittenton, Apr. 14, 1829.*
Edward and Esther Raymond, Feb. 28, 1796.*
Henrietta R. [int. omits R.] and Arthur Bryant [int. of Jacksonville, Ill.], May 9, 1832. [Henrietta R. and Arthur Bryant, C.R.]
Lucy C. and Daniel D. Kendall, int. Apr. 21, 1839.
Polly and Ebenezer Castle Jr., Jan. 19, 1804.

POLLY, Jerusha of New Canaan, and Abraham Winstone, int. Nov. 2, 1788.

POOL, Eve and Samuel Boyd, Oct. 19, 1785.*

PORTER, Asahel of Egremont, and Cynthia Fisher, int. Aug. 22, 1784.
Samuel and Prudence West of Glass Worke, Jan. 22, 1776.*

POST, Eldad of Lenox, and Rachel Ford, Dec. 27, 1804.

PREBLE, Fanny [int. Pribbel], Mrs., and Simon Hough, Nov. 16, 1830. [Preble, C.R.]

PROUT, Curtis of Windham, and Polly Benton, Oct. 6, 1810.

PUNDERFORD, James and Hannah Harrison, May 10, 1807.

RATHBUN, Anna and Augustus Chidsey, Feb. 12, 1794.*
Content and Jude Spencer, int. Sept. 28, 1788.
Daniel Jr. [int. of Sheffield, omits Jr.] and Anna Reddington, Mar. 16, 1789. (Rethbun Jr., and Anne Redington, C.R.]
Martha and Malachi Sanford of Hancock, int. Oct. 5, 1788.

RAYMOND, Esther and Edward Plummer, Feb. 28, 1796.*
Parthenia and Samuel Ashmun, Feb. 17, 1790.* [Parthena, C.R.]
Phebe and Cyprian Branch, Mar. 23, 1787.*

REDDINGON (see Reddington, Redington), Phebe [int. Redington] and Elisha Cogswell, Nov. 10, 1790. [Redington, C.R.]

REDDINGTON (see Reddingon, Redington), Anna and Daniel Rathbun Jr. [int. of Sheffield, omits Jr.], Mar. 16, 1789. [Anne Redington and Daniel Rethbun Jr., C.R.]
Daniel and Hannah Griswould, int. Sept. 5, 1784.
Nathaniel and Polly Griswold of Sandisfield, Dec. 28, 1783.*
Polly and Richard Smith, int. Sept. 25, 1785.

REDFIELD, Edmund and Content Johnson, Jan. 6, 1796.*
Luther and Mary Dryer, May 19, 1803.
Marjery and Selah Munson, Aug. 20, 1798.* [Margery, C.R.]

REDINGTON (see Reddingon, Reddington), Clarrissa and Addison Dewey, int. July 9, 1815. [Clarissa, M. July 23, C.R.]
Eliphalet Jr. and Betsey Nov. 9, 1796.*
Lucy and Dr. Gilbert Smith, May 4, 1796.*
Nathaniel Esq. and Temperance Gates of Lenox, int. July 25, 1830.
Olive and Erastus Rossiter [int. Rosseter], Dec. 5, 1805 [Rosseter, C.R.]
Phebe and John Cook of E. Haddam, Dec. 1, 1809.
Phebe and iuther Salmon, Oct. 31, 1821.*

REED, Lucy and Simeon Tracy Jr., int. Oct. 11, 1794.
Stephen, Dr., and Sarah E. Chapin [int. Chapins], May 7, 1833. [Chapin, C.R.]
Zebulon and Esther Tracy, Sept. 15, 1803.

REEVE, Lucina and Theron Flower, Jan. 30, 1787.*
Mary [int. Polly] and Harvey [int. Harvy] Bell, Jan. 12, 1786.

RICHARDS, Nancy and William Peirson [int. Pierson], Mar. 4, 1819. [Pierson, C.R.]
Phinchas and Wealthy Dewey, int. Feb. 1, 1818.
William and Sarah Lewis of W. Stockbridge, int. Oct. 8, 1837.

RICHMOND, Eliza, 21, d. Elkanor, and Mark Smith, 27, painter, of Gt. Barrington, s. John and Electa of Gt. Barrington, Oct. 9, 1844.*
Thomas C. and Mary E. Wadams [int. Wadhams], Mar. 23, 1842.

