Josiah DEWEY 1696
Author: Dwight W. Marsh Call Number: CS71.M365 1895 Page 5

At the threshold of John Marsh's Hadley life he met with two bitter experiences, one the death of his father-in-law, Gov. John Webster, April 5, 1661; a great loss to his children and to Hadley. Noah Webster of spelling book and dictionary fame, was Gov. Webster's most distinguished descendant; but his two Hadley sons were not thrifty and much needed a father's care, so that John Marsh rather than they, came to represent their father. Indeed the widow of one of Webster's sons had the gift of a lot from the town, and suffered severely under charge of witchcraft.
The other trial, the following year, June 9, 1662, was the death of his wife Anne (Webster) Marsh, who had been his delight for twenty-two years, and yet now her sun went down at mid-day.

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