Josiah DEWEY 1696
He was a representative to the general court at Hartford 1658 to 1659. He was executor of his father's will. He signed the agreement to go to Hadley, but for some reason remained in Hartford or soon returned there.
His will was dated May 20, 1676. He married Susannah (???), whose will was dated January 23, 1698. The inventory of her estate was dated November 17, 1705, naming three sons living and John, deceased.
Whereas, I, Robert Webster of Hartford, am at present under the holy hand of God and brought very weake by sickness, yet, not, through mercy, destitute of my understanding, doe see cause to set my house in order, and doe declare this to be my will and testament as followeth - first I commend my soule to God in Jesus Christ, hoping for the pardon of all my sins through the meritts of Jesus Christ my saviour, and my Body to the earth, hoping for a glorious resurrection. And for that estate which God hath blessed me with all I give and bequeath it as followeth; after my just debts are honestly pay'e out of my estate.
The remainder of my estate I give unto my dear and well beloved wife, Susannah Webster during her widowhood, not doubting but she will have a tender care of our children and will help them as she is able. But if my wife change her name then I give her but one third part of my aforesay'e estate. the remainder being to bee equally divided amongst my children excepting my eldest a double portion and if any of my children dye before they come at age, that is to say my sonns at the age of twenty-one years and my daughters eighteen years of age, my will is that it be equally divided amongst those that shall survive, also I desire my wife to be careful in bringing up our children in the knowledge and feare of the God of their fathers, and that they serve him with willing heart and minde, that he may bee with them and bless them, when I am gathered to my fathers.
I do also appoynt my loving wife to be sole executrix to this my last will and that she may have some refuge to repayre unto for council as any occasion may call for either about my estate or dispose of my children; I doe desire my loving Friend Joh Coale Sen'r and Andrew Benton Sen'r and John Blackleach of Hartford to be overseers of this my will and testament and for confirmation of the same I hereunto set my hand and Seale.
Robert Webster and a Seale.
This 20th day of May 1676
Testes: Thomas Steadman Phineas Wilson

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