ROBBERTS (see Roberts), Clarissa and Moses Shepherd of Adams, int. Jan. 1, 1837. [Roberts, and Mosses Shepherd Jr., m. Jan. 19, C.R.]

RODENSON, Edward and Wealthy Tracy of Pittsfield, int. Oct. 24, 1784.

ROBERTS (see Robberts), Mehitabel of Dalton, and Zelotus Dewey, int. Aug. 7, 1807.

ROBINSON (see Robenson).

ROBY, Sarah W., 23, of N.Y., b. N.Y., d. Joseph and Olive, and William H. Nichols, 26, farmer, s. William and Almira, Apr. 24, 1806.*

ROCKWELL, Abraham of Canaan, N.Y. [int. omits N.Y.], and Mary Ackley, Aug. 17, 1806.

ROOT, Jane A. of Pittsfield, and Edward S. Rowley, int. Apr. 8, 1832.

ROSSETER (see Rossiter), Benjamin and Abigail S. Miller, Aug. 6, 1797.*
David and Susan E. Hatch, Mar. 19, 1829.*
Lucy and Joseph Steillman, Jan. 15, 1829.* [Stillman Jr., C.R.]
Mary and Marcus J. Bassett of Stockbridge, Feb. 19, 1840. [Rossiter, C.R.]
Nabby and Josiah Peirson, July 14, 1822.*
Noah Esq. and Mrs. Amanda Goodrich, int. May 9, 1809.
Noah Jr. and Sarah Colt, Sept. 2, 1819.* C.R.
Rebekah and Uriah Betts, Sept. 22, 1796.*
Sarah and Uriah Betts, Oct. 14, 1783.*
Sarah and Moses B. Seward [int.of New Lebanon, N.Y.], Jan.12, 1831. [Mosses B., C.R.]

ROSSITER (see Rosseter), Erastus [int. Rosseter] and Olive Redington, Dec. 5, 1805. [Rosseter, C.R.]

ROWLEY, Abigail and Charles Bliss, Mar. 14, 1790.
Anna and Thomas Leadbetter, int. June 29, 1791.
Edward S. and Jane A. Root of Pittsfield, int. Apr. 8, 1832.
Erastus and Eunice Cone, Mar. 10, 1799.*
Mary and Peter Ilackley, June 23, 1785.
Olive and Erastus Tracey [int. Tracy of Pittsfield], Oct. 14, 1792. [Tracy, C.R.]

RUSSELL, Isaac [int. adds L. of Lenox] and Lavinia [int. Mrs. Levinia] Cole, Jan. 29, 1824. [Isaac and Lavinia Cole, C.R.]

RYNDERS, Daniel [int. Rynderes] and Lucy Ann Mercer, Jan.17, 1832.

SALMON, Ann M. and Levi Patterson of New Lebanon, May 6, 1840. [Leei, C.R.]
Emeline M. and Grove N. Gaston, June 3, 1840.
Luther and Phebe Redington, Oct. 31, 1821.*

SANDFORD (see Sanford), Lucy and Jeremiah Miller, Jr., May 4, 1778.*

SANFORD (see Sandford), David of Long Island, and Polly Fowler, int. Dec. 28, 1788.
Malachi of Hancock, and Martha Rathbun, int. Oct. 5, 1788.

SELEY, James of Sharon, Ohio, and Nancy Childs, int. Oct. 19, 1817.

SEWARD, Moses B. [int. of New Lebanon, N.Y.] and Sarah Rosseter, Jan, 12, 1831. [Mosses B., C.R.]

SHARP, John A. of Glenville, N. Y., and Susan Griffing, June 5, 1842.

SHEPHERD, Moses of Adams, and Clarissa Robberts, int. Jan. 1, 1837. [Mosses Jr. and Clarissa Roberts, m. Jan. 19, C.R.]

SHERRIL (see Sherrill), John 2d, 24, farmer, s. Lewis and Nancy, and Mary Jane Groat, 17, b. Salisbury, Conn., d. Samuil D. and Mary, Oct. 14, 1845.
Zeruiah and Frederic Perry, Jan. 20, 1811. [Sherrill, C.R.]

SHERRILL (see Sherril), Henry and Lois Chidsey, May 11, 1784.*
Joseph and Amanda Hicks of Stockbride, int. Oct. 5, 1816.

