Pittsfield, Massachusetts -- Deaths 1886-1941


(Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, U.S.A.)
From January 1, 1886 to May 30, 1941

The records included on these pages represent the work of Claire L. Smith, former Berkshire County Assistant Coordinator, who spent more than a year in the collection and compilation of the data available here.

Sadly, Claire was unable to see the result of this long term effort online, which had always been her intent for the project. Thanks and gratitude should be extended to the Claire's family who graciously sent the file along with the desire that her wishes be attained. Claire has left a rich legacy for all Berkshire County researchers and in doing so her contribution will continue to be evident in the possible success of all researchers.

At this time I estimate about 20,000 deaths listed in these pages which were received in a solitary word processed file 550 pages in length. Please read Claire Smith's notes that were included with the files for more information or Laurel O'Donnell's notes regarding editing or organizational plans for the data.

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