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~ And Other Related Surnames ~

Linville Tully Cole Norris

Byrn Yates Osteen

Greenhaw Mills Chipman

Williams Ferguson Barnes

Morelock Isham Jent

Mealer Rimmer Armstrong

Nixon Taylor Wilhite

Crow Moore Donahoo

Harrison Spears Ryan

Thompson Hill Collier

Craddock Forehand Kelly

Shaw Meadows (Meador)

and others........





"I am part of all that have come before me."

~ ~ ~ Deborah Yates


Welcome to my SOUTHERN ROOTS Family History and Research Site. Although this information focuses primarily on the Lunsford family, I hope this collection will prove useful to you in the research of your related ancestors.

The general area of this research centers though North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, as well as other southern states. Many of the descendents of these families relocated into other areas.

If you have a connection to these families, I would be delighted to hear from you.

In addition to my own personal research, information for this site has been submitted by other Lunsford, Linville, Cole, Tully, Ferguson, Byrn, Meador, Yates, Greenhaw, Rimmer, Osteen, and Thompson researchers.

The information contained within the Cemeteries Page is area specific and not related only to my own family. Hopefully, this information will prove to be useful to others whose family members may have lived and died in these areas,

and who were buried in these cemeteries.




I have made every effort to detail and document this information as accurately as possible.

There is no guarantee that the contents of this site is without error.

Should you have knowledge or information that disagrees with the information I present here, please contact me.



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The information contained within these pages is for the personal use of family members only.
It is my hope that related family members might be able to benefit from this information.
These pages are protected under copyright laws and under no circumstances are to be donated to,
or used by, profit-making-organizations such as Family Tree Maker,, etc.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Always under construction

The information within these pages is a work in process.

Please check back often.


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