SLOSSEN (see Slosson), Electa M. [int. Slosson] and Sylvenus [int. Sylvinus] H. Nichols, Jan. 3, 1826. [Slosson, and Sylvenus H. Nichols, C.R.]
Franklin S. [int. of Union, N.Y.] and Julia West, May 23, 1832. [Slosson, May 22, C.R.]

SLOSSON (see Slossen), Anna and Aaron Delino of Kent, Apr. 8, 1785.
Joseph and Rebekah Palmer of Stockbridge, int. Sept. 28, 1811.
Martin and Sabra M. Avery of Lenox, int. Jan. 2, 1831.
Nathaniel and Rhoda Judd of Stockbridge, Oct. 8, 1804.

SMITH, Gager and Asenath Tracey [int. Tracy], Oct. 31, 1788. [Tracy, C.R.]
Gilbert, Dr., and Lucy Redington, May 4, 1796.*
Mark, 27, painter, of Gt. Barrington, s. John and Electa of Gt. Barrington, and Eliza Richmond, 21, d. Elkanor, Oct. 9, 1844.*
Miriam and Nathan Cogswell, Dec. 31, 1787.*
Richard and Polly Reddington, int. Sept. 25, 1785.

SNOW, Caleb [dup. Calub] and Harriot Gaston [dup. Goston], int. Dec. 26, 1812. [Caleb and Harriet Gaston, m. Jan. 12, 1813, C.R.]

SOMERS, Julia and Nelson H. Gaston of New Haven, Conn., int. Mar. 26, 1837.

SOUTHWICK, Samuel and Submit West, Feb. 12, 1800.*
Samuel and Hannah Brown of W. Stockbridge, int. Sept. 30, 1804.

SPENCER, Eli and Unice Branch, int. June 20, 1790.
Isaiah (see Samuel Jr.).
Jude and Content Rathbun, int. Sept. 28, 1788.
Samuel Jr. [int. of Guilford, Conn.] and Jane Loomes [int. Loomise], Sept. 14, 1831. [Isaiah and Jane Loomis, C.R.]

STAPLES, Lydia of Widsor, and Johnn Legg, Aug. 23, 1798.*

STEDMAN, Sally and Ebenezer Williams, Apr. 28, 1787.*

STEILLMAN, Joseph and Lucy Rosseter, Jan. 15, 1829.* [Stillman Jr., C.R.]

STEVENS, Anna [int. Anne Stephens] and Rufus Gaston, Nov. 25, 1804. [Anna Stevens, C.R.]
Aurelia and George Tyler of W. Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., int. Jan. 22, 1826.
Bethiah and John Nony [int. Noney] of Chester, Nov. 26, 1807. [Noncy, C.R.]
Calvin H., widr. [dup. and int. omit widr.], 26, farmer, s. Lyman and Phebe, and Sarah Bradley, 30, of Stockbridge, d. Frederick of Stockbridge, Nov. 10, 1845.
Clarinda and Joel Hubbard of Guilford, int. Nov. 5, 1808.
David Jr. and Sarah Gellet of Stockbridge, int. Sept. 12, 1784.
Hannah and Erastus Strong of W. Stockbridge, Mar. 12, 1806.
Henry B., 26, farmer, s. William and Parna, and Julia A. Norton, 19, b. Goshen, Conn., d. Hiram and Caroline, Sept. 11, 1844.
Lucy and Joseph D. Lynch of Stockbridg, Oct. 23, 1800.*
Lydia and Jabez Wood, int. July 13, 1794.
Mercy and Henry Gasten [int. Gaston], Nov. 9, 1824. [Gaston, C.R.]
Nelson H. and Mary Cone of W. Stockbridge, int. May 15, 1831.
Orren and Hannah Bedlow, Oct. 30, 1788.* [Orin, C.R.]
Polly and Lewis Johnson, Dec. 2, 1798.*
Ruth and Elisha Gaston, Dec. 8, 1802.*
William of Pittsfield, and Parny Branch, int. Dec. 1, 1816. William [int. of Stockbridge] and Hannah Hoseley [int. Hosley), Jan. 26, 1831. [William and Hannah Hosley, C.R.]

STEWART, Henry LaRoy [dup. and int. Steward], 23, pedlar, s. Henry and Polly, and Almira Newton, 20, tailoress, d. Ira and Olive, Sept. 3, 1845.

STILLMAN (see Steiliman).

STILLSON, Peter and Ruth Hand, Oct. 10, 1787.*

STRANAHAM, Daniel [int. Daniel B. Stranahan of Nassau, N.Y.] and Eliza Betts, Mar. 12, 1834. [Daniel Stranahan, C.R.]

STRONG, Erastus of W. Stockbridge, and Hannah Stevens, Mar. 12, 1806.
Tillinghast B. and Sarah A. Pettee, int. Dec. 30, 1832.

SULLARD, Elizabeth and Sherebiah Ballard, int. Feb. 26, 1792.

TARBELL, Mary and Edw[ar]d Watrous Esq., Jan. 11, 1795.* [Waters Esq., C.R.]

TICKNOR, Almon [int. Tickner] and Minerva Hyde of Newmarlborough, Sept. 12, 1848, in Newmarlborough.
Mary L., 18, b. Otisco, N.Y., d. Almon and Electa, and Levi F. Crittentoni,22, farmer, s. Levi and Mary, Feb. 12, 1846.
Rosalia J. [int. omits J.] and Horatio [int. Horatis] Tuller of Canton, Conn., May 8, 1842.

TILDEN, Calvin and Lydia Fuller, Feb. 1, 1775.*

TOBY, Amelia E. [int. Tobey] and James Massey, Nov. 26, 1829. [Tobey, C.R.]

TOOLEY, Dency and John Belden of Canaan, N.Y., Sept. 5, 1802.* [Dence, C.R.]

TORREY, John [int. of Berkshire, Tioga Co., N.Y.] and Sophia Ann Collins, Feb. 25, 1824.

TRACEY (see Tracy), Asenath [int. Tracy] and Gager Smith, Oct. 31, 1788. [Tracy, C.R.] Erastus [int. Tracy of Pittsfield] and Olive Rowley, Oct. 14, 1792. [Tracy, C.R.]

TRACY (see Tracey), Doria and Lucretia K. Hatch, int. Aug. 23, 1833.
Doria and Almaria Nichols, int. Feb. 19, 1837. [Doriah, m. Mar. 15, C.R.]
Edmond of Pittsfield, and Lois Tracy, int. Sept. 23, 1793.
Elvisa and Allen Briggs Jr. [int. of Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., omits Jr.], Feb. 24, 1825. [Allen Jr., C.R.]
Esther and Zebulon Reed, Sept. 15, 1803.
Lois and Edmond Tracy of Pittsfield, int. Sept. 23, 1793.
Marcy and Luther Frisbie of Castleton, int. Oct. 2, 1791.
Polly and Jobin Welch, int. Jan. 30, [1791].
Sidney and Maria Hotchkins, Mar. 19, 1829.* [Hotchkin,C.R.]
Simeon Jr. and Lucy Reed, int. Oct. 11, 1794.
Wealthy of Pittsfield, and Edward Robenson, int. Oct. 24, 1784.
Zipporah and Daniel Lake, Feb. 18, 1797 [sic, ?1798].* [Feb. 18, 1798, C.R.]

TREMAIN, Eliza of Pittsfield, and William H. Holcomb, int. Sept. 5, 1824.

TUCKER, Araminta I. of Nassau, N.Y., and Isaac Cook, int. Apr. 3, 1836.

TULLER, Horatio [int. Horatis] of Canton, Conn., and Rosalia J. [int. omits J.] Ticknor, May 8, 1842.

TYLER, George of W. Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., and Aurelia Stevens, int. Jan. 22, 1826.

UTLEY, Ebenezer and Lucy Branch, Feb. 21, 1796.*
Ebenzer and Huldah Woodhouse, Sept. 24, 1797.*

VANDERPOEL, Edward W. P. and Theodorsa Culber of Pittsfield, int. Oct. 2, 1831.

WADAMS, Mary E. [int. Wadhams] and Thomas C. Richmond, Mar. 23, 1842.

WADSWORTH, Zelophiad of Becket, Berkshire Co., and Hannah Maria Lovejoy, int. Dec. 11, 1825.

WARDEN (see Werden, Worden).

WARE, Rachael of Wrentham, and Oliver Garnsy, May 18, 1769.*

WATROUS, Edw[ar]d Esq. and Mary Tarbell, Jan. 11, 1795.* [Waters Esq., C.R.]

WELCH, Jobin and Polly Tracy, int. Jan. 30 [1791].
Nathan and Betsey Brown, int. July 3, 1785.

WELLS, Ester of Egremont, and Abner Partridge, int. Aug. 7, 1791.

WERDEN (see Worden), Phebe M. and Henry W. Chapin, int. Apr. 3, 1836. [Worden, m. May 11, C.R.]
Robert and Parmelia Pixley, May 5, 1801.* [Warden, and Pamilia Pixley, C.R.]
Samuil L. [int. Samuel L. Worden] and Harriet M. Adams, Apr. 3, 1839.

WEST, Betsy [int. Betsey] and Francis Charevoy, May 13, 1804. [Betsey, C.R.]
Elsa and Richard Holcoml [int. of Freehold], [Nov.] 5, 1792.
Julia and Franklin S. Slossen [int. of Union, N.Y.], May 23, 1832. [Slosson, May 22, C.R.]
Laura and Asa Cone, int. Apr. 18, 1841.
Prudence of Glass Worke, and Samuel Porter, Jan. 22, 1776.*
Sally and David Chamberlain of Green River, Dec. 27, 1801.*
Sidney and Mary Ann Avery, int. Mar. 20, 1842.
Submit and Samuel Southwick, Feb. 12, 1800.*

WHEELER, Lucy Ann of Lenox, and John Markham, int. Jan. 22, 1832.

WHITE, Daniel of New Durham, and Sally Merriman, int. Sept. 30, 1793.

WHITEHEAD, Sarah H., d. Justice of Salisbury, Conn., and Henry Hastings, Apr. 5, 1846, in Salisbury, Conn.*

WICKER, Ebenezer H. [int. omits H.] and Roxana A. [int. Roxanna, omits A.] Brewster, Nov. 11, 1824. [Ebenezer H. and Roxana A. Brewster, C.R.]

WIGHT, Erastus, Dr., and Maria Betts, Oct. 13, 1819.* C.R.
Reuben and Sally Fanning, [Nov.] 18, 1792. [Nov. 13, C.R.]

WILLIAMS, David 2d and Jerusha Peirson, July 1, 1798.*
Ebenezer and Sally Stedman, Apr. 28, 1787.*
Hariet [int. Harriet] F. and Henry Fairbank, May 2, 1843.
Irene and James Holcomb of Freehold, int. Jan. 1, 1794.
John, in 23d y., and Diremus Chamberlain, in 27th y., Mar. 3, 1768, [in] Colechester.*
Levi and Betsey Gates, Nov. 17, 1802.* [Nov. 16, C.R.]
Nancy and William Flammon of W. Stockbridge, int. Aug. 29, 1784.
Ransom of Tioga, and Olive Collins, Dec. 13, 1801.*

WILLSON, Philinda and Phylarmon Andrews of E. Haddam, int. Sept. 12, 1784.
Sarah and Obadiah Knap of W. Stockbridge, int. Oct. 10, 1784.
Shubael and Betsey Henry of Stockbridge, int. Oct. 16, 1785.

WINLRO, Sarah of Uxbridge, and John Marhu, Nov. 7, 1765.*

WINSTON (see Winstone), Daniel Griscon and Jerusha Peirson, int. Jan. 15, 1792.

WINSTONE (see Winston), Abraham and Jerusha Polly of New Canaan, int. Nov. 2, 1788.

WOOD, Jabez and Lydia Stevens, int. July 13, 1794.
Nancy of Pittsfield, and Elias Dewey, int. Mar. 11, 1818.
Polly and Lemuel Bullard, int. Apr. 6, 1792.
Polly of Pittsfield, and Solomon S. Dewey, int. Apr. 11, 1824.

WOODHOUSE, Huldah and Ebenzer Utley, Sept. 24, 1797.*

WOODRUFF, Asaph and Asenath Finny, Oct. 2, 1787.* [Finney, C.R.]
Gilbert of W. Stockbridge, and Eliza Benton, int. Mar. 30, 1834.

WORDEN (see Werden), Henry Jr. and Olive Nicholson., int. Sept. 21, 1834.


_______, Betsey and Eliphalet Redington Jr., Nov. 9, 1796.*
_______, _______ [and] Henry W. Bishop, int. Sept. 29, 1822.

* Intention not recorded.

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